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Software Engineer Design

San Jose, CA
February 24, 2020

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A dedicated team player with prior work experience, projects and coursework in system software and embedded firmware development. Actively seeking dynamic full time opportunities to challenge and enhance my skills. I am currently working full time as a software engineer in California on an H1-B Visa

I have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Embedded Software and Firmware development from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have over 3 years of relevant industry and teaching experience.

My interests include Firmware development, Software development, Device drivers, Real Time Embedded Systems, Low Power Design, IoT, Software Debugging/ Testing, RTOS and Linux OS

The Micro-controllers I have worked with include ARM Cortex-M series (M0+, M3, M4) Cortex-A Series Atmel AVR series Microchip PIC and 8051 ATmega328/168 EFM32 Leopard Gecko

My knowledge in programming consists of Embedded C Assembly Language (8051) Python Open CV MATLAB C++ FreeRTOS

Communication protocols: UART RS-232 I2C SPI CAN BLE Bluetooth low energy

Tools I have worked with include MATLAB IAR Embedded Workbench Altium Designer PyCharm KEIL and Simplicity Studio Git Yocto cross- compiler CodeBlocks IDE Simplicity MATLAB Microsoft Visual Studio Eclipse IDE GCC Linux

Other: Timing Analysis using Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes JTAG ICE In Cirucit emulators debuggers GDB


Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major - Embedded Systems) GPA: 3.9/4 [H-1 B Work Visa]

University of Colorado, Boulder Graduation : May, 2018

Bachelor of Engineering (Honors), Electronics and Communication Engineering GPA: 3.8/4 [From WES]

Anna University- Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, India Graduation: June, 2015

Relevant Courses: Mobile Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Embedded Systems Design, Real Time Embedded Systems, Independent study in Swarm Robotics- Swarm intelligence and calibration, electronics circuits, Network Systems, Low power design, Linux Kernel development, multi threaded programming, Operating systems, Linux device drivers


Software Engineer, Blue Danube Systems, San Jose, California July, 2018 – Present

Proof of concept to implementation of multi-threaded, heartbeat synchronized profiling process to store system critical tile, PMBUS and alarm data on the digital front end (DFE) which provided a solution to observe data trends over a period and analyze system failures.

Worked on Yocto / bitbake cross-compilation tools in the project database to update platform-specific recipes to secure SSH connections

Agile-scrum based team interactions to support product integration, regression testing, source code management and bug fixes in the software development cycle

Software Engineer Intern, Blue Danube Systems, San Jose, California May, 2017 – April,2018

Implemented KLISH Command Line Interface for the entire system to access all DFE components and panels

Developed a uniform logging mechanism for the existing code base of the company’s software

Graduate Teaching Assistant, ECEN- 5613 Embedded System Design, CU Boulder January, 2017- November 2017

Taught concepts of embedded systems firmware and hardware development for 8051 and ARM to around 25 students

Help solve technical queries and debug their hardware and firmware for developing their own development board which included Incremental development (H/W, S/W), Test equipment / instrumentation (oscilloscopes, multi-meters, logic analyzers), Debugging techniques, bus cycles, timing analysis, memory maps, chip select logic, I/O port pin driver circuits, Device drivers, Memory mapped I/O, Design reviews and trade-offs

Embedded Software Engineer, Health Sensei Limited (IIT Madras) July, 2015- July, 2016

Created a threshold based Human Fall Detection algorithm and step counting (pedometer) during developmental stages of a wearable device, tested on over 250 human falls and achieved accuracy of over 60 % with machine learning algorithms

Tested and improved heart rate and SpO2 algorithms on 400 subjects in clinical settings to obtain FDA approval for the wearable device. Created data transfer protocols over Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) using the ARM Cortex M4



C, Embedded C, Free RTOS, Linux, Python, Open CV,x86 Assembly, MATLAB, Altium, Shell, Git Bash


GCC, Yocto, BitBake, IAR Embedded Workbench, KiCAD, LabVIEW, Altium, Eclipse, Simplicity Studio, Atmel Studio, Keil µVision, Visual Studio, JTAG, logic analyzer, oscilloscope, BLE tools, Numpy, KLISH

Controllers/ Dev kits

Other skills

Nvidia Jetson TK1, Kinetis K53(ARM Cortex M4), Leopard Gecko(M3), AT SAMB11, FRDM KW40Z(M0)

RTOS, I2c, SPI, UART, RS232,GPIO,LAN,MEMS,data structures, algorithms, kernel, PLC, machine learning, threads, debugging, ASIC, ECC, security, TCP/IP, Flash (NAND/NOR), bare metal coding

PROJECTS [Click on project names below for a video demonstration on YouTube]

Real Time Autonomous Navigating Car (mutex, semaphore, machine learning, object detection, deadlock) Spring, 2017

Made real time via four mutually exclusive p-threads, meeting deadlines without overruns using rate monotonic analysis

Uses Histogram of Oriented gradient features on SVM and OpenCV for sign detection with priority based multi threaded tasks

HOVERBOARD Prototype (Embedded C, 6axis IMU, ATSAMB11, I2C, BLE, capacitive touch, DMA) Fall, 2016

Fully functioning autonomous prototype with energy efficient, interrupt driven modules for eight different sensors

Shared resource implementation for BLE and clock cycle optimizations led to average MCU current less of than 1mA

Mechanical plotter using 8051 (Assembly, Python, schematic, computer vision, LCD, Numpy, 3D printing) Fall, 2016

OpenCV library transforms jpeg/ png image to a pixel bitmap and UART transmits to MCU via pyserial

Firmware and drivers for stepper and servo motors, LCD and NVSRAM including resume option after power on reset

Droplets: Swarm Robotics (Stick slip motion, range and bearing measurement, IR communication, ATXmega) Spring, 2017

Studied and implemented Bayesian update and gradient detection methods for edge following in droplet swarm intelligence

Low power design for IoT Applications (LESENSE ACMP, I2C, H bridge, force sensitive resistor) Fall, 2016

Developed bare metal I2C drivers for interfacing TSL2561 light sensor, flex and ultrasonic sensors using LESENSE

Accelerometer based human fall detection and pedometer algorithm (LIS2DH, PAN 1720, ARM M4) July, 2015

Walking step count and sequential fall detection on a wrist worn wearable device using interrupts and machine learning

FootBit ( Altium, PCB design and layout, circuit design, hardware design, firmware development) Fall, 2017

Created a perpetually powered FitBit for the foot using piezo and PV cells which measures heart rate and number of steps

Design and programming of 3D Mouse (Bluetooth, accelerometer, Teensy 3.2, HMI, gesture control) August, 2014

A wireless, hand- worn gesture based pointing device which can be used in gaming control and graphic design

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