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Oracle Engineer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 25, 2020

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Technology Control Co. (TCC) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mobile #: +966-********* – Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Email: / Objectives

Career in Information Technology Management

Senior Database Administrator (Oracle DBA, MS. SQL-Server & Oracle EBS Apps DBA) expert and 16 years of experienced including Database Administration, installations, configurations, creations, patching, migrations, upgrades, audits, backups, disaster recovery, performance tuning, storage SAN, ASM & Exadata, (New) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Administrator, documentation, startup/shutdown, Oracle RAC Cluster high availability, Extended Cluster, troubleshooting, system analysis, schema objects, database design, data modeling physical disk storage, user accounts and DB security, change control management and manage and control OS on Windows, HP- UX, Sun Solaris & Linux platform

Skills, Work Experience & Knowledge


Extensive and demonstrated ability with hands on experience supporting Oracle Database software and servers Database Administration Installation, Configuration and Technical Support :

Oracle Database 10g, 11g Rel-2, Rel-12c, Rel-18c, Rel-19c Administration Installation and Configure

Oracle Database 19c Rel-1- Administration Installation and Configuration

Oracle 12c and 19c Grid Control High Availability Cluster RAC Administration Installation and Configuration with Oracle ASM Storage Lun’s Disk Configuration

Oracle EBS Rel-11i & Rel-12i Apps Server & Database Server multi-nodes installation and Configuration

Oracle Weblogic Administration Apps & Database Server Form and Report Installation and Configuration

Install and Configure Oracle EM 13c Cloud Control multiple hosts database servers & Monitoring

Manage and Control Database & Application Servers Backup and Recovery (Disk & Tape)

Manage and Control Oracle Disaster and Recovery (Site1 & Site2)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) Administrator (Oracle Cloud new feature)

Apply Oracle Opatch (Database and Application) Environment Mircosoft SQL-Server Database Administration:

MS. SQL-Server 2014 & 2016 Database Administration Installation and Configuration and DBA technical Support for Database and Apps

Free Open Source Database Administration:

PostgreSql Database Installation & Configuration under operating system MS. Windows & Linux

Mongo Database Installation & Configuration under operating system MS. Windows and Linux Database and Apps Security & Data Protection:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) Administrator (Oracle Cloud new feature)

Security User’s Schema, Tables, Data Encryption and RMAN Backup Encryption

Solution Oracle Security Firewall hardware appliances for data protection (recommended Oracle Support)

Imperva Data Protection Firewall hardware appliances (oracle and MS. Sql-Server) database third party 2

Oracle Cloud DB 12c Infrastructure Administrator Technical Support: Training: Oracle Cloud Platform: Run and Manage Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service Workshop Oracle Network Partner (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – OCI & OCI Classic)

How to Register Oracle Cloud and License Support Information

Understand all types of licenses, components, services and other third party tools

Oracle Lab Training and understand Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Database-as-a-Service DaaS)

Software-as-a-Service SaaS)

Program-as-a-Service PaaS)

Understand how to install Oracle database and application to Oracle Cloud under OS Linux base

Manage and Control Oracle Multitenant PDB CONTAINER’S Database under Oracle Cloud

Manage and control Oracle Database Network, assign IP-Address and listener’s

Install and Configure Oracle Database 12c Rel-2 under Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Understand Oracle Cloud VM-machine, Storage ASM, Hardware, Bare Metal Hardware, VM RAC DB

Configure and manage Application Services in Oracle Cloud

DBA manage and technical support to Oracle Cluster & Database / RAC Database

Understand how manage and services and tools

DBA manage and control Application Services & Database Encryption data level & backup Services

DBA manage Database Cloud storage machine in data center for resident data storage not shared in oracle cloud

Oracle Cloud data security – Database (data transactions) should be replication in three sides for Disaster

& Recovery according to Oracle Cloud support team

Understand Docker Container, Revello VM’s and other third party tools

Manage and schedule Oracle Database backup (RMAN) and tape backup (disk to tape) and (direct tape)

Daily Database Backup (Full backup, Archive log backup) and Data Recovery as per requirement Oracle EBS Apps DBA Technical Support:

Oracle EBS Rel-12 Apps (Application Server & Database Server) multi-nodes installation and configuration under operating system Linux & Microsoft Windows Server

Manage and control Apps Admin and Database DBA admin responsibilities

Cloning create and manage Oracle Test environment Application Server and Database

Download and apply Patch (adpatch) to Apps and Database as per requirement

Apply Opatch to database node

Oracle EBS up-gradation version to new version

Oracle EBS Data migration

Manage Oracle EBS Apps & Database performance and Tuning health check

Support Finance department Oracle EBS Apps and issue

Control and Manage Oracle EBS Apps and User’s security and attached setup modules

Manage Network Apps and Database Listener’s and Apps password

Manage and register Oracle EBS Customize form’s & report’s as per requirement

Manage and support Oracle EBS Concurrent Manager (Report) issue’s and slowness report’s

Install Oracle EBS under Redhat Linux operating system

Create and manage SR’s and Issue’s maintenance and patching coordinate with oracle support to resolve critical bug’s and software issue’s

Oracle EBS Adadmin utility manage Arabic EBS interface

Configure Oracle EBS GUI dashboard

Oracle EBS Backup & Restore

Startup and Shutdown Oracle EBS Apps and Database server services

Oracle EBS Cloning Apps & Database multi-nodes Servers

Oracle EBS Backup and Restore and Disaster Recovery site’s 3

Oracle 12c Grid Control RAC High Availability Cluster RAC Database Administration

Prepare plan perquisite document for Oracle Cluster RAC multi-nodes installation and configuration

Manage host file IP-Address required for Cluster RAC Database (2PUB-IP,2VIP, 3Scan IP, 2Pvt-IP)

Hart beat of 2 servers manage host files and Linux server configuration before install of oracle RAC database

Install and configure Linux GUI Library and install Oracleasm Lib for ASM shared storage media disk’s creation

Create and prepare ASM shared Storage for oracle RAC database and customer database instance’s

Install Oracle ASM Lib create ORASAM LUN’s disk under Linux Operating System

Manage Oracle utilities like (Oracle Datapump, SQL*Loader, OPatch, Oracle Net Manager, EM 12 Cloud Control, exp, imp, orapwd, Oracle Storage ASM / ASMCMD, DBCA, DBCLI, DBCS, DBUA, ASM Utility (ASMCA), AddNode & etc.)

Oracle Grid Control 12c High availability Database RAC Cluster Installation and Configuration (Node1 & Node2)

Create Cluster Database and 2 Instance of Cluster Database

Manage and control Oracle EM tool under Oracle Cluster RAC database of both instances

Manage and control Oracle Cluster RAC Database startup and shutdown and automation process

Create Cluster RAC Database Production, Test and Development installation and configuration and database migration

Create Clone test and development database server as per management / development team

Monitor and tuning / health check of database and environment database, RAC log, listener log, BD logs & etc..

Manage and configure database alert / notification to MS. Exchange email and receive email of server’s alerts / notification of issue

Oracle Data Guard Replication / Oracle Golden Gate stand-by database replication and configuration

Apply patch’s as per oracle support recommendation and provide oncall technical support 24/7 Oracle Production Database Administration Technical Support and Skills Including:

Oracle Database Administrator Role & multi-nodes installation and configuration

Oracle Database Installation and Configuration 9i, 10g, 11GR2 & 12cR1 & Rel-2 and understand DB characterset

Oracle 12c Database Server 12c (Multitenant PDB CONTAINERS & Snapshot) Installation and Configuration

Oracle EM 13c Cloud Control Tool Installation, Configuration and Administrator

Oracle ASM (shared storage) configure and manage

Manage maintenance Oracle Database Server tuning and performance (Health Check) & DB Cloning

Manage Oracle utilities like (Oracle Datapump, SQL*Loader, OPatch, Oracle Net Manager, EM 12 Cloud Control, exp, imp, orapwd, Oracle Storage ASM / ASMCMD, DBCA, DBUA, ASM Utility (ASMCA), AddNode & etc.)

Oracle Database Flashback recovery enable and disable

Oracle Partitioning (Partition of oracle database, table's and Indexe')

Oracle Data Guard Replication (11g & 12c)

Oracle Auditing data level

Mange and Configure Oracle DB Listener and Apps Listener's

Manage all DBA task and use Oracle Enterprise Manager tool & resolve issue and database slowness performance issue

Enable and configure oracle archive log to ASM disk destination and setup oracle archive parameter file

Monitoring and Manage Oracle DB Logs (CRS, RDBMS, LISTENER & ASM) and maintenance

Open ticket’s SR to Oracle Support for download patches, certical issue, download database and OS patches Oracle & Third PartyTools:

Oracle EM 13c Installation and configuration and manage multiple host database servers and configuration

Mange and all DBA’s task under EM 13c, data guard, monitor multiple hosted database health check, logs, high availability RAC database, instances, performance and backup, health check, apply update patches and etc…

Install and configure third party tool TOAD and perform DBA’s tasks

Oracle Spotlight for Database Monitoring

Oracle SQL*Loader upload data to oracle table’s

Erwin Data Modeling Methodology

Scripts for Oracle Database and RAC health Check

Data Loader for upload data to & EBS Apps Tables

Create and understand Linux and Oracle Database Scripting 4

Create and manage virtual machines like (VMware, Hyper-v, Oracle VM’s) install and configure oracle database, Oracle RAC database, Oracle Weblogic and Oracle EBS Apps multi-nodes Microsoft SQL-Server 2014, 2012, 2008 & 2005 Database Administrator Technical Support:

Installation and Configuration MS. SQL-Server and Client

Install and configure Database Cluster with Always On Features

Create, Configure and Manage Database Instances & Snapshot database

Full control of DBA, Designed and Data Modeling

Integrated other Database Connections and ODBC control

DTS tools for Data Migration.

Server’s Backup & Recovery & Disaster Recovery

Manage Disaster Recovery Sites

Log Shipment, Data Mirroring and Replication

Microsoft SQL-Server Database Support (Contact to support open a ticket to resolve critical issues & patches)

Open ticket to Microsoft Support for download patches, certical issue, frameware patches and OS patches

Oncall 24/7 support

Backup& Recovery Configuration and Support:

Configure RMAN hot backup connection catalog and scripts

Full DB + Archive Backup, Transactional Backup & Difference Backup & Restore

Point in Recover & and Fastest Recovery in Oracle 12c feature

Cold Backup (Oracle Binary Folder's) & Restore

Oracle RAC Nodes OCR backup and restore

Install and configure backup agent and software connect to listener DB under OS MS. Windows, Linux and Unix

Configure tape backup server and library software and connect to Linux and Unix Servers

Configure Oracle RAC both to nodes to tape backup software for SAN - ASM Storage backup

Configure and Manage Backup schedule date and time as per recommendation

Backup and Restore Oracle Standby serves

MS. SQL-Server Database Backup and Recovery (Database, instances and snapshot)

Backup disk-to-tape, direct-tape and backup retention policy (delete old backup after 3 days)

Experience in Tape backup software like (CA, HP-Data Protector and NetBackup) Knowledge of software development methods SDLC, tools and develop report using ITIL processes for Service Management. knowledge of current developments in IT.

ITIL experienced & prepare reports / documents as per ITIL standards like (SLA's, incidents, changes management, Problem management & etc….)

Experience of work 24/7 oncall resolve technical issues / problems

Member of change management CAB approval processes

Experience CA software desktop ticket system & MS. ITSM (IT Service Management) ticket system

Experience Disaster & Recovery and solution site to DR replication SAN to SAN (SYNC & ASYNC) using link

(STC & Mobile service provider) Fiber Primary link and Wireless secondary link for Backup through routers) Operating System Technical Suport Information:

Redhat Linux Version 6x, 7x and 8x Administration Installation and configuration servers and clients

Manage and control SAN shared storage represent in Linux environment and kernal’s mounting

Install and configure OS patches, Libraries, Yum Packages and Scripting

Create and configure REPO packages and install YUM packages as per requirement

Install and configure YUM and GUI interface packages

Run OS commands script and tool for monitor OS server performance report

Unix operating system like (SCO & HPUX) administration and configuration servers and clients

MS. Windows Server Installation and configuration and install oracle database and RAC environment Member & Support Information:

Member of Oracle OTN Oracle Support

Member of Oracle Partner Network Specialist (OPN)

Register Member of Oracle Development Team Support

Member of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)



History :


Work Experience

& Key Role:

Job Description

and Technical


2015 to till date: Associated with Technology Control Company (TCC) Riyadh-Saudi Arabia as Senior Database Administrator (Oracle DBA & Oracle EBS Apps DBA) Technical Support Engineer. Project: GOV. MOI-NIC (AFIS) – Support Production Environment. Key Role & Responsibilities:

Sr. Oracle DBA & Apps DBA Technical Support Engineer Database Technical Support:

Oracle Database Administrator, Manage grid infrastructure high availability Prepare Install and Implement Production, Test and Development Environment Oracle RAC Database High Availability Installed and Configure Oracle RAC Database use ASM SAN Store with OS Linux Lun’s disk group Installed and Configure Oracle Cloud 13c EM Mentoring tool configured DB (PROD, TEST & DEV), monitoring databases performance& health checks, logs, alerts and tuning Project Bio-Metric department work as Senior DBA & Technical Support Engineer Implement solutions of backup & recovery, disaster & recovery, Oracle Database Firewall Security for Data Protection, Oracle OIM technical support for Application Servers (WebLogic Server & JPers Server) Install Oracle 12c Infrastructure DB RAC Production, Development and Test environment. Support other databases like (MS. Sql-Server). Apply patches as per oracle support recommendation and support oncall 24/7 resolve any critical issue's. 2011 to 2015: Associated with Ministry of Water & Electricity (Tabuk - Saudi Arabia) as Oracle DBA, & Oracle EBS Apps DBA) Technical Support Engineer. Key Role & Responsibilities:

Database Technical Support:

Sr. Oracle DBA & Oracle Apps e-Business EBS Rel-12 financial modules technical support engineer. Manage Production Databases, instances, cloning, test DB servers, high availability RAC

,Database health check, backup & restore, incident report, upgradation, patching, create new Node and install Oracle database, import & export, resolve key users problem, customer support, making daily report for DB-Health, DB replication, Exadata Storage and cloud control container database. Oracle EBS technical support. Oncall 24/7 resolve critical issue(s). 2006 to 2010: Associated with Saudi Post (Riyadh-K.S.A) as Oracle DBA, MS. SQL-DBA and Oracle APPS &e-Business ERP 11i Consultant technical support IT Department. Key Role & Responsibilities:

Oracle Apps DBA Consultant, Oracle e-Business ERP 11i & Rel-12i technical support engineer. Manage RAC and SAN EVA storage and SAN Admin responsibilities. Work with finance department team provide technical assistance, if any problem / issue related to ERP application finance system. Create and manage training servers, cloning application server and database server multi-nodes environment. Oncall 24/7 resolve any critical issues. 2001 to 2005: Associated with Saudi German Hospital Group (Riyadh – Saudi Arabia) Key Role & Responsibilities:

Oracle DBA & Programmer and Oracle e-Business ERP Financial Modules Support Technical Engineer. Oracle healthcare modules and financial modules project implementations and Software updates, Oracle RAC, Database Cloning, Multi-Nodes Installation and Configuration. Third party software and Oncall 24/7 resolve any critical issues. 6


Education and


Degree MCS - Master of Computer Science from University of Karachi - Pakistan (2000) Degree BSc. - Bachelor of science Pre-Engineering from University of Karachi - Pakistan (1994) Oracle



Certifications &

Training Courses

Oracle Database 12c OCP DBA Certified (ID: OC1545420) upgrade Exam (IZ0-060) Oracle 11i Application Certified DBA (ERP / EBS) Apps-DBA Technical Support Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Administration Training (Oracle IaaS, DaaS, SaaS, PaaS)

ITIL Foundation Ver. 4x Training and Certified

Microsoft Operation Framework (MOF) Training Course from Microsoft Riyadh-KSA

Microsoft SQL -Server 2008 DBA Administration Workshop Certificate

(Microsoft Training Center Riyadh-Saudi Arabia)

Manage Engine (ITOM Associate): OpManager, Applications Manager Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

PMP 35 PDU’s workshop training certificate Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Nominated Employee of Month Dec-2010 from Saudi Post Riyadh-Saudi Arabia Personal ‘s


Name Khalid Ur Rehman

Father Name Ibad Ur Rehman

Office Address TCC Company Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Office Tel #: +966 011-******* Ext: 395

Mobile #: +966-*********

Visa Resident & Work Permit Visa Saudi Arabia

Passport Number AQ915937

Resident Country Name / City Saudi Arabia / Riyadh Nationality Pakistan

Languages Full English, Mid-Arabic & Full Urdu

Marriage Status 4 Depends (3 children’s and 1 spouse) computer professional Driving License Valid driving license Saudi Arabia & Pakistan Sports /Hobbies Cricket & Snooker, Internet, Network and Database Updates Email Address /


Available on request.

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