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School Teacher

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
February 25, 2020

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Mr. A. Francis

Contact No. -: +91-999-**-***-**, +91-999-**-*****

Email -:

Skype -: antoanilreg

Passport Details -: No. M7564055 Ex. Date 08/03/2025 Objective :-

To administer any organization democratically to achieve higher goals, gain excellent reputation and be strong fiscally and ethically. Impart knowledge to indoctrinate skills practicing the values in life.

The best all-rounder Asset to the School - Highlights Best Qualified, experienced and qualitative performer, disciplined, obedient and flexible Best academician, syllabus developer, planner, best board results producer, best books selector Developer of the best teaching learning system ‘ROLLS’ & International level spoken English Best knowledge of CBSE, ICSE & State Board affiliation, norms & execution Best English teacher, action researcher, activities conductor, evaluator Best Teachers’ trainer, monitoring, observer, motivator, nurturer & sustainer Best Counselor for parents, teachers, students, board officers, etc. Best workshops for parents, mothers, students (career, study habits, motivation, etc.) Best Administrator, recruiter & retainer, budget planner, timetable planner, monitoring Best policies, rules and regulation developer, excursions & field trip planner Best planner & executor of annual functions, sports day, PTA activities, Social activities, etc. Best computer programmer, teacher, trainer, planner, lab designer Best musician, guitarist, organist, drummer

Good sportsman, coach for Volley ball & Badminton

Undertaken the Govt. conducted Exams like UGCNET, NTA JEE, CBSE Educational Qualification :-

Sr. No. Degree Subject University

1 Ph. D. (Pursuing) Education Pune

2 M. Ed. Education Saogur

3 M. A. Psychology Gujarat

4 B. Ed. English, SS VNSGU, Surat

5 B. A. Psychology Pune

6 P. G. D. C. A. Computer VNSGU, Surat

Work Experience

Total No. years of Experience as

Teacher, Principal (National & International, Counselor, System Administrator -: 22 Years Sr. No. Institute Designation Period

1. Anand Niketan School, Mehsana (CBSE) Principal June 2018 till date 2. Delhi Public School International, Uganda (CBSE) Principal August 2016 to Feb 2018 3. J. M. Rathi English School, Roha (CBSE) Principal Jul 2014 to August 2016 4. Ryan International School, Surat (ICSE) Principal Jun 2009 to Jun 2014 5. Sun Shine International School, Surat (CBSE) Principal Jun 2007 to May 2009 6. J. H. A. School, Surat (CBSE) Teacher Jun 2000 to May 2007 7. Gnyan Dham High School, Vapi (CBSE) Teacher Jun 1996 to May 2000 Developer of the most effective teaching learning method for all - ROLLS After series of experiments and ample of research on over thousands of students the most relevant, effective, result oriented and original teaching method called ‘ROLLS’ has been developed by me, well tried and tested.

The method has been appreciated by the educationalists, lecturers, teachers, students and the parents.

It helps all i.e. the school management, parents, teachers and most of all the students to get the perfect direction to secure success in the future careers. Skills & Additional Experience

1. Academics & curriculum Development

2. Administration & discipline

3. Preparing admission strategies and financial plans (Budget, etc) 4. Training of staff and teachers

5. Preparing appropriate policies democratically

6. Preparing Organizational structure

7. Preparing JDs for each post

8. Forming and heading the PTA

9. Developing appropriate computer software

10. Training students to play musical instruments

In addition to the above Activities some more exposure as 1. The Principal

Vision (1) Emphasize on education than marks

(2) Invoking the right spirit of education among the students and teachers.

(3) Motivating and counseling the students towards positive thinking

(4) Plan each activity and review it for better results. So far … ..

(a) Studied the school environment

(b) Planning each every activity in the school well in advanced.

(c) Enriching and motivating the teachers.

(d) Motivating and executing discipline among the students.

(e) Computer literacy among the teachers and students.

(f) Planning and innovating extra-co-curricular activities among the students.

(g) Planning for excursions for the students and teachers.

(h) Planning interesting and educative assembly

2. Counselor

(a) Career counseling and guidance to all the students and parents.

(b) Educational counseling to students and parents.

(c) Counseling the mentally disturbed students and employees.

(d) Preparing an effective module for the repetitive activities. 3. System Administrator

(a) Computerization of the entire systems in the institute.

(b) Developing appropriate software exclusively for the institute, which will increase the effective productivity of the institute.

(c) Developing an organizational Chart for the smooth and efficient work output from the employees.

(d) Planning the house keeping activities, staff workshop, and Outdoor activities. 4. Teacher

(a) English communication.

(b) Computer Science

(c) Social Science

(d) Conducting International Level Spoken English Classes.

(e) Career counseling, motivational seminar, etc.

5. Musician

Trained the students to play musical instruments like, Guitar, Organ, Drums, etc. Languages Known

English Speak Read Write

Hindi Speak Read Write

Family Status

Wife Mrs. Regina Francis working as a Pre-Primary teacher in Aditya Birla Public School

(CBSE), Kharach, Kosamba, having more than 20 years of experience. Daughter Antolina age 17 studying in Class XI

Current CTC -: Not disclosed

Expected CTC -: Negotiable


Date of Birth -: 01/01/1972 (First January Nineteen Seventy-Two) Current Residential Address-:

G 5/7, Birladham, Kharach, Kosamba (R,S.), Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat State, India References:

1. Mr. Shashi, President PTA, Delhi public school International, Uganda, +256********* 2. Mr. Kadam, Chairman, J. M. Rathi School, Roha, India. +919********* 3. Mrs. Dorothy, Administrator, Ryan International School, Mumbai +919*********


Job Profile I can undertake as the Director cum Principal 1. Academics

(a) Identified syllabus /content for each grade for the year.

(b) Provided a balanced academic program to the students which incorporate Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Cultural activities.

(c) Program Development / Annual Academic and Co- curricular plans.

(d) Curriculum frame work planning before the academic year, delineating details of the Annual Plan along with Primary and Middle school heads, further frame work planning per semester, per month and per week

(e) Text book evaluation and selection

(f) Give details of Annual Academic and Co curricular plans in April of every year (g) Collaborate with faculty and staff to plan, implement and evaluate the curriculum.

(h) Coordinate with the Pre primary, Primary and Middle school coordinators for the teaching plans of various subjects.

(i) Constantly endeavor to research and incorporate the latest methods of teaching

(j) Supervise, evaluate and improve instructional methods

(k) Implement quality control measures to ensure feedback and maintenance of standards

(l) Assist faculty in resource management

(m) Examinations: planning and supervising the same

(n) Maintain Academic budgets as assigned

2. Event management

(a) Plan the school events for Pre-Primary,Primary and Secondary School at the beginning of the academic year

(b) Provide proposal along with financials for each event

(c) Receive approval for budgets

(d) If a new event is thought of in the middle of the year, the same needs to be worked within the total budget provided for the same by the management for the year

(e) No events are to be held without written approval from management

(f) Liaison with outsourced partner/vendors for smooth functioning of all events

(g) Ensure success of each event and provide written feedback on the same to management

(h) Determine expenses and savings at the end of each event 3. Administration

(a) Upholding the Mission, Vision & Philosophy of the school

(b) Oversee day to day running of the school with special emphasis on the academic program.

(c) Ensure school hierarchy is maintained

(d) Ensure proper disciple is maintained with the students

(e) Ensure teachers follow the School Policy Handbook

(f) Issuance of school leaving certificate

(g) Recruitment of all teaching staff

4. School Admissions

(a) Decide on school admission strategy for the year with management

(b) Follow the decided strategy for the year

(c) Ensure that the admission process is fair

(d) Increase enrollment

(e) Oversee the entire admissions process

5. School Budgets

(a) Decide on the school budget after taking into consideration and consultation with the Academic & Co curricular team.

(i) Details on events & special days in the budgets

(ii) Administrative cost of the school in the budget

(iii) Coordinate with administration to determine the best cost

(iv) Increase planning so as to not encourage any last minute purchases

(v) Ensure all purchases are done though predefined vendors

(vi) Provide budget to management

(vii) Receive signed off budget

(viii) Maintain all costs within the signed budgets

(ix) No additional costs to be incurred unless the same has been signed off by the management

(b) In case of unplanned/unscheduled events:

(i) Management to be given a proposal for new program/event and expected cost

(ii) Management to revert on acceptance or non acceptance of cost in 30 days 6. Public Relations

(a) Maintain a positive attitude at all times towards faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

(b) Establish and maintain open line of communication with parents, parents of potential students and the core team in school

(c) Maintain professional relationship with all colleagues, students, parents and community members.

(d) Use acceptable communication skills to present information accurately and clearly

(e) Establish a strong rapport with parents, parents of potential students and the faculty

(f) Promote the school in the community and with relevant educational institutions.

(g) Guide the Publications department to develop written materialwhich will communicate the schools ethos, program and activities to relevant educational institutions.

(h) Coordinate and support the schools communication with the media with the approval of the management.

(i) Attend interschool events on behalf of the school incase 7. Pastoral role

(I) Parent Interaction

(a) Disseminating correct information about national and international programs to parents thereby allowing them to select the appropriate program for their child

(b) Interaction with parents to achieve the mission and vision of the school, keeping in mind the all round development of the student

(c) Informative sessions with parents to keep them abreast of school program in various areas

(d) Guide parents when required with the help of an academic counselor

(e) Interaction with parents to achieve the philosophy of the school, keeping in mind the all round development of the student

(f) Informative sessions with parents to keep them abreast of school program

(g) Meet parents on a fixed day with prior appointments

(h) Understand parental suggestions when related to the school and effect changes or n new strategies if required based on this information.

(II) Faculty Interaction

(a) Disseminating information based on Philosophy Mission & Vision of the school

(b) Clear explanation of academic program

(c) Planning curriculum and Co curricular activities

(d) Support with ideas, teaching methodologies and lesson plans

(e) Enable career development through extensive training

(f) Assign all teaching and non teaching staff clear roll definitions

(g) Review performance of each staff member on a semester basis for professional growth, supported with written feedback

(h) Providing feedback given from parents to faculty

(i) Identify faculty for workshops

(j) Hold staff meetings at least once a week for academic & administrative discussions

(k) Collaborative planning with teachers for the academic program of the school

(l) Counseling teachers time to time

(III) Student Interaction

(a) Attend Student-Staff Liaison Committee and facilitate responseto matters raised (b) Disciplinary issues

(c) Leadership training for students

(d) Identify students with Learning disabilities and refer them to thespecial educator plan a detailed program for the student and monitor the same from time to time

(IV) Training

(a) Teacher training on national and international curriculum development and expectations

(b) Group and individual training based on the training need of the teacher

(c) Share the information and experience with other faculty members on return from external training

(d) Make a detailed report of the training attended to management

(V) School Climate

(a) Displays the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel

(b) Serves as a role model for students, dressing professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession.

(c) Encourages all teachers to do the same.

(d) Establishes a professional rapport with students and with staff that has their respect.

(e) Supervises in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems with high standards, consistent with the philosophy, values, and mission of the school.

(f) Ensures a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students.

(g) Establishes and promotes high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior

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