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Engineer Quality

Port Said, Port Said Governorate, Egypt
February 23, 2020

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Facts about me a

Full name Mohamed Saad Soliman Mohamed

Date of birth 20th April 1983

Address Egypt – Port Said, tawniat Elzhor,4Elfayroz Building . flat 25 Phone number 066-*******

Mobile number 010-********

E-mail address .

Military situation Exempted

Other married

Religion Moslem.

Driving license Valid.

Education a

BS.C of science- Suez Canal University

-Specification: special chemistry

- Date of graduation: 2007

- General estimation: good

- Graduation Project :Surfactant and Grade was Excellent . Special Courses OSHA "occupational safety & health administration" From AUC" American university in Cairo " Witch Include the Following Training Program:- 1. General industry safety and health (29cfr1910). 2. Construction industry safety and health (29cfr1926). Obtained Special Training From Proctor &Gamble Company In The Following :- 1. Quality Control System analysis and Traceability System. 2. Standard Operation Procedure Development and Operation Manual. 3. Iso9001/2000

4. Quality Control and Quality Assurance by Proctor Gamble Egypt (QA\QC).

Obtained special course in 20 keys to workplace improvement which help many manufacturing companies integrate the top manufacturing improvement methods into a coordinated system for drastic and continual improvement in involvement, quality, and productivity. This program provides the strategies necessary to achieve ambitious goals through a five-level scoring system. Obtained special course in ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which deal with General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

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Last Update 01-11-2019

Previous experience


Jan 2007 Employed in Royal factory for chemical industry as chemist and Worked as the following :

i. Analysis of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate – (Sulphonic acid). ii. Analysis of Sulfur.

iii. Analysis of Linear Alkyl Benzene.

iv. Analysis of Fatty Alcohol Sulphated (Sodium Loryil Ethoxy Sulphate) the v. Row Material of Shampoo.

vi. Analysis of (Fatty Acid -Glycerin- Soap Noodles). vii. Analysis of Water (ph-Conductivity-Total Dissolvent solids-Hardness) viii. Analysis of (GC) Gas Choreography and Gas Treatments-Bio Detergent. ix. Quality Control and Quality Assurance by Proctor Gamble Egypt (QA\QC). x. Permuted as a Processing Chemist (Production Engineer) in Sulphonation plant and was responsible for Manufacturing and Controlling production Procedures Using Scada and P.L.C Control system Using multi-Tube Reactor Sulphonation Film reactor to produce (Sulphonic acid-Texamol) . xi. Permuted To C.M.P Plant and worked as Processing Chemist and was Responsible For the Following:-

a. Bleaching Oils (palm oil, palm Kernel, palm stearin, Soya bean oil, sun flower oil) in Splitting Tower.

b. Splitting Oils to Obtain (Crude fatty acid, glycerol). c. Precutting of crude oils in precut distiller and then distillate it in main distiller

d. Pre concentrate to obtain crude glycerol.

xii. All these Process Controlled By Scada and PLC control system witch Operate the whole Factory

xiii. Deal with Automatic and Manual valves,pumps,water treatments and Boilers.

Since 9 sep 2009 till now moved to work in Kapci Coating industry as QC/QA CHEMIST

- Deal with Analysis of Row materials, Emulsion paints, Oil paints, Automotive paints, inks.

- Making anew products

- Deal with the products of competitors.

- Solving the problems of production.

- Quality control for manufacturing processes of

- Automotive paint (Acrylic top coat, base coat, clear coat).

- Car refinish putties(fillers-stocks-lightweight putty– light weight body filler, fibers,Epoxy primers,rapid soft putties, plastic putties)

- Manufacturing of alkyd resins and unsaturated polyester resins.

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Last Update 01-11-2019

Special Chemistry analysis Training Analysis and Operating the Following in analysis:- i. Lovibond:"used to determine The Color of Different liquids at different of wavelength ".

ii. Karl ficher:"used to determine the Percentage of Moisture Content in Sample".

iii. G.C:"Gas Chromatography Using to estimate the carbon chain Structure of fatty acids ", and to estimate the purity of xylene,methoxy propyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene).

Soft Skills

Languages Skills:

1. English Very Good in Speaking and Writing.

2. Arabic Mother Languages

Computer Skills:

1. HTML.

2. Operating Systems (Windows Xp-Vista-Sev7en).

3. Network and Hardware Maintenance Essential.

4. SAP.

Personal profile a

I am an energetic, motivated and highly dynamic worker in any position I work in, I am quick learner, work under pressure and work individual or in teamwork and I have no problem to work in different shifts and for un limited hours and I work overtime if it's necessary and as it required, and I respect and obeys my managers orders and keep the secrets of work, and I will do whatever I can to develop and make the maximum profits for my company.

Objective a

Seeking an entry level, to develop my skills in a different field of business, to apply and build upon my academic background, gain hands on experience and utilize my skills.

Communication Skills Interacted and dealt successfully with people from different social and ethnic Backgrounds through out all the past years.

Leadership Skills

Organized and carried out successfully various plans, seminars, projects, tender and outing concerning different activities on the job. Thank you in advanced

Mohammed Saad

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