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Data Analyst Python

Cupertino, CA
February 23, 2020

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Cupertino CA, 408-***-****


Currently working on SFDC and Tableau Merger project at Salesforce.

3+ years of experience as Data Analyst with experience and skills in Report generation, Business Intelligence tools and dashboards.

1+ years of working experience of Amazon Web Services: RDS, S3, MySQL, AWS EC2 to MySQL workbench through the Linux command line.

Experience in creating dynamic ETL workflow canvas for validating, importing and exporting data from Excel, SML, Flat Files, SQL servers using SSIS.

2+ years of working experience with Python NumPy and Pandas and use all its functionality to show the result and matplotlib (seaborn library) to show the visualization on Jupyter Notebook.

3+ years of working experience with SQL queries on relational database to get the result from a single table, multiple tables, regular expressions, add specific conditions, logical operators.

2+ years of working experience in BI tools for data visualization using Tableau for dashboard reporting and information design.

Experience working with RapidMiner for Data Mining and Machine Learning, and Data Loading and Transformation ( ETL), data preprocessing and visualization.

2+ years of working experience with Linux and shell script and used utilities like AWK, SED, FIND, MAKE, GREP for data extraction and manipulation.

Experience working on manipulating large complex data sets, statistical modelling and inferences, data analysis, data mining, data visualization, business intelligence and project management.

Excellent team spirit and leadership qualities with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Self-motivated, quick learner, goal-oriented, resourceful and innovative, individual as well as team player.


AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner: August 2019- August 2021


Scripting Language: Python, Linux

Database Query tools: SQL, MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB)

Machine Learning: Linear Regression, Time-series method, PCA

Data Visualization, ETL and Power BI tools: Tableau, Zappelin, RapidMiner

Analytical tools: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib

Issue Tracking and Story mapping: Jira, Travis, Jenkins

Operating Systems: MacOS, Windows, Command Line, Bash

Cloud computing technology: AWS cloud services like s3, CloudWatch, RDS, EC2, EBS, EMR, VPC, Resource Group, API Gateway, Google cloud

Microsoft suite: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint


Data Analyst

Nov 2019 – Current

Use SQL queries to find to perform Transformation, Aggregation, and filtering to make the data report friendly.

Worked with various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Reports and Dashboards using Einstein Analytics.

Created and deployed several reports using platform. Also worked in Data Migration from Tableau Database to Salesforce Customer Database.

Export and import data to and from database into Excel sheets.

Worked on Excel Spreadsheets and Workbooks using Formulas, Data Linking for Data Analysis and Data Validation

Worked as a Strategist and advised client on Management/Preparation of data for SFDC and Tableau Merger and requirement generation by meeting with the customer interaction team.

Use Python script to match the accounts to allow SFDC to consolidate customers. Liasion between Off-shore teams to align the data integration strategy.

Used Tableau and SFDC in-house dashboarding tool to find the highest AOV existing and prospective customer.

Performed Data Analytical activities within the Data Strategy and Operations team involving data integration of merger and acquisitions to improve processes and efficiency of combining data.

Validated account information and update accordingly in Salesforce’s proprietary system. Account mapping to validate and certify accounts of Tableau and SFDC.

Work on developing validation rules to prevent Bad data from being entered into environment.


Data Analyst

Feb 2018 - September 2019

Used quantitative data gathered to develop an understanding of customer complaints, nature and lifecycle. Presented data using SQL and Tableau that helped guide decisions of the company, which result in speed-up the process for resolving customer complaints.

Experience working with Amazon Web Services: (RDS, S3, MySQL, AWS EC2 to MySQL, IAM ) to transfer data to Cloud, connect MY SQL workbench with RDS

Use Python packages such as Numpy and Pandas to conduct data importing, cleaning and preprocessing, models tuning and optimization.

Extracted reports using SQL queries from a customer dataset and presented it in Dashboard using Tableau to find the maximum revenue, customer behavior and buying habits, tech-support and warranty, sale of competitor products and used many more KPI’s.

Visualize the relationship using SQL reports and Tableau using different KPI of Human Resource Dataset to find insights into Attrition-rate, recruiting process and other metrics to improve the employee performance and reducing the Attrition related cost.

Utilized Excel functionality to gather, compile and analyze data from pivot tables and created graphs/charts.

Presented reports to the stakeholders using Tableau by Segmentation, Targeting and positioning of the customers for newly launched products, help providing the quotes, cross-selling or bundling of products.

Generating an analytical report using Tableau for warranty costs incurred on various parameters such as product types, product names, part numbers, warranty timelines, locations, regions, states and customer locations.

Write SQL code which is used for creating End user Views which in turn enables business stakeholders to retrieve key data /metrics/reports on demand anytime.

Created visually impactful dashboards in Excel and Tableau for data reporting by using pivot tables and VLOOKUP. Extracted, interpreted and analyzed data to identify key metrics and transform raw data into meaningful, actionable information.

Work closely with cross-functional team to identify reporting needs, define report specifications, and produce reports that.

Write data definition language or data manipulation language SQL commands and analyze data that help with team efficiencies, scalability, and profitability.

Predict the customer buying behavior by splitting datasets (MY SQL) into training and test-data for cross validation and prevent overfitting and underfitting problems.

Use Linear Regression model to predict the future values of the houses in different districts and Matplotlib in Python to generate plots, histograms for the numerical attributes.

Worked with the team of data architects and engaged in Data Modelling as per the business requirements.

Created automate processes through stored procedures utilizing MYSQL for efficiency and not overburden the main data server. Reviewed data and classified the tables/measures functions by using multiple queries, views and procedures

Built and maintained SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction for varies projects.

Working Experience with Python built-in Data Structures like lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets for data storage.


Data Analyst

Oct 2016- Jan 2018

Use Python Matplotlib for data visualization for the MY SQL data. Extracted data from multiple data source, write Python scripts to scrape data and images from e-commerce websites (Web Scraping).

Extracted reports using SQL queries from a customer dataset and presented it in Dashboard using Tableau to find the maximum revenue, customer behavior and buying habits, feedback and complaints, tech-support and warranty, sale of competitor products and used many more KPI’s.

Experience working with RapidMiner for Data Mining and Machine Learning, and Data Loading and Transformation (ETL), data preprocessing and visualization.

Engaged in A/B testing to the new features and derived marketing campaign to reduce the customer complaints.

Experience analyzing and visualizing data using machine learning (MLib), GraphX and Spark SQL in Databricks cloud through the use of dashboards.

Analyze and find the business data to identify patterns and correlations among the various data points. Work with Tableau to create dashboards, stories, and other visual displays, to provide clear and insightful.

Extracted data from queries into Excel spreadsheets; using formulas; conditional formatting; macros; lookups; pivot tables; graphs.

Utilized Excel functionality to gather, compile and analyze data from pivot tables and created graphs/charts. Provided analysis on any claims data discrepancies in reports or dashboards.

Developed an advanced excel spreadsheet for caseworkers to capture data from consumers.

Gathered and analyzed customer data as SQL database for generating reports.

Performed the Data analysis using Power BI tool Tableau and created graphs, charts, scatter plot, and funnel chart

Combined SQL and Tableau to create and modified Tableau worksheet and dashboards by performing Table level calculations.

Worked on Linux terminal with Relational database of rows and columns to extract the relevant information.

Tracked customer, product, vendor, components, testing engineer and testing results before delivery to customers using complex SQL and stored data in SQL database.

Developed a return management system for customer to submit returns and tracked each product’s warranty period.

Set database triggers for constraints, defined, executed and interpreted simple to complex SQL queries, involved correlated subqueries, non-trivial joins, self joins, grouping and aggregation functions to extract and retrieve summary statistics of key metrics for customer dataset.

Conducted schema clone of database using SQL by building profile database based on the schema of main features and key metrics.

Experience using Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis, visualization to quickly generate insights from data and draw inferences.


California State University- East Bay

Bachelor’s in Business &Technology: Information Technology Management GPA > 3.7(Merit-based Scholarship)

De Anza Community college – Cupertino

Certificate in Linux, Certificate in Python programming, and Associate Degree in Management

GPA > 3.7

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