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Customer Care Service

Garhshanker, Punjab, India
February 23, 2020

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YATESH MINHAS #****/**, Badal Colony,



oCarry a positive approach towards achieving goals and make a place and name in industry.

Educational Qualification:

oGraduation in Commerce from Panjab University (Pursuing).

oHigher Secondary Education from C.B.S.E. Board.

oSecondary Education from C.B.S.E. Board.

Computer Qualification:

oExpert in MS Word, MS Excel & MS power point.

Professional Details:

Current Company:-Teleperformace (From Jun 2019 to till date)

ROLE: Quality Analyst (Chat & Hotline LOB Xiaomi Process)


oMonitoring 25 Chats and Calls on daily basis.

oFeedback to experts to improve quality of the process.

oCalibration with the client on weekly basis to ensure process is going on same platform.

oFloor support to experts on real time whenever it is required.

Mentionable Achievements:

oGot 2 consecutive times R & R award for the best quality analyst.

ROLE: Customer Care Executive (Non-voice Chat LOB Xiaomi Process Oct 2018 to May 2019).


oResolve the queries raised by customer either via CHAT with in TAT.

Mentionable Achievements:

oGot 3 consecutive times R & R award for the best performance in Chat Process.

Previous Company:-Ireo Management Private Limited (From Dec 2011 to Aug 2015)

ROLE: Accounts Payable & Account Receivable

Profile: Accounts Payable:-

oProcessing Bills of Vendors, Contractors, Brokers and Employees in Oracle.

oProcessing Payment in system & provide the cheques to Vendors, Contractors, Brokers and Employees

oCalculation of TDS Deducted on monthly basis & deposit the challans on time & enter the same in system.

oPreparing WCT on monthly basis.

oAP GL Reconciliation on monthly basis.

Accounts Receivable:-

oAccounting of amount collected from Customer towards Booking, Installment, and Interest Charges & Transfer Charges.

Tracking of Daily Cheque Report.

oDaily uploading of Receipts in oracle.

oUploading of transactions i.e. Debit Memo & Credit Memo of Interest Charges.

oDebtor Reconciliation on Monthly Basis

oCo-ordination with CRM for the Customer Pendency.

oReconciliation of Account Receivable with GL at Month End.

oApplication of Receipts on Daily basis.

oBank Reconciliation on monthly basis.


Critical Reconciliation:-

oAP GL Reconciliation.

oAR GL Reconciliation.

oBank Reconciliation.

oDebtor Reconciliation.

Previous Company: Bharti Airtel Limited (From Jul 2010 to Dec 2011)

ROLE: Finance Backend (Accounts Payable & Account Receivable)


Accounts Payable:-

oCalculation of Post-paid Payouts i.e. Sale Commission, Collection Commission, Agency Payout, ARC Payout, Trade Scheme on monthly basis.

oProcessing of Service Tax Reimbursement Claim to Channel Partners on Commission Payouts.

oHandling Channel Partners Queries & resolve on priority basis.

oProviding Payment Detail along with proper data to Channel Partner whenever the Payment Transfer to Channel Partner s Bank Account.

oCalculation of Provision for expenses Related to Dealer Commission Payouts on the basis of activation reports & as per policy for Payouts.

Accounts Receivable:-

oAccounting of amount collected by Channel partners from Subscribers towards bill payment.

oReconciliation of FX v/s GL.

oReconciliation of Automated ARC Debit Note v/s CPS Batches.

oMonitoring of Collection Posted In Kenan V/s Reported in CPS Batches V/s Oracle

oTracking of Daily Collection Report.

oDaily uploading of Receipts and Transaction of DCR in oracle.

oReconciliation of Collection clearing account on daily basis.

oPreparation of Inter Company transactions data at Month end & ensuring that the same will be closed within TAT.

oDebtor Reconciliation on Daily Basis

oCo-ordination with CAD for the Channel Partner Pendency.

oReconciliation of Account Receivable with GL at Month End.

oReconciliation of Security Deposit on Keenan with GL at Month End.

oMapping of Payment Application Reports at month end.

oApplication of Prepaid & Postpaid Distributors.

Prepaid Billing:-

oHandling Billing of Punjab & Himachal Pradesh Circle.

oRC/SUK/Primary v/s Oracle Reconciliation.

oPreparation of Sales Orders & Bank MIS on Daily Basis.

Customer Accounting:-

oProviding PD, Refund & Duplicate Cases Cheques to CAD Department.

oProcessing of the refund to the subscriber and appropriate adjustment of refund for security deposit.

Critical Reconciliation:-

oSD GL Reconciliation.

oAR GL Reconciliation.

Previous Company: Vodafone Essar South Ltd. (From Jan’2008 to July’2010)

ROLE: Finance Commercial Backend (Post-paid Channels/ Vodafone Store Franchisee) & Zonal Coordinator (Prepaid Distributors /Post-paid Channels / PCO Distributors / Vodafone Store Franchisee).


oAccurate Calculation of ROI of Vodafone Store Franchisee.

oAccurate Calculation of Service Tax Invoices on monthly basis.

oAccurate Calculation of First Bill Payment & Second Bill Payment Incentive.

oAccurate Calculation of incentive with in TAT of TMDSA.

oAccurate Calculation of Claims & Incentive of Postpaid Channels.

oAccurate Calculation of Commission of Postpaid Channels.

oMonthly reconciliation of Prepaid Distributors.

oAccount Statement should be provided to prepaid distributors on monthly basis.

oMapped the Bank Transfer Payments & provide the same to Postpaid Channels with full support & calculations.

oCollection of NOC on quarterly basis.

oChannel visit on periodical basis.

oAudits on prepaid distributors & postpaid channels also.

oQuery should be resolved as and when raised.

oMaintained the MIS on regularly basis

oActualise the data on monthly basis.

Mentionable Achievements:

oGot 3 times achievers award for best performance in the month of Apr 09, June 09 & Feb 10.

Previous Company: Competent Synergies Private Limited (Aug 2006 to Jan 2008).

ROLE: Customer Care Executive & Floor In charge (Customer Service / Non-voice department-Airtel Punjab Circle (Out Bond).


oResolve the queries raised by customer either through sms/fax or an email with in TAT.

oHandling Floor of 25-30 executives.

oProviding bulk data to all executives.

oMaintaining MIS & Attendance sheet of executives.

oProvide briefing to the Executives.

Mentionable Achievements:

oGot 6 consecutive times R & R award for the best performance from Dec 06 to May’07

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 12th December 1985

Father Name: Sh. Gopal Krishan

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Punjabi

Marital Status: Married

Strength: Self Confidence, Patience & Positive Attitude

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