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Land Surveyor

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
February 23, 2020

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Villa ** Room 204 21st Street, Muroor Road, beside Philippine Global School, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

056-***-**** / 055-***-****


1998 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Graduate Garcia College of Technology

Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan Philippines


As per Survey related Course:-

Site Surveying, Setting Out Procedure

SYSU Group of Companies

held from March 2008 - September 2008

Conducted at Lot 1-3 Block 6 West Los Angeles St. Corner, Katipunan Avenue, California Village, Novaliches, Quezon City – Philippines

Short-Term Course AUTOCAD

STI College

from 25 October 2008 to 25 March 2009

Taft Manila Philippines

Sigma Enterprise L.L.C.

Sokkia Seminar (Operating and Proper Usage) Total Station Instrument Dubai United Arab Emirates

from 07 August to 10 August 2011

Leica Instrument and Enterprise

Leica Builders 500 series Seminar for 3D Survey and Set out Procedures From 15 November to 05 December 2011

As per Mechanical Engineering Course:-

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority TESDA Government 3rd Class Shielded Metal Arc Welding Completed Course from 03 September to 23 December 2000

Certified Electric Arc Welder Cert. No. 010******** given 02 February 2007 Conducted at TESDA Provincial Training Center, Laguinbanua East, Numancia Aklan Philippines

EEI Foundation, Inc. (A YGC Member)

Low Voltage Transformer Mechanical Installation

held at Meralco Plant Office in Taguig City Philippines from 06 May 2005 to 08 August 2005

D.M. Consunji Technical Training Centre (DMCTTC) Basic Mechanical Safety and Lock-out Tag held at DMFBJV Office, NIA Compound Quezon City Philippines

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

held at Taguig City, Philippines dated 18 October 2005 to 05 January 2006 WORK EXPERIENCE:



Suite 1504, 15th Floor, International Tower (Within Capital Centre) Al Karamah Street P.O. Box 113503 Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Tel. No. +971-*-***-****, Fax No. +971-*-***-****

Present Project Involved:

1. Jumeirah Gate - JBR, Jumeirah Dubai Twin Tower B3+GF+Mz+ 77 floors Position/Duration: Building Surveyor – 29 November 2018 to Present Duties and Responsibilities:

To check and ensure that the vantage control points and bench mark level are close in order to avoid discrepancy in set-out and to ensure that all the corner end of the building are well coordinated such as podium and both 2 towers

To coordinate and ensure that the control points and reference level with details are well coordinated to all subcontractor in order to match on the structure

Set-out of columns, walls, slab edge, beams, upstands, trenches for excavation, landscape, water retaining walls, swimming pools and other elements for structural are my full responsibility

As Built Survey Report for Structural Clearance, as built for RPC (Request for Pouring of Concrete) and as built for shop drawings are my full responsibility

Initiating set-out coordinates by using AUTOCAD and other survey software to expedite the work

Survey inspection and as built confirmation for facade and to ensure that alignments of brackets, channels and other member of fixation elements are as per the drawing and well- coordinated with the structure

Ensuring alignment and inspection of steel, cast-in plates and embedment bolts are under my knowledge and supervision

2. Al Maryah Central Mall, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi Position/Duration: Surveyor and Inspector (Facade) – 01 November 2016 to 28 November 2018 Duties and Responsibilities:

To give survey control points and reference level which is incorporated and coordinated to structural in order to match the facade layout to structural layout

To be involved and given instruction regarding alignment of facade and closely monitored most especially termination each facade concerns

Monitoring and coordinating with the subcontractor and make sure that the drawing that the subcontractor are using which are approved and sealed by the consultant

Giving reference grid line and level marking indication for facade layout

Inspection for alignment of brackets and channels and making sure that the location are as per the drawing

Coordination with the facade subcontractor to determine and convey to facade engineer if there are any discrepancies most especially in the terminations

As built of structure and facade for information and record are my full responsibility 3. Neighbourhood One Residences B4+GF+6F 10 Zones, Masdar Abu Dhabi Position/Duration: Building Surveyor - 10 August 2015 to 31 October 2016 Duties and Responsibilities:

Closing Traverse of vantage point and level given by the municipality in order to secure the perimeter of the building which will match between structural and façade

Positioning of tower crane and hoist mass is per the required location and in the right vertical alignment

Giving Reference Grid line and Level for structural and internal partition

To coordinate with the site engineers and site managers what are the priorities and requirement of site

Closely coordinated with all subcontractors for the vantage point and level in order to match as per location of structure

MEP services and locations of Pods are my full responsibility

Picking Coordinates in the drawing and ensuring the locations are correct and accurate

Coordination with the facade subcontractor for control points and level which is coordinated in the structure

Set out drawings and details for the structure are closely coordinated with the design and ensuring that the drawings are approved

Monitoring as built location of the structure for information and record 4. Lapita Project B1+GF+3F, Jebel Ali Dubai (First Project in Multiplex) Position/Duration: Building Surveyor – 14 June to 09 August 2015 Duties and Responsibilities:

Triangulation and closing traversed in order to secure the perimeter control of the building are closed most especially corner of the structure

Marking location of formworks (Columns, Slabs, and Footings etc.) reference for site team

Coordination with Design department and ensuring that the drawing used for set out and details of the structure are approved

Closely coordinated with the project engineer for the priorities and site requirements

Making coordinates in the drawing and ensuring that the coordinates to be pick is in the right spot and closely monitored

Ensuring MEP services locations are closely coordinated with the MEP coordinator and design

As Built of structures are closely monitored for information and record PAST EMPLOYER:


P.O. Box 5818, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Tel. No. +971*-*******, Fax No. +971*-*******

Position/Duration: Project Engineer – 04 March 2013 to 13 May 2015 Past Project Involved:

Pearl Diving Pool Project

Duties and Responsibilities:

To coordinate with the main contractor concerning on submittals and required technical data prior to site requirements

To instruct and handle the surveyor for proper coordination as per site condition

To coordinate with the project manager what are the priority from site situation and technical submittals as per required by the main contractor and consultant

Site report, daily-weekly reports and manpower allocation are my full responsibilities

Cutting List, Fabrication drawing as per site condition and coordination with the site engineer and supervisors for proper dexterity and to organize the work forced

Coordination with the main contractor façade engineer regarding reports and clarifications

Handling Quantity Assurance and Quality Control for materials and installations Position/Duration: Site Engineer / Project Surveyor 26 June 2011 to 03 March 2013 Past Project Involved:

1. Al-Hikma Tower- 2B + G + M + 60 Floor + Roof = Office tower Duties and Responsibilities:

To coordinate with my project manager and project engineer the required survey works prior to the schedule of activities

Coordinate with the main contractor surveyor for reference baseline control and bench mark level datum line

Take full responsibility by transfer municipal to local coordinates

Checking all the drawing as per design and compare as per fabrication drawing before implementing the required lay out in site

Calculation, Survey report, Survey verification and AUTOCAD drawings are my full responsibility

Doing 3 Dimensional Survey for Decorative Fins and Panoramic Lift Spider Glass for alignment in order to set the sub-frames and spider connections

Fabrication Drawings and material releasing by means of giving them sizes is my full responsibility in order to release the materials more accurate and to avoid spoilage of materials

3 Dimensional plotting is one of my proficiency in order to release the actual site condition of the sub-frames for decorative fins and truss connectors for cladding and panoramic lift glass

Actual site verification for cutting list is my full responsibility 2. Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital Dubai Site

Duties and Responsibilities:

To coordinate with my project manager the necessary scope of work for verification and schedule of activities

To organize with the main contractor surveyor for the main vantage point and reference elevation for allusion survey and to be constant with the main contractor

To make survey report for the actual opening and actual situation of site in order to adjust the opening as per drawing

To give report to the manager in order to make a reference for the main contractor to adjust the opening as per drawing

To calculate and convert from municipal to local coordinates in order to avoid such error in computation

Clarification of drawings and scrutiny of shop drawing approved is my full responsibility Position: Project Surveyor – 15 June 2009 to 25 June 2011 Involved in completion of the following projects:

1. DAMAC Capital Bay / Commercial Square(The Vogue) Towers 2B+G+M+18th Floor Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordination with the main contractor surveyor for reference of vantage point and reference level given by Dubai Municipality and securing that it has been approved by the government

Assuring as per the approved shop drawing reference for set out layout for the brackets and reference level for adjustment of block works as per drawing

Giving report to the project manager the actual opening size as per the layout centreline of the opening windows and frameless door opening for adjustment of the main contractor in order to compensate as per drawing

Bracket alignment and closely monitoring the level of the panels are my full responsibility 2. ACC Dubai Mixed Used Car Park area G+7th Floor

Duties and Responsibilities:

Organize with the senior surveyor for reference of main vantage point and mainly use control levels for alignment

Starting level for alignment of curtain wall and reference of verticality is my dependability

Verification for curtain wall, fabrication drawing of trellis and positioning of glass cube with alignment of balustrades are also my liability

Coordination with my manager or engineer to utilize the effort and to expedite the work in making a good alignment and effortless fixation

3. Omis Tower Site- 2B+G+13 Floor

Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinate with the main contractor engineer or surveyor for the main reference level and main control points set by Dubai Municipality

Coordinate with the project manager for approved shop drawing for allusion of drawing layout

Closing traverse is my full responsibility in order to seal the perimeter of the building

Alignment of bracket by means of giving reference for verticality as per drawing and closely monitoring the fixation of bracket for the curtain wall

Verification for the in-out of slab, corner openings, and actual level of slabs are my full responsibility

4. Al Farah Site- 2B+G+M+18 Floor

S.S. Lootah Shika Wadima / Sultan Twin towers

Duties & Responsibilities:

Coordination with the main contractor for level bench mark and main control points

In- charge for all the location of brackets and alignment of curtain walls

Doing Site verification for releasing of cutting list

Preparing set out plan and design coordination

5. Motorcity G+3 Daytona/ G+10 Detroit

Sharjah Accommodation / New office Zebian Aluminium Duties & Responsibilities:

To coordinate with my project manager the schedule of survey works and area that is needed priority for survey verification and fabrication

To organize with the main contractor surveyor and familiarize the site wherein to verify the actual position and to know the location of main control points and datum level

All survey calculation is my full responsibility

Alignment of brackets and its location proper location as per drawing

Confirmation and checking by means of triangulation in order to know and secure if all the control is close and safe to use for lay out and alignment 6. New Al- Zahra Hospital 3B+G+7 Floor

Duties & Responsibilities:

Proper Coordination with my project manager and site engineer for survey lay out drawing and priority area for verification and location

Prepare survey report for actual site condition and visualized as per plan in order to initiate revision of drawings as per site condition

Converting from Municipal to Local coordinates in order to prevent errors

Prepare set out plan for lay out as per the instruction from the superiors for priority areas

Give reference marking location and proper level as per plan

In time of fixation, proper level and alignment of curtain walls and claddings are my responsibilities

Past Employer: Adante Enterprise & Construction Company Duration: July 2005 to November 2008

Position: Building Surveyor/ Site Engineer

Address: No. 10 Gomburza St. Kalibo Aklan Philippines, 5600 Duties & Responsibilities:

Set survey control points and bench mark levels

Setting out grid points and marking grid lines for reference of Civil and MEP works

Verify coordinates on plan as per actual lay out on site and setting of reference set back points prior to installation of column formworks

Set reference level for construction


Age: 39 yrs. old Civil Status: Married

Date of Birth: 19 June 1980 Religion: Born again Christian Sex: Male Driver’s License: Abu Dhabi License

Height: 174/ 5’ 7” Vehicle owned: Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 Weight: 84 kg. / 187lbs.

I hereby certify that the information mentioned above is true and correct.

Roy Glenn A. Bautista

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