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Technician Engineering

Burbank, CA
February 23, 2020

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Huntington, Beach, CA 92647



OBJECTIVE: Engineering Lab Technician seeking a career in Research, Development, Production and Testing of Electronic/Optical Instrumentation, and new applications of RF/Microwaves, Antennas and EM radiation detection, energy conversion, storage and distribution, solar and planetary exploration. Special interests in EMI/EMC, astronomy, radio astronomy, solar and alternative energy.


TEST TECHNICIAN, QSC Inc., Costa Mesa, CA (Temporary Assignment) 2018 Manual and automatic testing, verification and quality control of audio signal processing equipment for cinema and auditoriums.

ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT TECHNICIAN, Otto Instrument Service, Ontario, CA 2016-2017 Testing and repair of avionics and flight computers. Automated test system operation and troubleshooting using ATLAS Honeywell system. INDEPENDENT RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, Huntington Beach, CA, 2010-2016 Research, development, and experimentation with unconventional electrical energy conversion apparatus, magnetic amplifier transformers, antennas and communication systems. Proprietary self- directed and funded independent research. PRINCIPLE TELESCOPE TECHNICIAN, UCO, Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, CA - 2013-2014

Operate Shane 3-meter telescope for observers, upkeep and repair of entire observatory facilities, including electronic, mechanical and optical systems and instruments. PHYSICS LABORATORY MANAGER, University of La Verne, Physics Dept., La Verne, CA - 2012-2013

Running daily activities of instructional physics laboratory; design, construction and repair of various laboratory experiments, projects and instruments for faculty and students. Installed Tormach CNC machine, installed 2-Tesla research magnet and cooling system. SR. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN, Pomona College, Physics and Astronomy Dept., Claremont, California - 2006 - 2009

Running daily activities of instructional electronics laboratory; design, construction and repair of various electronic projects and instruments for faculty and students. Support and repair of 1-meter telescope at JPL Table Mountain Observatory, support of scanning electron microscope. Purchased parts, supplies and electronic instruments. SKILLS SUMMARY:

ELECTRONIC/SCIENTIFIC TEST EQUIPMENT: Analog and digital multi-meters, vector voltmeters, LCR meters, impedance bridges, and power factor meters. Real-time and sampling high speed oscilloscopes, spectrum and network analyzers, frequency counters and time standards. RF pulse, function and signal generators, mixers, filters, amplifiers, power meters, A/D converters, radiation detectors, CCD cameras, Foucault testers, small IR, UV and optical lasers, interferometers, optical spectrum analyzers and time domain reflectometers, transmission line probes, SWR and field intensity meters, HV Power supplies. Vacuum and cryogenic equipment. Radio and wireless equipment. SHOP SKILLS: Common shop mechanical and woodworking skills. Electronic bench repair and calibration. Soldering, de-soldering and brazing. Drill press, small lathe, milling machine, grinders, sheet metal and PCB prototype construction. Optical bench work, laser operation, optical cleaning and alignment. Coaxial cable fabrication and installation. Electronic and electromechanical drafting. Machine shop certification, University of Colorado. COMPUTER SKILLS: Familiar with IBM/PC, MS/DOS, Windows, Macintosh and UNIX/LINUX systems. Know fundamental BASIC, FORTRAN, APL, C, C++, Microsoft Word, Excel, MathCad, AutoCad, LabView, Matlab, Orcad, Eagle, Pspice and various instrumentation and communication programs. Good understanding of computer architecture and digital logic design and troubleshooting using common TTL, MOS, and CMOS circuits. Have torn down and rebuilt mini and microcomputers and peripherals. Constructed and repaired custom PC’s and instrument, video and camera interfaces.

GENERAL SKILLS: Very good written, documentation, verbal and team skills. Have performed extensive in-depth technical library research and patent searches in electrical and electronic engineering and physics. Have given technical talks and presentations, managed and maintained research labs and engineering shops, selected and purchased components and materials. Participated with faculty, engineering and staff round-table discussions and decisions. Have conducted private research and development work. EDUCATION:

B.A. Physics, 3.2 GPA, Astronomy minor

Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

A.A. Electronics Technology, with honors,

Orange Coast Community College, Costa Mesa, California Machine Shop certification, University of Colorado Physics Department FCC General Class Radio License,N6XZH

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