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Design Engineer

Thornhill, ON, Canada
February 22, 2020

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Thornhill, Ontario

Phone: 416-***-****



Analog Circuitry (Down to Transistor level); Digital Circuitry, CAD tools for schematic capture and simulation (Mentor Graphics, Protel, Pspice, LTspice and Orcad),

DOORS, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio), Mathcad


2002 to Present Independent Contractor / Consultant

Hardware Engineer- Aerospace & Commercial Contracts

Roles: Design, Analysis, Test, Validation / Verification, Documentation

Contract with iS5 Communications Mississauga Ontario

Designed mixed analog/digital board that contains EMI and high voltage transient filter, current sharing circuit, reverse polarity protection, I2C components such as current monitors, EEPOM and temperature sensor using Orcad for schematic capture

Validated the design using LTspice simulation

Worked closely with layout engineer for the board layout to determine component placement and footprint and used Allegro viewer layout tool

Conducted a massive search for component replacement to meet requirements

Generated BOMs and closely worked with procurement department

Generated design spec as part of company technical documentation process

Reviewed high speed digital design schematics and datasheet for other projects

Conducted tests on Ethernet switch to determine cause of failure in high temperature

Contract with UTC Goodrich Jamestown N.D- Aerospace Boeing 777-9 Cargo System

Analyzed all technical requirements for the analog system and preexisting design

Designed analog circuits that improve the system performance such as reduced inrush current and protection to address design issues

Selected components, built and tested the circuits in the lab using lab equipment such as digital scopes, current probes, spectrum analyzer, EMI/Noise generator and meters

Performed circuit analysis for the entire project using Pspice and some manual calculations

Tested and debugged boards for the projects preexisting design

Generated technical documentation for the design, tests and analysis

Contract with John Deere Electronic Solutions Fargo N.D – Automotive

Designed proposal analog circuits for optoelectronics project for agriculture application using Orcad Pspice for simulation and calculations as well as analyzed existing circuits

Used Mentor Graphics expedition as an official design tool

Performed large scale search for optoelectronics components and proposed them to management as major cost reduction option

Performed analysis by calculations for power electronics projects using Mathcad

and adjusted the design for new requirements

Performed R.F analysis using Mathcad for WiFi circuit to match line impedance

Updated technical documentation using Mathcad as company official documentation tool

Performed intensive search for AEC-Q components as replacement for existing components

to meet the automotive industry standards

Tested power electronics components such as Silicon Carbide Mosfets and IGBTs for experimental projects using lab equipment such as digital scopes, current probes, high voltage power supplies, digital meters and temperature chambers

Performed verification test on Inverters using power electronics lab equipment

Used CAN protocol and in house test utility software to control and monitor the tests

Performed verification temperature tests using I.R cameras

Relevant skills used and gained: Analog Circuitry analysis, Mathcad and Power Electronics

Contract with Safran Electronics Peterborough Ontario – Aerospace, DO –254

Captured, reviewed and analyzed technical requirements for analog and mixed signal circuits of landing gear systems

Performed accuracy analysis for the analog circuits, based on component tolerance, using manual calculations for transfer function, Pspice simulation and Excel spread sheet

Designed and redesigned analog circuits such as filters, Oscillators, Amplifiers and Scalers to meet new technical requirements

Recommended and required new components for component engineering

Captured schematic using Orcad

Relevant skills used: Analog Circuitry for design and analysis

Contract with Microsoft-Redmond WA

High speed digital design utilizing Freescale K10 Microprocessor/Controller and components such as proximity and accelerometer devices as well as linear regulators

Captured schematics using Orcad 16.5

Designed analog circuits that include Op-amp, transistors and passive components using Orcad and Pspice simulation

Relevant skills used: Analog and High Speed digital design

Contract with Thales Toronto-Rail Signaling

Performed design of analog circuitry for power distribution and sensor application using Orcad and Pspice for schematic capture and simulation

Debugged and redesigned prototype PCBs using lab equipment and Orcad

Supported Lay-out group by providing design rules for the new design using Pads

Performed lab tests for the new prototype PCBs

Created technical documents including design requirements and design specs using DOORS, MS Words, Visio and Excel.

Relevant skills used: analog circuitry

Contract with Crane Aerospace Burbank California-V&V DO-254 and documentation

Performed power dissipation analysis for electronic brake control system for the Boeing 787 that includes analog and digital circuitry and switching power supply in SEPIC configuration, validation and verification based on DO -254 standards

Tracked revision changes of all related schematics of the projects

Worked on the design description document by performing corrections and updates

Worked closely with system engineering and Boeing engineering department

Used Synergy configuration management tool to execute tasks

Relevant skills used: analog, board level digital and analysis

Contract with Com Dev Space programs - Design

Designed mixed signal board for a space project that includes: sine wave oscillator, A/D

And D/A converters, Resolver, Resolver to Digital converter, digital buffers and other analog circuits, interface circuits for LVDT and Resolver

Designed analog circuits of discrete components such as voltage regulators, motor drivers, current limiters, active filters, current sources and soft starts using Orcad Pspice simulation

Designed circuits for an ITAR project that implement ICs such as comparators

Designed interface circuits for sensitive temperature sensing of Cryogenic diodes and thermisotrs

Built and tested prototype boards of the designed circuits using high speed scopes and other lab equipment.

Performed power dissipation, power budget and accuracy analysis, using Mathcad

Captured schematic using Mentor Graphics

Performed analog simulation using Orcad Pspice for experimental circuits.

Performed design verification for R.F circuits of 590Mhz – 4.899Ghz that includes

Phase Detector, Local Oscillators, R.F amplifier, frequency dividers and power regulators

Designed a test plan for the R.F project

Generated design description and analysis documents using Microsoft Word and Excel

Relevant skills used: R.F, analog & digital design and analysis

Contract with G.E - Design

Designed a microprocessor-based platform that includes PowerPc870, SDRAM, Flash EEPROM, LCD controller, Ethernet PHY, USB controller and display.

Selected high-speed components for isolation and high-speed digital design purpose.

Applied high-speed digital design methods for signal integrity consideration.

Performed power consumption analysis and used Mentor Graphics for schematic capture.

Worked with software group on evaluation matters.

Relevant skills used: high-speed digital design, analysis, schematic capture, component selection and consulting.

Contract with Mircom Fire Alarm - Design

Designed an analog and digital system for a loop controller and that includes microcontroller and analog circuits such as comparators, current detectors and relay drivers

Performed analysis work on schematics and specs

Selected components, drafted schematics and conducted experiments in the lab using Protel CAD tool and lab equipment

Relevant skills used: analog design, analysis, calculation, component selection, schematic capture and consulting.

Contract with Honeywell – Verification & Analysis DO-254

Performed power stress, failure mode, tolerance and design analysis for analog and digital circuits of aerospace / military projects with FPGA, ASIC, Power P.C 8266 and high-speed memory components, using analytical skills, design background and calculations.

Generated and reviewed system level design and testing design documents.

Performed components and units tests.

Worked on specification documents using DOORS software.

Relevant skills used: analog analysis, aerospace / military standard, calculations, component spec analysis design and use of Microsoft Excel.

Nortel Networks – Ottawa, Ontario

Hardware Engineer, Optical Ethernet Group

Relevant Skills Gained: Fast data communication and optical technology.

High-Speed digital design.


Engineering degree in electronics. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Obtained Professional Engineering Designation. (Province of Ontario)


Designed and built a Heart Pulse Meter by utilizing digital and analog technology.

Produced a thesis document that included: methodology, project description, detailed electronic schematics and results.

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