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RF Engineer

Plano, TX
February 22, 2020

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516-***-**** 3100 Ohio Drive, Apt 253 Frisco, TX 75035

Technical Skills:

Software Tools : ATOLL, ACTIX, RFDS, Citrix, MOSHELL MATLAB, PLC, Python, Proteus, PSIM, PSpice, AUTOCAD.

Programming Languages : C, C++

Technical Experience:

Lead RF Engineer

Agyle Networks LLC - AT&T (PIM Mitigation) February 2019 - Present

Antenna hardware modification (Tilt, Azimuth) for overshooting and interference to improve the network coverage.

Predictive PIM analysis for B17. Data analysis using site pictures, RFDS & Construction Drawing. Also used Quantum Based KPI’s to accurately predict potential PIM.

Analysis of system performance and counters to affect positive change in KPIs.

Developing the continuous improvement tactics and operations for all measurement systems and processes

Documenting the interference event dispatch activity at the Macro Sites.

Support other market engineers.

Review closeout packages to make sure everything is built correctly.

Review PIM and SWEEP packaged for carriers to make sure they are passing or failing for further approval.

Training the field engineers with the PIM mitigation scope of work as per respective market scope of work.

Scheduling and verifying access to all teams in 8 markets.

Run instantaneous M-PiLOT following a rain event to confirm that PIM is present before performing site PIM Identification and Mitigation.

Associate RF Engineer

Telecom Gateway LLC - AT&T (PIM Mitigation) March 2018 – February 2019

Verified the M-Pilot data of the AT&T site which is most affected with Passive Intermodulation.

Collected the KPI values from the site which has more affect by intermodulation.

Trained the Field Engineer for testing the cell sites to check the sources causing intermodulation.

Detected and cleared the sources which causes the disturbances near the cell sites for Band 17 and Band 14(FirstNet).

Mitigated the PIM sources and reducing the values of intermodulation to the threshold -118 dbm.

Reported the issues from other carriers.

Generated the reports for the sites which we are testing PIM for Band 17 and Band 14(FirstNet).

Recommended the steps need to take on site for reducing PIM on pending issues.

Mobility Engineer

Iprogram LLC - AT&T (Inter MSN-Rebalance) February 2018-March 2018

•Configured the target network on SIAD of type ASR 901, Cisco 2941, ASR 903 also MSN of type ASR 9010, Cisco 7609.

•Prepared T-1 cross-connections between UMTS, and SIAD toward network RNC.

•Successfully integrated and maintained network RNC to optimum capacity.

•Updated Qscope and ANA along with up speed for the SIAD.

•Used Ericsson OSS (CITRIX), Xshell, and ENM for NodeB, SIAD, and eNodeB respectively.

•Work involved PREP followed by CUT OVER which is to configure SIAD and both primary and secondary MSN’s on to Target VLANs and static routes then cut over is to configure NodeB and eNodeB on to Target from source w.r.t CIQ.

•Updated the RET from Source NodeB OAM IP +1/2 to Target NodeB OAM IP +1/2 the MCU, CCU Andrew are the RETs.

•The overall performance of the network from the prospective of NodeB, eNodeB, is verified by the KPIs and traffic.

•Monitored and troubleshoot made on RNC, and eNodeB.

Associate RF Engineer

Iprogram LLC October 2017-January 2018

Identified the Sector wise data and scored the site images for each sector.

Pulled the real time hourly data from Quantum and analyzed them to Identify performance of each Sector.

Worked with RF Engineers to pull the data and processed them accordingly to identify AT&T’s Busy Hour traffic and Non-Busy hour traffic.

Performed Analysis on KPIs for real time traffic data.

Calculated the PIM potential Site Index for each site and recommended site visits if needed.

Prepared the presentation on each site by running a code in PYTHON.

Post processing the data collected from all the teams working on the project.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, New York January 2017-May 2017

●Taken recitation class for the Electronic Circuits and Microprocessors & Microcontrollers.

●Assisted professor with his research papers.

Switchgear Protection Intern in 33/11KV substation

Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad, India May 2014- June 2014

●Tested the Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Fuses and Relays in the Switchyard of Substation.

●Recorded the readings of each equipment tested.

●Repaired the minute damages occurred in equipment.

●Installed new Circuit Breakers replacing the old and damaged one.

Academic Projects:

Fiber optics GHz Oscillators (30 GHz and up) - Bosonic Approach, NYIT, Old Westbury, New York January 2017-May 2017

●Developed Opto-Electronic Oscillator (OEO) with a pump laser diode capacity of 1550nm.

●Made it reliable to work both on balanced and unbalanced loads.

●Verified Results with the help of Asynchronous Mach Zehnder Demodulator for balanced and unbalanced loads.

●Obtained accurate results in theoretical calculations.

Fundamental Frequency Modulated Multilevel Inverter, GITAM University, Hyderabad, India December 2014-April 2015

●Assembled Silicon panels with P-N Junction Diode to make a solar panel.

●Programmed in a MATLAB and then configured with SIMULINK to make a 5-level diode clamped multilevel inverter.

●Eliminated the lower order harmonics in 5 level diode clamped multilevel inverter.

●Reduced the electrical loss while converting from DC to AC power.

●Obtained 94.6% accuracy in test results.

Personal Computer based electrical load control, GITAM University, Hyderabad, India August 2014-November 2014

●Designed a circuit by using MATLAB/Simulink.

●Coded a program in Embedded C to operate relays that connected to circuit with the help of KEIL Cross C Compiler.

●Theoretical results showed the 96.8% success in the test results.

●Made a prototype based on the test results.

●Tested the prototype combined with 4 different types of loads together.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA: 3.36 New York Institute of technology, Old Westbury, New York, USA August 2017

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management University, Hyderabad, India April 2015

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