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Engineering, chemistry, Electronics, design, materials

Philadelphia, PA
April 04, 2020

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Assata Acey

Greater Philadelphia, PA 678-***-****


• Design and Programs: Autodesk, SketchUp, COMSOL Multiphysics(CAD Simulation Software), CadSoft EAGLE(electrical design), LabVIEW, Logger Pro, Excel, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, C++, Python, CMS, CSS/HTML, Adobe Illustrate, PowerPoint

• Laboratory: MSDS, SDS, cGMP, Glovebox, Vacuum Chamber, Reagents, Buffers, Solvents, Recrystallization, Fractional Distillation, Vaccum Filtration, Extraction, HotPlates, Rotary Evaporation, Thin-layer (TLC) and Gas (GC) Chromatography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy, SRS Digimelt(melting point), Cleanroom, Respirator Clearance, OSHA Right to Know

• Equipment and Technical: ESD safety, SOPs, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Multimeter (combined voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter), Schematics, Circuit Board and Bread Board assembly, Soldering iron, PID Controls, LEDs, Electric hand tools, Logic gates, Power Amps, transformers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, lasers, alignment, calibration, characterization, tuning

• Language: German (intermediate)


B.S Physics with an emphasis on Materials Science. Received December 2018

• Theoretical coursework and Applied training

Engineering: Thermofluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Discrete and Continuous Systems, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Physical Mathematical Methods, Multivariable Calculus Electronics: Electromagnetism, Solid State Physics, Quantum Mechanics; 1.5 years of technical training for advanced CAD circuit design, assembly and troubleshooting via Programs and Equipment found in the Design and Equipment Skills sections. Chemistry: Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry,Physical Chemistry; 2 years of of laboratory training in deriving and executing experiments from published references and verifying results using techniques found in the Laboratory Skills section. RESEARCH AND WORK EXPERIENCE DUPONT ELECTRONICS AND IMAGING & CO Wilmington, DE Associate Investigator-Contractor to the OLEDS group August 2019-February 2020

• Continued previous duties from technician role.

• Executed weekly, monthly and quarterly safety inspections and assist in waste removal throughout cleanroom, general and grey area lab spaces in compliance to company, cGMP, EPA, and OSHA standards including safety showers, lab cabinets, eyewash stations, fire extinguishers etc.

• Facilitated the necessity-centered reorganization of physical inventory by realigning virtual record with physical inventory and serving as liaison between senior team members and the stocking contractor.

• Sustained uninterrupted device testing by troubleshooting Lifetest board circuitry, Logger pro programs and related equipment. R&D Technician-Contractor to the OLEDS group March 2019-August 2019

• Informed and enabled the patenting, demonstration and six sigma centered continuous improvement, of materials and methods in device design through detailed documentation of characterization results along with device specifications and behavior.

• Characterized the initial and stress tested electric and optical properties of OLED (Organic LED) devices using equipment and programs such as LabVIEW, spectrophotometers, multiplexing switches, source meters, digital multi-meter, current ovens and life test circuit boards with repeatability, accuracy and timeliness in respect to pressing deadlines.

• Supported device production process through operation of substrate Ute cleaning, dicing, profilometry, viscosity testing equipment as well as vacuum chamber or glovebox equipment as needed. COMMUNICATIONS TEST DESIGN INC(CTDI) West Chester, PA General Technician-Contractor in Manufacturing Environment January 2019-March 2019

• Passed the written electronic technician exam.

• RF calibrated, reserialized, Fit tested, removed Test Task and programmed 200 flash chips for assortment of 800 Cisco and Pace products such as set top boxes, WiFi modems and security tablets using LabVIEW software to industrial standards.

• Repaired and assembled Ring doorbell, assessed and replaced cable box hard drives in keeping with EDS safety practices and documented repairs and charges on client system.

NANYANG TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (NTU)- NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (AWARD 1559410) NTU, Singapore Summer Research Assistant at Center for Disruptive and Photonic Technologies (CPDT) May 2018 – July 2018

• Signified the tunable qualities of perovskite films and confirmed film degradation over time via ellipsometry-sourced simulations via COMSOL Multiphysics CAD software.

• Simulated absorption, transmission and reflection spectra for 116 2D perovskite gratings for TE(S) and TM(P) polarizations over periods and gaps spanning 50-500nm and 0-400nm after studying the RF module of COMSOL software.

• Presented work via talks at Bryn Mawr College Physics Symposium on September 13 2018 and at American Physics Society annual conference on March 4 2019.

BRYN MAWR COLLEGE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT Bryn Mawr, PA Research Assistant in Ultracold Rydberg Atom Lab September 2017 – December 2018

• Contributed groundwork in the construction of a replacement diode laser by executing an existing 60-step approach with modifications, including laying out printed multilayer PCB board design.

• Simplified a 24-pin outlet to 8 main control outputs within spacial and current capacity specifications using CadSoft EAGLE electronic design software; executed placement and preparation of laser body connections and components from TEC wiring to placement of the piezo.

• Tracked the stability of a Fabry Perot cavity by routinely aligning, tuning and locking 776nm, 1020nm, and 780nm trapping and repump lasers with use of function generators, current controls and more for different transitions in the excitement of Rydberg atoms.

SUPPORTIVE HOUSING NETWORK OF NEW YORK (SHHNY) Manhattan, NY Summer Intern to Chief Digital and Communications Officer May 2016 – July 2016

• Managed site blueprints, general event media, and videography for the Annual Network Conference as a third-day intern (>1600 attendees).

• Transcribed interviews, logged and culled clips of public hearing footage towards a Documentary on Harmful Bacteria.

• Conducted independent research on status and improvement of services rendered regarding multicultural competency at all organizational levels.

PROJECTS Temperature through LED Lighting 2018:

• Independently designed and assembled and troubleshooted a flower, stem and leaf circuit using EAGLE electronic CAD design software, a combination of Arduino literature, wikihow, and materials such as practice breadboard, PCB, resistors, and 41 RGB LEDs.

• Created a thermistor circuit and programmed an Arduino chip to provide intervals of voltage to 10 designated LED groups from leaves to stem to petals to reflect the room’s temperature. PID Control Circuits 2018:

• Constructed and tuned a PID control circuit from schematic suggestions on a white board to maintain the temperature of an aluminum heat sink. Modified use of transistors, resistors and various components on a bread board to better tune the system through use of equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscope as well as adapting schematic specifics in handwritten notes. Used EAGLE electrical CAD software to display final circuit and review construction process and possible improvements. Measuring Drag and Wake Force 2016:

• Collected data on the behavior of forces within a wind tunnel as part of a 3-person team. Identified and interpreted data trends in context to pre- existing theories, architecture of bridges, and equipment quality. Total Synthesis 2015*:

• Produced a novel Warfarin Analogue within a 3-person team by six week-synthesis of Warfarin Reagents. .

• Executed and assembled apparatuses for the processes of Crystallization, Vacuum Filteration, Rotary-Evaporation, and Titration; prepared reaction samples for GC, Melting Point, IR, and NMR testing and compared results to published data to confirm identity, purity, and stoichiometry of reagents and warfarin product. Kenya School Pitch 2014:

• Managed a 6-person team in drafting all water related portions of a sustainable design for a school in Kenya. Utilized comparative analysis of existing methods and standards to design sewage, plumbing, filtration and irrigation systems.

*For further description of projects, please contact me or visit LinkedIn LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FROG TUTORING Bryn Mawr, PA

Tutor In-person and Online November 2017-Present

• Over 200 hours of supporting 25+ students of all ages adaptively through nationally varying curricula.

• Bolster conceptual knowledge, critical analysis and organizational test taking skills while mentoring the whole student as needed.

• Tutor in topics of Algebra, Geometry, Calculus I-III, Statistics, and Physics at the high school, AP, college and elementary school levels as well as SAT prep and homework coaching. BRYN MAWR COLLEGE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT Bryn Mawr, PA Undergraduate Teaching Assistant September 2018- December 2018

• Assist in Intro physics lab of 32 undergraduate and pre-med post baccalaureate students.

• Explain theoretical concepts and provide troubleshooting related to 24 simultaneous labs for 24 different intro physics topics.

• Provide support for use of LoggerPro, motion sensors, sound boards, oscilloscopes, DeskCAT scanner and more. BRYN MAWR COLLEGE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT OFFICE Bryn Mawr, PA Ambassador October 2015-August 2017

• Mentored 30 prospective students while providing insight about Bryn Mawr College academics, history, and student life. BRYN MAWR COLLEGE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT OFFICE Bryn Mawr, PA Coordinator February 2016-December 2016

• Planned and implemented pilot SAT prep program between Bryn Mawr College and Parkway West High School.

• Developed and implemented training and recruitment materials with Civic Engagement staff.

• Raised confidence and ability of student participants and volunteers while supporting volunteer-student mentorship.

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