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Office Manager

Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa
February 22, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae


Bernice Agnes Backhoff

Personal Information

Surname : Backhoff

First Names : Bernice Agnes

Nationality : South African

ID Number : 830-***-**** 08 4

Residential Address : Brakpan North, Gauteng South Africa

Contact Number : 079-***-****

Sex : Female

Age : 36

Health : Excellent

Date of Birth : 1983/03/28

Marital Status : Single

Transport : Own car and valid driver’s license

Dependents : 1 child

Willing to Relocate : Yes

Educational Qualifications

Higher Education

School : Brakpan High School

Year Attended : 1998-2002

Subjects : English

: Afrikaans

: Business Economics

: History

: Geography

: Biology

Employment History

COMPANY : Rema Tip Top Surface Protection

Position Held : Project Admin (Kusile Power Station)

Seconded Contract

Duties : Living Out Allowance (LOA)

: Collecting of LOA from Witbank to Benoni

: Sourcing accommodation

: Liaison between employees & owners of accommodation

: Responsible for vehicle services, repairs & tires

: Allocating vehicles to drivers for HO records for fines

: Occasionally assist with collection & delivery of vehicles to dealers

: Book pre-employment and exit medicals for all employees for Kusile site

: Working with Expats on the Globe for Section 11.2 Visas and ICT Visas (Intra-Company Visas) for our Filipino team

: Collecting of documents from RTT Philippines sending them to EOG

: Completing letters for the visas on letterheads and sending to CEO PA for signature

: Liaison between RTT Philippines, RTT SA and Expats on the Globe

: ICT (Intra-Company Visas) long term visas

: All procurement : Sourcing equipment, PPE, site meals, placing orders with Tip Top Elbe (RTT Germany) purchasing consumables from petty cash

: 3 quote system, liaison between site and head office

: Submit quotes for authorization, obtain PO, purchase the goods, Obtain invoice and submit for payment.

: Maintain relationship between RTT and Service providers and suppliers

: Responsible for Petty Cash recon submission

: Expense claim submissions with original slips : HR Duties (temp till we got HR Admin)

: Wages (temp till we got HR Admin) worked out the hours for the wages

: Responsible for doing gate access for suppliers to service reefers and for RTT staff that are visitors only for Kusile

: Submitted Badging packs for staff to be inducted by Eskom and our client

: Responsible for organising employees have the relevant training required for site

: Complete training requisitions get authorisation through our training department for locals and expats

: Responsible for any other admin work and help out on any department where able

: Minutes of meeting

Office Program : Accpac

Employment Date : 1 October 2016 to current

Reference : Scott Laventhal 082-***-****

COMPANY : Rema Tip Top Nuffield Branch

Position Held : RECEPTION / WAGES

Duties : Weekly paid wages

: Ordering of stationery

: Attendance registers

: Requisitions for quotes

: Assist the workshop manager

: Handling of Petty Cash & drawing the cash

: Petty Cash Recon

: Cashing of large cheques

: Running Errands for office

: Answering calls

: Routing emails

: Taking Minutes of Meeting

: LOA (Living Out Allowance)

: Booking Accommodation

: Flight Requisitions

: Vehicle Requisitions

: Updating Team Lists and Attendance Registers

: Assisting Customers that visit

: Organize boardroom with Eats & Refreshments

For meetings

: Overtime for fixed & hourly rate paid staff

: General filing and Archive Room

: Book and send staff for Medicals for Site

: Organize payments through our Head Office

: Assist our Business Developers & Branch Manager with queries and requests

Office Program : Accpac

Employment Date : 12 April 2016 to 30 September 2016

Reference : Natashia Barnard (left company)

COMPANY : Celtic Freight and Logistics (PTY) Ltd

Position Held : BUYER

Duties : 3 quote system

: Buying of all spares, workshop equipment, tools, stationary, bathroom hygiene, warehouse supplies & Molasses equipment

: Raise purchase orders for procurement, finance and warehouse department.

: Celtic JHB to Celtic LSK invoice (commercial invoice)

: Lusaka consignment (packing of stock and moving the stock to warehouse for shipment, packing instructions and final overlooking of paperwork)

: GRV’s of stock purchased

: Match supplier’s invoices to purchases orders raised

: Arrange payment with Creditors department for goods purchased.

: Recon warehouses of repaired parts

: Warehouse transfers of stock sent to Lusaka

: Stock take (physical counting) for Jhb branch

: Stock take for Lsk (they counted I fed into system)

: Stock control for Jhb & Lsk

: Stock variance reports on Jhb & Lsk stock monthly

: Ad hoc buying for Directors & Celtic Jhb & Lsk

Office Program : Pastel Evolution

Employment date : 1/10/2014 to 11/12/2015

Reference : Barbara Ryan

: Tel 011-***-****

COMPANY : Randburg Diesel & Turbo

Position Held : STORE MAN

Duties : Booking in Jobs

: Opening of Job Cards on Oficina

: Booking Stock out to Job Cards

: Booking Stock in from Suppliers

: Customer Liaison


Duties : Quoting and Invoicing Customers

: Faxing and Emailing Quotes and Invoices

: Customer Liaison

: Bosch Warranties

: Data Capturing (suppliers invoices for stock)

: Booking Stock to Job Cards

Office Program : Oficina

Period Employed : 05/03/2012 to 29/09/2014

Reason for Leaving : Better Offer

COMPANY : Midrand Diesel & Turbo

Positions Held : RECEPTIONIST

Duties : Answer phones

: Filing

: Faxing and Emailing

: Opening of job cards on Oficina

Position Held : STOREMAN

Duties : Opening of job cards on Oficina

: Booking of stock onto jobs

: Receiving stock from suppliers


Duties : Custom Liaison

: Updating customers on work in progress

: Advising customers on quotes sent

: Customer follow up


Duties : Costing (Quoting & Invoicing) customers

: Customer Liaison

: Sending quotes

: Customer follow up

: Collecting money for invoices done

: Booking vehicles in

: Opening job cards

: Parts follow up

: Bosch warranties (customer side)

: Toyota Warranties (supplier side)

: Recording of customer & supplier invoices in book

Computer Skills : Microsoft Office & Excel

Office Program : Oficina

Period Employed : 10/03/2005 – 16/02/2012

Reason for Leaving : Company Liquidated

Reference : No reference boss lives in Australia Perth

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