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Manager Training

Bothell, WA
February 22, 2020

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Bothell, WA


Certified IPC Trainer / Senior FAA Certified Repair Technician / Internal Auditor

Program Management / Process Improvement / Metrics and Reporting

Supervision-Coaching and Mentoring / Problem Resolution

History of successfully orchestrating projects and teams with competing priorities involving staffing, metrics reporting, and quality control.

Outstanding team builder and manager, ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with both domestic and global teams to achieve organizational objectives.

Highly proficient in delivering comprehensive training and process management to facilitate improvements and continuity, excellent problem solving and training skills.


Zodiac Lighting Solutions (ZLS) / IDD Aerospace Corp. Redmond, WA

Production Supervisor

2014 – 1/31/2020

Successfully supervised 30+ resources in the Paint, Sanding Room, Push Button Assembly, Silk Screening, Machine Shop, Finishing Dept., Final Assembly and Wire Line departments ensuring each is fully trained in compliance and quality assurance.

Provide leadership and guidance to employees on policies and procedures regarding various duties in the daily operations of the company.

Lead teams in Continuous Improvement / Lean activities

Implemented new processes to improve quality and on time delivery.

Involved in Hoshin Kanri project to present ideas for potential cost savings to the company.

Coach, counsel, and mentor team to ensure that employees recognize and report safety hazards ensuring that the work environment is as safe as possible.

Developed various processes and procedure documentation for implementation by senior management, other managers, leads.

Certified IPC J-STD 001 Trainer

2006 – Present (overlapping Supervisor Role)

Thirty plus years in the industry and enjoyment of working with others made me a natural fit to become selected as the CIT for ZLS.

Provide certification/recertification training and skills assessment utilizing industry approved IPC training materials in accordance with IPC Training and Certification Policies.

Maintain approximately 40 CIS employee records …. Leading to a well-trained and competent Zodiac workforce.

Develop creative ways to communicate the IPC requirements to a workforce that is predominately ESL.

In house consultant to determine appropriate protocol for design, engineering, incoming inspection, and manufacturing rework of subassemblies and soldered components.

FAA Certified Repair Technician / Manager Backup

2006 - 2014

Overhauling and repairing assemblies made this role very interesting and fulfilling.

Evaluated, repaired, and inspected components that were returned to ZLS for service, repair, or upgrades.

Position required excellent computer skills, (Excel, Word, Agile, and MFG PRO), ESD training.

Knowledge of and ability to use resources (CMM, IDD Drawings, FAR Documents, Inspection Procedures, and other related documents.)

As Backup Manager I was required to process all incoming assemblies into the system and communicate ECD to customers.

Successfully implemented the MFG Pro Harmonized (ERP) system into the Repair Center and Barcode Labor Acquisition System at IDD Aerospace domestically, as well as in Mexico

Production Lead / Account Manager (Marketing)


Leadership is something I have always enjoyed and was given the opportunity to begin my career at ZLS as a Production Lead.

Prioritized and assigned daily work schedule for the ISP final assembly team.

Coordinated engineering / quality support as required for prototypes

Provided data and documentation for value stream maps

Coordinated and maintained training program for team members ensuring all were qualified

Results-producing professional with proven ability to balance complex project needs with organizational profit and long-term customer satisfaction.


FAA Repair Technician

IPC J-STD 001 Trainer

AS9100 Internal Auditor


Internal Auditor

Program Management

Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint….)

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