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Js Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA
February 23, 2020

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**** * ******** ****** *** *, Sunnyvale, CA - 94086 650-***-****

Education Jan'19-Dec ‘20

MS in Software Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA GPA -3.7/4.0

Specialization: Enterprise Distributed Systems & Data Science

Relevant Coursework: Data Structures & Algorithms, Enterprise Distributed Systems, Enterprise Application Development, Large Scale Analytics, Machine Learning, Operating Systems, System Software


Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C, SQL

Web Technologies: React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

Backend: Node.js, Kafka, Express.js, Spring, Hibernate, Rest Web-Services, passport.js, GraphQL

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Testing: Apache JMeter, Mocha, Enzyme

Tools: Jenkins, Jira, Git, Postman

Cloud: AWS, Amazon EC2, Docker

Artificial Intelligence : TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Keras, NumPy

Professional Experience (2+ years)

Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc Research Intern Sunnyvale CA Feb’20-Present

Designing and developing an application for open web API software integration platform.

Technologies & Tools used: Django, Rest webservices, MongoDB, Git

Tata Consultancy Services Systems Engineer Telangana India July'15-Mar'18

Developed RESTful webservices to facilitate efficient firmware distribution across multiple datastores

Developed token based authentication and role-based user authorization gateway to secure data and services

Setup build and release pipelines for continuous integration using Git and Jenkins to ensure zero down-time

Built service and pipeline health monitoring and alert system to track system/infrastructure issues

Implemented caching techniques to improve overall system performance and service response times

Led the team to migrate applications from on-premise infrastructure to private cloud

Technologies & Tools used: Java, MySQL, Rest webservices, Jenkins, Git

Academic Experience Jan’19-Present

GRUBHUB Simulation (React.js Node.js Express.js Rest MySQL Redux Mongodb GraphQL AWS JMeter Mocha)

Developed prototype of GRUBHUB in MERN stack with Rest API’s

Designed schema using SQL, NoSQL DB and crafted better performance by 9% using NoSQL DB

To improve performance, ported some features of the application using GraphQL and React Apollo Client

Deployed the application in AWS EC2 container

TWITTER Simulation (MERN Stack Rest MySQL Redux Kafka Passport.js Redis AWS Mocha JMeter Enzyme Microservices)

Developed prototype of Twitter using GRPC microservices and Kafka message queuing

Evaluated performance using JMeter for different number of concurrent users by changing the no. of requests

Performed UI testing using Jest, Enzyme and API testing using Mocha

Improved performance by 17% using Connection pooling

Deployed the docker containers of 3-tier application on AWS instance using S3 bucket

Wildfire Prediction Machine Learning (Python Tensor Flow Deep Learning CNN Random Forests)

Developed Machine learning models to predict wildfire for a given location, based on weather sensor data and satellite images.

Curated and labelled wildfire images from MODIS, LandSat satellites - used Labelme tool

Trained a Convolutional Neural Network and Random Forest model to achieve an F1-score of 0.88 - predicting wild fires.

AI Smart Parking Deep Learning (OpenCV OpenALPR Faster-R CNN React.js Express.js Node.js MySQL)

Developed an AI parking web application through which users can book and pay for a parking slot

Read license plate numbers of the cars entering and exiting the parking area using OpenALPR

Trained Faster-R CNN model for detecting cars in the parking lot

Reduced maintenance cost by using AI, and enhanced customer benefits by improving payment technique such as pay per minute.

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