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Manager Food,cashier /waitress

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
February 21, 2020

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Name : Everline Nyambura Gitenguri

Sex : Female

Age : 28 yrs

Nationality : Kenyan

Country of residence : Bahrain-Manama

Telephone : +973********

My Skype ID : empress3764

Email address :


A simple, self-motivated and disciplined individual who is passionate in whatever I do and whose ambition in life is to work towards making my dreams come true, achieve and satisfy my various needs.


I am seeking a suitable position that requires the utilization of my human capabilities and skills towards enhancement of my career and development of the organization. I hope to gain experience and exposure while at the same time help to improve the performance and development of the organization as a whole.


High School education with good English and Mathematics skills, among others.

Certificate in Food Production (2 year culinary course offering specialized training in cuisine for the Hospitality Industry).

Over 1 year practical experience as a Cook in a very busy kitchen including in a 5 star and a 3 star hotel.

Extensive experience using different kinds of appliances and utensils to prepare different types of foods in a professional kitchen (see more details further below).

Experienced in preparing different cuisines of the world including Indian (basic), French and African, with good food presentation skills.

Experienced and skilled in different food preparation methods such as marinating, seasoning, boiling, simmering, steaming, deep frying, pan frying, poaching, roasting, grilling, salads, dressings, hot & cold sauces, soups, stews, etc.

Very good in pastry and baking with ability to prepare puff pastries, breads, pizzas, cakes, desserts and other baked goods from scratch.

Hardworking, honest, mature and self-confident individual who pays attention to details, has own initiative, good interpersonal, time management and team working skills and able to cooperate with a wide variety of people.

Basic computer and French language skills.

Good communication skills, good organizational skills, ability to multi task and to maintain harmonious working relationships.



School/College Attended


2011 2013

Kenya Utalii College, Nairobi Kenya.

(This is an international Hospitality and Tourism Training School in Africa providing degree, diploma and certificate courses in the Hospitality and Tourism industry).

Certificate in Food Production covering:-

-Kitchen organization

-Menu planning

-Food knowledge/organization 1 & 2

-Pastry and Bakery Arts 1, 2 & 3

-Culinary Arts 1 & 2 (buffet and banqueting cuisine)

-Health Cuisine and Fine Dining

-Food and Beverage control

-Introduction to Hospitality

-Human Nutrition for the Hospitality Industry

-Food Hygiene, Sanitation & Occupation Safety

-Leisure and Recreation Studies

-Social aspects of tourism

-Basic Information technology (Microsoft Word and Excel).

-Business Communication

-French language (1 & 2) (basic)

2006 2009

World Ahead Secondary School - Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Certificate of Secondary Education (UCSE)


1995 2004

Kanvale Academy Tigoni, Kenya

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) - 318 MARKS


French language (beginners), First Aid Training, Basic computer skills eg Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.


Travelling, Swimming, Socializing, Singing, Reading Cook Books, Cooking


November 2014 to January 2015 – Cook

Employee: Pine Breeze Lukenya Getaway, Athi River, Kenya this establishment offered fine-dining cuisine, accommodation facilities with a 45 room capacity for both children and adults, conferences facilities for 75 persons maximum, wedding receptions, photo sessions, etc.

Main duties

Prepared ingredients for cooking including weighing, measuring, mixing, portioning, chopping, shredding, deboning of meat, marinating, washing and peeling fresh fruits/vegetables, slicing, etc.

Prepared and cooked breakfast and other high quality meals for Ala Carte or Buffett dishes as per the client s request, set menus and company s standards;

Planned menus, wrote required menus, determined size of food portions and estimated food requirements;

Single handedly prepared a buffet meal for about 25-30 people from start to finish including menu planning, portioning, food preparation, cooking and serving.

Took customer orders, prepared and served food & beverages, cleared tables;

Oversaw kitchen operations in the absence of the Chef ;

Cleaned up the utensils/service dishes, food services equipment, the kitchen and kept the work area clean and hygienic;

Stock taking and requisitioning for stock;

Sorted out any problems in the kitchen for example contacted relevant people when the cooking equipment was not working;

Performed any other duties as requested by Supervisors.

Reasons for leaving: Poor management and salary delays.

May 2015 to August 2016 - Cook

Employee: Aldar Island, Sitra

This establishment offered buffet and fine dining, which included some Arabic food and a bit of Indian food, burgers, sea food, pasta, and biryani. They also offered shisha services, not forgetting the room services.

Main duties.

Take orders from the customers, and prepared ala carte menus that was offered.

Dealt with preparation of the buffet, both breakfast and dinner. The food offered was different types of soups, dessert, main course and different accompaniments.

Prepared several types of shisha according to the guests demands.

Also interacted with guests to ensure that their stay was good.

Did daily cleaning of the kitchen, also cleaned all the utensils/dishes in turns with my fellow colleagues.

Went pearl collecting and dolphin watch with the island guests when they needed the trip as per their booking.

Was also in charge of buffet, only dinner that could feed thirty and above persons.

Reasons for leaving: Attended family member burial in Kenya, overstayed and visa cancelled.

November 2016-2018(June 6th)

Job description: Waitress/Cashier

Employee: Lighthouse seafront cafe-Amwaj islands

This establishment was both a coffee shop and a restaurant. Served coffee and food, plus fresh juices, soft drinks and different types of shakes.

Main duties.

. Welcomed guests and took them to the seats they found favorable to them.

. Took time to train the new staffs that joined us and taught them everything they needed to know.

. Gave menus, advised the guests about the dishes and drinks, took their order.

. Punched the guest s orders on the system, provided them with their bills.

. Served as a cashier.

. Washed the utensils whenever the restaurant got so busy.

. Prepared and served different kinds of coffee (mocha, cafe latte, cappuccino, Americano, Vienna latte, caramel macchiato etc.) fresh juices (strawberry, banana, apple, carrot, lemon, lemon with mint, pineapple) shakes.

. Knew how to calm down the guests whenever they had any complaints and made sure that my supervisor takes action towards the complaints.

. Sang birthday songs for the guests who had birthday reservation in the restaurant.

. Cleared the used up utensils from the guest s tables immediately they were done eating so as to give chance to the other course. Also set up the tables with table mats and utensils as soon as the guests left.

Reasons for leaving: I cleared my contract of almost one year and a half.

June 25th 2018- April 15th 2019

Job description: Head waitress/cashier(micros)

Employee: 11:11 make a wish restaurant (adliya)

The establishment had both coffee shop and restaurant. In the restaurant we served International cuisine, which included salads, steaks, burgers, pastas, and other delicious starters. It had both outdoors and indoors.

Main duties:

. Trained new joining staff both men and ladies and made them familiarize with the restaurant environment.

. Monitored waitresses and the waiters.

. Inspected dining tables and work areas for cleanliness. And ensured there was enough plates and cutleries in the restaurant for both 1st floor and ground floor.

. Greet the guests and show them to the respected dining tables.

. Did requisitions for supplies in the front of the house.

. I also served the guests with the particular drinks and food ordered.

. Handled the welcome of arriving guests and their Seaton through the hostess and take over if she is not available or got so busy.

. Maintained a professional and friendly relationship with the guests and my co-workers to ensure everyone is perfectly comfortable.

. Ensured that the front of the house staff have attended their duties at the assigned time and if not I inform the manager so he would ensure that they are yet to come for duty or they will be absent.

. Due to my great passion in cooking, I took time in learning our all food recipes. Both main courses and starters. It's easier for me to explain to the customers and easier to upsell our dishes.

. I also tasted the food when the chefs were plating so I wouldn't have any problems or complaints and also confirmed the food was perfectly presented before serving.

Reasons for leaving: Visa provision delay, poor management.

June 2019 Till Date

Job description : Cashier(micros)

Employee : Ramee Groups of Hotel

This organisation hold approximately six different hotels namely:-

Ramee palace hotel, Ramee California hotel, Ramee rose hotel, Ramee international hotel, Ramee grand hotel, Ramee suites. All the cashiers were rotated all around after every one month. They offered 24hrs room service, after party bar that operated after 2am till 6am, had a sports bar,Arabic bars spa etc.


Handled all the settling of the Bill's. Gave back change balances back to the guests.

Was extra careful with the settling of the credit cards in the system.

Made my reports every single day after my shift is done.

Reported to the auditors incase I had shortages or I was over regarding the cash or the cards.

Trained new staff who joined the company and had zero idea on cashiering.


Job Title and Employer



Sections covered



Baobab Beach Resort and Spa, Mombasa, Kenya.

(This is a 5 star hotel serving guests from all over the world, at times serving up to 300 guests and above during high season).

3 months

15 March 2013 to 27 June 2013

- Pastry & bakery

- Saucier

- Production

- À la Carte

- Garde Manger

- Breakfast


See below


Utalii Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya. (This is a 3 star hotel serving guests from all over the world).

3 months

- Pastry & bakery

- Saucier

- Production area

- À la Carte


See below


Kenya Utalii College kitchen - Nairobi, Kenya. (This is a Hospitality and Tourism Training School in Africa)

3 months

- Pastry & Bakery

- Saucier

- Garde Manger


See below



-Stocks (beef, white, chicken, fish, brown)

-Soups (clear, leek potato, puree of potato, cream of chicken, farmer, puree of red bean, cream of celery, avocado, minestrone, cream of mushroom, cold strawberry)

-Basic Sauces (basic brown, basic milk, tomato sauce, hollandaise, mayonnaise, vinaigrette)

-Basic Preparation (bouquet garni, pancake butter, stewed tomatoes, ravioli filling, uncooked marinade)

-Special Sauces (cocktail, curry, coconut, apple, mint, barbeque, bolognaise)

-Cold First Course (grapefruit cocktail, half avocado vinaigrette, fish and sea food cocktail, egg Russian style, melon with port wine)

-hot First Course (mushroom on toast, cheese and bacon tart, chicken and mushroom patties)

-Eggs (poached, scrambled, soft boiled, hard boiled, medium boiled, omelets, fried)

-Sauces Derivation (cream, tartar, white wine, Robert, mushroom)

-Salads and Salads Dressing (Cole slaw, Russian salads, sweet corn salads, original French dressing, thousand island dressing)

-Potatoes and Vegetables (boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, duchesse, croquette, French fried, roast, Lyonnais, fondant, boulangère)








-Puff pastries

-Yeast dough products

-Sponge cakes/Genoese

-Sugar boiling

-Basic pastry raw materials

-Fruit salads



-Pilaf rice




-Naan bread



- Commercial Ovens

- Baine Maries

- Friers

- Griddle

- Dough Mixers

- All pastry knives, cutters, whisks, platters, spatula, rubber & plastic scrappers, baking trays

- Vegetable knives, deboning knives, office knives, turning knives, butchers knives and other kitchen knives

- Gastro norm trays

- French fries cutter

- Vegetable shredders

- Commercial slicer

- Stewing pans, roasting pans, sauce pans, boiling pots

- Pop corn supplies

- Platters

- Kitchen boards

- Carts

- Commercial dish washer

- Refrigerators

- Storage rack, dish racks


1.Mr. Philip Mbugua,

Food and Beverage Manager,

Baobab Beach Resort & Spa,

P.O. Box 32,

Ukunda, Mombasa, Kenya

Cell phone: +254-***-***-***

2.Mr Soussi

F&B Manager

Meshal Hotel,

Exhibition road, Manama

Cell phone: +973********

3. Mr. Riyaz, Manager

Lighthouse Amwaj Cafe

Amwaj Islands


Cell phone: +973********

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