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Laboratory Animal Research Assistant

Baltimore, MD, 21230
50,000-65,000 annually
February 21, 2020

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Natalia A. Rivera Díaz

**** ********** ******, ** ***** (1-787-***-****


University of Puerto Rico– Mayaguez, PR

Degree granted 07/17

Master of Science in Animal Science – Major in Animal Pathology

Use of the Real Time Taqman-PCR for detection of Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina infection in dairy farms of Puerto Rico. This project was sponsored by the Agricultural Research Service and the implementation of the technique has been approved as a detection method by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

University of Puerto Rico– Mayaguez, PR

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science / Pre-Veterinary

Degree granted 06/13


Laboratory Animal Research Assistant February, 2018 to Present

Comparative Medicine Department at University of Maryland, Baltimore

40hrs/wk, FT

Participated in multiple research projects, responsibilities included: project planning, writing protocols and amendments, maintaining SOP’s, tissue dissection and collection, sample processing, and data analysis.

Responsible for drafting, reviewing, and editing budgetary estimates for research support.

Accountable for assisting the Principal Investigator to generate experimental protocols and study reports for IACUC animal protocols submission.

Conducted literature research, edited and prepared manuscripts, scientific illustrations and computer graphics for publication.

Excellent abilities for the collection and analysis of research data using various relevant computer software applications.

Responsible for reviewing SOP’s during revision or collaboration process.

Stressed the importance of maintaining aseptic laboratory environment, responsible for equipment inventory and supply ordering.

Experienced in providing administrative support such as: training students and/or other laboratory technicians, assisting in developing policies, procedures and/or methods for laboratory experimentation.

Interpreted animal behavior and reported animal health evaluations, examinations, and treatments.

Managed mouse colonies of multiple strains. Accountable for breeding, ear tag identification and genotyping for experimental purposes.

Research Assistant

Agricultural Experimental Station for Agro-environmental sciences January, 2017 to July, 2017

20hrs/wk, PT

Validated and performed molecular laboratory techniques such as: qPCR, nested PCR, Real Time-PCR, electrophoresis analysis, DNA extractions of fungus, nematodes and bacteria, spectrophotometry and pH analysis.

Proficient in the preparation of culture media for different objectives (fungus, bacteria and germplasm).

Improved and developed protocols for research studies.

Managed inventory of materials in the Biotechnology Laboratory.

Oversaw and assisted graduate students during the development of research experiments.

Responsible for the enforcement of bio-security measures and maintenance of an aseptic environment in the Laboratory.

Animal Health Technician (This is a federal job)

Series: 0704 Pay Plan: HZ Grade: 05 August, 2015 to September, 2016

USDA APHIS Veterinary Services

40hrs/wk, FT

Experienced providing technical support to the Veterinary Medical Officers (VMO) with inspection and testing of livestock, poultry, and other avian species on ranches, farms, auctions, markets, etc., to detect animal diseases and parasites.

Supervised disinfection protocols of vehicles and premises that were contaminated by disease organisms.

Contacted owners of diseased or exposed animals or poultry, and inquires about first appearance of disease, clinical signs, disease progression, and death losses.

Inspected livestock moving in interstate commerce for visible evidence of disease and compliance with Federal and State regulations pertaining to interstate and intrastate movements.

Managed data collection, organization, analysis and interpretation for multiple government programs for animal disease prevention.

Developed presentations and seminars for the communication of scientific results in research studies.

Performed regular surveillance and documentation of farm animals for disease symptoms and unusual behavior.

Developed college students internship programs within the agency.

Teaching Assistant

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez,PR

May, 2013 to May, 2016

5hrs/wk, PT

•Taught Veterinary Physiology laboratory(college level). Discussed mechanisms and anatomy of multiple body systems in different species (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular and endocrine).

•In charge of arranging and performing proper laboratory protocols for animal dissections

•Taught third year college level course of Animal Nutrition. Topics included: digestive tract between species (ruminants, swine, poultry, and herbivores) and diet ratio formulation and balancing.

•Prepared and performed training practices for procedures in the animal industry, such as health management, dairy science, swine production and common practices made in farms (Identification, Artificial Insemination, vaccinations, milking, and record keeping)

•Provided other appropriate professional assistance, including grading examinations, problem sets, and/or lab assignments, and preparing or maintaining equipment used in lab sections

Research assistant

Agricultural Experimental Station, Dairy Farm- Lajas, PR January, 2015 to June, 2015

15hrs/wk, PT

•Collected and prepared blood samples for further chemical/CBC analysis.

•Maintained and organized dairy production records.

•Capable ability in the restriction and immobilization of bovines.

•Experienced in the routinely care of calves during stages of development and growth.

•Monitored changes in animal behavior to detect different stages of breading season, unhealthy cattle, distress and hierarchical order within a group of animals and how to manage them.

•Experienced in the administration of vaccines and medications to cattle.

•Assisted the veterinarian in multiple medical procedures.

Agricultural laborer

Agricultural Experimental Station- Lajas, PR May, 2014 to January, 2015

20hrs/wk, PT

•Collected and organized animal production records.

•Responsible for maintaining an aseptic environment of the animals and their living surroundings (pens, drinking bowls and feeders).

•Assisted in the restriction and immobilization of animals.

•Administered vaccines and medications to farm animals

•Competent in the processing of rabbits and chickens in the slaughterhouse

Primate Research Assistant

Primate Research Center, Toa Baja, PR February, 2012 to May, 2014

15hrs/wk, PT

•Assisted the lead veterinarian in the pathology laboratory performing necropsies and maceration process.

•Assisted the lead medical technician in the virology laboratory. Skillful in the preparation of pathological samples and identification of parasites.

•Oversaw the daily care of non-human primates nursery and clinical area.

•Participated in enrichment programs in order to improve primate enclosure facilities.

•Experienced in monitoring primates for disease symptoms, unusual behavior, and reporting results.

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Clinic Diaz Umpierre,

15hrs/wk, PT

May, 2005 to November, 2014

•Proficient providing veterinary technical support in the areas of anesthesia, treatment, surgery, dentistry, radiology, and preventative medicine in domestic animals.

•Performed blood, fecal and tissue collection samples in canines and felines.

•Skillful veterinary assistance in the following laboratory analysis: CBC test, parasite identification, urinalysis.

•Capable for the maintenance of the pharmacy inventory and drug distribution of patients.

•Competent using safe and humane animal husbandry procedures and practices.

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