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Devops Engineer

Virginia Beach, VA
February 21, 2020

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Devion Wilson


Profile Summary

I am a dedicated technology professional specializing in infrastructure as code offering 4+ years of experience in the Information Technology and Engineering field.


Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering Technology December 2016

Work Experience

Gannett USA Today Network Chesapeake, Virginia

Application Operations (Gannett USAToday Network) April 2017 - Present

●Cut cloud costs by developing CI/CD pipelines to build and deploy containers to Kubernetes (GKE) as opposed to virtual machines

●Maintain CI pipeline solutions for automated staging site deployments

●Ensured smooth code releases by managing production code deployments for cloud instances

●Increased frontend site deliverability by 10x by maintaining and deploying Fastly configurations via CI/CD pipeline

●Use Cloud Formation and Terraform templates to set up storage buckets (S3, GCE)

●Leverage Terraform templates to build out server infrastructure in AWS

●Sped up deployment time by 4x by leveraging Jenkins to run routine deployment and build jobs on cloud instances

●Increased cloud footprint by developing and maintaining Chef cookbooks for Cloud instance automation

●Leverage Openstack for on premises instance deployments

●Serve as on call staff routinely

●Assist analysts in troubleshooting miscellaneous server problems

●Work closely with the Platforms team to learn new automation technologies

DevOps Engineering (Reachlocal USAToday Network) May 2018 – May 2019

●Resolved multiple on premise automation issues by migrating to AWS auto/ troposphere pipeline (Cloud Formation)

●Updated company wide systems by with configuration management including PCI compliant systems (Puppet, CFEngine) via CI

●Perform candidate interviews

●Ensured the company was compliant by performing quarterly SOX and PCI audits

●Decreased on premise data center footprint by handling server instance decommissions (DNS, DHCP, Nagios monitoring)

●Ensured 99% uptime by serving as on call staff routinely

●Leverage Openstack to manage on-premise server instances

Application Operations Intern (Gannett USAToday Network) August 2016 – April 2017

●Deploy software updates to web application servers

●Migrate existing LAMP servers to cloud environment (AWS and Openstack) via Scalr

●Provision new LAMP servers for designated products in the cloud environment

●Handle decommission of legacy LAMP servers

●Assist analysts in troubleshooting miscellaneous server problems

Infrastructure Operations Intern (Gannett USAToday Network) June 2016 - August 2016

●Shadowed closely with the Infrastructure Operations team to learn routine operations

●Handle audits of domain names owned by Gannett

●Handle audits for SSL certificates loaded onto load balancers

●Convert inventory files to proper format for Infrastructure Operations team

Old Dominion University Computer Science Systems Group Norfolk, Virginia

Linux Systems Consultant April 2015 - June 2016

●Bacula shell scripting to manage backups database (MySQL)

●ADDS PowerShell scripting to manage accounts

●Worked on Linux projects (DNS, LAMP, and Puppet)

●Worked on Windows projects (DNS, DHCP, PXEboot, WDS, IIS, and SQL Server)

●Worked on Virtualization Projects (VMware VSphere, ESXi)

●Developed technical troubleshooting techniques to assist System Administrators

●Conduct Systems project checks

●Maintained Dep’t Computer Science network printers, set up and maintained multiple computer labs on campus, managed servers on campus

●Assisted Systems Engineers when necessary with datacenter/network management

●Assisted students/interns with technical difficulties in multiple university computer labs

●New Hire Interviews

Other Computer Experience


●Coding (Chef, Puppet, Cloud Formation, Terraform, Assembly, C, C#, C++, Python, GoLang)

●Docker Compose

●Building/ Interacting with an API

●Scripting (Powershell, Bash, Python, Groovy )

●Old Dominion University CS 361 development project (Create a C++ program that will emulate many dust objects that pick up a signal from a single virtual moving target on a map with a given signal strength)

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