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IT Manager & Project Manager

Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands
February 21, 2020

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Eindhoven, Netherlands

Phone : +316******** or +554********** (WhatsApp)

e-Mail :

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skype : esdras.floriani.holderbaum

Additional Information:

- Dual Citizenship (Italian/Brazilian);

- Valid EU passport and also BSN (Burgerservicenummer - the Netherlands)



IT MANAGER, over 15 years of experience in information technology and in project management with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams for companies in many industry areas such as RETAIL (B2b, B2C, ecommerce, stores, logistics, wholesale, shopping mall), information technology, finance/banking, manufacturing, CRM (SalesForce), health (insurance, hospital, emergency care) as well. Proven track record in full IT management (Infrastructure, Systems, and telecom), program/project management, and digital projects. As a Program and Project Manager, practical experience on complex projects using PMI (waterfall, fast track, rolling wave). Furthermore, management experience in create and execute the IT strategy, system development lifecycle, process reengineering (LEAN as the backbone), innovation (DESIGN THINKING), and omnichannel projects. Open to relocation in a global level.


- Awarded the CIO Highlight in Santa Catarina state, Brazil, in 2018.

- Over 80 (eighty) IT and Digital projects executed as an IT Manager, Program Manager (PMO) and Project Manager (PMP).

- Received 3 (three) Retail Innovation Prizes as Head of Almeida Junior’s Retail Innovation LAB in 2018.

- Managed over 350,000 hours of systems development (internal and outsourcing) - both using PMI or agile (SCRUM).

- Managed ERP and data center implementations and executed IT related projects for IPO (Initial Public Offering) process;

During the last 10 (ten) years, worked for large businesses as an IT MANAGER using a functional leadership style, technical knowledge and hands-on approach. Extensive experience not only in systems/infrastructure/telecom management but also in common IT-related subjects such as software lifecycle (development, validation, and testing), budgeting, acquisition (negotiation, outsourcing, and RFP), governance, information security and outsourcing as well. Furthermore, experience in writing IT strategy and policies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development/migration, and process reengineering using LEAN as the backbone.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS as IT Manager, Project and Program Manager:

- Restructured the whole IT area for three different companies including the IT strategic master plan, team, systems, infrastructure, governance, processes, and budgeting as well. Frameworks: PMI, COBIT, ITIL, SCRUM, DESIGN THINKING and LEAN). Managed CAPEX over $ 60 M;

- Managed 6 (six) complete ERP migrations and also 2 (two) data center implementations;

- Executed IT related projects in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process.

Since 2011 (7 years) accumulated a dual role as INNOVATION MANAGER and IT MANAGER for companies in retail and health. Experienced in using DESIGN THINKING and agile methodology. Digital and technical experience; have worked with startups, costumer journey (UX/CX), digital marketing, omnichannel/eCommerce/marketplace, data & business analytics, web/app development projects.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS as Retail Innovation Manager:

- Executed projects and Research & Development (R&D) in eCommerce/marketplace/omnichannel (click and collect/brick and mortar), artificial intelligence (e. g. clustering, cognitive analysis and image recognition), VR/AR, customer journey (CX), digital tracking, social-id/psychographics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, neuromarketing, and digital marketing as well.

Established a digital ecosystem and delivered the very first omnichannel app (ANDROID/IOS) for shopping malls in Brazil.

- Created a very new startup cluster for retail at ACATE (Technology Association – Santa Catarina state, Brazil).

- Created and Managed data analysis and business intelligence areas using Tableau, QlikView, Data Studio.

In January 2019 moved to Victoria (Canada) to study at the University of Victoria (Canada) - 6-month interchange English course; by this time, also deepened studies in Retail, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Moved to Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in July 2019 and now pleased to apply for positions that fit the professional profile aligned with my motivation to develop new skills and progress further in the company.


TEAM6 Company group, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Startup company (retail, ecommerce) – 2019 revenue of $ 2.1M

Business Partner Jun 2017 – Current

Working remotely and part time, from the Netherlands to Brazil, driving the digital strategy achieving 40% and 41% of growth rates (revenue and users) in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Led the B2B, B2C, digital marketing, and managed the strategy to achieve growth rate of 40% in 2020.

ALMEIDA JUNIOR S/A, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Large business group (retail, real state, and shopping malls), 1,800 employees

Information Technology Manager May 2014 – Dec 2018

Reported to the CAO. As an IT MANAGER, created the IT strategy, managed a team of 8 people and a cross-functional team of 10 people to support and managing IT area for the Holding, the Shared Service Center, 30 companies (from the same business group), and 1,800 shopping malls’ stores. As an IT PROGRAM and PROJECT MANAGER, managed over 30 projects, including the IPO (Initial Public Offering) IT-related projects. IT OPEX: $4 M/year, IT CAPEX: $47 M.

- Established the IT Strategic Master Plan program giving the strategic direction and executed the related projects such as the IT area restructuring project, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) migration program (42 companies), business processes reengineering (market best practices, LEAN as the backbone);

- Renegotiated IT and Digital Marketing contracts, aimed to reach $ 9 million in cost savings by 2021;

- Delivered the information security, cybersecurity project and the new external data center in private cloud;

- Established the Shared Service Center related to IT activities including governance and compliance business processes.

Head of the Retail Innovation Lab (AJ.LABS) Jun 2015 – Dec 2018

Reported to the CEO. Led a cross-functional team of 8 people and a cross-functional team of 40 people. Built and managed the innovation laboratory for retail – research and development (R&D) – focused on customer service, digital marketing, omnichannel, new technologies helping to establish digital transformation and customer-centric culture (DESIGN THINKING) throughout the company.

- Created the Innovation LAB called AJ.LABS, established the innovation roadmap;

- Managed over 20 digital projects and Research & Development (R&D) in eCommerce/marketplace/omnichannel (click and collect/brick and mortar), artificial intelligence (e. g. clustering, cognitive analysis and image recognition), omnichannel, VR/AR, customer journey (CX), digital tracking, social-id/psychographics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, neuromarketing, and digital marketing as well;

- Unified 75% of the strategic data using BI Tableau, ETL database/data warehouse, and artificial intelligence models;

- Acted coaching teams regarding project management, agile thinking and innovation thinking.

UNIMED BLUMENAU, Blumenau, Brazil

Large healthcare insurance business group (healthcare insurance, hospital, laboratory, and emergency care unit), 500 employees, 105,000 customers.

Information Technology & Innovation Manager Jul 2011 – May 2014

Reported to the Managing Director. IT MANAGER, led a team of 26 people to ensure on-line and real-time healthcare insurance 24/7 for 105,000 customers. IT OPEX: $4 M/year, IT CAPEX: $7 M.

- Established and executed the IT Strategic Master Plan program giving the strategic direction and restructured the IT area;

- Coordinated innovative projects using medical devices/health technologies in cooperation with the medical/clinical area and implemented the Manchester Triage System in the Emergency Care unit reducing the time of triage in 90%;

- Structured and managed the PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO) to the PHILIPS EMR TASY migration project;

- Managed the reviewing and updating project over 240 processes using LEAN manufacturing as backbone and managed over 27,000 hours per year of internal systems development to support the legacy ERP system;

- Extended and sponsored the partnership with PHILIPS to develop the PHILIPS EMR TASY for health insurance.

BRANDILI Group, Blumenau, Brazil

Large business group (6 branches regarding manufacturing and logistics), 2.900 employees.

Information Technology Manager Jan 2008 – Jul 2011

Reported to the CEO. IT MANAGER, led a team of 36 people to support 6 branches within retail, textile, logistics, manufacturing. Restructured the IT sector and established a new technology agenda providing technical guidance to functional leadership. IT OPEX: $ 5 M/year – IT CAPEX: $ 22 M.

- Established work procedures and processes that support company and departmental standards and strategic direction;

- Structured the Program Management (PMO) and Process Management Office to execute the ERP migration project;

- Managed over 50,000 hours per year of internal and 3rd party systems development for 6 different legacies ERP;

- Created the Market Intelligence area and established the committee for supplier quality and DevOp backlog priority;

- Executed the project to acquire the new ERP INFOR LN and to review around 2,400 processes (LEAN as the backbone).

Systems and Development Coordinator Jan 2003 - Jan 2008

Reported to the IT Manager. Led a team of 10 people.

- Established the Systems Development Methodology (SDM), Quality Management Processes (Q&A) and the general documentation, reducing the annual rework rate from 13% to 2%, and decreasing the system spending of R$250K p/year; Managed the IT Systems and led the development and migration of the legacies ERP systems from COBOL to ORACLE Forms/Reports. Managed the development and implementation of the wholesale, salesforce and vendors software achieving 100% of the input sales through the salesforce software.

*** Positions before 2003 and portfolio of projects, under request ***


- English Language Interchange, University of Victoria, Canada, Jan 2019 – Jul 2019.

- MBA in Executive Health Management, Getulio Vargas Business School, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2015.

- MBA in Business Administration, Getulio Vargas Business School, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010.

- Honours Bachelor’s Degree - Computer Science/Information Systems, Leonardo da Vinci University, Brazil, 2004.

- Data Processing Technician, Dr Leoberto Leal Commercial College, Brazil, 1996.


Language Skills: Portuguese (Native), English (Proficient/Fluent), Spanish and Dutch (beginner and studying).

Computer Skills: Familiarity with CRM systems and practices, MS Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook), Microsoft Project, Social Media User, Analytics, Google, Tableau, QlikView, Data Studio, Fortes Change Cloud, JIRA, Confluence, Zendesk. Programming: COBOL, ProCOBOL, Visual Basic, .Net, Oracle Forms/Reports/Designer; Methodologies: Agile (SCRUM), ITIL, PMI; GROUP Software, Control Shop, STUDIO VS, Oracle EBS, TOTVS Protheus, INFOR LN, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce.

Soft Skills: management skills, client and customer focused to identify customer needs; problem solving skills and conflict resolution, integrity and good judgment, effective decision making, proactive; set priorities, and manage time effectively; use strategical, analytical and conceptual skills to improve the deliverables; attention to detail, project plan driven; lean thinking; strong organizational skills and role modelling, ability to work autonomously, self-motivated, and results-oriented; committed, hands on; good presentation and oral communication skills; communicate clearly; flexible, positive, resilient; passion, enthusiastic, motivated; able to influence without using the hierarchical position; cooperation, collaboration, teamwork; stakeholder vision, coach and mentor; multitasking; open mind, visionary thinking, curious and creative.

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