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Teacher Russian language

San Diego, CA
February 20, 2020

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Khadicha Abysheva


Mob: +1-858-***-**-**


**** – 2013 – Kingston University MBA (USA)

**** – 2004 – Advanced Course on Human Rights, Polish Helsinki Foundation (Poland)

1991 – 1995 – International Kazakh-Turkish University named after J. A. Yassavi

Philology, Russian language and literature (Kazakhstan)



July 2019 to the present chief of Board NGO “Sana Sezim”

2003 – July 2019 President, NGO “Sana Sezim”

General management, operational and strategic planning of the organization, management of ongoing projects, preparation of financial and descriptive reports, control of execution (orders, instructions).

2011 – 2019 Lecturer at the Academy of Justice in Kazakhstan for judges, prosecutors and police on identification, investigation and international standards for combating trafficking in human beings

1999 – 2003 Coordinator of Women's Programs, NGO “Sana Sezim”

Determination of the content of work and planning of project activities for women's programs, incl. budgeting; ongoing management and monitoring of project implementation; preparation and organization (trainings, seminars, meetings, conferences, roundtables, etc.) at the national level.

1996 – 2001 Deputy Director for Education, School 14 “Aybek”

The organization of the teaching and educational processes at the school, its management and control over the development of this process; methodical guidance of the teaching staff; organization of current and prospective planning of school activities; сcoordinate the work of teachers, educators, other pedagogical and other workers, as well as the development of educational and methodological and other documentation necessary for school activities.

1995 – 2015 Russian Language and Literature Teacher, School 14 “Aybek”

Training and education of students taking into account the specifics of the taught subject, conducting lessons and other activities, the use of variety methods and means of teaching, the implementation of educational programs.


Member of the Advisory Board for Human Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Member of the Union of Crisis Centers in Kazakhstan

Member of the Coalition for the Protection of Children ECPAT

Member of the international “ASTRA” network

Member of the international “KARAT” network

Member of the Central Asian Network to Solve the Problems of Labor Migration

Member of the Department of Interior Affairs Board to monitor the performance of police in the South Kazakhstan Region

Member of the Commission on the Status of Women, Family and Population Policies in the South Kazakhstan Region

Member of the Association of NGO against trafficking in Central Asia

Council Member on cooperation and collaboration with NGO Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Member of the international platform for cooperation with NGOs working with undocumented migrants in Europe (PICUM)

Member of the National Volunteer Network

Member of Central Asian Society Advisory Group for UN Women

Projects Managed

2018-2019 “The role of the state civil aviation authority in detecting and responding to trafficking in persons” under financial support of OSCE

2018-2019 Author of International Simulation training for law enforcement “Combating trafficking in persons on migration routes”

2019-2022 “Together against human trafficking through capacity building of CSOs!” under financial support U.S. Department of State

2016 – 2018 “Migrants Rights are Human Rights” Open Society Foundation Institute (FOSI)

2016 – 2017 “Advocacy Campaign for the observance of the right to receive guaranteed

Juridical aid for migrant-workers” under financial support of the USAID and IOM

2016 – 2017 “Assistance to victims of trafficking of special social services” under financial support of the “Employment & Social Programs Coordination Administration”

2016 – 2017 “Dignity and Rights” Project of USAID agency under financial support of IOM

2015 – 2019 “Provide legal assistance to stateless people” UNHCR

2014 – 2015 “Management and coordination of NGO network in Southern Kazakhstan and monitoring of mini-projects” under the financial support of EFCA Foundation, EU

2014 – 2016 “Provide access to justice to human rights victims” NED, Washington D.C.

2014 – 2015 “Protection of Human Rights by Access to Justice” US Embassy

2011 – 2013 “Equality before the law: access to justice of vulnerable population segments” the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia

2011 – 2012 “Life without domestic violence – the right of every woman!” FOSI

2010 – 2015 “Combating human traffic in Central Asia” IOM in the RK, USAID.

2009 – 2014 “Counter-Trafficking Project”, IOM/the USAID

2009 – 2012 “Legal Education to counteract human trafficking", European Commission

2008 – 2010 “Providing Justice to Women”, the European Commission in Kazakhstan

2008 – 2010 “Informational campaign and legal assistance to migrant workers, potential victims of human trafficking, in the border regions of Kazakhstan”, OSCE/ODIHR

2008 – 2008 “Unity Without Extremism!” the U.S. Embassy

2007 – 2010 Project on labor migration in Central Asia, IOM

2007 – 2008 “Social Mobilization Against the Worst Forms of Child Labor,” ILO/IPEC

2007 – 2008 “Know How to Protect Your Own Rights!” the U.S. Embassy

2007 – 2008 “Creating Models of Monitoring for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Children”, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

2006 – 2009 “Providing Legal Assistance to Labor Migrants,” FOSI

2006 – 2008 “Stop Trafficking of Human Beings!” European Commission

2004 – 2005 “Stop Violence Against Women!” Netherlands Fund "Mama Cash"

2003 – 2006 “Stop Traffic!” U.S. Embassy

2002 – 2003 “Creating Electronic Textbooks,” ESA, IREX

2002 – 2003 “Towards Equality,” U.S. Embassy

2001 – 2002 “Preventing Trafficking of Women,” IOM


1.Abysheva Kh., “Optimizing the Process of Mastering Speech of Students at Russian National Schools,” Shymkent 2002.

2.Abysheva Kh., Gender Studies, “Sexism as a Cultural form of indirect Sex Discrimination,” 2003.

3.Abysheva Kh., Akhmetkaliyeva N., Baisakova Z., Dyuseova A., Nurmukhanova Zh., Orlova A., Monitoring of the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the prevention of domestic violence". Almaty, 2011

4.Abysheva Kh., Akhmetkaliyeva N., Badikova E., Balabayeva N., Orlova A., Shaburova N. “Some problematic issues of providing assistance to victims of human trafficking. Experience of the Association of NGOs against human trafficking in Central Asia”. 2013

5.Abysheva Kh. “Notebook for representatives of the criminal justice system on the identification and protection of the rights of victims of trafficking and illegally brought migrants”. 2013

6.Abysheva Kh., Zhasymbekova S., Khaliulina L. “Practical guide on the organization of the activity of consultation centers for migrants (based on the experience of practical activities of the Migrant Support Centers, within the framework of the Regional Program on labor migration).” Shymkent, 2013

7.Abysheva Kh., Khaliulina L., Khassanova Sh. “Human rights monitoring: observance of the right to obtain guaranteed legal assistance to migrant workers in Kazakhstan’ Kazakhstan, 2016.


Russian - native, Uzbek - native, English – intermediate, Kazakh – fluent.

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