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Web Developer Engineering

February 22, 2020

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I,Hakimov Murodjom, am writing this letter in support of my job visa application to this field In this statement, I would like to highlight main reasons which lead me to the decision of working specifically UK and how this job will benefit me in future.

I have recently graduated from INHA University in Tashkent (IUT), where I have acquired a Bachelors of information technology (IT) degree majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. The institution is considered to be one of the international institutions established in Uzbekistan, offering undergraduate programs in the sphere of IT and Logistics. The educational institution has some partnering prestigious in the Uzbekistan and South Korea.

Before enrolling to this university, I studied at andijon . Academic lyceum and qualified with secondary education diploma in exact sciences in 2012. The reason of choosing this particular course was strong interest in exact sciences such as mathematics, physics and other from early ages. I was always good at calculus, therefore from the beginning of my academic journey I chose mathematics as a study area. Please note that I have completed secondary education with only distinction marks. Moreover, I achieved “good” scores at University.

After the completion of the university as a typical graduate student, I came across with two option choice: 1) to continue education and to study masters; or 2) start career at this stage. First, I decided to work and see what type of employment opportunities I have with my current qualification. As I have completed Computer Science, I applied for job in local Banks: Orient Finans bank, National Bank of Uzbekistan and private companies . I was invited for a job interview and offered jobs as web developer in private company of Fido-Biznes since I have little work experiences or qualifications. I wanted to start my career as web developer and get started my career ladder for at the period of time. I have conducted a research (communicated with experienced people in this field among my relatives and acquaintances) I was informed that people usually work for 5 to 10 years before being promoted to the position of head of one particular department. While, those who hold their young ages or lack of experience. Since our new president is strongly encouraging private and public sector to attract uzbek graduates of foreign universities to fulfil shortage of skilled human resource in our county. For instance, newspapers and online media are mostly writing about people, holding foreign qualification (mostly computer science and software engineering) and who were offered top positions in many sectors. Recently, I have read a news about Farkhod Salomov, who has completed computer engineering at US university and worked there more than 4 year and got position of head of IT department in HalkBank Uzbekistan. This type of reform made me to think to work abroad and my skills.

In order to, many top jobs have flexible selection criteria for international alumni. As an example, Britain many employers require 4-5 year work experiences for some positions I have chosen UK. Job labor markets accept Alumni with work experience obtained after graduation and considered. With the help of work visa I found out that UK offers high quality job atmosphere with less strict entry requirement. Moreover, it is more affordable to work in UK, rather than in other countries. Thus, I focused on UK employments and I end up with choosing your company. As this offers a unique program enabling work visa to obtain this specializations . The similar job with other countries but UK more affordable per year (respectively). Moreover, I before applying to your company I searched other companies within South Korea, Russian Singapure.

They less pay and the rankings were lower in the world. After such job review I choose to your company. During my workings I can be improve my overlooking.

Upon completion of this working time I will have various skills /specialization: senior and leadership (obtaied qualifications) and Engineering (obtained during bachelors degree). This characteristics of will increase my chances to stand out from many other candidates and be prominent being head of job applicant and my CV by adding work experience with international company and become a suitable candidate for desirable jobs. After completing, I intend to return back to Uzbekistan and apply for a several international companies. These financial institutions offers higher salary rates, good social benefits and other prospects of career development, the most important fact, is almost job placement and substantial arise in career growth. The worst case scenario would be a start of my career as a first category specialist and instant progress to head of department.

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