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Manager Engineer

Bogota, Colombia
February 20, 2020

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Engineer Andres Linares


Engineer Andres Eduardo Linares

Address: *** ******, ****** # *-**, La Pradera Residence, E2 T1 603 Apartment, Pradera Norte Sector, Bogota, Bogota DC - Colombia Tel.: +57-300******* / 1 8057497

Forma Educatiol

High level; Master / Specialization (Natural

Renewable Resources).

Degree: Animal Production Engineer.

No formal Educationl (1229 hours)

Management, Planning and Administration.

Safety, Health and Environment Management

Sustainable Agriculture.

Email: Auditor ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 OHSAS 18001 /


Word / Excel / Power Point (Avanced)

Autocad (Intermediate)

Microsoft Project (Avenced)

Lulowin (Avenced)*

Maprex (Avenced)*

Primavera Project (Intermediate)

* Estimating, management cost control and budget Software to Construction Industry.


Passport: 142777558

Venezuelan ID: 9.990.492


Driving Permit: 5ta. Venezuela / C1 Colombia


Español – Nativo

Inglés – Intermedio (60%)


More than 22 years of experience in project management and development, performing as Manager, Coordinator, Leader, Chief and Specialist in the areas of Execution, Administration, Control and HSES Management in Construction projects and start-up of process plants for Oil and Gas, Generation of Energy, Agribusiness, Agriculture and Mining. Design, evaluation and improvement of management systems, management of work groups and monitoring progress and progress of work, preparation and control of budgets, contracting terms, tenders, selection and control of contractors, advanced handling of computer packages, design and organization of training in Safety, Environmental Health and Sustainable Agricultural Production. Audit, Control and Development of Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Work Expeiences

GECONS Arquitectura CA, Venezuela – Operation and Project Manager 11/2018 – 06/2019

Preparation of budgets, review and modification of drawing, control of execution of mechanical projects (installation and maintenance of pumps, cooling systems and environmental conditioning), civil (construction of buildings, remodeling and maintenance of facades) electrical (installation, maintenance and repair of boards, wiring, lighting and points), control of financial execution, billing and collection, management with customers. Maintenance and repair of construction machinery and equipment, control and supervision of personnel on site. Safety Work Support EIRL, Peru – Project Chief

12/2017 – 10/2018.

Responsible for the design and remodeling of office spaces, execution of construction and remodeling works, maintenance of facades and offices, design and installation of electrical and computer networks, installation and configuration of wifi networks, closed circuit TV and computing, installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment, design, manufacture and installation of office furniture. Diagnosis, repair, advice and maintenance of electrical systems.

Engineer Andres Linares


LH Multineocios S.A.S, Colombia – Project Manager

05/2016 – 11/2017

Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Project Close of the implementation of Safety, Health and Environment Management Systems (SHEMS), Audit the SHEMS, Design and accompany the implementation of the SHEMS, as well as the integration with the Quality Management System IMS (Integrated Management Systems). Lead the training programs in Safety, Health and Environment, Lead the update of the Systems. Prepare and submit technical-economic proposals for the implementation and updating of Management Systems and Training Programs. Preparation of manuals and procedures in Safety, Health and Environment, including regarding Emergency Response and Control.

LH Multiservicios CA, Venezuela – Operation Manager 02/2014 – 01/2016.

Supervise the services of washing, lubrication and maintenance of light and heavy vehicles attend to the sale of spare parts, lubricants and accessories, the perfect operation of the equipment of the auto wash, and the fulfillment of the obligations of the washers to guarantee excellent service. Manage relationship with suppliers. Check and Carry out daily sales closing. Monthly closing, accounts payable and collect. To create strategies of marketing, Analysis and evaluation of profitability, solutions to problems, definition of policies of services and sale, to anticipate demands of raw materials and products, revision and improvement of the services standardization of all the processes for a correct control of costs and Prices of services and products. To enforce the norms and policies like: safety and health in the work, handling of equipment of suitable way, and current legislation. Provide solutions to customer complaints and recommendations for quality improvement, following up on the solution of such complaints. Encourage teamwork of washers. Schedule and control the maintenance and repair of equipment, plan and control improvement, repair and expansion projects.

GECONS Arquitectura CA, Venezuela – Operation and Project Manager 08/2013 – 01/2016

Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring / Control and Project Close of Construction, remodeling and repair of buildings, infrastructure, electrical installations, air conditioning systems and roads Projects. Prepare the work budgets, valuations and prepare bids for public and private entities, participate in clarifying meetings. Verify the progress of the work and ensure its execution according to the scope offered. Ensure the necessary resources for the execution of the works, manage with suppliers the materials, equipment and tools necessary for the execution of the works and projects. Verify compliance with the laws, rules and procedures in matters of Safety, Health and Environment. Offer the services of the company to potential clients through presentations and visits. Study and identification of new business markets. PENTECH INGENIEROS 05, C.A, Venezuela – Safety, Health, Environment and Security (SHES) Manager 02/2013 – 08/2014

Responsible for coordinating Health, Safety, Environment and Security of EPC plant gas separation with daily capacity of 120,000 barrels and 200 million cubic feet of gas, evaluate and monitor the performance of HSES contractors and sub-contractors (Inspections, deviations, Incidents, Accidents, Corrective Actions, Statistics), direct supervision of the project Safety staff (Supervisors, Inspectors, paramedics and ambulance drivers). Ensure compliance with HSES Management System of the company and the client (PDVSA). Design strategies for continuous improvement. Coordination of activities for detecting and correcting deviations HSES. HSES attend contractual requirements with the Customer. Attend PENTECH HSES corporate requirements. Coordinate and Supervise the Prevention and Loss Control. Management and control of ID and access control.

SNC Lavalin, Panama – Health, Safety, Environment and Community Supervisor 02/2012 – 20/2013

SHE responsible for the construction of 50 km. roads in mountainous jungle area, the construction of several camps (capacity 1500 people), development and quarrying of rock material, earthwork (100 million m3), port construction and slope stabilization works, developed by contractors and sub-contractors. Monitoring Safety Contractors staff and sub-contractors (10-15 people). Verify compliance of contractors (6-8 contractors) to the requirements of Health and Safety of the contract, the Panamanian legislation and applicable international standards, education and training on Health and Safety, Monitoring and evaluation of the incident investigation by the contractors. Registration and monitoring of unsafe acts and conditions identified in the field, corrective actions, record and track statistics on health and safety by the contractors. America Proyectos 2021 CA, Venezuela – Contract Administration Manager 01/2011 – 02/2012

Responsible for the project administration to cluster construction for the oil industry, surveying service in Orinoco oil belt and agro industrial soy project. Coordinate the activities of cost control, cost estimating, change orders and scope in the Projects, Customer billing, control and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of contract, responsible for supervising and controlling the activities of the Managing Project planner and work team, advise and assist the Project Manager in making decisions and formulating strategies to address the claims that may be required, Participate and support in the process of subcontracting works and services required for the development projects, development and elaboration of terms of sub- contracting, Participate and support in procurement processes in which the organization participates, budgeting, promoting and participating in negotiations with customers.

Joint Venture Mesa de Guanipa, Venezuela – SHE and Contrac Manager 09/2009 – 01/2011

SHE Area: Ensure compliance of the contractor company with the implementation of legislation, standards, procedures and good practices in the SHE areas. Organize and lead meetings of compliance and work progress, manage agreements and corrective actions, make reports of SHE nonconformity, inspect on site the fulfillment of the contractor SHE Management System, drafting, delivery and monitoring of non-conformities. Plant Execution: Verify that the contractor executes the works of the installation and assembly (Mechanical, Electricity, Instrumentation) of the equipment of the agro - industrial plant according to the projects and the budget. Evaluate and follow up on the technical and administrative progress schedule of the metal-mechanical and assembly works of the grain storage plant, prepare the photographic memory, and a description of Engineer Andres Linares


the work progress for the aspects related to the approval of the valuations, preparation of their respective technical progress reports. Make recommendations regarding technical and / or economic improvements for the construction process. Control the programs and valuations presented by the construction company. Maintain permanent updating of the progress table of the Plant works. Present results and make recommendations of the inspections carried out.

JANTESA SA, Venezuela – Project SHES Specialist

05/203 – 09/2009.

Responsible for the Management of Safety, Health, Environment and Security (HSES) in the different projects of Engineering, Procurement and Construction developed by the company in the Oil and Gas, Energy Generation and major works sectors, occupying important positions in SSAP Management; Area Coordinator, Site Coordinator, Project Site HSES Manager among others. Meeting the commitments in HSES with the sub- contractor and customers, performing the respective performance and progress evaluations. Coordinate and evaluate HSES activities such as training, inspections, review of lifting equipment, PPE, heavy machinery, work procedures, work at height, work in confined space, General Area Assessments. Meet the legal requirements with government entities, ensure contractual compliance with HSES. Evaluate compliance with the HSES Management System, coordinate the HSES audit program. Lead the review and update processes of the company's HSES work and operational procedures, manage the procedures with Quality Assurance for the approval and publication of procedures, design and apply training processes for the disclosure of changes in the procedures. Lead the Internal Audit processes, generate compliance reports and follow up corrective actions. Identify and contact the Project Stakeholders, maintain a permanent relationship and ensure good communication and avoid delays and interference. Preparation and training of emergency plans, management and control of rescue brigades, investigation of accidents, preparation of reports, generation and application of corrective measures, presentation of accident investigation reports. Management of the prevention and control of losses, assess physical and operational vulnerability, administer the security contract, manage access control (issuance and control of access identifications of personnel and vehicles) manage access control of materials, equipment, machinery, vehicles, visitors, others VEPICA, Venezuela, Environmental Supervisor

09/2003 – 05/2004

Advice the contractors of the VALCOR Project (Hydrotreatment Plant and continuous catalyst regeneration with a capacity of 38,600 barrels per day of low sulfur diesel) on the aspects related to the environmental area. Inspect, and identify conditions that affect or may negatively affect the environment. Control and evaluate the operation of wastewater, industrial and soil treatment plants affected by the construction process of the plant. Verify that all activities related to the project are carried out in accordance with those established in the rules and procedures, and in accordance with current environmental legislation. Support the Occupational Health and Industrial Safety management established by the CONVALVEN Consortium within the Project, support the inspection and detection of unsafe conditions and acts for subsequent correction by those responsible. Keep statistical control of waste generation. Safety supervision in the final construction and start-up process of the Sulfur and Amina plants.

CONVECA, Venezuela, SHE Cordinator

07/2002 – 07/2003

Advise management and supervisory personnel in the SHA area for the emptying of 16,000 m3 of structural concrete, 42,000 m2 of formwork and 800,000 kg of reinforcing steel for the construction of a cooling tower and foundations for the installation of heavy equipment of processes. Inspect, identify and report on conditions and unsafe acts in the construction works of process equipment foundations (work with hoisting equipment, work at height, hot work, excavation, work in hazardous atmospheres), recommend and promote measures for their solution. Coordinate and participate in accident prevention meetings. Participate in the accident or incident investigation, carry out an evaluation establishing recommendations to avoid its repetition. Keep statistical control of accidents and / or incidents. Plan, schedule execution and control of the Basic Safety, Hygiene and Environment Plan. DEMOCA CA, Venezuela Operation Manager

06/2001 – 06/2002

Responsible for the maintenance and control of residential treatment plants, hydropneumatic systems, maintenance and repair of control panels for pumping systems, maintenance and repair of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase electric pumps, preparation of designs for the management of treated water, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, budgeting, billing and collection of services, hiring and supervision of technical personnel.

Costa Norte Construcciones CA, Venezuela – Environmental Inspector 07/1999 – 05/2001

In the area of Environment: Design and monitoring of procedures to avoid or reduce contamination risks, monitoring and managing waste classification, monitoring and management control and Wastewater Treatment, Treatment Wastewater Plant SBR Supervision of operation, Monitoring and Control of Water Quality (drinking and served), Preparation and processing of permits in the environmental area, Environmental Management legislation, design works for the Hazardous Waste Management In the SHE area: Inspection for the identification and correction of unsafe conditions, participation in the design and development of courses and workshops in SHE area. Design and implementation of safety procedures for the installation of mechanical equipment and testing of pipes (hydrostatic, flushing, pneumatic, etc.), consulting and processing of work permits (Confined Spaces, In cold, hot, road closures, Night work), participation in the design and planning work and assembling lifting heavy mechanical equipment, piping and structure. Inspection, supervision and monitoring of lifting equipment.

Totaly Engineering and Service CA, Venezuela – Maintenance Chief 04/1998 – 04/1999

Coordinate and direct work of maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment used in excavation, cultivation and earthworks; Design and coordinate the application of maintenance plans to the vehicular transport fleet; Supervise the operation and condition of the company's machinery, equipment and vehicles and sub-contractors; Coordinate the acquisition and repair of parts and accessories of machinery, equipment and vehicles; Installation, maintenance and updating of computers and software. Engineer Andres Linares


State Integral Sustainable Integral Farm Program, Venezuela – Field Facilitator 01/1995 – 01/1998

Agricultural extension, design of training courses, instructor in courses directed to producers, professionals and technicians, design and application of agroecological strategies and environmental impact control, advice and technical assistance, design; Supervision and advice of rural works, design and consultancy for the installation Processing and Recycling Equipment (Biodigestor Machines, Solar Desiccators, Forage, among others), design and elaboration of written and audiovisual instructional media, field cameraman, layout and final art of triptychs, Brochures; Certificates; Logo, license, Windows 95 operator, Microsoft 97, Publisher 95, Corel ver. 5; Maintenance; Update and repair of micros, advice on the acquisition and updating of computer equipment and systems.

Servicaouchos El Ramal, Venezuela – Administrator

12/1993 – 11/1995

Supervise the washing, greasing, maintenance and repair services of light, heavy and agricultural vehicles, attend the sale of spare parts, lubricants, tires and accessories, the perfect operation of the auto-wash equipment and the tire repair shop, and the fulfillment of the obligations of the washers and mechanics to guarantee excellent service. Manage the relationship with suppliers. Verify and carry out the daily sale closing. monthly closing, accounts payable and receivable. Analysis and evaluation of profitability, solutions to problems, anticipate demands for raw materials and products, review and improvement of services. Enforce the duties of workers in safety and health at work and handling equipment in an appropriate manner. Give solution to complaints and recommendations. Encourage teamwork of washers and mechanics. program and control the maintenance and repair of the equipment, plan and control the improvement, repair and expansion projects.

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