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Electrical Engineer Power

Fornebu, Akershus, Norway
February 20, 2020

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Address: Eva Nansens vei 13. 1364 Fornebu, Norway

Summary Sr. Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in Maintenance, Commissioning, Project Management, Start-Up and Inspection of electrical/mechanical facilities, instrumetation, power generators and HVAC systems in Oil Industry (Onshore and Offshore) and other. Focused in HSE. Also, deep knowledge in Risk Management, Operational and Financial Risk & Controls, Internal Audit, Internal Control and Business Processes Optimization.

Experience Oct 2007 – Current GSA Ingenieros, C.A. Caracas, VE Sr. Electrical Consultant Manager

Maintenance, Commissioning, Project Management, Inspection, and Start-Up of electrical / instrumental / mechanical facilities up to 69 kVAC. Including power transformers, switchgears, distribution cells, main breakers, Motor Control Center

(MCC), Building Management System (BMS), Power Generators (Backup, Prime

& Continuous Use), UPS, Business Continuity Management, Electric/Mechanical Pumps, Air Compressors and HVAC systems (Chilled Water and Precision) in Oil

& Gas facilities, Mall, Telecommunications, Banking, and others. Nov 2007 – Feb 2015 Protiviti Venezuela Caracas, VE Director (Partner)

Consultant to CEO, CFO, COO, CIO. Responsible for search and supervision of engagements refer to Operational/Financial Risks Management, Business Continuity Management, Risk Assessments, develop of strategies and capabilities to mitigation of finding risks. Technical skills related to COSO, COSO – ERM, Internal Audit, Internal Control, methodologies based on risks and optimization process, risks assessment and SOA 404/302.

Sep 2004 - Jan 2007 Petrozuata, C.A. (Joint Venture between ConocoPhillips and PDVSA Barcelona, VE

Maintenance Infrastructure Chief

Job position assigned to Share Service Division created between Petrozuata & Petrolera Ameriven with the purpose of optimizing common services. Responsible for the supervision of electrical/mechanical maintenance processes, facilities (upstream, midstream, downstream and corporate) and infrastructure maintenance coordinators. Scope, develop and supervision of maintenance plans. Responsible of project management, commissioning and start-up activities in electric projects such as connection from power generator to HVAC system, infrastructure projects including building of Document Control offices and offices refurbishing. Drafting and preparation of works scopes for biding processes. Member of the Technical Evaluation Tender Committee of the company. Activities performed where under a SOX oriented environment which helped me to gain technical SOX audit skills. Provided support to IS auditor during SOX IS Audit. Ensured audited documentation was complete according to the SOX documentation standards.

Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator

Responsible for the development, supervision, execution and commissioning of the maintenance routines for the different systems that provided services to Petrozuata’s upstream, downstream and corporate offices. Among these systems, mention can be made to Electric Power System (34.5 kVAC, 480 VAC/277 VAC and 208 VAC/120 VAC), Electric C.I. V-6.730.800

Passport Nr: 123584070


Support System (UPS and power generator), Lighting Control System and HVAC System

(Helical Rotary Liquid Chillers, Air Handlers, Chiller Water Pumps and Control Systems). Jan - Aug 2004 GSA Ingenieros, C.A. Caracas, VE

Maintenance and Project Manager

Project Manager, Supervisor and Commissioning in the following works: Refurbishment of the new offices of Petrozuata and ConocoPhillips at Centro Bahía Pozuelos, Lecherías, Anzoátegui State; refurbishing of the Offices for Laboratorios Roche S.A., Los Ruices, Caracas; installation and start-up of an electricity three-phase service line of 2500 kVA in 480 VAC for the Santa Sofía Clinic and Maintenance Engineer for Mc Donald’s Corporation of Venezuela.

Feb 2002- Jan 2004 C.A. Cigarrera Bigott Sucs. (BAT Company) Caracas, VE Supervisor and Electric Projects Engineer

Responsible for developing, supervising and commissioning electric projects for C.A. Cigarrera Bigott, Sucs., ranging from the electric power system in MV and LV (replaced of 2000 kVA power transformers in parallel (12.47 kVAC/480 VAC) and low voltage cells (480 VAC), replaced of power circuit breakers rate 4000 A and 2000 A, in “Calderas” and “Fabrica” Sub Stations, change of Air Switch-Fuse to SF6 Circuit Breaker, Design, commissioning and start-up of LV Power Factor Correction System in “Calderas” and “Fabrica” Sub Station ), up to the distribution systems (lighting, outlets, power and control design in offices, locker rooms, common areas and storage areas). Commissioning site electrical facilities of the distribution of Planta Caracas.

Feb 1999 - Feb 2002 Citibank, N.A. Caracas, VE

Resident Engineer

Responsible for implementing and improving preventive and corrective maintenance process, supervision and commissioning of major equipment for Citibank Carmelitas, and national branches. Among them: HVAC systems (100 tons Chillers and 60 Ton, Air Handlers, chiller water pumps, direct expansion units, etc.), 80 kVA UPS units with a parallel redundancy, 75 kVA. Cascading, power generation systems 1250 kVA. (Diesel) and 500 kVA. (Diesel, and gas), Elevators (Schindler and Otis), discrimination and prediction of failures by means of thermographic studies. Advisory, supervisory and commissioning activities in the works of the new location in El Recreo and areas related to: grounding systems, electrical facilities in 480/277 VAC and 208/120 VAC, BMS (Building Management System), lighting system. Supervision of the Premises staff, in charge of the routine and minor corrective maintenance of the Carmelitas and El Recreo facilities, as well as other branches in Caracas. 1995 – 2000 Ministry of Infrastructure Office Maiquetía, VE Air Traffic Controller. Aeronautic Telecommunication Operator (AMS, CCAM and SAR) at Simón Bolívar Airport

Air traffic controller, expert in aeronautical telecommunications and in charge in controlling the planes to land, fly over and take off in the Venezuelan air space. Solid knowledge of communication systems as HF, VHF, UHF, first aid, search and rescue and an international system of an aeronautical message switch.

1995 Edelca. Central Hidroeléctrica Raúl Leoni Guri, VE Internship

Intern at Instruments & Control Department with the purpose of studying and proposing a system for real time measurement of the electric parameters of machines (Power Generators, Machines Room I and II).

Education 1999 Universidad Simón Bolívar Caracas, VE Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineer Degree

Thesis: Development of Virtual Instruments for the Electric Machines Lab. 1993 Miguel Rodriguez Civil Aeronautics Instruction Centre Maiquetía, VE Air Traffic Controller. Major: Aeronautical Telecommunications Languages

Spanish and English.

Interests Judo, jogging, bike, rugby, softball



Gamal Perez – Accountant – Managing Director Protiviti


Alejandro Sosa – Electronic Engineer – CEO Net Ready Colombia


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