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Power Plant Project

Perth, WA, Australia
February 20, 2020

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Director of Projects (PMO and Operations) with an extensive IWPP Plants Operations and Developments experience covering a wide range of IPP projects in Power Generation from gas turbine fired Combined Cycle Plants, Hydroelectric Dams, Coal fired Rankine Cycle Conventional Thermal Plants, Wind, Solar and other related Renewable natural resources based power generation facilities.

I have been responsible for the IPP project development activities from FEED through to Financial Close and subsequent EPC execution and their successful Commissioning, Start-up, testing and On-stream Commercial operations. Having full Commercial, Financing, Legal and Business Development responsibility on all the IPP developed projects and executed for increased profits and cash flow achievements at high standards.

Able to work on own initiative or as part of a team with proven leadership skills which include managing, developing, planning, troubleshooting and motivating multicultural teams to achieve the valuable objectives of the project and to deliver it within budget, cost and quality with high level success rate for achievement with top HSE considerations. Key attributes are open communication, coordination, influencing, planning and decision making with first class leadership, analytical and problem solving skills covering all technical, commercials and financials for a complex power project.

Areas of Expertise / EPC Key Skills:

IPP Projects Development (FEED>Development>Financial Closure) and Project Financing:

BOO, BOT, BOOT, BOOM, Capital and Operating leasing, project development of power plants involving risk allocation & project finance debt structuring, corporate finance and direct lending, project evaluation & appraisal, preparation of bankable financial and business models for power plants in development and financing, ECA financing & commercial bank syndication (MLAs), project finance mandates, limited & non–recourse financing, commodity-linked lending, loan agreements & security (Sovereign Guarantees), tariff structures (capacity charge, variable and debt/equity (ROI), etc, derivatives, swaps, debt & equity structures, IPOs.

IPP Commercial Development:

Financial Modelling, Bank Guarantees, State Guarantees, JVs, MOUs, SHAs, PPAs, FSA, EPC, O&M, Guarantee Agreements, Off-take Agreements, Energy codes & standards, power plant engineering & technology selection, performance evaluation of power generation plants, O&M costing, capital plant costing, electricity tariff structures (levellized tariffs, time- of- day, rated average tariff structures, etc), project insurance, CAR, EAR, ALOP, Business Interruption, Workers Compensation, etc

EPC Project Management /O&M/Operations of Power Plants:

Power Plant configurations, FEED, EPC contracts, detailed project engineering, technology selection, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, EPC contracting strategy and tendering, onsite EPC construction of power plants, O&M contracts, procurement from OEMs, project monitoring & control, project % age progress and milestone invoicing, claims management, contract administration, resource hiring, HSE, QA/QC, Primavera outputs and CPM management, erection and installation and commissioning, testing, acceptance tests, trial run, O&M mobilization, plant handover and warranty

Name Zahid Rind

Email address

Skype ID zahid.rind1 (Please call via Skype audio for better voice quality)

Nationality Australian


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Project Management

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1994

Master of Science (MS)

Industrial Engineering & Technology Management (Mechanical and Process)

Joint Program of MIT (USA) & ESCP Paris, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, 1991

Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Structural Engineering and Construction Management

University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, 1989

Advanced Management Diploma (ESSAM 1994)

Senior Executive Program for Advanced Management, attainment from Arhus School of Business, Denmark EU

ESSAM (European Summer School for Advanced Management) 1994

Focus: Strategic Management and International Project Management

PM Certification: Member of Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), 1996


Position/Role: Director of EPC Projects, Operations and PMO

Company: TITC Corporation (EPC Contractor)

Country: Saudi Arabia

Period: 22 Jan 2019- 31 Dec 2019

Multi Million USD Energy Projects for EPC Construction involving Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Saudi Aramco with a Profit & Loss Responsibility and Implementation of PMO

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oResponsible for Full Profitability of Energy Projects in EPC execution and new projects for expansion and strategic EPC projects developments

oIntroduced and implemented ISO 9001 and 10005 Quality Management System and attained ISO certifications accordingly for EPC execution process and projects

oIntroduced and Implemented PMO structures, functions and systems for an overall PMO along with devising project delivery metrics, KPIs, benchmarks and analytics

oImplemented Oracle ERP into the projects systems and execution structures within the projects and Company functions supporting the Project on greater scale

oEnsuring clear identification and management of project risk in the contracting operations, providing governance and driving the development and use of common policies, processes, systems, tools and agreeing on detailed project execution philosophy for higher risk projects, oversight and assurance of existing key projects supporting the development, training and mobilization of personnel to enhance execution competencies

oClosed out 8 Sub-stations projects from 380 KV to 115 KV GIS and brought them to Final Acceptance and Handover to Clients

oImplementing EPC projects with a portfolio value of USD 1.5 b collectively involving oil/gas and power projects for Aramco and Saudi Electricity Company, such projects are at different phases of the EPC execution

oPMP certifications were initiated and accomplished for Project Managers under PMI of USA

oRolled out 3 new EPC substations projects, 380, 132 and 115 KV GIS as new projects for EPC implementation

oClosed out Gas and Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) for completions and handover valued 500 M USD for Saudi Aramco as the Client

oPreparation of budgets, sub-contracting, tendering, engineering management, construction management and all functions of commercial, financial, legal and project management nature on projects in EPC execution

oReporting to the Board for projects’ timely progress and budget implementation while maintaining expected profit margins

oCommissioned and brought to completions and testing for handover a simple cycle plant conversion to a combined cycle power plant 450 MWs (Simple Cycle to CC conversion) for full operations valued at 240 m USD

oManaged portfolio of EPC projects for transmission and sub-station projects

Position/Role: Director of Projects (PMO)

Power Projects Developments and Implementation

Central Asia Region

Consortium: The World Bank+ IFC+ GF Group (CONSORTIUM)

Business Area: Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Power Projects

Country: Dubai, UAE

Period: 22 Jan 2017- 31 Dec 2018

IPP Projects for PPP and for EPC Construction and Strategic Project Developments with Profit and Loss Responsibility

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oResponsible for Full Profitability of Energy Projects in EPC execution and new projects for expansion and strategic EPC projects developments

oEPC construction of 200 MWs gas engines based power plant valued at 300 m USD along with associated Balance of Plant (Electrical and Mechanical) and electricity export infrastructure

oEPC Construction of 220 KV switchyard for connection to the Electrical Grid power transmission lines and the construction of electrical sub-stations (step-down) for distribution of electricity to industrial estate for operational requirements for small to medium scale industries

oEPC Construction of 12” gas pipeline of 150 kms with a pumping station to supply gas to industrial area for industrial use and is valued at USD 150 m

oPV Solar power generation projects, 10 MWs+ at three multiple sites for project development and EPC implementation with connection to power Grid

oWind power projects 30 MWs excess power to grid involving Vestas wind turbines having PLF about 40 % for power generation at multiple sites

oPreparation of budgets, sub-contracting, tendering, engineering management, construction management and all functions of commercial, financial, legal and project management nature on projects in EPC execution

oReporting to the Board for projects’ timely progress and budget implementation while maintaining expected profit margins


Position/Role: Project Director

EPC Master Gas Expansion Project-1

Company: Saudi Aramco Overseas Company BV

Business Area Power/Gas

Country: UAE, Dubai

Period: 18 Jan 2015 - 12 Jan 17

Full EPC Management, 1.3 Billion USD composing of 12 GE Compression Trains, 56’’ Gas Pipelines and Associated Process Facilities along with Civils and Control Center

Saudi Aramco

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManagement of Saudi Aramco EPC project on LSTK basis for the full engineering, procurement and construction involving commissioning and testing for 12 GE Trains for gas compression and associated 56” gas pipelines and process facilities and implementation of two EPC contract packages involving E&P and CC contract one EPC package inside Kingdom and one EPC package for E&P outside the Kingdom

oManagement of two EPC contracts for E&P valued at USD 895 m and Construction valued at USD 385 m

oManagement of GE contract for 12 compression trains and to manage full construction of 12 trains inside the Kingdom for Aero-derivative GE PGT25+ process trains, flare system, black powder filter units, fuel gas conditioning unit, process automation system, gas coolers, nitrogen generation unit, diesel generators, reverse osmosis unit, transformers and switchgears, storage tanks, 56” gas pipelines, 36” gas pipelines, 14” crude oil pipelines

oManagement of engineering contract valued at 24 million USD to deliver all engineering deliverables for the project and to engage with Civil contractors and equipment and materials suppliers for global sourcing and construction on site for full large scale construction activities to achieve accelerated progress for project delivery in complex project environment along with project partners for achieving best profit margins and performance

oManagement of engineering and construction resources and contractors for full EPC implementation of the project for fast track implementation

oManagement of quality, HSE, engineering, construction, procurement, contracts, mechanical, civil, electrical, process, pipelines, HVAC, Instrumentation, telecom, Safety and project planning and controls, etc functions for full implementation of the project systems for best performance and interface management for project execution and delivery for Ready For Start-up Operations and handover and O&M functions to commission the facilities to test and handover for full commercial operations

oResponsible for the full profit on the project and recovery of the claims from the Customer for all additional works done beyond the scope of the agreed EPC scope and negotiation of all claims from the Sub-contractors to the EPC contract with financial management strategy in place to earn profit income and manage cash-flow of the EPC project

oStrategic management of interests of all Stakeholders and Shareholders in the EPC project and deliver performance of the EPC project with full expectations from these parties in a complex relationships setting

oManagement of the EPC contract with all contractual and commercial commitments along with the technical obligations and responsible for the billing to the Customer and negotiation of the payments from the Customer and outstanding receivables to maintain financial performance of the EPC project at high profitable levels

oManagement of On-site Construction activities and development of strategies for accomplishment of Construction milestones within time and budget and making effective measures in place for supply of material, equipment, sub-contractors and manpower allocation for an accelerated fast track Construction progress at both locations of the Construction project

oRepresentation of the EPC project to the Customer at all high level management levels for project performance and delivery on time with quality parameters along with all HSE obligations

Position/Role: Projects Manager


Business Area Power/Gas

Period: 8 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2014

Saudi Aramco

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManagement of Saudi Aramco EPC projects execution and operations division with strategic implementation of processes and systems covering financial performance, EPC technical delivery and commercial management of on-going EPC projects and strategy development for new project awards and negotiations

oExecution of Saudi Aramco EPC packages for the construction of Oil Refinery with capacity 500,000 barrels /day of refining capacity with 2 trains to process heavy crude oil to produce export products (diesel, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel A-1, fuel oil, benzene, propylene, LPG, petroleum coke, and liquid sulphur) and construction of (EPC) of transportation pipelines via 35 kms export pipelines of 36” crude pipeline, 24” gasoline pipeline, 24” jet fuel A-1 pipeline, 32” diesel pipeline, 20” fuel oil pipeline, 14” natural gas pipeline, 6” benzene pipeline, 6” propylene pipeline, 8” LPG pipeline, 6” liquid sulphur pipeline along with petroleum coke transportation 35 km conveyor system extended to export terminal for international shipping, such packages amounting to USD 500 m to USD 1 billion

oManagement of over 2000 project personnel, including senior project managers down to specialized construction labor for projects implementations and onsite project operations along with complex organizational management and onsite resources

oImplementation of processes for full scale pipeline construction systems including coatings, pipe joints welding, contractor selection, crossings/directional drilling, directional drilling rigs, large fittings, plastic, meters, flow scraper/ sphere launchers/ traps, scada systems, ultrasonic inspection, vacuum excavators/ potholing, ball valves, welding systems manual and automatic, NDT testing procedures and QA/QC systems

oEPC of oil and gas pipelines covering 370 kms in a combination of oil, gas, LPG and other liquids transportation pipelines values over USD 400 m in varying networks of oil and gas pipelines connecting associated gas processing plants, expansion of pumping stations, hot taps on live crude oil pipelines, LPG extraction plants and minerals processing facilities and power and desalination plants for the supply of fuel as well as feedstock

oFull implementation of commissioning operations for RFSU processes for pipelines including hydrostatic testing, flushing, inerting and quality control procedures for reliability and handover for integration with plant output operations

oConstruction of Interface facilities and connection tie ups for industrial water supply from desalination plants, oil refineries, gas processing plants and minerals processing plants valued over USD 350 m

oFinancial management of EPC projects portfolio to maintain profit values and to execute EPC projects for delivery within time and quality and HSE parameters along with negotiation of new EPC project awards in the oil and gas sectors within Gulf region

oConstruction of 56” gas pipeline for supply of gas to saline water conversion plant for production of clean potable water valued at USD 100 m, 5.6 km.

Position/Role: Project Director – Gas/Power

Company: Eni Group S.p.A., ENI UNITED KINGDOM

Business Area: POWER and Gas- Developments and Implementation

Country: Nigeria/UK/USA

Period: (6 Nov 2006 – 30 Sep 2011)

Eni, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Total, Bechtel, Shell Global Solutions, Calyon and Baker Botts

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManagement of full development process until FID and EPC construction of LNG 2 Trains- 10 mtpa production including power block involving COP Cascade Process, upstream gas developments, planning for downstream gas supply networks, arranged feed-gas supply to LNG process complex, process utilization, early site works, FEED, FID process implementation, EPC multiple packages, shipping arrangements, financing, economic modeling, reserves certification, gas pipelines construction, gas pumping stations, and LNG process implementations

oEPC Management and construction of Nigeria LNG Train-6 of 4.5 mtpa (APCI process) of LNG expansion project valued over US$ 2 billion for full EPC Train 6 execution including Power Gen Blocks, development of Expansion Plus Train-7 (valued at USD 6 billion)

oConstruction of Power Blocks Aero Derivatives for LNG Complex and compression drives for liquefaction process trains and independent power blocks for overall power generation for oil and gas facilities and associated infrastructure

oProject development of LNG (2 LNG Trains, 10 mtpa production, valued at USD 15 billion) projects from FEED>FID>EPC execution, along with shipping operations for LNG delivery from Nigeria to the Atlantic region on DES basis and FOB to Far East region through various phases of development, execution and operational expansions

oPreparation of yearly budget including capex and opex for LNG operating business and LNG expansion trains (green-fields and brown-fields) projects

oManagement of upstream gas/oilfields development projects, reserves certifications and projects execution for the gas gathering arrangements, off-shore and onshore sourcing of associated gas to supply to the LNG plant via gas transferring arrangements and pricing & establishment of gas pipelines network to feed the LNG plant and for its future expansions

oManagement of OGGS (Off-shore Gas Gathering System), capacity upgrades, EPCI, associated pipelines, and supply of hydrocarbons to on-shore processing facilities for downstream operations

oAttendance in Board Meetings/Sub BOD Committee meetings for Eni representation as a Shareholder and for corporate governance and strategic management and operations management for 22 mtpa, annual turnover USD 12 b LNG business portfolio involving LNG/LPG/Condensate production, LNG/LPG shipping and LNG and LPG sales to Europe and US customers

oLiaison with upstream oil and gas supply fields/sources for matters related to feed-gas supply master plans and upstream developments to feed downstream and mid-stream capital developments and investments

oCreation, maintenance and management of electronic filing and database system for strategic business management and projects for their development, implementation and operational needs

oResponsibility for developing LNG business and departmental budget and plans for execution of LNG business objectives as per the strategic goals of Eni

Position/Role: Projects Manager (IWPPs)

Company: SUEZ Energy International, FRANCE

Business Area: Power and Water Projects (IWPPs- Combined Cycle Blocks and Mega Desalination Plant)

Country: Saudi Arabia

Period (1 Jan 2003 - 20 Oct 2006)

BNP Paribas, Calyon, BP, ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, SUEZ, SABIC, General Electric, ALSTOM, BLP, Marsh & Willis, Saudi American Bank and KPMG

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oDevelopment and construction of IPP 2600 MWs of Marafiq Combined Cycle Power Blocks (625 MWs each based on gas turbines GE7FAs from GE), MSFD Water Desalination Plant 200 MGDs Marafiq IWPP in Joint Ventures with international developers and Saudi Utility (Water and Power) Company - Marafiq IWPP for Jubail 2 Industrial Zones

oManagement of IWPP development (including FEED with Degremont Engineering, SUEZ Group) and EPC construction of water and power projects (IWPPs) in the Gulf valued over USD 5 b with plant capacities ranging from 1200 MWs (Conventional Steam Turbine Plant from ALSTOM) + Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Plant of 60 MGDs in Joint Ventures with international developers and Saudi Utility (Water and Power) Company - Shoaiba IWPP 1200 MWs for Jubail and Yanboo petrochemical industrial zones

oManagement of project development (including FEED with Kuljian Corporation, USA) and construction of integrated gas fueled water and power (IWPP) plants for new developments and operations in the Gulf region for petrochemical industrial zones, oil and gas facilities

oAppointment and selection of project implementation contracting groups for Power Plants EPC, O&M, financing, insurance, legal, engineering services, EPCM, etc

oNegotiation of FSAs for supply of gas fuel to combined cycle power plants and construction of gas supply gas pipeline 200 kms, 26" diameter

oFinancing of power/energy projects involving ECA financing, commercial bank lending, institutional lending and capital markets equity raising in association with local banks and international commercial banks along with ECAs

Position/Role: Project Manager

Company: ALSTOM Power Ltd, Switzerland

Business Area: Power – IPP EPC Power Projects

Region: Australasia

Period (1 Jan 2000 - 31 Oct 2002)

PB Power and ALSTOM Ltd

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManaged full EPC execution and construction of gas pipeline integrated Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) on single shaft arrangement of IPP Swanbank-E 385 MWs (based on 1 gas turbine GT- 26B of 265 MWs and 1 Steam Turbine of 120 MWs) with associated 132 kV Switchyard for delivery to CS Energy, Queensland Government, Australia with their Engineer (PB Power) for supply to Grid and industrial users

oManaged basic and detailed design of the plant, construction of all civil works of the plant, procurement of allequipments:(IGT+IHRSG+1ST+1GEN+Mechanical+Electrical+FuelGas+CoolingTowers+ControlSys+Chemical), erection/installation, commissioning, testing and reliability run for plant handover

oAchieved targeted direct cost savings on the project by 10% and increased budgeted overall net profit margin by 5%

oDeveloped and maintained Master Program, Primavera P3 based to deliver the Project on time and within critical milestones. The actual progress always stayed between the Early Finish and Late Finish curves

oMaintained quality of the Project as per the EPC stipulated quality standards up to 100% satisfaction of the Client and Owner’s Engineer (Parsons)

oPerformed risk assessments and developed risk mitigation measures to have least impact on the project parameters with minimum cost impact

oManagement of HSSE systems for full compliance with Alstom global standards for EPC construction projects and maintained full compliance with the onsite requirements to protect property, people, security measures and the natural environment including land, air, noise and water and safe discharge of any pollutants and liquid effluents for processing and disposal

oPriced and ensured claims’ resolution with the client of value more than A$ 10 m and with suppliers for goods/services of value of A$ 2m achieving > 90% claims recovery

oMaintaining Quality Assurance System with periodic audits to comply with the ISO accreditations also with Lloyds Register for quality compliance and maintaining the NCR systems and improvements identified to rectify systems, procedures, processes etc and to produce QA Reports on regular basis quarterly, half yearly and yearly from internal and external Quality Audits done

oMonitored and reported timely progress of the project on monthly basis to the project steering committee of which MD ALSTOM Asia Pacific as the Chairman

oMaintained complex business relationships involving the Client (CS Energy), suppliers (onshore and offshore), consultants, owner engineer (Parsons), ALSTOM global associates and local regulatory bodies (numerous)

oDevised new processes, methods, procedures, initiatives and structures to achieve more than 90% efficiency of work in execution and stayed above the similar type projects

oDevised new commercial contracts as per the advanced commercial procedures of ALSTOM

oSuccessfully completed with high quality the erection, installation, synchronization, cold/hot commissioning, performance testing, reliability and trial run phases of the project

oNegotiated purchase of complex electrical and mechanical equipment for the plant from worldwide suppliers and managed delivery, installation, commissioning and performance testing involved for their reliable integration into the plant and their operations

oManaged execution of all civil works contract for construction of the whole plant well below the budget level by A$ 6 m without delay on milestone targets for subsequent erection and installation of equipment

oMonitored manufacturing in-progress of the major E&M equipment for timely delivery to the plant and up to the 100% quality as per the technical specifications of the EPC contract

oResolved conflicts, motivated team members, arranged training programs and recommended personal development programs for team members

oPlanned for resources for coming works and allocated resources just-in-time by using resource leveling techniques for balancing of work at optimal economic levels

oDevised, sourced and executed insurance policies during construction (CAR, EAR, Marine Cargo) and monitored transportation/import of goods and payment of import tariffs

o Achieved project benchmark reference plant status for similar technology projects (GT- 26B) round the globe for ALSTOM in terms of its cost in execution, timely delivery, quality and in overall plant reliability

Position/Role: Senior Executive - Developments

Company: Boral Energy - Major Industry and Power Ltd, (Company of British Gas), AUSTRALIA

Business Area: IPP Power and Gas Developments

Country: Australia

Period (1 Jan 1998 - 20 Dec 1999)

CS First Boston, ExxonMobil, GE, Edison Mission Energy, BHPBilliton, ALSTOM, and Epic Energy

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManagement of Negotiation of GSA, PPA, EPC, O&M, turnkey supplier agreements and engineering consulting arrangements for IPP Bulwer Island 33 MWs cogeneration plant (Steam+Power+Water), combined cycle and open cycle power plants and gas processing facilities and gas pipelines and associated facilities for industrial infrastructure and export processing zones

oManagement, development and construction of cogeneration plants (EPC) and negotiation of commercial arrangements for supply of steam and power to oil refineries through establishment of co-generation facilities (power and steam)

oDevelopment of Wind Farm IPP 33 MWs on Bonney Island for wind power generation using Vestas wind turbines with PLF of 35%, availability at 97%, turbine rated capacity 1.75 MW, Power curve density correction at 5%, electrical losses at 2.5%, Auxiliary consumption 1.5%, Air density at 1.225kg/m3, cost of the project USD 100 million for connection to the State Electricity Grid and subsequent EPC construction with Babcock and Brown Wind Farmers

oManagement of gas supply and pipeline construction arrangements for development and execution of cogeneration projects for supply of steam, power and water to industrial consumers

oSourcing of Export Credit Agency financing from US Eximbank, Japan Eximbank, ERG of Switzerland and Korean Eximbank in the form of Buyer’s / Supplier’s credit, political risk insurance and executed direct / syndicated loan agreements with commercial banks to finance international oil/gas/power projects (IPPs)

oManaged design (FEED) and EPC construction of power stations and gas pipelines and steel structures for industrial plants and the associated infrastructure

Position/Role: Project Manager (South Asia)

Company: Energy Equity Corporation Ltd, AUSTRALIA

Business Area: IPP Developments

Country: India/Australia

Period (1 Jan 1996 - 20 Dec 1997)

Marubeni Corporation, CEA, Mosbacker Energy, Appollo Group, HHI, Japan Exim, ABB Energy Ventures and ERG Switzerland

Responsibilities and Achievements:

oManagement of gas integrated facilities, power plants and gas pipelines and IPP development and EPC execution of power plant projects in India in conjunction with Offshore Oil and Gas-fields development, gas supply networks and infrastructure and gas processing and gas supply operations to secure fuel for electricity station of IPP PPN 345 MWs (701-F gas turbine on single shaft arrangement) developed and EPC constructed CCGT power station valued at US$ 328 million. The project envisaged with integration of desalination plant of capacity 400 m3/day for the make-up water for heat recovery steam generation

oDevelopment of IPP Biomass power generation project 50 MWs in the State of Tamil Nadu in India using bagasse for the boiler firing and steam generation for power plant operations valued at USD 50 m

oEPC management and construction of bio-mass CHP plants in JV with Aruna Sugars bassed on bagasse fuel from sugar plants to produce power and heat using steam turbines and large scale boilers along with electrical infrastructure

oManagement of acquisition and upgrades for EPC plant construction to build new facilities with 40% equity in IPP 680 MW (Combined Cycle Power Plant, 13-E2 gas turbine), Vypeen LNG integrated power project and subsequently developed the LNG integrated power plant with ABB Energy Ventures in India. The project was integrated to LNG unloading and re-gasification terminal facility based on long-term supply of LNG from Shell Australia to fuel the power station (value of project US$ 570 million)

oDefined the framework for managing information

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