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Data Analyst Assistant

Dallas, TX
February 19, 2020

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● The University of Texas at Dallas Aug 2019 - May 2021 Master of Science (M.S.) in Business Analytics GPA - 3.92/4

● Vellore Institute of Technology, India Aug 2014 - May 2018 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Computer Science GPA - 3.83/4 TECHNICAL SKILLS

● Programming Languages : Python, SQL, R, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit Learn, Seaborn, Keras, ggplot2

● Analytics : Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, K-Means & Hierarchical Clustering, SVM, PCA, Bayesian Model, Ridge and Lasso Regression, Hypothesis Testing, Light GBM, XG Boost

● Software & Tools : Jupyter, Tableau, RStudio, PowerBI, Mongo DB, MYSQL, Excel, Putty, MS Office, MS PowerPoint

● Domain Knowledge : Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Customer Analytics, Cyber Security, Statistical Modelling, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, ETL, Big Data, Product Analysis WORK EXPERIENCE The University of Texas at Dallas Jan 2019-May 2020 Graduate Research Assistant-Client: Verizon Technology-Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Spark,Hive, MLlib, Scala

● Developed a maintenance scheduling model to accurately measure cost allocations for technical support which reduced the annual expense by $300,000

● Analyzed 3 Billion records of weather data and deployed models to evaluate its impact on 4G KPI metrics with 94.5% accuracy

● Performing exploratory data analysis on the Cellular Network to enhance the predictive modeling for the 5G Network Infosys Jan 2018-Mar 2019

Data Analyst Technology-Python, EDA, Tableau, MYSQL, Excel

● Delivered key customer performance metrics by using Churn Prediction Model which reduced customer attrition by 5%

● Performed customer profiling and segmentation using ML supervised and unsupervised models achieving 96% accuracy

● Created visually impactful reports and dashboards with interactive views, trends, and insights using Tableau.

● Collaborated with the CRM team to set growth targets and deliver recommendations which boosted the revenue by 18% RESEARCH PUBLICATION DDOS Attack Detection Using Data Mining Techniques International Journal of Science and Technology

Designed a system to detect intrusion in network traffic data using K-Means Clustering, Naive Bayes, SVM, KNN, and Ensemble techniques

The designed model achieved a stunning accuracy of 96%(overall) and 93% for CICIDS’2017 dataset benchmark ACADEMIC PROJECTS Robust Tumor Diagnosis Model for Cancer Detection Dec 2019-Feb 2019

● Devised a robust diagnosis system to detect tumor for 10,000 cancer patients using Artificial Neural Network.

● Formulated the model using Logistic Regression, Random Forest, and Decision Tree for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Dataset.

● Optimized the network by tuning the hyper-parameters and enhanced the precision up to 96% by using GridSearchCV. House Price Prediction using Advanced Regression Techniques Sept 2019-Nov 2019

● Spearheaded a team of 7 members for solving a real-world business case study in the Atos Data Science Fest’2019.

● Performed exploratory data analysis on 4M records using feature engineering and dimensionality reduction to attain R^2 of 93.5%

● Optimized the model using Bagging and Boosting algorithms thereby achieving 97% accuracy. Database Modelling and Designing for the Spatial US Wildlife Fire Aug 2019-Nov 2019

● Created a robust database schema to build a logical and physical model for 1.88M records using MYSQL & Mongo DB.

● Automated the process to transform raw data into actionable information using advanced SQL and No-SQL scripts. Walmart Recommender System Jan 2018-Feb 2018

● Developed an AI-based recommender system to predict the purchasing behavior of customers leveraging Apriori Rule Making and Market Basket Analysis for 3.4 Million records to achieve 90% accuracy. CERTIFICATIONS

● Google Analytics Beginner and Advanced Professional

● IBM Certified Data Analyst

● Tableau Desktop Professional


● Won the Infosys Fresh Talent Award for performing exceptionally well in the Infosys Training Program

● Organized and managed the UTD Business Analytics Leadership Council-2019

● Ranked 2’nd among 48 teams in the ATOS Case Study Competition’2019 and won a cash prize of 1000 USD.

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