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Nurse Registered

Springfield, IL
February 20, 2020

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Advanced PracƟƟoner Nurse


Peoria, IL

Shronda Phillips

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am an entry level A.P.N., desiring full Ɵme employment at your facility. I have been a nurse for nineteen years, ACLS, BLS and Medical Surgical Nurse board cerƟfied. I am a detail oriented and moƟvated individual who works excepƟonally well as part of a team. In regard to my skill set, I am confident that I would be an asset to your organizaƟon. Prior to triage nursing, I worked as a charge nurse on a neurological unit. I have mentored, worked as a preceptor and taught nurse inters. Throughout my career, I have worked as an orthopedic nurse, medical surgical nurse and neurological nurse. I have developed and managed the scheduled for 8 10 night shiŌ nurses over a 3 year period. My ability to adapt to and thrive in various nursing roles is one of my most valuable strengths. I maintain my personal growth in nursing by subscribing to nursing journals as well as parƟcipaƟng in social medial groups/forums for nurse pracƟƟoners. I also mentor APN students.

Please fee free to review my aƩached resume. I look forward to discussing, in person, how my qualificaƟons may fit the needs of your organizaƟon. Thank you, in advance, for your kind consideraƟon. Sincerely,

Shronda Phillips


APN, ACLS and BLS cerfied nursing professional with 15+ years of achievements ranging from working as mentor and preceptor to teaching nurse interns. Naonally cerfied in medical surgical nursing.

Seeking full me employment in an entry level posion as an APN in a clinic; Family Pracce or specialized clinic (if willing to train). Experse in the Advanced Care of Adults, Primary Care of Adolescents and Children and Primary Care of Women.

Proven ability to adapt, manage and thrive in various nursing roles. A collaborave leader, trainer and team builder with intuive communicaon skills. Work Experience

03/2013 Triage Nurse/School Nurse

Present Unity Point Health Methodist Cardiovascular Services Peoria, IL

Collect informaon pernent to telephone assessments.

Answer health related quesons for paents.

Direct paents to prompt care centers or office visits according to symptoms.

Document telephone interacons and send health related mes- sages to physicians for specific paent intervenons.

Interact with a team of cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and administrave staff to provide quality care for paents with spe- cific cardiac needs.

Refer paents to community resources as needed.

05/2001 Registered Nurse

03/2013 Methodist Medical Center

Peoria, IL

Performed head to toe assessments on 6-7 paents, some chil- dren, per night and document clinical findings.

Neurological assessments for stroke and TIA paents.

Admission interviews, obtaining orders for paents.

Monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in paent’s condions.

Maintained accurate, detailed reports and records.

Recorded paent’s medical informaon and vital signs.

Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnosc tests to idenfy and as- sess paent's condion.

Modify paent treatment plans as indicated by paents' respons- es and condions.

Direct and supervise less skilled nursing or health care personnel or supervise a parcular unit.

Consult and coordinate with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate paent care plans.

Monitor all aspects of paent care, including diet and physical acvity.

Instruct individuals, families and other groups on topics such as health educaon, disease prevenon and childbirth, and develop health improvement programs.

Prepare paents for, and assist with, examinaons and treat- ments.

Assess the needs of individuals, families or communies, including assessment of individuals' home or work environments to idenfy potenal health or safety problems.

Provide health care, first aid, immunizaons and assistance in convalescence and rehabilitaon in locaons such as schools, hos- pitals, and industry.

Prepare rooms, sterile instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensure that stock of supplies is maintained.

Administer local, inhalaon, intravenous, and other anesthecs.

Observe nurses and visit paents to ensure proper nursing care.

Recommend drugs, medical devices or other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy, inhalaon therapy, or related therapeu- c procedures.

Perform administrave and managerial funcons, such as taking responsibility for a unit's staff, budget, planning, and long-range goals.


Advanced PracƟƟoner Nurse


EPIC soware

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)


Windows 7/8/10

Microso Office 365

Corporate web conferencing and

communicaon plaorms


Peoria, IL

Shronda Phillips


Associates Degree in Nursing

Illinois Central College

Bachelors Degree in Nursing

Methodist College

Masters in Science Degree

With Honors

Walden University


Aretha Johnson

Former Preceptor

Nurse Praconer


Annabelle Dayola

Nurse Praconer


Tamika Shockley

Psychiatric Nurse


Heidi Evans

Caridiology Nurse


Community Involvement

Monthly mentoring of young

women in regard to health and

substance abuse, 10 years

Weekly parish nursing, 17 years

Parcipant in social work acvies

designed to educate people about

general care, diabetes, heart fail-

ure, high blood pressure and med-

ical compliance and administra-

on, 10 years

Aid community via informaon

sessions regarding resources for

medical payment, energy assis-

tance and foodbanks, 15 years

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