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Executive Assistant

Oklahoma City, OK
February 20, 2020

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405-***-**** Diana Rodriguez

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Extensive experience offers immediate adaptability to operate within any organization with minimal training. Professional support to managerial staff and accomplished in all aspects of administrative responsibilities. Utilizing detailed organizational skills and multi-tasking proficiency, I perform with high integrity and a strong work ethic. PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTES:

Skilled at making travel arrangements to include hotel/car rental/flight reservations and processing expense reports

Experienced in maintaining calendars, reserving conference rooms and scheduling meetings via Outlook

Gifted in creating and generating proposals/reports/ presentations, etc. with graphic designs

Demonstrated comprehensive software knowledge and qualified in the following applications:

Microsoft Office Programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Visio, Skype

Miscellaneous Programs: Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, CASTLE, eLMS, E2 Travel Solutions, KSN, SharePoint EXPERIENCE:


Assistant (AA)

Sirco IT JV –

Federal Aviation Administration– Academy

Oklahoma City, OK


Contractual assignment for FAA Academy supporting three (3) divisional managers and two branch managers in two offices: AMA-20; Training Services Support Division and AMA-800; International Training Division. Standard Office Procedures (SOP) in both divisions were predominately the same throughout and herein shown concurrently. Individual offices are separated with the differences listed below the shared listings.

• Answered main phone lines and direct calls accordingly providing customer service to callers.

• Received/distributed incoming mail and outgoing FedEX mailings as needed.

• Provided support with meeting schedules and conference room usage; established bridge lines for out of state attendees. Attended staff meetings and transcribed meeting minutes.

• Updated AA User’s Guide for both offices; confirming, appending information as needed.

• Acted as Time & Attendance (T&A) Coordinator utilizing CASTLE; reviewing Discrepancy Reports, Supervisor Approvals reports and Leave Requests - coordinating with managers for staff timesheet submissions.

• Was the Division File Custodian; reviewing/updating Official Files List (OFL) working with the FAA Academy Records and Information Management (RIM) SAV Tiger Team from Washington, D.C. for uniform file content.

• Actively monitored the iTRAC-KR system in the KSN for Action/Suspense Items; updated as needed.

• Utilized E2 Travel System to review managers and staff authorizations and vouchers and approved accordingly.

• Backfilled Office Administrator phone lines as needed for the AMA-1/2 Director’s Office. AMA-20 - Training Services Support Division offices’ additional separate responsibilities were as follows:

• Managed the weekly Significant Activity Reports; submitting reminder emails to branch managers for submission of weekly reports to roll-up and forward to Division Manager for submission to AMA-1/2 office.

• Managed/updated office telephone lists which included contact information for various locations onsite.

• Managed/updated office organization chart as needed. AMA-800 - International Training Division offices’ additional separate responsibilities were as follows:

• Provided status briefings to Division Manager to confirm/ensure Suspense/Action Item milestones were met and reconciled. Updated in KSN for analytical review/closure.

• Was the Primary Point of Contact (POC) working with program managers to assist and/or complete all necessary documentation and to confirm training was complete for processing international travel visas, passports, country clearances, memos, etc. while coordinating with APL-11 staff in Washington, D.C.. Assisted with the preparation of travel authorizations for international and domestic government travel for the Division travelers.

• Assisted Program Managers and Instructors in the completion of analytical studies with travel administration and class management that included coordination with FedEX for printing student/instructor materials, etc.

• Supported foreign embassies and consulates in matters pertaining to visa, passports, international travel regulations, requests, meeting agendas, etc. Produced passport pictures for traveling instructors. Processed end of course critique’s for courses conducted in foreign countries.

• Aided International Student Services Liaison; conducted comprehensive orientation for international program participants upon arrival at the Aeronautical Center for technical training to include verifying identification, assisted with parking passes or shuttle service, and escorted students to class. Ensured emergency information is correct and confirmed lodging was secured. Provided tours of the facility as needed.

• Utilized eLMS to manage/update international courses and class schedules as an eLMS Administrator.

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Executive Assistant


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) -

Program Support Branch/Support Services Section (PSB/SSS) Sacramento, CA


Rejoined the Department of Public Health in the Administrative Division, Program Support Branch (PSB). Assigned to the Support Services Section (SSS) directly under the Section Chief. Duties were as follows:

• Assisted the PSB Section Chief as needed; editing multiple reports and various manuals for the Berkeley Laboratory in addition to providing report updates for the Director's Office (DO) and supplying monthly meeting agendas for PSB staff.

• Assisted the Administrative (ADMIN) Unit chief in editing documents, manuals and reports, in addition to updating office forms and producing brochures and signage.

• Contributed to the newly formed Fi$CAL program which entailed attending several meetings with various directors and managers across several branches to create forms for usage throughout all financial/accounting and human resource offices for the State of California. Ensured forms met the needs of all stakeholders involved from a

‘cradle to grave’ process. Program went live June 2018 and forms are currently being used throughout all state of California offices.

• Transcribed and disseminated quarterly meeting minutes to Administrative User Group's (AUG) 75 members.

• Provided support to the Records, Mail & Administrative Services Unit (RMASU) Chief by editing Director’s Action Reports (DAR) and correspondence for the DO.

• Previously assisted the former Health and Safety (H&S) Officer by formatting multiple reports for Intranet use. Assisted the Health and Safety Officer’s successor as needed. Provided support for Telecom Unit staff:

• Processed 250 invoices on 11 Excel spreadsheets on a weekly basis. Ensured compliance with accounting office and the State Controller’s Office (SCO) policies in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act.

• Identified, coded and tracked items via CALSTARS Online Reporting Environment (CORE). Tracked expenditures.

• Coordinated with AT&T staff on invoice accuracy.

• Reviewed CORE reports and filed documentation.

Executive Assistant


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) - Ecosystem Conservation & Wildlife and Fisheries Division Sacramento, CA


As the executive assistant to the deputy directors of Ecosystem Conservation (EC) Division and Wildlife and Fisheries (WF) Division, my responsibilities were as follows:

• Managed Director’s Action Reports (DAR) as needed for both divisions: Reviewed reports for format consistency.

Edited reports with required changes.

• Arranged travel via the CalTravelStore website. Confirmed hotel/airline reservations.

• Reconciled Travel Expense Claims (TECs) for both directors and staff as needed.

• Submitted monthly timesheets for deputy directors, managerial staff, and their office staff.

• Procured office supplies as requested coordinating with purchasing office personnel to stay within budgeted allocation per department. Advised staff of request approval and distributed supplies.

• Organized meetings, invited attendees, and reserved conference rooms via Outlook. Worked with the Director’s Office (DO) for submission of documents in the surname process for approval / finalization as they passed through the Office of Fish and Game Commission.

• Provided support for program managers with edits to letters/memos. Furnished required attachments which varied based on type of documentation and by which Unit/Office requirements.

• Worked in collaboration with the Regulatory Unit (RU) staff. This included overseeing the processing of RU items added to the regular bimonthly Commissions Meeting agenda for a vote on new public regulations as they went through each course of action: Initial Statement of Reason (ISOR), Pre-Adoption Statement of Reason (PSOR),

Final Statement of Reason (FSOR). Processed Commission DARs for RU manager. Managed the start/stop stages of documents.

• Assisted the Fish and Game Commission’s Office (CO) staff, with the RU DARs as they proceeded through the Office of General Council (OGC) staff and the Legislative Office staff to confirm compliance of guidelines for newly adopted regulations for the Department of Fish and Wildlife in the State of California.

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Executive Assistant


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) -

Administration & Legislative and Governmental Affairs (LGA) Sacramento, CA


Provided executive administrative support to the Deputy Director of Legislation and Governmental Affairs. Daily responsibilities were as follows:

• Provided a hardcopy of daily calendar utilizing Outlook and included all meeting materials pertinent to the day. Arranged meetings as needed, invited attendees, and reserved conference rooms.

• Processed correspondence to Senate and Assembly members through internal state program; DGAIS.

Directed letters to CDPH deputy director and appropriate program staff. Filed correspondence.

• Reviewed Legislative Bill Analyses (LBA) and Enrolled Bill Reports (EBRs), editing as needed prior to submission to Director’s Office (DO) for approval and forwarding to California Department of Health and Human Service (CHHS) Agency office (Agency).

• Processed Bill Analyses upon return from Agency as they proceeded to the Governor’s Office (GO).

• Served as Training Coordinator for LGA office. Managed training requirements/classes/files for office.

• Operated as Attendance Clerk; Processed timesheets for LGA office. Submitted to HR department.

• Ordered office supplies, secured vendors and worked with purchasing office for document processing. Provided executive assistance to the Deputy Director of Administration (ADMIN):

• Coordinated executive calendar of events with 1:1 weekly meetings.

• Arranged 1:1 meetings with branch chiefs and coordinated various staff meetings as needed.

• Handled Public Records Act (PRA) requests through various programs within administration division.

• Processed administration memos throughout department and uploaded to Intranet via Sharepoint. Executive Assistant


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 8 (USFWS) -

Conservation Partnership Program (CPP)

Sacramento, CA


Provided administrative support to the Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Conservation Partnership Program (CPP). Direct responsibilities included:

• Reviewed emails and posted meetings to managerial calendar using Lotus Notes and provided ARD information of upcoming activities with weekly status reports in 1:1 meetings.

• Arranged internal meetings, invited attendees, produced meeting material and meeting minutes from weekly CPP chiefs’ meetings and distributed to program staff.

• Organized all travel schedules including flights, lodging, transportation and meeting activities.

• Coordinated external event activities for program chiefs according to specific requirements. Worked with various external private offices and state departments to secure successful outcomes. Provided backup administrative support for CPP divisions including: Migratory Birds, Central Valley Joint Ventures, Habitat Restoration, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all division activities were similar in nature and listed accordingly:

• Opened/distributed mail. Typed correspondence, memoranda, faxes, Merged documents pertaining to the operations of the CPP and distributed accordingly. Checked outgoing correspondence for procedural and grammatical correctness with appropriate enclosures.

• Answered phone calls, routed as necessary, and supported regional secretaries as needed if requested.

• Served as contact person for the compilation of Travel Authorizations, Vouchers and SF-1164 reimbursement documents with follow-up to HR department in Portland Region 1 office utilizing the GovTrip program.

• Arranged travel, hotel reservation and vehicle rentals for external meetings. Reconciled credit card statements.

• Scheduled meetings and produced meeting minutes from weekly CPP ARD and monthly CPP Staff meetings and distributed to program staff.

• Processed Surname and Federal Registry documentation thru signees and incorporated items into the Federal DTS system.

• Composed Internet research as directed by ARD. Produced reports and reference material as needed. Supported Climate Change/Science Applications ARD and LCC Coordinator by coordinating a workshop luncheon/meeting held in a downtown Sacramento hotel conference room.

• Organized clerical staff to help with spreadsheets containing over 100 on/off site contacts to confirm attendance. Created, collated and distributed meeting packages for workshop.

• Coordinated with instructors and rooms for class training usage for California state workers.

• Confirmed video service was established and collected monies for luncheon meeting.

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Executive Assistant


California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) - Office of External Affairs (OEA)

Sacramento, CA


Position required a variety of executive-level support duties for the deputy director which included:

• Utilization of analytical skills regarding timeliness, sensitivity, discretion, and leadership in directives.

• Presented communication and planning skills with initiative in data management and knowledge of department’s policies and procedures.

• Prepared meeting agendas and information packets for the Deputy Director and staff.

• Operated as the timesheet coordinator for External Affairs staff members in HQ office. Maintained leave balances and ensured the accuracy of timesheets while distributing a quarterly report to staff.

• Coordinated meetings and several events at the Sacramento Convention Center which included organizing booth staff while working with several departments (DOJ, CHP). Supplied both set-up support and takedown of signage, tables and chairs. Created badges, produced give-a-way bags for the public and provided follow-up reports of events to all agencies involved.

• Lead clerical staff member for the office ensuring consistency in key functions of the office and provided direction to other clerical staff members as well.

• Scheduled hiring interviews and internal/external meetings. Participated on interview panels. Supplied follow-up reports.

Provided editorial and analytical support in the processing of reports such as:

• The Week Ahead (TWA), Sixty Day Forecast (SDF) and OEA Weekly Stat Report for the Executive Office.

Worked with several managers and the Director’s Office (DO) to obtain information for reports.

• Reviewed Office Technician (OT) edits to ensure format consistency in the production of reports.

• Worked with seven programs in formatting the 2007 Consolidated Environmental Enforcement Report.

Received a personal letter of recognition from the Cal/EPA director for the composition of the report. Miscellaneous additional responsibilities:

• Hosted a Chinese Delegation Team meeting working with the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco by providing the following services:

• Formed a collaboration of department directors from both the DO and the Cal/EPA office.

• Provided presentation materials for the meeting which included audio/video services, refreshments and gifts.

• Acquired a fluent Mandarin language translator to translate for the meeting.

• Established a tour of the Berkeley Laboratory office. Project Assistant /

Office Manager


SGS Testcom Inc. –

Vehicle Information Management Services (VIMS)

Rancho Cordova, CA


Supported the program manager in an office of approximately 80 employees/consultants in a consultation project for the State of California - Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). Primary concentration was to assist the project manager with the following responsibilities:

• Edited, formatted and managed technical documents with embedded JPEGs, PPTs, Visio diagrams and other electronic media.

• Managed deliverable files and maintenance of a database of over 300 deliverables in CollabNet and shared drives.

• Assisted in both the development of Configuration Management procedures and the implementation of Change Management procedures in both HEAT and CollabNet.

Other standard office duties were as follows:

• Established physical and electronic filing system in manager's office and front reception area.

• Created and maintained a contact list for 80 employees, consultants, vendors, and BAR personnel.

• Updated and departmentalized schedules; holiday, vacation, and time-off for all staff.

• Monitored and managed Sonitrol security system with personnel use and monthly reports.

• Processed timecards, expense reports and invoices for employees, consultants and vendors with HR office.

• Coordinated meetings in three conference rooms via Outlook.

• Procured office supplies for three offices. Provided facilities management for two offices.

• Initiated New Hire Packages for distribution with updated HR documentation.

• Managed HR documentation for completeness of forms and compliance of HR requirements.

• Produced a Process and Procedures Manual for front desk admin/receptionist operations use.

• Organized all social activities, luncheons and special events for staff.

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Assistant (AA)

Bishop Powers –Commercial Real Estate Rancho Cordova, CA 12/03–12/04

Assisted the senior vice president of land management and two vice presidents in the commercial real estate division with multiple administrative duties such as:

• Created brochures via Publisher for distribution to numerous property owners and management companies for consideration of property sales.

• Established and maintained a filing system and maintained a database of client information.

• Provided communication support via phone, fax and email with clients and callers requesting brochures and/or other information.

• Operated as contact liaison with public and governmental agencies.

• Scheduled meetings and transcribed minutes for distribution to attendees.

• Examined Abstracts of Title and Title Certificates for real property.

• Assembled supporting title documentation and prepared requests for preliminary and final title opinions.

• Prepared and reviewed purchase contracts, deeds, escrow instructions and other documents necessary to acquire real property rights.

• Performed miscellaneous requests, i.e. spreadsheets and binders of information. Typed Letters of Information (LOI’s), Requests for Information (RFI’s) and other correspondence for clients. Retail Assistant


Goodwill Industries –

Retail Stores

Sacramento, CA


Provided administrative support to the Retail Operations and Loss Prevention Director. Supported with the following operations:

• Operated as back-up support to the executive assistant and receptionist responding to customer complaints with follow-up reports.

• Reconciled daily sales reports for ten chain stores.

• Ordered and distributed supplies based on request.

• Created signage for 10 stores sales displays.

• Coordinated distribution with warehouse personnel delivery schedules.

• Scheduled staff meetings and typed/distributed meeting minutes. Administrative

Assistant (AA)

Stantec Consulting Inc. –

Civil Engineering Office

Sacramento, CA


Performed database management using Deltek software. Included were the following:

• Coordinated database information for sub-consultants, employees, projects and client information.

• Managed the merchandise sales for employees and clients.

• Maintained client list for various office activities.

• Provided assistance on Requests for Information (RFI) and Letters of Interest (LOI) with binding, distributing and filing.

• Researched engineering BIO’s for appropriate personnel to allocate in all RFI requests.

• Reconciled supply orders for distribution to staff. Executive Assistant


Montgomery Wards –

Retail Stores

Huntington Beach, CA


Operated as the primary support for the regional vice president. Services included:

• Coordinated all travel preparations including lodging, transportation, meals and meeting arrangements.

• Answered VP phone line, handled all customer complaints by producing and maintaining complaint logs.

Followed-up on calls with Letters Of Intent (LOI) to reconcile issues in compliance with HR requirements.

• Maintained budget reports and store visit schedules for seven (7) district managers, five (5) regional managers and contact with 120 store managers.

• Oversaw construction of new offices in the Sacramento, CA location.

• Processed timesheets for all managers.

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ADA Compliance CA Dept. of Quality Performance Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion CDPH In-House training class 06//20/18 Disaster Service Worker CA Dept. of Quality Performance Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion CDPH In-House training class 03/06/18 Information Privacy/Security CA Dept. of Quality Performance Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion CDPH In-House training class 03/01/18 Workplace Violence Prevention CA Dept. of Quality Performance Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion CDPH In-House training class 03/01/18 PH Quality Improvement CA Dept. of Quality Performance Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion CDPH In-House training class 02/27/18 Excel Level II CA Dept. of Human Resources Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion Statewide Learning & Performance Management 01/11/18 Completed Staff Work CA Dept. of Human Resources Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion Statewide Learning & Performance Management 11/08-09/2017 Conflict Resolution CA Dept. of Human Resources Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion Statewide Learning & Performance Management 10/17/2017 Critical Thinking Tools CA Dept. of Human Resources Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion Statewide Learning & Performance Management 10/03/2017 Introduction to Analytical Skills CA Dept. of Human Resources Sacramento, CA Certificate of Completion Statewide Learning & Performance Management 09/12-13/2017 EDUCATION:

College Courses Sierra Jr. College Rocklin, CA

Business Management Dean's List Attendee 09/1985–11/1986 Diploma/Certificate MTI Business College Sacramento, CA Word/Data Processing Honor Graduate Student 09/1983–04/1984 REFERENCES:

Available upon request.

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