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Undergraduate student

Thornhill, ON, Canada
February 20, 2020

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York University - Digital Media Honours Student



Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


Digital Media

Honours Bachelor of Arts

Game Arts Major

York University (expected 2021)


Experience with Photoshop,

Illustrator and Figma

Experience coding in Java,

JavaScript, PHP and C#, Python

Experience animating in Maya

and Unity

Skilled in leading and

undertaking research projects

Excellent written and verbal

communication skills


Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUP and Figma

Skilled in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, Processing, Arduino, Wordpress and Web design with an A- grade average

Experience in running a Python Workshop at Canada Learning Code

High proficiency in G Suite Tools

Experience with Max MSP, over 8 projects in 2 classes

Experience using Unity to design 2D and 3D video games

Experience using Maya to create 2D and 3D animation short films RELEVANT PROJECTS

EdFest Quest

EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL PUBLISHING IN DIGITAL MEDIA YORK UNIVERSITY 2019 Helped create a website used in the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The website facilitated a community for artists, audience members and residents of the largest arts festival in the world and provided event information to the public. 3D Short Film Animation

HUMAN MEETS DINOSAUR YORK UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION TO 2D MODELLING 2019 Using the principles of animation, developed a short film in Maya, rendering each frame using a batch renderer. Focused on using a range of techniques such as keyframing, rigging, deformers, motion paths, set-driven keys, lighting, sound, camera movement and physics simulation

3D Game Level Design & 2D Platformer Game

YORK UNIVERSITY GAME MECHANICS GAME DEVELOPMENT 2019 Games created in Unity, focused on mechanics, visual impact and overall gameplay. The game consisted of generated aspects and a creation of assets through Maya and Photoshop. Prototyped games, implemented mechanics, simulated and operationalized game mechanics

Max MSP Audio Visual Concert

SPACEJAM YORK UNIVERSITY MEDIA SIGNAL PROCESSING 2019 Helped create an abstract audio visual piece that was shown in a concert setting at York University realized in Max MSP.


English Fluent

Turkish Fluent

French Fluent


United Nations Fundraising at

York University (2019)

We Day Volunteer (2017 - 2019)


Available upon request.


Created visuals that are triggered by audio

Audio created in Max


SCRATCH MEDIA RESEARCH FOR PROFESSIONAL WRITERS YORK UNIVERSITY 2017 Wrote, edited and produced a podcast episode regarding the gender wage gap for t podcast “From Scratch Media”. Provided in-depth research on relevant statistics an policies.


Aquatic Supervisor

WAVE POOL CITY OF RICHMOND HILL 2018 - PRESENT (1 year, 4 months) Provide leadership development, communication, program management and administration.

Led 10 first aid training sessions for over 100 students and employees

Currently managing 10 swimming instructors and 20 lifeguards

Consistently evaluating 55 paid and volunteer staff Aquatic Instructor and Lifeguard

WAVE POOL CITY OF RICHMOND HILL 2016 - PRESENT( 3 years, 4 months) Providing quality instructional services that adhere to the lifesaving society must-sees to children and adults of all ages. Ensuring and making judicious decisions regarding the safety of swimmers.

Good communication skills between fellow lifeguards and instructors

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