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Engineering Injection Molding

Novi, MI
February 20, 2020

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Western Michigan University, USA DEC 2019

Master of Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering GPA: 3.80 Anna University, India JUN 2017

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.63 RELEVANT COURSEWORK

• Advanced Product Development

• Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFMA)

• Material Selection for Design

• Process Planning and Cost Estimation (PPCE)

• Maintenance Engineering

• Total Quality Management (TQM)

• Precision Manufacturing & Micro


• Manufacturing Technology 1 & 2

• Strength of Materials

• Design Optimization

• Advanced Fluid Mechanics &


• Fuel Cells and Alternate Energy

• Advanced IC Engine Design

• Thermoelectric Design

• Advanced Thermal Design

• Advanced Heat Transfer 1 & 2


• Engineering Software: SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, ANSYS (Fluent, Workbench, Aim), Festo, MATLAB, HYSYS, Mathcad and LabVIEW

• Engineering Skills: APQP, PPAP, DFMA, DFMEA, CAD Drawings, Manufacturing Technology, Process Optimization, Trade-off Curves, Product Design Specification (PDS), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Prototype Manufacturing, Product Development, Testing & Validation, DVP&R, Project Management, Capacity Study, Supply-demand plan and delivery time

• Soft Skills: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical thinking, Leadership, Written and Oral Communication EXPERIENCE


• Collaborated with the Strategic Sourcing team to study the available capacity of new suppliers and performed annual audits for existing suppliers

• Reduced overtime costs and stock outs by forecasting customer demand using R studio

• Optimized the procurement process by pooling suppliers and setting up standard procurement scheduling throughout the year

• Mitigated downtime in production schedule by determining a safety stock level for uniform production scheduling WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY AUG 2018 – DEC 2019

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant – Mechanical Engineering

• Engineered and devised a self-sustained clean energy system for the purification of biogas to produce bio-methane

• Designed 3D system drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks, performed thermal analysis using ANSYS

• Performed Failure Mode and Effect Analysis and redesigned the pressurized system prototype based on the FMEA outcomes

• Designed a manufacturing process for the biogas purification system and validated it through prototype testing

• Analyzed Make or Buy decisions based off on Cost, Quality, dimensional tolerance, material compatibility and delivery time

• Lectured and graded two Mechanical Engineering courses: Manufacturing Technology and Design of IC Engine

• Provided technical support to various laboratory and department staff on F-SAE, Solar Car and Nano-manufacturing projects BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE JAN 2017 - AUG 2017

Product Development & Manufacturing Intern

• Identified and rectified root-cause failure modes in piezo-electric fuel injectors thereby increasing the product life by 2.3%

• Developed repair & maintenance Manual (RMM) for remanufactured alternators and designed fixtures and tools for testing

• Collaborated with Quality Team to conduct RCA for defects, determine corrective and preventive actions with 4M analysis for complex quality issues

• Attended weekly meetings with cross-functional teams to discuss progress and update on departmental capabilities for the product

• Supported in PPAP documentation, preparation of Test Reports (DVP&R) and assisted in optimizing workflow gaps in the manufacturing line

• Administered as a Technical liaison between external and internal engineering teams, with a focus on customer service and driving future business growth

TANEJA AEROSPACE AND AVIATION LTD. MAY 2016 – DEC 2016 Manufacturing Intern

• Implemented cellular manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques to lower the cycle time of 12 CNC machines by 8%

• Reduced holding cost of inventory by 12% along with shop floor layout optimization for enhanced material handling

• Standardized manufacturing processes involving metal casting and injection molding based off the standard bill of processes

• Created and managed PFMEA’s, Bill of Materials (BOM), Process flow and other quality related deliverables

• Created Master Schedule (Supply- Demand plan) to communicate the customer requirements to the Program Launch team

• Collaborated and helped in updating APQP and engineering documents pertinent to product design and release, including DVP&R, DFMEA, engineering drawings, etc.

• Reviewed and restructured Manufacturing Work Instructions to make them compliant with Control Plans and PFMEA ACADEMIC PROJECTS


• Increased design efficiency from 11% to 42% by introducing sonic welding instead of using 4-way locators molded into the part

• Tested and compared process characteristics and performed time study for ultra-sonic welding and 4-way plastic mold assembly

• Reduced part count by 34% and saved approximately 2.5 minutes of assembly time totaling to 1250 labor hours per year

• Optimized workflow and redesigned the manufacturing process to save $383,125/year with a return on Investment in 1.57 months PRODUCT DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING JAN 2019 - AUG 2019

• Created a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for a product based on customer’s Product Design Specifications (PDS)

• Administered the role of product engineer in concept generation & implementation based off on the tradeoff curves

• Reduced the assembly time by 96 seconds by implementing computerized DFMA techniques

• Analyzed the critical design factors (Cp and Cpk) using DOE and prepared DFMEA chart for final production prototype DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A PRESSURIZED GAS SYSTEM FOR PURIFICATION OF BIOGAS AUG 2018 - MAR 2019

• Designed a self-sustained clean energy system to produce bio-methane for heating and fuel sources in small communities

• Developed and performed cooling load testing on a flash setup designed to achieve a temperature of -62 at lab temperature

• Performed chemical analysis and HVAC testing on the gas system using HYSYS and SolidWorks Flow Simulator

• Optimized the production cost by eliminating Heat Exchangers, thereby reducing the weight of gas system by 13.2lb DESIGN OF AN ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM TO CONVERT EXHAUST INTO ELECTRICAL OUTPUT JAN 2018 - AUG 2018

• Reduced CO2 from the exhaust by devising an additional automotive exhaust system, which converts the CO2 into electrical power using a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC)

• Saved $2160/year per vehicle by generating an additional power of 62W with every 14.4g/bhp-hr of exhaust CO2

• Performed project analysis and remodeled Aluminum stack for achieving peak power requirements with payback in 12.4 years DATA DRIVEN MATERIAL EXPLORATION FOR EXTENDED LIFE OF RACING BRAKE PADS JAN 2019 - MAY 2019

• Explored the range of graphene reinforced materials for thermal and electrical properties closely matching to that of existing carbon

• Calculated the grain size effect on the life of brake pads for temperature variation ranging from 800 C to 1320 C in 3 seconds

• Increased the life of brake pads from 800 Km to 1350 Km using an alternate material: Graphene – Reinforced Silicon Nitride HEAT TRANSFER ANALYSIS ON CORPORATE FUEL RESEARCH (CFR) ENGINE AUG 2018 - DEC 2018

• Operated the CFR engine using LabVIEW for multiple spark timings, compression ratio and fuel injection pressure

• Calculated the rate of heat release and heat release for 10 spark timings to study the maximum brake horse-power with heat losses

• Researched on exhaust gas constituents using a Horiba 5 gas analyzer for four different types of fuel at 22 BTDC spark timing DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF F1 BRAKE SYSTEM WITH A THERMOELECTRIC GENERATOR (TEG) JAN 2018 - MAY 2018

• Designed an Energy Recovery System (ERS) for a Formula1 Vehicle using a TEG in the brake pad setup

• Used 260 thermoelectric modules to produce 630W of additional power to the Li-ion Battery pack

• Increased top speed by 3.6mph by formulating an analytical strategy for the usage of additional power COURSEWORK - PRECISION MANUFACTURING AND MICRO MACHINING JAN 2018 – MAY 2018

• Micro Manufacturing of components of size less than 100µm with detailed unconventional manufacturing techniques

• Experimented Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) with grain structure level evaluation performed using Electron Beam Microscopy

(EBM) and X-Ray diffraction setup

• Gained knowledge of the operating parameters and brief ideology of machining microstructures by creating a combination of available manufacturing processes

• Performed various manufacturing processes including melt spun casting, Die Casting, Injection Molding and sheet metal stamping SAE BAJA MAY 2017

Subsystem Head – Coordination and System Integration PUBLICATION

• Performance and Emission Evaluation of Diesel Engine with 20% Neem Methyl Ester and Nano-Fuel Additive – International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology (IJARTET), Vol 4, Special Issue 16, April 2017. ISSN (Online): 2394 – 3785



Head of Project Management & Operations

• Managed 55 people in creating a self-sustained energy project and coordinated with cross functions team on project development

• Performed project analysis and held weekly business review meetings to update progress and worked on setting goals for the following week

• Managed 4 team leaders and established WBS to keep a track on the schedule of the project delivery time

• Presented the Investment Pitch Deck on behalf of Enactus and secured sponsorship from Walmart and KPMG Western Michigan University APR 2018 – DEC 2018

Student Alumni Ambassador

• Acted as a middle man between the Alumni and the University and planned various events to engage alumni with the campus

• Lead a team of 6 in creating an invisible need project and raised about $12000 in the process

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