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Factory manager (Mechanical Engineer)

February 19, 2020

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Nicolas F .Nasrallah

Keserwan - Lebanon

Tel: 961-*-******

Mobile: 70-873596



Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Notre Dame University (NDU), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

June 2007

Maîtrise ES Sciences en Physique (Master’s in Physics)

Lebanese University, Fanar, Lebanon

June 2004

French Baccalaureate (Part II) Scientific, Grand Lycee Franco-Libanais, Nahr-Brahim ( May 1999)


Computer skills:

a-Software Packages: AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point and MS project.

b-Operating Systems: Windows XP- 98-95 / Window 7

c-Member of Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA).


May 2019 – December 2019: Senior Mechanical Engineer (Employer: Make Space Holding)

-Planning, directing, or coordinating activities in engineering fields along with the research and development.

-Conferring with the management staff to discuss project specifications and procedures.

-Coordinating and directing projects, making detailed plans to accomplish goals and directing the integration of technical activities.

-Analysing technology, resource needs, and market demand, to plan and assess the feasibility of projects.

-Feasibility study of a ‘’plasma gasification’’ plant which is an eco-friendly solution that has the ability to convert garbage into energy (such as electricity) and other valuable products (such as Diesel, Fuel, Hydrogen, Distilled water, etc...).

-Applying research theories, and principles when conducting research activities.

-Reviewing and evaluating results and conclusions of research projects.

-Writing reports and maintaining contact with the international suppliers (mainly from Canada and the US).

-Preparing cost estimates and analyzing cost parameters.

February 2018 – March 2019: Planning and Cost control manager (Employer: Carosserie Abillama)

-Oversee production planning and management activities within the organization.

-Determine production requirements based on plant capacity and production specifications.

-Plan work flow and schedules for production departments.

-Monitor production status and ensure timely delivery.

-Identify delays and accordingly adjust schedules to meet deadlines.

-Notify customers on any delays.

-Evaluate current production processes and recommend improvements.

-Assist in new product development and enhancements.

-Conduct daily meetings to keep track of production schedules.

-Ensure that finished products meet quality standards and customer specifications.

-Resolve production issues and escalate unresolved issues to management promptly.

January 2016 – November 2017: Operations manager (Employer: Les Affichages PIKASSO / AGEV).

-Planning, directing and supervising all civil works (Excavation and cementing process, coordinating with the suppliers and dealers including JCB, Cranes, etc…) related to the installation & fabrication of large steel billboards (14m x 4m Rooftops, 14m x 4m Unipoles, large gantries, and Led screens), facades cladding, Totems, illuminated signs, and machines’ maintenance (cutting, bending, drilling and welding machines) which are performed daily, weekly and monthly.

-Supervising and running smoothly the operations of the company, working on enhancing the team productivity and developing the business by working on analysis and reporting.

-Coordinating with the main contractors regarding the site readiness and delivery date.

-Ensuring excellent finishing and protection of goods installed up to the date of commissioning.

-Preparing the weekly schedule of the fabrication, installation, and maintenance teams.

-Planning for materials handling, storage and dispatching.

-Planning the maintenance schedule of the equipments in the factory.

-Communicate instructions of the designs to the Blacksmiths or local manufacturers for implementation.

-Ensuring Cost Control related to expenses and raw material.

-Monitoring the implementation of the health and safety and environmental policies and procedures.

-Following up with the electricians on all purchases and manufacturing requirements of material necessary for electric and lighting maintenance.

March 2015- December 2015: Project Manager (EMPLOYER: ACID projects)

-Establishing a preliminary and tentative schedule with client or contractor.

-Supervising the design phase.

-Launching and signing shop drawings after approval of execution drawings.

-Issuing production orders to factory according to shop drawings.

-Following up development of production with production manager.

-Insuring reception and quality of goods from factory or purchase department prior to delivery on site, while insuring quality standards, measurement standards, quantities and special packaging.

-Filling the first step of installation progress report. Hence the progress report booklet is launched.

-Evaluation of overtime to meet deadlines.

-Approving invoices received from subcontractors.

-Producing a proper snag list (partial commissioning) filled with client representative and take proper action in coordination with management.

-Ensuring excellent finishing and protection of goods installed up to the date of commissioning.

August 2012- February 2015: Factory & Installation manager (EMPLOYER: Les Affichages PIKASSO)

-Planning worker schedules and job orders for the installation and fabrication team.

-Ensuring regular control on the completion of the maintenance of panels.

-Ensuring a regular tracking control on the team’s routing using the GPRS reports.

-Managing and Coordinating the maintenance and calibration program.

-Supervising the daily work related to the Maintenance and Factory work - for Pikasso and AGEV- to ensure alignment with the company’s quality and safety systems in an efficient and effective manner.

-Ensuring weekly or daily site visits based on the need, in order to complete inspections on some of the 4x3 panels, all Rooftops, Unipoles and special Panels.

-Initiating orders for the maintenance of lighting systems.

-Designing product for manufacturing purpose, and communicating instructions of the designs to the Blacksmiths or local manufacturers for implementation.

-Supervising the daily work related to the manufacturing and warehouse for Pikasso and AGEV.

-Ensuring Cost Control related to expenses and raw material.

-Ensuring maintenance of factory machines.

-Scheduling weekly meetings with the managers of the Installation and Billposting teams to prepare the maintenance plan according to the quality control results and other needed maintenance.

-Reducing the number of work accidents through the application of the health and safety policies, and have the team report all related issues.

-Preparing, collecting and distributing payments for daily workers.

April 2008 –July 2012: Project Engineer (EMPLOYER: TECHNICA):

Management of the Assembly team:

-Supervising the technicians during assembly of the following: Conveyors- Packers- Stackers- Elevators- Stretch wrappers- Palletisers- Depalletisers- Turn tables- Dividers.

-Training members of the team.

-Working out the human and material resources needed.

-Establish manufacturing priorities and allocate the resources.

-Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality.

-Manage the manufacturing operation consistently with the company operating guidelines.

-Ensure continual improvement with overall quality of product.

Projects Management:

-Defining project tasks and resource requirements

-Planning and scheduling project timelines

-Providing direction and support to project team

-Coordinating with suppliers and providing all needed information on time in order to meet the deadline.

-Coordinating internally with the design and factory team and giving frequent updates on the delivery and all pending points.

-Following up on the pending materials with the purchasing department and updating the schedule accordingly.

-Communicating the pending points with the customer and giving frequent feedback on the delivery and project status.

Experience in Drilling machines – Milling machines- Lathing machines- Shaping machines- Cutting and Bending machines- TIG/MIG/Electrode and Stud welding

Experience in Sand and Ceramic Blasting of painted and Stainless Steel

Plant organization and divisions allocation for increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workflow

1 week installation and maintenance at MIC - KSA

Defining the calibration and maintenance schedule for each machine in the plant ( Lathing machines, Milling machines, Shaping machines, Bending and Cutting machines, Drilling machines, Cutting Disc)

Defining the safety regulations and instructions for every division in the Plant (Welding division, Machining division, Cutting and Bending division, Marking/Drilling and Threading division, Assembly division)

Wide knowledge in raw materials (Steel & Stainless steel and profiles).

June 2007- April 2008: Site Engineer (EMPLOYER: HATCO).

Production supervisor.

Planning and scheduling the maintenance of equipments.

2002 – 2006: Part-Time job: Private lessons in Maths and Physics (3eme, 2nde, 1ere, Terminale).

2005-2006: Assistant to Professor John Kortbawi, FAAD Department, NDU.

2006-2007: Assistant to Professor Antoine Farhat, Science Department, NDU.


Date of Birth: February 6, 1982.

Marital Status: Single.

Nationality: Lebanese.

Languages: Arabic, French and English.


-Two weeks field training at Caterpillar, Zouk-Mozbeh, Generating sets and Earthmoving equipments.

-MS project.

-Leadership Skills.

-FESTO training.

-OAAA Safety Seminar at the Embassy Suites Downtown in Indianapolis on September 12 - 13, 2016.


Dr. Walid Assaf, Chairperson, 961-*-****** Dr. Ghazi Asmar, 961-*-******

Notre Dame University, Zouk Mkayel Notre Dame University, Zouk Mkayel

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