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Safety Manager

Humble, TX
February 19, 2020

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Rick L Simon

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281-***-****, TX, 77346

Health, Safety, Environmental and quality engineer/Manager

Driven systematic, logical, HSE and Q Professional who will add significant value to your bottom line. Developed well-honed skills in support of HSEQ; focus areas: Major Capital Projects (MCPs) and Business Units i.e.; Project Planning, Metrics Development, Nonconformance and Corrective Action Implementation, Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis, and Risk Management. Implemented Certified Total Quality Management and Safety Management business management systems e.g.: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 1910 and 1926 compliant management systems, processes and procedures and have kept them updated via continual process improvement approaches and techniques. Superior ability to an implement operational excellence and incident free operational safety culture on MCPs and within Business Units. I hold the following certifications: Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Quality Manager Organizational Excellence (CQM-OE), Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), Certified Packaging Professional (CPP). During my career, I have worked for the following Corporations; Mars Inc. (Uncle Ben’s Foods Division), ABB Vetco Gray Inc., Halliburton, Subsea7, Chevron Corporation, DQS-UL-USA and DHL Industrial Projects, ADT for Lloyd’s Register, ENI Petroleum and Kinetic Pressure Control.

Developed and Implemented a Certified API-Q1 Management System (Aug 2019)

Implemented ISO 18001 OHSAS Management System (2017)

Implemented Safety Culture on the Agbami Nigeria FPSO Mega Capital Project and achieved world class TRIR and LTIR

Developed IIF (Incident and Injury Free) Tools and Implemented them across Chevron PRC MCPs

Wrote two (2) professionally published papers on Safety Culture and the Sharing of Lessons Learned e.g.: Offshore Technology Conference 2009 and the ASSE Oils and Gas Practice Specialty Well Informed Publication

Defined and Mapped Business Management Processes

Developed and Implemented ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Certified Management Systems

Skills Inventory

HSE & Q Auditing

ISM Auditor

ISPS Auditor

Risk Assessment

ERP Management

Incident Command Center Operation,

ERP Table Tops Scenarios and Drills Scheduling and Execution and capture of Lessons learned

QA/QC Inspection

Project Management

Six Sigma Black Belt

Safety Culture Implementation

Continual Process Improvement

Incident Investigation

Root Cause Analysis

TQM Implementation

API 17D Requirements

API 6A Requirements

ITP and Quality Plans

Statistical Process Control

ISO 9001, 14001, OSHAS 18001, OSHA VPP

Safety Work Practice Training

Certified Lead API Q1 Lead Auditor


Contractor Safety Management

Safety and Environmental Program Implementation

Quality Management and Engineering

Safety Professional Body of Knowledge

Emergency Response and Crisis Management and Training

Development of Audit Protocols for Safety processes



NCR and Corrective and Preventative Action Approaches

Metrics Development

Request for Quote and Tender & Bid Packages

Packaging Engineering

Process Safety Management

Cert Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt



Professional Experience

Kinetic Pressure Control (Kinetic) May 2019 – Current

Q-HSE Supervisor (Quality Manager); Oil and Gas Blow-out Preventer Fabrication and Test

-Serve as Management Representative

-Coordinate Quality and HSE Planning Activities

-Implement Process Safety Management System

-Lead and Facilitate PHA’s and HAZIDs

-Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, API-Q1, API-16A, ISO-45001, ISO 14001

-Review and update Business Management System ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and API Q1,16A

-Implement the Comprehensive Quality and HSE Integrated Management System

-Accomplish ISO and API Q1, and relevant monograming e,g,: API 16A

-Develop Process Maps for all Business System Processes.

-Conduct Contractor and Supplier Management

-Write and Review Procedures; HSEQ

-Manage NCRs and CARs

-Root Cause Analysis

-Incident Investigation

-Metrics Development

-HSE and Quality Auditing

-Set-up: Calibration

-Manage: API and ISO Certifications

-Project Management

-Develop ITPs

-Conduct Risk Assessments

-Develop and Manage KPIs

-Safety and Quality Training

-Support for Quality Control Operations and Qualification e.g.: NDT

-Develop Metrics And Report

-Coordinate Management Review Process

-Coordinate QA and QC Activities, e,g: Measurement and Inspection Activities

ENI Petroleum (Air-Swift Contractors) May 2019

SEQ Integration Coordinator

-Management of the SEQ Processes



-Root Cause Analysis

Adapt Technology Solutions (ATS for Lloyd’s Register) (03-2019-Present) (Part-Time)

-Develop Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems.

-Develop Safety Training Materials and Standards,

-Conduct Risk Assessments,

-Audit Management Systems for Compliance to Company, Legal and Local requirements, Subcontractor Strategy and Management, Oil and Gas Drilling Systems

DHL Industrial Project HSEQ Global Superientdent and North American Regional HSE Manager (02-201*-**-****)


-Developed three (3) winning request for quote project packages: Shell Trinidad Tobago, Shell Pennsylvania Chemical and BP Alaska projects.

-Developed HSE Onboarding and Safety Culture Training Programs

-Developed and Implemented FIFO Warehouse Process Maps and Procedures

Job Overview

-Risk Assessment of Marine, Aviation, Rail and Road Transport, Lifting and Securement Cargo Management and Logistical Operations (DOT and FMCSA requirements)

-Warehousing and Logistical Operations

-Develop Safety Culture and Safety Training Safe Work Practice Training Materials

-Conduct Training Needs Assessments

-Develop Training Registers for all Employee Categories

-Conduct Safety Training and Onboarding of Employees and Contractors

-Audit Facilities according to ISO 9001, I4001 and 18001 requirements


-Facilitate RCA

-Site Emergency Response Team Coordination

-Business Continuity Planning Development and Support

-Incident Development and Response

-Hurricane Response Plan Team Coordination

-HAZMAT Response Team Coordination

-Emergency Response Plan Development for Major Capital Projects and for HQ Site

-ERP Procedures and Process Development

-ERP Training

-ERP Lessons Learned and Updates to Plans, Procedures and Processes

-Safety Shipped Pressurized Cylinders: Acetylene, Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide

-Develop Request for Quote HSEQ packages

-Monitor and track and report on KPIs

-Conduct Vendor HSE Contractor Qualified and Field Reviews

-Supervise Critical Lifts and Loadouts

-Conduct Risk Management Studies

-Support Site Facility Management Teams

-Develop and Issue HSE/Operational reports

-Develop Project Management Plans

-Developed Safety Culture Tools and templates

-Serve as Project HSE Manager on Capital Projects

-Company HSE Management Team Representative

DQS-UL-USA Lead Auditor (Sep 2016 to Jan 2017)

-Develop Audit Plans for ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001

-Serve as Lead Auditor and Organize and generate the Audit Reports

-Serve as Team Auditor in Support Role

-Make Observations and Develop Corrective Actions

Safety Dimension, Houston Texas (Jan 2016-Aug 2016)

SHE-Quality Management Consultant (Contract)

Job Overview

-Develop and Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems.

-Develop Safety Training Materials and Standards,

-Conduct Risk Assessments,

-Audit Management Systems for Compliance to Company, Legal and Local requirements, Subcontractor Strategy and Management,

-Development of Plans and Procedures, Assessment of Safety Culture

-Implement HACCP and other Quality and Safety Management Controls and WHO Standards for Water and Food

-GMPs and OSHA, DOT and Coast Guard standards for Marine Requirements


-ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Implementation

-OSHA Compliance

-Public Speaking

-Verbal Communication

CHEVRON INC, Houston, Texas (2004-2015)

HSE &Q Lead MCP Advisor

Job Overview

Assure compliance with local, state and federal regulation along with company requirements pertaining to OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, NRC, DOT and EPA.

-Develop Safety Culture and Safety Training Safe Work Practice Training Materials

-Reviewed ERP for Offshore Major Capital Projects; Agbami FPSO, Jack St Milo Semisubmersible, DSO Nigeria Pipeline, Wheatstone LNG, Angola LNG

-Emergency Management Planning

-Supported Manufacturing Activities at: Chevron Lubricants, Pascagoula and Richmond Refineries

-Development of CMP

-Business Continuity Planning

-Scheduling of Table Tops Exercises and Drills

-Scheduling of ERP Personnel

-HAZMAT Spill Response Team Coordination

-Conduct Training Needs Assessments

-ERP Procedures and Process Development

-ERP Training

-ERP Lessons Learned and Updates to Plans, Procedures and Processes

-Develop Training Registers for all Employee Categories

-Conduct Safety Training and Onboarding of Employees and Contractors

-Ergonomic workstation Review

-Developing and implementing Health, Safety and Environmental \(HSE\) programs and procedures to ensure compliance with company policy, regulatory compliance, safe operations, and prevention of undesired consequences

-Preparing technical documentation, consulting with agencies and contractors and support for operations/field personnel in regulatory and policy compliance

-Participating in incident investigations, field audits and other incident causation and prevention activities

-Participating in emergency planning and response activities

-Supporting the Contractor Safety Program

- Reviewing permitting process, including hot work, confined space, and excavation

- Developing and participating in the Facility safety awareness programs

-Supported Major Capital Project as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) e.g.: Project Assurance, Peer Reviews, Operations Assurance Reviews, Audits

-Development and Implementation of Safety Management Systems on Major Capital Projects and at Business Units

-Facilitation of the Corporate Contactor, Health, Environmental, Safety, Management (CHESM) Community of Practice (CoP),


1). Two (2) years of Facilitation of the Corporate Contractor HES Management Community of Practice (CoP) with achievement of all scorecard metric requirements and the effective closure all CoP actions items.

2). Provided HES Subject Matter Expertise in support of the assurance of Chevron Project Quality Assurance Requirements for the following Major Capital Projects: 1). BP Mad Dog II, 2). San Joaquin Valley Building Project, 3). MOGAS Cogen Project, 4). PALO Project and 5). Bangka Condensate Project, 6. North American Data Center Project

3). Assessed Safety Culture Gaps on MCPs and developed corrective actions to fix issues and opportunities identified.

Corporate Lead HSE Auditor

Job Overview

-Coordinate and collate audit field data information when compiling the first draft report.

-Facilitate the OE/HES Review Audit Team in consultation with the Team Leader.

-Coach and counsel Team Members.

Major Achievements

1). Facilitated the development of the Managing Safe Work Audit Protocols and questionnaires for Corporate, Downstream and Chemicals, and Upstream.

2). Served as lead auditor on 17 OE Audits for the following Operational Excellence (OE) Processes: Managing Safe Work (MSW), Incident Investigation and Reporting (II&R), Contractor, Health, Environmental and Safety Management (CHESM), and Motor Vehicle Safety (MVS).

3). Served as MSW OE Liaison to the following MSW CoPs: Corporate, Downstream and Chemicals, and Upstream.

4). Supported and Audited the ESHIA Process:

● Detailed knowledge of complex local, state and federal environmental, health and safety regulations and their impact on operations with the ability to anticipate and plan for changes

● Knowledge of the methods and techniques of performing mathematical and statistical analysis and interpretation of environmental data

● Secured data, analyze facts, draw conclusions and recommend courses of action

● Developed requirements and estimates for funding corrective actions

● Provides candid constructive input to management decisions and actively support those decisions

● Coordinate and maintain environmental audits schedule and participate in audits

● Technical and working understanding of plant processes

● Ability to customize corporate policies to develop applicable procedures

● Able to develop training material for operating and maintenance personnel

● Deliver environmental training as required

● Maintained and report auditing metrics to senior management

MCP Workforce Safety and Health Advisor

Job Overview

-Process Management advisor for: Contractor Health, Environmental and Safety Management (CHESM), Managing Safe Work, (MSW), Incident and Injury Free (IIF) Safety Culture Development, Incident, Investigation and Review (II&R) for all PRC Major Capital (MCPs) Projects

-Developed and Rolled out IIF Tools for Safety Culture and provided support for: Operational Excellence (OE) Reviews, Look Backs and End of Project Lessons Learned Workshop, Peer Reviews, Peer Assists, Audits, Review of Processes and Procedures, Developed tools for Safety Culture Assessment and Implementation

-Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) for Work Force & Health Safety Initiatives

-OSHA Compliance

-Public Speaking

-Verbal Communication

Major Achievements

1). Facilitated the development of Safety Culture Tools, Templates and Guidance Documents.

2). Developed and deployed the CHESM suite of Contact Management Documents for use across all Major Capital Projects.

3). Facilitated the Safety Culture Community of Practice for 3 years

Agbami FPSO HSEQ Coordinator /HSE Field Manager

Job Overview

- Coordination of Risk Management Activities Agbami FPSO, Buoy and

Subsea Architecture

- Development and Coordination of Emergency Preparedness Program

- HAZOP, PHA (support) and JSA and HAZID facilitation

- Review and approval of Inspection and Test Plans

- NCR and Corrective Action Resolution

- Contractor and Subcontractor Management

- Storm Water Run Off, Title 5, ISO 14001 EMS Aspects and Impacts, Spill Response

Major Accomplishments

1). Received a “Good” Rating from the Corporate OE Audit Group’s Audit of the Agbami Major Capital Project,

2). Achieved Outstanding Subsea Completion Reliability and all launched subsea systems functioned as expected,

3). Achieved world class safety performance on the Agbami Project.

Halliburton Subsea; Subsea 7, Houston TX (Jan 2002 - Dec 2004)

GoM Regional HSEQ Manager

Job Overview

-Responsible for developing and implementing HSE & Quality Strategies

and Quality Systems i.e. ISO 9000 2000, ISO 14000 and the Subsea 7

-Business Management System

-Supported Halliburton Baroid Well Drilling Muds Manufacturing Processes

-Crisis Management Planning (CMP)

-Emergency Management Planning

-Development of CMP

-Business Continuity Planning

-Scheduling of Table Tops Exercises and Drills

-HAZMAT Response Team Coordination

-Hurricane Response Plan Development

-Scheduling of ERP Personnel

-ERP Procedures and Process Development

-ERP Training

-ERP Lessons Learned and Updates to Plans, Procedures and Processes

-Compliance to USCG, IMCA, ISM, OSHA and DOT Requirements

-Responsible for Hazard Identification (HAZID) and mediation (FMECA)

-Team facilitator, Development of HSE & Q Plans and related Docs

-Project Plan development and execution

-Storm Water Run Off, Title 5, ISO 14001 EMS Aspects and Impacts, Spill Response

Major Accomplishments

1). Development and Implementation of an ISO 9001 2000 DNV Certified Total Quality and Safety Management System,

2). Development and Implementation of an ISO 14001 DNV Certified Environmental Management System,

3). Achievement of Outstanding world class safety performance across the Subsea7 GoM Business Unit and all of the Offshore Major Capital Projects.

Halliburton, Houston TX (Mar- 2001 to Jan 2002)

Global HSEQ Continual Improvement Coordinator

Job Overview

-Business Unit HES Audits and Reporting

-Supported Halliburton Baroid Well Drilling Muds Manufacturing Processes

-Develop Safety Culture and Safety Training Safe Work Practice Training Materials

-Conduct Training Needs Assessments

-Develop Training Registers for all Employee Categories

-Conduct Safety Training and Onboarding of Employees and Contractors

-Development of BU Processes and TQM System

-Safety System Development and Implementation

-Core Team Facilitator for Corrective Action & Causal Analysis

-Corrective Action Process Improvement Team Member (CPI (Correction Prevention & Improvement) System co-process owner

Major Accomplishments

1). Management coordination of the update and launch of the TapRoot Root Cause Analysis Program across all Halliburton Business Units,

2). Update and launch of the Correction, Presentation and Improvement IT Product for launch across Halliburton,

3). Development of an Internal Auditor Training Program.

Asea Brown Boveri (Vetco Gray Inc.) (1997 to 2001)

Senior Project Quality Subsea Equipment Engineer

Job Overview

-Develop and Monitor Inspection Test Plans for 6A and 17D Wellhead Equipment

-Ensure that all API, ABB VGI and Customer Requirements are met in the realization process

-Manage Associated Nonconformance

-Perform Internal API Q1 Audits and Vendor Audits

-Manage MCP Equipment Realization and Testing and Delivery

-Serve as a member of the Corrective Action Team

-Storm Water Run Off, Title 5, ISO 14001 EMS Aspects and Impacts, Spill Response

Major Accomplishments

1). Determined the Root Cause of a Subsea Xmas Tree Actuator Stem Galling Problem that saved the Company $5 million and improved Reliability and early failures by 60%,

2). Reduced the average time needed to complete Project Close-Out: As Built Drawings, Mechanical Completion and Data-book handover by a period of 11 months,

3). Developed Corrective Action Team ideas and suggestions into project tools and deployed them for use.

M&M Mars (Uncle Ben’s Division) (1979-1996)

Houston Texas

Major Accomplishments

1). Reduction of Packaging Quality Issues due to development of Process Measurement Devices and SPC.

2). Development of Packaging Quality Acceptance Criteria

3). Use of CPK to qualify the most capable packaging vendors

Packaging Lab Manager

Job Overview

-Development of Materials Testing Procedures

-Testing of Packaging Materials and the development of specifications

-Development and Qualification Testing of Packaging Designs

-QA/QC of Packaging Lots

Quality Control/ Quality Assurance

Job Overview

-Industrial Hygiene Quantitative testing of Thiamine

-Effluent Water sampling and testing

-Particulate Analysis

-Fatty Acid Analysis


Master of Science, Quality (Operations and Reliability) Management,

Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Master of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

WIP Columbia Southern University (CSU)

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences,

Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

Associate of Science – Electronics Technology,

Video Technical Institute, Houston, Texas

Associate of Arts, Pastoral Theology

University of St Thomas, Houston, Texas

Studied Safety Engineering,

Kennedy Western University, Agora Hills California State

Professional Development

Licensed Insurance Agent Property and Casualty

Licensed Insurance Agent Life and Accident

Six Sigma Black Belt Loyola University

Exemplar Global Certified Health and Occupation Safety Lead Auditor

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt; Villanova University

Project Management Certification

Insurance License Property and Causualty and Life and Accident

Q1-API-Lead Auditor Certification 2016

Certified ISO 9001, 2000 Lead Auditor Training

Certified ISO 14001, EMS Lead Auditor Training

Certified ISO 18001 Safety Management Lead Auditor

Certified ISO 45001 Safety Management Lead Auditor


OSHA 501, 511

ISPS Marine Auditing Training

ISM Code Auditing Training

Advanced Safety Auditing Training

Project Management Development Program 20/20

HACCP Certification

Food Processing Certs: Aseptic. Low Acid, High Acid and GMPs

Texas Quality Assessment board of examiners member

MBNQA Training Seminar

Managing Process Improvement

Equifactor Equipment Failure Course

TapRoot Casual Analysis Leadership Course

TapRoot Trending Analysis Course

Clemson University Lab Management Course

ABB VGI Project Management Course

Managing Process Improvement Facilitator Training

MBNQA Performance Excellence Training Course

OSHA Training 10 and 30 Hour

CPR Training

Community Involvement or Volunteer Work

Membership Coordinator for ASSE Oil and Gas Practice Specialty since 2013

Habitat for Humanity

Core Competencies

MS Project, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint

SharePoint, Documentum, Business Objects, SAP

Incident Investigation; Senior Facilitator at Chevron; IMPACT, TapRooT-Certified


OSHA 501/511 (501 Scheduled)

OSHA 10/30

OHSAS 18001 experience


IS0 14001,


HACCP Certification

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Certified Master Black Belt Lean Sigma (Completed May 2016)

Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

Associate Safety Professional (ASP)


OSHA Compliance

Public Speaking

Verbal Communication


Outside Accomplishments

Published Offshore Technology Paper and gave presentation at 2009 OTC Agbami FPSO Safety Culture Lessons Learned at Reliant Stadium; The Agbami FPSO Safety Culture

Published Paper for ASSE Oil and Gas Practice Specialty; Lessons Learned from the Hook Up and Commissioning of the Agbami FPSO. Agbami HUC Lessons Learned

Major Capital Projects

-ABBVGI-Chevron Kuito Phases A, B and C (API-Q1-6A-17D Equipment)

-ABBVGI- Esso Balder (API-Q1-6A-17D Equipment)

-Amerada Hess-Garden Banks (API-Q1-6A-17D Equipment)

-PENNZ-Energy MCP (API-Q1-17D Equipment)

-SS7-Shell Nikika; Umbilical

-SS7-Shell Llano and Glider; Pipelines

-SS7-Exxon Mobile Diana; Pipeline

-SS7-BP Thunder Horse; Jumpers/ Semi-Submersible

-SS7-BP Atlantis; Semi-Submersible

-Chevron Benguela Belize

-Chevron Agbami FPSO

-Chevron Jack St Milo Semi-Submersible and Pipeline

-Chevron Wheatstone LNG

-Chevron Gorgon LNG

-Chevron Angola LNG

-Chevron Salt Lake City Refinery

-Chevron PALO (Port Arthur Pipeline)

-Chevron Midland Office Building

-Chevron San Antonio Data Center

-Chevron San Joaquin Valley Building Project

-BP Mad Dog II JV Semi-Submersible

-DGF-BP Alaska Project; Out of Gauge Equipment (OOG) Logistics

-DGF-Shell Pennsylvania Chemical Project; Out of Gauge Equipment (OOG) Logistics

-DGF-Shell Geismar Refinery Project; Out of Gauge Equipment (OOG) Logistics

-DGF-Shell Norco Refinery Project; Out of Gauge Equipment (OOG) Logistics

Develops, implements, co-leads and maintains Central Business Unit Safety and Environment Committees to drive:

o Incident free results (human injuries and aircraft damages)

o Zero NOV/Safety regulatory excursion

o Human Factors methodology and mindset

Develops and proposes sound innovative strategic policies and procedures that increase awareness for workplace safety, environmental programs and compliance, human factors and airline security procedures.

Leads HF reviews, investigations and debrief for human, aircraft, environmental and security events.

Provides incident on-call support and follow up.

Aligns Business Unit leadership on TOSGT and CSSC plan priorities

Implements processes and tools for driving improvements through Operational Leadership varies levels

Engages Business Unit Safety/Environment Operations Leaders to Identify and prioritize needs through robust data analysis

Develops new and improved safety, environment and security tools and processes

Documents and implements best practices across TechOps locations

Builds skills and capabilities in Operation leadership and safety representatives leveraging Central Safety Committee structure.

Collaborates with Operations environment and safety leader to manage regional regulatory contacts and inspections

Collaborates with environment and safety leaders to remediate issues identified through regulatory inspections and/or audits

Successfully deploys safety and environment management systems (i.e. SAFETY NET, MPR, SRI) to drive and improve scorecard results

Audits and validates safety and environment results across business units

Leads and influences zero loss culture that promotes employee engagement and transparency at all levels.

Represents TechOps with regulatory agencies such as EPA, EPD, OSHA and FAA to maintain compliance and works with agency when onsite for inspection of any Technical Ops facility. Travel may be required.

Establishes standards and procedures for ensuring contractor safety

Leads Emergency Response as defined by Emergency Action Plans

Standardizes and simplifies complex technical SPMMS. TOPPSs. SOP for

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