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PhD Researcher

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
February 18, 2020

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PhD Mechanical Engineering November ***5 – December 2019

The University of Birmingham

THESIS TITLE: Particulate Matter emissions characteristics, dynamics and its control in compression ignition engines KEY AREAS: Modelling gas and PM emissions, Multiphase flow characterisation, Test bench experimentation, Exhaust emission control techniques, Fuel performance, Exhaust after-treatment, Catalysed PM filtration and oxidation, Physico-chemical characterisation of tailpipe emissions and analysis, Parameterisation of particle dynamics, CO, THC and NOX species characterisation, conversion and abatement, Engine control and management systems (MATLAB/LabVIEW/AVL/ATI) Master of Science in Automotive Engineering, Merit (2:1) September 2014 – September 2015 Coventry University

THESIS – Autonomous Vehicle steering mechanics and static obstacle avoidance – functional scaled model of an AV using US sensors

(for obstacle avoidance), using Arduino Uno (for vehicle propulsion and navigational optimisation), peer review and optimisation of AVs using collective methodology for mission planning, perception, infrastructure, mechanical systems and behavioural reasoning of AVs

PROJECTS – Vehicle Aerodynamics (AMG wind tunnel and Start CCM+), Hybrid vehicle management systems (Model and performance analysis) and Intelligent Transport Systems, project management of hybrid vehicle system packaging NOTABLE MODULES – Automotive Dynamics, Aerodynamics and Intelligent transport Systems, CATIA, Project Management, Hybrid vehicle dynamics

PGD in Automotive Mechatronics, Pass (2:1) October 2011 – October 2012 Government Polytechnic & Mercedes Benz, Pune

THESIS – Error detections and rectification of automotive systems (Powertrain diagnosis) NOTABLE MODULES – Mechanical systems (Powertrain, steering, and chassis systems), Electronics and mechatronics control

(Infotainment and ECU models), Workshop Information System (WIS), CAN bus networking of control units, Engine management & Emission control management

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, Pass (2:2) August 2007 – August 2011 Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Rajasthan (Jaipur Engineering College) THESIS – Investigative study of hydraulic cranes (Scaled and mathematical model) MINOR PROJECTS – Engine enclosure design and emission aerodynamics for BAJA SAE India, propulsion systems for BELL helicopters and Bombardier Aircrafts.

Research Experience

MODELLING EXPERIENCE : MATLAB (simulation and post processing tool), Surface chemistry and Chemical kinetics (ChemKin), LabVIEW (control systems development), SolidWorks and COMSOL Multiphysics (exhaust after treatment models), Catia V5, 2D and 3D ANSYS Fluent/CFX (multiple phase flow applications), Python and C++ (beginner level)

TEST BENCH EXPERIENCE : Design of Experiments, exhaust after treatment setup, fuel blends and performance, monitoring and online data acquisition systems, Engine calibration and diagnostics, HORIBA MEXA 7000 series, Cambustion DMS500, AVL Smoke Meter, ATI Vision, Pico Data logger, LabVIEW, AVL Indimodul and Indicom, Dual fuel injection systems, on-line engine experimentation for 4 and 3+1 engine configurations Thermogravimetric Analysis, conventional IC engine experimentation, Electrical and mechanical fault rectifications, engine overhauling. Personal Information

Aawishkar Dharmadhikari

12 North Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7RP


+44 (0-745*******

Teaching Experience

Academic Mentor for MSc Students Sept 2018 –May 2019 University of Birmingham


Devoting appropriate attention to the continuous mentorship of up to 25 International MSc students from the Business, Accounting, and Finance departments

Demonstrating a strong capacity to make a significant contribution to the institution by offering student academic support, one- to-one meetings to give better guidance to each student in their respective areas Teaching Associate January 2016 – May 2019

University of Birmingham


Demonstrating consistently distinguished performance in teaching and learner support for Engineering Mechanics Labs Year 2, Advanced Mechanics (MSc and MEng. Students), Engineering Mathematics 2 (Year 2: Undergraduate), Vehicle Dynamics (Year 3: Undergraduate) as well as MATLAB/Simulink (Year 3: Undergraduate)

Providing useful scientific contribution while co-supervising a year 3 student’s final thesis project, aimed at conducting a study involving the development of a PID controller to be used in investigating Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions

Digital Innovation boot camp 2019 – guide and train mechanical and civil engineering undergraduate students to pitch an idea on the development and applications of Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Technician and Technical Trainer January 2013 – Oct 2013 Volkswagen India


Played a key role in producing a tangible and positive impact in the diagnosis of petrol/diesel engines as well as steering systems RESPONSIBILITIES

Excelled in petrol and diesel engines maintenance and repair with automatic/manual transmissions

Associated with overall vehicle dynamics and powertrain diagnostics on a daily basis

Exhibited a high level of technical competence in performing vehicle diagnosis and rectification

Monthly training sessions were given to floor technicians in relation vehicular mechatronic systems Academic Awards

PhD Mechanical Engineering (Pass)

Master of Science in Automotive Engineering, Merit (2:1)

PGD in Automotive Mechatronics, Pass (2:1)

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, Pass (2:2) Conferences and Presentations

RESEARCH POSTER CONFERENCE 2017 – UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, UK, Topic: Diesel Particulate Filter – A clean environment strategy UNICEG CONFERENCE 2018 – NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY, UK, Topic: Particulate Matter Reduction using Nano-fibre based catalysed diesel particulate filter

CAMBRIDGE PARTICLE MEETING 2018 – UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, UK, Topic: Soot formation and particulate characteristics in the cylinder and exhaust pipe of a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engine (URL: SOTI CONSULTANCY CHALLENGE 2019 – UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, UK, Topic: Real-life business challenge of using facial recognition authentication (URL: research-students-gain-business-experience.aspx)


PAPER 1 – Particulate matter growth and evolution using a Particle Growth Model (PGM) (1st Author – in writing and review) PAPER 2 – Particulate matter characteristics and dynamics inside the exhaust tail pipe (1st Author - in writing and review) PAPER 3 AND 4 – Loose contact catalyst coated Diesel Particulate Filter (1st Author - in writing and review) PAPER 5 – Empirical investigation of fuel blend emissions under multiple engine operations (3rd Author – in writing and review) Memberships

Alumni member of SAE India and participated for BAJA SAE India IMechE Student membership Vice President – Chair at Bharat Parivar Committee, University of Birmingham Active member with India Institute, the University of Birmingham for event management and collaborative projects


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