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Mechanical Engineer Design

Fremont, IN, 46737
February 18, 2020

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David VanZuilen

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Fremont, Indiana 46737


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Seeking to apply technical expertise in Product Development.

Strong background with operations, High and low volume Series production, Electronics fabrication, Power electronics, processes, design and development of BLDC Motors, Sensors and Actuators, packaging electronics, Lead Frames and Electrical hook up, High Voltage applications.

Recent Experience:

8-1/2 years with BorgWarner Marshall, Mi, working in the Innovation Group, Advanced R&D product design.

Areas of expertise:

• Research and development creating and developing concepts, developing models from concept to production.

• >25 years’ experience with new product development / current product engineering / project engineering electronics components, and electromechanical components.

• Simulations using Ansys FEA and Mathcad models, Thermal (Heat transfer), stress / strain, fatigue, vibration simulations

• Interconnects / Solderless connections

• EMC testing / developing test plans / ECE Reg 10

• Developing Project plans for component development and testing.

• Strong background with strength of materials / material properties

• Strong with Pro Engineer and SolidWorks

• Packaging Electromechanical sensors, Hall Effect, temperature sensors, Magneto Resistive, Variable induction, Gear train actuators, Vibrating silicon gyros, Batteries, power amplifiers, and BLDC motors and motor controllers.

• Power electronics: Design and cooling of high power >30A circuit boards and wire hook ups, thermal interface materials

• Electromechanical Gaging (design and qualification GRR)

• Design of Experiments / Statistics and qualifying components and systems

• Machining, Metal stamping design, Plastic part design, Electronic Packaging, sensors, plastic materials, plastic mold design plus applying simulations to new designs prior to prototyping.

• New Business development, direct customer liaison.

• Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP, NPDP and QOS Summary of Key Accomplishments:

BorgWarner: 2011 to present

Advanced product engineering BLDC Motors, and controllers, thermal interface materials, and Sensors, Actuators and electronic HV Heaters, Mechanical and Thermal simulations and EMC testing, Electronics PCBA failure analysis.

• Products include HVCH eHeater, eFan, INGA, CVCP, DMV, DMCP, Gen II Actuator, NGA, HDCCP, ATCP, DMV, CVCP, DMV Actuator and Electronic packaging, PCBA construction and fabrication, heat transfer, and electronic connections, press fits and welds.

At Under Sea Sensors: 2009-2011

•Re-designed Hyperspike TM acoustic projector to achieve conformity to UL safety standards. The effort also achieved a $500 cost savings per unit by reducing part and component count.

• Resolved heat transfer issues by developing a cooling system for a battery system used in a Sonar system

At Continental: 3 x employed

• Applied statics to identify best performance with designs from HALT testing. Prevented a loss of $3M for the Cummins Crank / Cam sensor project.

• Finite Element Analysis Expert Performed many FEA analysis that were key in preventing loss of the Cummins Crank / Cam sensor and development of the Flex Fuel sensor/ and helped solve solder problems. FEA analysis prevented the loss of $150k prototypes and months of lost time in development.

• Conceived the initial concepts of a Yaw Rate sensor which evolved into a $20M Cluster design group. Yaw Rate is vital to driver stability control systems now present on many cars today.

• Key participant in a international design team for the Flex fuel sensor. Oriented new product development, and customer interface between Siemens France and Ford Motor Company Dearborn. Resulted in Ford being able to provide a flex fuel vehicle to the market.

•. Developed a fuel probe to emulate fuel to be used in calibration. Previous production methods involved fuels with high potential for fire.

• Patents filed on products resulted in 7 patents issued and 2 patents pending.

• Instrumental in initiating cost savings for Siemens VDO more than $1,000,000 over the life of the Linear Analog Position Sensor product through a DOE that evaluated a process change resulting eliminated a problematic quality problem. At Kelsey Hayes:

• Initiated a cost savings at Kelsey-Hayes that resulted in an estimated $7 million dollars through developing a new process that blocks manufacturing difficulties through the use of design of experiments. The results were cost savings of $1 dollar per part on the Rear Wheel Antilock module product line that ran over 1 million parts per year. All together,

• Patents filed on products resulted in 7 patents issued and 2 patents pending. Experience:

• Sr. Mechanical Engineer USSI Columbia City 2009 to 2011 Advanced development Military products. Security clearance. Sonar, Sona buoy development, test load development, Amplifier design, Battery design, Heat transfer, developed a non-pyro Flash Bang prototype, Hyper-spike acoustic projector development.

Mechanical Engineer Technical Specialist Continental 2006 to 2009

• Adv R&D development for Sensors; Torque, Range position, speed sensors, cam crank sensors, temperature sensors.

• PMA Siemens VDO (Similar to PMP but tailored to Siemens)

• Statistics and FEA Technical Specialist mechanical engineering, Apply FEA to designs for evaluation of "what if" analysis. Some examples: solid molded sensors, over-molded lead frames, Snap together components. Apply Temperature loads, fatigue loads, thermal analysis, to solve a variety of problems including semiconductor wedge bond and wire bond failures and solder joint failures with no lead solder.

• Special projects for FEA, reliability, and engineering Sr. Product Engineer, Rieke Corporation Auburn IN 2003 to 2006

• New business development, develop and flood the market with concepts and prototypes.

• Costing

• Design and develop various closures and pumps.

Responsibilities include: Design to production for personal care and closure customers.

• Direct involvement with tooling makers for more than 50 plastic molds during my tenure at Rieke.

• Project Leader, scheduling and program planning. Tooling estimates, costing and pricing.

• Developed the Rieke Foamer by use of Statistical design of experiments

• Developing the APQP process within Rieke.

Staff Mechanical Engineer, (Continental) Siemens VDO, Auburn, IN 1992 to 2002 Responsibilities include: All aspects of design from concept to production for automotive and non-automotive customers.

• Developed magneto resistive (MR) rotary position sensor (patent approved) electronic throttle control by applying ideas from research in the lab and researching USPTO

• Project leader designed a 'low oil cut-off sensor' for small engines (patent approved) by analyzing the competition designs, and developed a new mechanical approach using Pro- Engineer.

• Project leader design and packaging for a 'charge motion control valve motor controller' by applying knowledge of the electronics fabrication process.

• Mechanical packaging of Electronic compass into pod by employing Pro Engineer modeling

• Developed mechanical packaging for the Yaw rate sensor that uses a vibrating silicon gyro technology by applying research and packaging techniques evolving from current production electronic devices. The concept was prototyped by employing SDRC solid modeling and applying GDT techniques.

• Electronic package for an electronic compass with display.

• Designed a next generation Flex Fuel Sensor (patent approved) with reduced part count. This design employs new ideas on electronic switching techniques that reduces the overall size of the device through the use of solid modeling.

• Initiated a reduction in warranty for a weak solder joint through a DOE. This resulted in blocking a defect on a soldering operation that reduced the warranty returns from 1% to near zero improving customer satisfaction for the GM Flex Fuel Program.

• Fuel Cell Humidity Sensor (Patent approved).

Application Engineer, Siemens Automotive, Auburn Hills, MI 1991 to 1992

• Technical liaison for flex fuel sensor assisting Sales Marketing and Product Design in Toulouse, France, in development from concept to production.

• Technical support for Hall Effect active wheel speed sensor / crank sensor and integrated

Product Engineer, Kelsey-Hayes Co., Romulus, MI

• Ride height sensor

• Software development for rear wheel antilock brake system.

• Resident Engineer at Brighton Plant for all sensor and actuator products

• Product design engineer Designed/developed RWAL module plastic case, packaged height sensors, solved GDT problems, performed DOE's, Deployed DFA, FMEA's, worked directly with the customers.

Machine Design Engineer Oak Products Inc., Sturgis, MI

• Product design punch presses, and assembly equipment. Awards

• (Continental) Philips Electronics Customer Champion Award. Project addressed quality problems encountered when height sensor was moved from Auburn, IN to Mexico.

• Taguchi Recognition Award. Presented paper on hall effect process for the Ride height sensor product optimization to the American Supplier Institute. Computer Skills

• AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Ansys, ProE, Pro Mechanica, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, MathCad, SAP, EPICOR MRP systems.DFA, FMEA+, IQFMEA, Web Page Authoring, HTML, Front Page 2000


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana Associate of Science, Glen Oaks Community College, Sturgis, Michigan Special Training

• High Voltage Training for Electric Car

• HV Arc Flash Training


• PMA (Siemens eq. of the PMP exam tested by PMI)

• IQFMEA /FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

• APQP- Advanced Product Quality Planning

• NPDP New Product Development Process

• McGraw-Hill Supervisory Training (12 Wks)

• GDT Geometric Design and Tolerancing (SME)

• Classical Design of Experiments (SME)

• Taguchi Design of Experiments

• Design for Assembly / Simultaneous Engineering, Value Engineering (GM)

• SPC - (Kelsey-Hayes)

• (8d TOPS) Team Oriented Problem solving

• Reliability Management (GM)



• Blind Electrical Connector to PCBA (Patent# 9768542)

• Magneto Resistive technology for rotary position sensors (Patent# 6316935)

• Mechanical Oil Level Sensor (Patent# 6446506)

• Next Generation Flex Fuel Sensors (Patent: 7170303, 6885199 and 6927583)

• Up-Lock Seal for a dispenser pump (Patent 7802701)

• Humidity Sensor for a fuel cell application (Patent# 6842017)

• Fuel Probe (pending)

• Trigger system for NP Flash Bang (pending)

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