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Logistics transportation maintenance management

Franklin, IN
February 18, 2020

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Jodi A Kershanick-Copeland


Professional Summary

A motivated Veteran who is a forward-thinking professional with over 20yrs of extensive experience within the areas of leadership, management, maintenance, logistics, transportation, supply, property accountability, staff support, procurement, operations management, supervisory duties, warranty and customer service relations. Strong ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously without a single point of failure. Has knowledge and experience with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and compliance programs along with OSHA standards for all types of engineering equipment. Train and develops personnel and expertly manages daily operations on a corporate level. Establishes and maintains strong relationship with outside agencies along with fellow employees to ensure seamless operations and a team concept.

Education and Training

University Of Northwestern Ohio Bachelors in Science

Training Certificates/Professional Development

Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt

Supervisor Development Course

Risk Management and Safety Course

Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Familiarization and Safety in Transportation Course

Environmental Compliance Standards Training (EPA)

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Global Combat Support System

Enterprise Data Management Office

Logistics Support Activity Webpage Applications

Maintenance Management Information System

Logistics Information Warehouse Webpage Applications

Integrated Logistics Support Center

Skills & Abilities

Maintenance/Logistics Warrant Officer December 2014 – November 2017

Supervised maintained multiple companies along with over 600 personnel with their maintenance/logistics and supply needs. Provides knowledge of principles, practices, techniques and procedures to overhaul, maintain, modify, and repair automotive, construction and track vehicles (TANKS) including a fleet of 24 Heavy Equipment Transporter and trailers, Palletized Load Systems, and over 50 pieces of additional rolling stock, all electronic equipment, small arms, ancillary life support equipment and power generation valued in excess of $10 million. Reviewed, advised, and assisted commander on maintenance policies and procedures in both written and verbal briefings in preparation for deactivation of unit. Combines the time frame for services of all equipment in a platoon increasing the amount of time a platoon has to train as a whole. Has knowledge and experience with various global and local tracking and reporting programs and systems to provide data guidance and track supplies, parts, equipment and unit maintenance. Readily gives time to teach others.

●Increased operational readiness rate from 91% to 99% while simultaneously managing two separate units with completely different mission sets.

●Planned, executed, and supervised all technical inspection for every piece of rolling stock prior to turn-in, completing an efficient turn-in process ahead of schedule.

●Integrated the vehicles into the service and PMCS plan, while conducting re-supply operations with the new systems.

●Provided systematic trends relating to equipment to better prepare the units for what to expect. Established a new Shop Stock Listing.

●Emphasized on cross training that ensured continuity of operations and the ability for the section to be capable of operating in any condition at any time.

●Knowledge of the wide range of maintenance concepts, principles, and practices necessary to repair, troubleshoot, maintain, and do final performance tests of automotive equipment systems and subsystems.

●Evaluates situations and makes appropriate decisions immediately and in a timely manner that is beneficial to all supported elements.

●Has the knowledge and technical abilities to provide guidance and advice on specific problems; ability to analyze and evaluate automotive, construction and power generation equipment and make recommendations for appropriate action to fix equipment.

Engineer Maintenance/Logistics Warrant Officer October 2010 – November 2014

Engineer Maintenance/Logistics Technician for multiple companies with over 1,850 pieces of engineer, ground support and wheeled equipment worth approximately $2 billion along with supervising 40 personnel. Advised and assisted executive officers on maintenance policies and procedures in accordance with regulations. Reviewed and evaluated unit maintenance capabilities, investigated systemic performance data and statistical information, made recommendations and assisted with diagnostic troubleshooting procedures on equipment to determine if problems are isolated in nature or involved the entire vehicle fleet. Verified all Material Condition Status Reports and the maintenance readiness reports; compared statuses with materiel readiness goals and acted to improve readiness when needed. Recommended solutions, submitted and prepared Equipment Improvement Recommendations, initiated Quality Deficiency Reports. Responsible for all aspects of maintenance and logistics related to garrison operations, including repair parts management, equipment reporting, driver’s training, safety management, oi analysis management, and fabrication coordination. As the Maintenance/Logistics Discipline Program Monitor for the unit and its subordinates; independently assessed situations and provided guidance and management on implementation of regulation provisions to standardize maintenance discipline throughout the unit and the United States Army. Supervised the planning and execution of monthly services to ensure all equipment was fully operational and able to complete any mission.

●Planned, coordinated and executed the training for 45 personnel. Projected and de-conflicted annual service schedules to support unit-training events; ensured all equipment was available and fully mission capable.

●Maintains contacts at all levels to ensure proper exchange of information and facts to discuss issues and come to a resolution.

●Skilled at providing technical advice and recommendations to leadership by oral and written briefings, reports, and presentations.

●Utilizes sound judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness to research trends to develop new criteria or new policy proposals.

●Recommends and makes decisions daily supporting all units assigned by interpreting regulations, using appropriate principles to resolve issues.

●Evaluates situations and makes appropriate decisions immediately and in a timely manner that is beneficial to all supported elements.

●Recipient of the Leadership Award during Engineer Maintenance Warrant Officer Advance Course; received high marks for oral communication while relating ideas, experiences and subject matter expertise to training objectives.

Maintenance/ Logistics Manager July 2005 – September 2009

Supervised the organizational and direct support maintenance for multiple units composed of over 300 pieces of equipment. Responsible for all levels of maintenance for over 310 wheeled vehicles, 61 trailers, 40 personnel and ground support equipment worth over $8 million. Implemented the Army Transformation guidance to operate within a smaller logistical footprint; created faster returns of equipment to the fight, decreased equipment evacuation requirements, increased productivity of maintainers and combat power. Accountable for the training of over 45 personnel in Field Maintenance procedures as part of the Military Occupational Specialty transformation; combining organizational and Direct Support Level tracked and wheeled vehicle maintainers into a single wheeled vehicle mechanic. Enforced Shop Safety program; adhered to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies and procedures. Acted as the Army Maintenance Management System director; assisted commander in managing equipment use and operations, equipment maintenance, and repair operations and maintained equipment to the Army standard as outlined in Army Regulations. Tracked all work orders and repair parts as the Maintenance System administrator, and processed information received from supported units. Maintained and submitted monthly Army Materiel Status System reports with no discrepancies noted. Deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and sustained Maintenance functions operated at home station with emphasis on combat theater transactions; considered the strongest logistician in unit. Maintained 126 pieces of equipment valued over $14 million. Managed 227 lines of parts stock list valued at $74 thousand; produced timely repairs and preservation of vehicles; reduced time taken away from combat aviation missions.

●As Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) manager ensured all repairs were completed correctly, timely and to standard; reduced non-mission capable time by 25%.

●Responsible for the training of over 40 personnel; coached and mentored personnel.

●Inspected 268 wheeled vehicles and trailers; identified faults and returned all equipment to a completely serviceable condition within 50 days.

●Dispatched three maintenance support teams to three remote training locations; provided support resulting overall readiness rate with zero vehicle breakdown during a 45-day training exercise.

●Conducted the Prescribed Load List/The Army Maintenance Management System relief in place with outgoing unit; received copies of all maintenance records of services performed and parts ordered on theater provided equipment ensuring no loss of continuity.

●Identified shortfalls in troubleshooting and maintenance procedures, wrote a POI ready for instruction.

●Processed over 35 transportation movement requests; guaranteed timely and efficient movement of over 90 weatherproofed shipping containers for movement by air and/or sea.

●Managed the technical improvement training of nine different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) while maintaining 24-hour support operations.

Maintenance/Logistics Supervisor July 2000 - June 2005

Responsible for the planning, management, supervision, and inspection of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of over 137 pieces of ground equipment costing $800 thousand and managed 35 personnel. Executed and directed maintenance on diesel engines and power generating units, including accessories, power trains and chassis components of wheel vehicles; adjusted operating mechanisms such as governors, control linkage, clutches, brakes, suspension, and steering, performed tune-ups, recommended appropriate power generating equipment to accommodate specific electrical loads and operated wreckers. Designed and organized work schedules; assigned duties; conducted operational and administrative obligations; instructed and guided subordinates in appropriate practices, procedures and safety. Responsible for all ground recovery missions, by maintaining mission control and ensuring the mission execution is flawless. Provided guidance to subordinates; directed establishment of supply and inventory control functions of the tool room; obtained commendable rating from higher headquarters during command inspection.

●Corrected numerous deficiencies on vehicle reports.

●Orchestrated training for 10 mechanics on procedures and requirements for ground support equipment such as Ground Power Unit’s Air condition repair and certification, Laundry and Bath Systems, and hydraulic repair.

●Trained all company subordinates in preventative maintenance measures resulting in an average equipment readiness of 95%, a 5% increase.

●Turned in all Status Reports and schedules.

●Mentored seven mechanics who received their mechanics skill badge and special equipment due to a high degree of skill in the operation and maintenance of motor vehicles.

●Safety emphasis resulted in ZERO accidents.

●Turned in excess serviceable repair parts valued over $1.5 million; enabled other units to gain access to needed parts.

●Returned over $500 thousand worth of unserviceable recoverable items to the army supply system; allowed the items to be repaired and returned to the supply system.

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