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Data Oracle

Fair Lawn, NJ
February 18, 2020

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Hamid Ozair

Current Location: Fair Lawn, NJ *****

Available to start immediately



Sr. Oracle Database Administrator / Architect and AWS certified solution architect Associate with 19 years of database experience on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms from Oracle version 8i to 19c with SAP and PeopleSoft ERP and 5 years Amazon web services experience.

I have completed various projects in Oracle from 10g to 19c databases using RAC and ASM for high availability, Streams and Goldengate for replication, Data Guard for disaster recovery, Data Guard Broker for switchover capabilities, performance and tuning.

I have experience with MSQ Sserver, MySql, PostgesSQL databases and Delphix Data Virtualization.

I have knowledge about Exadata specified features Smart Scan, HCC Hybrid Columnar Compression, Flash Cache, and configure Exadata using celldisk, griddisk and flashcache.

I have knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator.


AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Certified Oracle DBA Version 8 - 11


Verizon, NY Jan 2008 to Dec 2019

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator / Architect

Amazon Web Services Responsibilities:

Developed CloudFormation template with parameters to spin up EC2 server and RDS instances with different instance types and computes

Tarred Grid home and database home and saved them on S3 bucket to be used by CloudFormation

Developed Ansible playbook to run CloudFormation template in Jenkins to spin up EC2 server and RDS instance

Installed Oracle Grid infrastructure and database binaries using grid and database tarred files from S3 with YAML and Ansible playbook automation

Created S3 bucket for Oracle backups

Installed Linux packages for Grid and database on EC2 server

Configured Linux kernel parameters for Grid and database

Created Linux groups and user for Oracle and Grid on EC2 server

Refreshed non-prod database on EC2 server using rman backup

Used data pump exp/imp dbms_file_transfer packageto move database from on prem into RDS

Database Responsibilities:

Installation, configuration and administration of Oracle 11g to 19c Real Application Cluster (RAC) Database on Linux for PeopleSoft 9.2 HR/payroll

Created multitenant container and pluggable databases

Implemented Goldengate replication between OLTP and Cognos Data warehouse databases

Created Virtual databases from production database for testing and masking using Delphix software

Masked non prod database using masking Rules to mask the sensitive data using informatica

Implemented Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on the server with Auto Login Wallet

Implemented Oracle advanced compression to reduce database size

Monitored and tuned databases using OEM and Toad to optimum levels of performance

Performed Oracle Grid infrastructure and database upgrade

Applied CPU and PSU patches for grid infrastructure and the database

Designed and implemented disaster recovery plan using physical standby database with data guard and data guard broker

Migrated production database from Orangeburg, NY data center to Twinsburg, OH using Data Guard and data pump export/import

Managed RMAN backups, conducted performance tuning analysis and modification, and develop standard operating procedures

Used transportable tablespace and dbms_file_transfer packaget to move datafiles from prod ASM to Cognos Data warehouse database ASM.

Used data pump import to directly import data using network_link without exporting data

Created Restore Point in the database before applying database or application patch to flashback database.

Responsible for implementing and overseeing enterprise database security standards and ensuring compliancy with the corporate IT change management process

Wrote several scripts (shell, SQL) associated with monitoring, database backups, tuning, and cloning.

Created triggers, stored procedures and materialized views for enhanced remote data replication and synchronization.

Performed tablespace reorg to defrag fragmented data, reset HWM and free up unused space

Refreshed or clone non-prod database with prod database using rman backup with shell scripts

Developed scripts to generate DDL of users, passwords, roles, profiles, db_links, synonyms before the refresh and restore them after refresh so end-users can connect with their old credentials.

Worked with Oracle Support for upgrade/general and critical issues with grid and database

Performed database and SQL tuning using Explain plan, ADDM, AWR, OEM, TKProf utilities.

Created partitioned tables for large tables using range, hash and list partitions.

Performed Database Disaster Recovery exercise to make sure Data Guard in good shape.

Recovered and restored missing archived log on DR from PROD

Worked closely with App teams to tune their sqls in non-production environment and make sure their projects are fully optimized before migrating into prod.

Used Sql Loader to Load plain text and csv format data into table.

Recovered accidently drop objects from recyclebin

Recovered accidently deleted data using flashback with row movement

SQL Server:

Installation and configuration of MSSQL 2008 database on clustered environment with active/active and active/passive nodes on Windows Enterprise environments.

Setup SQL Database replication using log shipping.

Monitored databases for DB size, critical errors, alerts, free space left on data and log file, backup drives and batch job failures etc.

Monitored SQL Server activity through profiler. Provide 24x7 Support for Production environment on rotational basis.

Tuned database for a defined work load using Database Tuning Advisor

Developed and execute a backup / disaster recovery plan for all the databases

Worked with clients for their need and provided Technical troubleshooting and consultation to development teams.


Created primary and read replica databases

Created users and granted privilege

Created tables and loaded data

Performed exp/imp database

Performed failover primary to read only and failback

Klockner Pentaplast, VA Nov 2000 – Dec 2007

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator


Installed and configured Oracle 8i to 10g databases on Windows

Supported Oracle database with SAP R3 on HP unix

Configured and scheduled daily Oracle hot backup using OEM

Setting up Replicating between USA and Europe to prevent single point of failure in SQL server 2005

Upgraded Oracle 8.1.7 to 10g on Windows platforms

Monitored and maintained multiple databases for production, development, testing and staging purposes using sqlplus, OEM and Toad.

Installed and configured of MSSQL 2005 database.

Worked with developers in SQL tuning and optimization using Explain Plan, TKProf and SQL Trace.

Security Management including privileges, roles, profiles and database auditing features enabled

Tuned database for a defined work load using Database Tuning Advisor.

Monitored tablespace fragmentation, space management and schema maintenance

Developed and executed backup/disaster recovery plan for all databases and database security plan.

Maintained database security and adhere to security policies designed by the client.

Developed and Implemented robust backup and recovery strategies for production as well as development databases, which includes hot backup, cold backup, and export backup.

Wrote MACROS in Access database to pull the data from Oracle and SQL server

Wrote MACROS in Excel to pull the data from Oracle, SQL server and Access

Wrote MACROS in Excel to pull the data from SAP for scorecard report


Bachelor of Science from City University of New York

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