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Engineer Manager

Somerset, TX
22.00 per hour Nog
February 19, 2020

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Robert L Garcia


Von Ormy Texas *****

Home 210-***-****


Objective: A position as an RF Engineer in the telecommunications industry that will

Best utilize my proven skills and qualifications.



32 years of RF Performance Engineering lll Experience

October 1986- Thru September 2018

Cellular System Radio Frequency (R.F.) Performance Engineer for the San Antonio

Market. Primary responsibilities are to analyze cellular voice channel activity, determine means to minimize interference and optimize new cell site integration. I am familiar with

Ericsson system parameter optimization, tracking call processing data with tools, and analyzing Call Processing Failure (CPF) data to identify poor signal areas, and CO-channel / adjacent channel interference in TDMA/AMPS/GSM/LTE and ELTE networks. I prepared R.F. reports for use by the market Design Engineers to identify frequency problems. Deployed the first TDMA/GSM/LTE and ELTE system in this region with the implementation of digital protocols additional duties include monitoring Thru Puts data Rates. I analyze digital packet data quality and make system wide data base changes to improve the digital data performance delivered to the growing customer base. Other duties include market level frequency planning for base stations in the south Texas Interference Hunting shutting down transmitters that are interfering on our frequency. I evaluate and optimize the voice network inter-market handoffs to balance customer quality with contractual agreements to optimize the level of customer perceived voice quality.

Used for precise mapping capabilities used for data base access

Real time translation changes.

Personal Summary Qualifications

32 years of RF Performance Engineer experience designing and deploying cell sites in the US

Ericcson Layer 3 message review to identify and resolve issues, parameter based opto for LTE/VoLTE

32 yrs experience working on tools like Atoll, MapInfo, Google Earth, Windcatcher

Familiar with Erricson OSS Data base and equipment config layer 3 messages

3-5 yrs experience with triband LTE/VoLTE optimization

Familiar with processes to create RFDS / CIQ

Strong communication skills required and ability to work with minimal supervision

Basic RF Optimization / Performance OSS/MML skills.

Microsoft Office

Analysis Skills

Communication Skills

Computer Skills

Key Responsibilities:

Perform site surveys.

Engineer system solutions based on wireless carriers RF design criteria.

Use iBwave and other design tools to document system design parameters and prepare reports.

Develop and write the technical content for proposals and RFP responses.

Work with services to generate pricing for implementation.

Accompany Project Managers onsite to support build out and system commissioning.

Create, modify and finalize system designs.

Create system documentation (block diagrams, riser diagrams, floor plans with cable/antenna overlays, system manuals).

Create acceptance testing documents as required.

Complete upgrades and retrofits.

Work with Wireless Service Providers and end-customers.

Skills & Experience:

4+ years of in-building DAS design experience

Excellent understanding of RF propagation and RF principles

Intermodulation software

Familiar with wireless technologies CDMA, EVDO, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, W-CDMA and Layer 3 message review to identify and resolve issues, parameter based opto for LTE/VoLTE RFDS, NST, CIQ forms to support new and existing site designs

Very familiar with the use of signal generators and spectrum analyzers.

Must be able to carry test equipment and perform site surveys and system testing.

Familiarity with T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T in-building requirements.

Experience with implementing in-building systems for both Public Safety and Cellular industry. Experience in WIFI design .

Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Disciplined to work independently and effectively in an office environment.

Have good writing and communication skills.

Able to set priorities and complete tasks on time with minimal supervision.

Familiar with using any of the following test units and or associate post processing software –Tems, JDSU, Nemo Handy, Actix, Atoll, Asset, PCTel, ZK, MapInfo

PC literate with the ability to use MS-Office applications, specifically Word, Excel, Visio and Outlook

RF literacy: Understands decibels, power, RSSI, (dB, dBm), antenna concepts, repeater concepts, cellular systems (Cell/PCS, EvDo, UMTS, GSM, etc. RF/Microwave experience and passive RF components

AT&T Wireless Services, San Antonio, TX

RF Performance Engineer lll

October 1986 – September -2018

Cellular Drive Technician for the San Antonio market.

Responsibilities were data collection for Engineering Department with audio quality

Measurement equipment. Also used R-SAT 2000 collection for transmitter test during

Prospect locations cell sites in the TEXAS/LOUISIANA district. Maintained proper

Calibration of ROTADATA and LCC R-SAT 2000 test equipment. Assisted Performance

Engineer in various projects including new cell site integration’s, hand-off optimization,

Antenna down tilt, retunes, RF coverage, interference reduction, power levels, and voice

Channel activity. Other duties included mapping drive test data, analyzed traffic and call

Processing failure data, tracked customer complaints and made recommendations to solve

System problems.


Cellular System Technician

June 1993 - January 1994

Operation and maintenance of Autoplex 1000 Cellular system.

Responsibilities included but not limited to maintenance AT&T System 75 PBX,

LUCENT AUTOPLEX Series I and II cell site maintenance, and microwave system

Maintenance. Interacted with cell site projects LUCENT cell site scrubs resectorization

Retunes diagnostics on cell site radio equipment performed alignment and testing.


November 1993 - June 1993

Project Manager, NPA

Change over of San Antonio new area code from 512 to 210.

Responsible for the conversion and reprogramming of 18,000 subscribers to the new 210

Area code in the San Antonio market. Hired new personnel to accomplish task. Project

Started November 1, 1992 and was completed in June 1993.


Service Manager

November 1990 - November 1992

Comprehinsive maintinance and support for the Sevice Department.

Responsible for the operations and daily activity associated with customer’s cellular phone

Installation programming and service repairs of cellular equipment. Supervised five

Installation technicians and one bench technician. Interacted with customer service and

Technical operations to maintain the highest customer satisfaction possible.


Service / Bench Technician

January 1989 - November 1990

Supported the highest level of technical skills.

Responsible for the repair and service of customer cellular equipment and quality control

of cellular phone installations completed by other technicians. Fully trained and certified

By numerous manufactures to repair various cellular radios down to the component level.

Intimately familiar with logic board and front-end troubleshooting using the Marconi

2995A RF Tester, Motorola 2008D Service Monitor, and Wattmeter’s.


October 1986 - January 1989

Installation Technician

Responsible for the installation of customer cellular equipment.

Education: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technologies

National Education Center Institute of Technologies, San Antonio Texas.

Graduated April 1993.

High School Diploma Graduated, 1982 Mc Cullum High School San Antonio Texas.

AT&T - Cellular Communications Systems, February 20, 1995, Morristown NJ

Audio Quality Training, July 28, 1995, Orlando FL.

AT&T- Highlights of Performance Engineering, February 2, 1996 Austin Texas.

George Washington University- Mobile Cellular Communication System, April 1, 1994

Washington DC.

Southwestern Battery Supply CO- Standby Battery Maintenance Training August 25, 1993

San Antonio Texas.

AT&T- Global Business Communications Systems, DEFINITY Generic 1 and system 75

August 6, 1993, Dallas Texas.

References: Available upon request.

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