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Data Analyst Python

Fargo, ND
February 19, 2020

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North Dakota State University

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Expected in 2020[November]

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University

Graduate Degree Certificate in Statistics

Graduate Degree Certificate in Cybersecurity

Graduated in 2019 [May]

Graduated in 2019 [December]

North Dakota State University

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Expected in 2020 [May]

North Dakota State University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Expected in 2020 [May]

Noakhali Science and Technology University

B.S.C in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering

Graduated in 2011

Technical Knowledge

Programming Languages

Python, R, SAS, SQL, C#, Java, C++

ML Libraries

Pandas, Numpy, SciKit-Learn, NLTK, SpaCy, Keras, XGBoost, Scipy, pytorch, pyspark, ARIMA

Visualization Tools

MatplotLib, ggplot, Seaborn, Tableau, Power BI, SAP


MS-SQL, MongoDB, Oracle

BigData Tool

PySpak, HiveQL, Hadoop

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Service [AWS] (EC2), Microsoft Azure

Online Courses

Introduction to data science, Deep Learning with Python (IBM), Visualization and charts

Work Experiences

Data Analyst


Apr 2018- Present

•Perform Statistical analysis on different data and build machine learning predictive model to forecast issues.

•Perform ETL on MS SQL server -Process data for further research -Performed statistical analysis on live traffic data

•Use Microsoft Azure, Power BI for Data preprocessing, visualization and report generation

•Modify applications for research on road safety using Google Geofence, JavaScript, Android, NodeJS, Visual Studio, MS-SQL

Machine Learning Researcher

NDSU (Fargo, ND)

May 2015- Present

•Analyzed different types of Cybersecurity, Geographical, Healthcare Data • Applied different ML algorithms and statistical analysis on them •Build a kernel to process Satellite Images using SciPy library •Used different Statistical approach to clean and process Cloud Covered Data •Applied different Machine Learning Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning to improve Precision Agriculture • Implemented different Hybrid Neural network algorithms for intrusion detection.

Performance Analyst

HUAWEI TECH(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Jun 2013- Aug 2014

•Made report tool on Network performance based on user data •Processed monthly cost analysis and growth of project

•Prepared report from raw server data •Meetup with vendors and stakeholders for project analysis and implementation

System Engineer-RAN

QUBEE (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Feb 2011- Nov 2012

•Optimized network performance -Run query on HLR, VLR to import data for processing •Generated report from server data

•Implemented script for Base station using Sun Solaris •Implemented and tested Radio network plan of an entire province

Projects and Publications

•Multi-scalar analysis of geospatial agricultural data for sustainability. [IEEE Big Data, Exemplary Paper of 2016, NSF grant]

•Fusion of SMOTE and Outlier Detection Techniques in Landcover Classification Using Support Vector Machines. [2nd Prize]

•Random Forest Classifier in SDN Framework for User-based Indoor Localization. [IEEE EIT 2018]

•SMOTE Implementation on Phishing Data to Enhance Cybersecurity. [IEEE EIT 2018]

•Application of a Convolutional Neural Network using transfer learning for tuberculosis detection. [IEEE 2019]

•NDVI, LAI extraction from RAPID EYE images and apply machine learning algorithm on them. [Python, GRASS, ArcGis]

•Feature Engineering on SEER data for breast cancer for identifying most significant parameters. [SAS, Python]

•Explanatory Data Analysis using statistical methods on Healthcare Stoke data for survival analysis. [pandas, Python]

•Sentiment analysis for healthcare recommendation system, anomaly detection using RNN. [Keras,Python]

•CNN image classification using Transfer Learning for Lung disease, animal classification [Python, Keras]

•Used NLP to build Spam Filter. Analyzed and built predictive model using NSLKDD-17 dataset. [Pyspark, R, Python]

•Building a machine learning package for performing different statistical analysis. [Numpy,R, Python, SAS, Matlab]

•Time Series analysis using LSTM, GRU, ANN, RNN on Weather data, Enrollment data. [Keras, Pyspark, Python, SAS]

•A/B testing, Survival Analysis, Statistical Test on different datasets. [Python, Matlab, R]

Coursework [NDSU]

• Introduction to data mining. • Artificial Intelligence. • Distributed Systems. • Machine Learning for Engineers. •Cloud Computing • Database Management. •Algorithm Analysis. • Introduction to R. •Applied regression and analysis of variance • Applied statistics. • Visualization & Reports. • Introduction to Biostatistics. •Introduction to Bioinformatics •Digital Marketing •Business Analytics.

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