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Java Pyython

Buffalo, NY
February 19, 2020

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University at Buffalo, the State University of New York(August 2019-Present) Masters in Computer Science and Engineering GPA:3.6/4 VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology (2013-2017) Bachelors in Information Technology GPA: 9.4/10


Data Ingestion and Indexing using Twitter feed

Performed crawling and processed raw tweets using Twitter API, indexed a filtered reasonable volume of tweets and perform rudimentary data analysis on the collected data. Technology Stack: Python, Apache Solr(Open source search platform) Neural Network (with one hidden layer) Implementation Implemented one hidden layer Neural network on the given dataset. We trained our system with eighty percent of given data and calculated the Accuracy, Precision and Recall.Once we have satisfied with the system based on above parameters, we tested it with remaining twenty percent data and achieved eighty percent of accuracy. Technology Stack: Python, Numpy

Image Recognition and Classification

Implemented neural network and convolutional neural network model for the task of image recognition and classification trained using Fashion-MNIST dataset. Technology Stack: Python

Identity Deception Detection

Used data pattern recognition and data visualizations to find money laundering defaulters from large amounts of transactional data.

Technology Stack: Java

Implementing Inverted Index - Information Retrieval Developed an automated program which creates Inverted Index for each term in the given documents collection.When user types a query, this program will display the list of document- which contains the query terms – in the order of tf-idf score Technology Stack: Python


Worked in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (07-27-2017 –08-01-2019) as a System Engineer for the project named Customer Purchase Order Register (CPOR). CPO Register is a global system that provides a central repository for storing Purchase Orders received from customers, that helps users track, approve and raise invoice cancellation requests. We automated the data fetch operations by implementing optical character recognition for the purchase orders being uploaded. I communicate with the users spread over the globe to understand their issues, pain areas or requirements wrt the service provided. Was involved in deployments and data migration.

Worked as in INTERN in JP MORGAN AND CHASE which helped me solve more realistic cases and gained industry exposure. I could develop a project ‘Identity Deception Detection’ by performing data analysis on the individual’s transaction data. The project was handed over to the company as a prototype to start working in a full-fledged way. Technical skills:

Programming languages: C, C++, Java, .NET, Python

Front End : HTML, Java Script, CSS

Databases: MySQL

Tools, Frameworks and Methodologies : AWS, Eclipse, Agile, Waterfall, solr Achievements:

Awarded with “ON THE SPOT AWARD” for outstanding contribution towards work at TCS.

Awarded a gold medal for being “THE BEST OUTGOING STUDENT OF I.T” for the academic year 2013-2017.

Awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation as team lead for conducting events in the technical fest Convergence of VNRVJIET.


Was a Member of IT association during undergraduate course where we conduct various events to enhance co-student’s awareness on trending technologies during 2013-2017

Active organizer of Tree Plantation drive 2018 at TCS

Mentored a team of college students as part of Internship Program 2018 at TCS

Publicity and Hospitality coordinator for Tech Fest of VNR VJIET - Convergence, during 2015-2017


I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Mane Shubhangi

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