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Engineer Manager

Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt
January 16, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Name: Hassan Ahmed Ismail Issa

Date of Birth: 01/10/1966

Citizenship: Egyptian

Address: Al-Emam Ali St. No. 6, Ismailia, 41511, Egypt. Home Phone: 002-0643914151

Mobile Phone: 002***********

Certificate: B.SC. Degree in Major Geology May 1988. Grade: Very Good

University: Suez Canal University

Marital Status: Married

Military Service: Done on 1990


Summary of Job Experience:

Drilling Fluids Engineer, Drilling fluids Supervisor, Drilling fluids project engineer and Technical Professional with 24 years of experience covering Land, Shallow Offshore, HPHT gas Exploration and Deep water Drilling Operations I have worked with different Major companies like Halliburton – Baroid, MI SWACO, Baker Hughes, EMEC and ADMA-OPCO My experience covers different countries like: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Syria, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Tanzania, Kenya & Angola Sales Experiences:

Since 2007 when I started office work as a Project Manager with MI-SWACO I was the representative of the company to the client KJOC (Khafji Joint Operations Co.) I did all my best to introduce new mud system specially KLA-SHEILED mud system which after a lot of meeting and work I did it and the KLA-SHEILED system became the main mud system in the co. for the 12 inch, 8.5 inch and 6 1/8 inch hole sections on the other hand convince the Japanese client to use new mud chemicals and I did it again and introduced RAPID – SWEEP, BLACKFURRY, SOLTEX, ASPHASOLE SUPRIME & LIQUID CASING also I started the negotiations to install and run a 10000 bbl. Liquid mud plant until I transferred to Halliburton Africa where I started my sales experiences in Tanzania first to seal the INVIROMUL mud system and after 3 years I spread it in Tanzania, Kenya and Angola then the Global manager transfer me to Saudi Arabia to start sealing the INNOVERT mud system where I started it in the Red Sea in deep water and I have my record to use it with 483 F and I spread it all over Aramco operations in the offshore and inshore where it became the best mud system and the recommended to drill shale sections everywhere in KSA after working on it for 2 years and also I introduced LUBRA BEADS to Aramco and kept working on it until it became approved in the co.

Job Experience:

(June 2013 – up to date):

Technical Professional Baroid – KSA supervise the Deep water operation of Saudi Aramco in Red Sea. In the DTV office in Saudi Arabia, Did all the critical Wells and got the best performance to Baroid every place I worked specially HPHT Gas Exploration wells with OBM and High Performance OBM systems with high mud weights up to 23 PPG, drilled the highest bottom hole temperature in the world BURYKA-1 in Red Sea in Saudi Arabia of 483 Deg F.

(June 2012– June 2013):

Drilling fluids Engineer Deep water drilling in Halliburton Baroid operations coordinating between My office and Different clients, and supervising the job execution by the mud engineers on board, Also running all required Well sight express software and DFG reports and hydraulics simulations (Drill Ahead Simulations, Surge & Swab Pressures while tripping, SBM Compressibility, and eccentricity).Drilled multiple deep water wild cat exploration HPHT gas & oil wells in East Africa Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Red Sea During the course of drilling operation on board the Ultra-deep water drill ships “Deep Sea Metro 1”, “Deep Water Expedition” & Saipem 12K, I utilized different types of SOBM using different types of base oils like Saraline, Saradyne, Baroid alkane, And D-90. Maximum water depth encountered was 2217 meters in BG well ‘PAPA#1’ with a TD of 6000 Mt.

(March 2011– June 2012):

Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer in Baroid, Deep water Operations in the Indian Ocean. Drilled different HPHT wells with different mud systems like Enviromul, Hydro-guard, Innovert and high performance Drill–in fluids Potassium Polymer, and a lot of other mud systems during this period I had good exposure to Baroid software like WSE and DFG hydraulics Simulation as long as Baroid products and systems.

(Jan. 2010 – Feb. 2012)

Project Engineer in MI-SWACO my responsibilities was as the following:-

Advise clients on best solutions for project issues.

Answer operational and technical questions from customers.

Assess well bore or fluids problems to prevent drilling issues.

Analyze project data to prepare fluids programs for upcoming wells.

Evaluate mud report information to make project recommendations.

Resolve customer and company conflicts.

Supervise rig site personnel to optimize project performance

Estimate materials and personnel resources required for project completion.

Coordinate with company operations to meet project requirements for personnel, products and equipment

Solve operational problems

Benchmark company performance data and communicate to the customer and to company operations

Manage company resources and support services to provide solutions for customer’s projects

Determine best processes and solutions for project completion and to meet customer needs.

Communicate safety guidelines and alerts to personnel.

Follow and enforce HSE policies and programs.

Develop project proposals.

Develop project reporting procedures and ensure customer and company reporting compliance

Sell company products and services.

Attend internal and external technical or operational meetings

(Nov. 2005 – Mar. 2009)

Drilling Fluids Engineer in MI-Swaco, Off-shore & Land Operations in the Persian Gulf Drilled Different HPHT wells with KLA SHIELD & KLA STOP WBM systems . During this period I had Good exposure to MI – Swaco software like one-trax, virtual hydraulics Simulation as long as MI – Swaco products and systems.

(Dec. 2004 – Nov. 2005)

Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer in Bahrain with Baker Hughes Co. in the exploration Gas wells with Bapco co. where I got the required courses of Baker Hughes in UK – Aberdeen soft ware and Performax mud system.

(Mar. 2002 – Dec. 2004)

Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer with ADMA-OPCO in UAE the offshore Oil & Gas wells in the Arabian Gulf.

(Jan. 1993 – Mar. 2002)

Drilling Fluid Engineer, Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer and Supervisor in Egyptian Mud Engineering Co. EMEC with Saudi Aramco oil co. where I drilled all the types of oil and gas wells all over the Oilfields. Well types and categories:

DEEP WATER, WILD CAT, EXPLORATION Gas & Oil, HPHT, MULTI LATRALS, HORIZENTAL EXTENDED REACHES (Gas & Oil). 1500-5800 Over Balance drillings, Offshore and Onshore Language Skills:

- Arabic: Native.

- English: Fluent (Excellent Speaking. Reading, And Writing) Medical Certificates:

- UKOOA offshore Medical Certificate Valid to 2018.

- T-BOSIET Survival, HUET, First Aid, and Fire Fighting Computer Skills:

- Microsoft Windows (ALL)

- Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Power Point.

- Internet Applications

- EMEC Drilling Fluids Software.

- M-I SWACO software

- Baroid DFG & Drill Ahead Hydraulics.


- MI One Trax

- MI Virtual Hydraulics


- DFG & Drill-Ahead Hydraulics.

- Block –I Baroid mud school

- Block –II Baroid Seals & technical school

- Drilling Fluids Technologies Baroid

- Integrated Fluids Essentials.

- Technology Updates.

- Completion Fluids Course.

- Drill-N Fluids.

- Basic Hydraulics.

- Environmental awareness and incident reporting.

- H2S awareness training.

- HUET & Sea Survival (TBOSIET) valid to 2016.

- Performax mud system course (Aberdeen U.K. 2/2005)

- Advantage software course (Aberdeen U.K. 3/2005)

- Elementary mud – logging course (B.H.I. software)

- Mud school (EMEC)

- Safety courses (PDO, EDC, NDC, ADCO, & ADMA OPCO)

- ADMA courses (marine survival and other ADMA courses)

- MI -SWACO Advanced P. E. school (Dubai Nov., 2011)

- MI SWACO advanced mud schools (Cairo Feb. / 2009)

- EMEC mud schools

- MI SWACO One - Trax software schools (Cairo Feb. / 2009)

- MI SWACO Virtual hydraulics school (Cairo Feb. / 2009)

- EMEC software schools

- Baker Hughes software schools

- Baker Hughes mud schools

Personal Skills:

- Eager to Learn, self-Motivated, creative, open-Minded, decision maker and co-operative.

- Ability to communicate with people from different levels.

- Capability of working under hard conditions & stresses.

- Flexible in being a team player and a team leader at the same time.

- No restrictions for working abroad.

- Valid Driving License.

- Valid USA Visa 5 years

Mud Systems worked

- Spud mud

- Lime, gypsum, polymer systems


- Kcl – NaCl PHAP Glycol system

- Hydro-Guard


- Enviromul

- Hydro-Plug

- Glycol mud

- Drill – In / Solid free mud system

- Duratherm mud system

- K-Format mud system

- KLA-shield mud system

- Emulsion water based mud system

- Invert emulsion oil based mud system

- Therma –Thin high temperature System

- Salt saturated system

- Caco3 –cacl2 polymer mud

- Packer fluids

- All Brine and work over fluids (1, 2 and 3 salts Brines) from 9 ppg to 19 ppg

- Pickling & Acid Pickling Fluids

- SOBM system

- Baker Hughes mud systems

- EMEC mud systems

- MI SWACO mud systems

- ADMA mud systems

- ADCO mud systems

- ARAMCO mud systems

- Baroid Mud systems (water based & oil based)

Oil Companies Experience

TOTAL (Angola)

BG (Tanzania)

APACHE (Kenya)

S.ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)

KJOC – AJOC (Saudi Arabia)





GPC (Egypt)


GUPCO (Egypt)

KHALDA (Egypt)










SARAC (Shell Saudi Arabia)

SAIO-PEC (Saudi Arabia)

GENEL ENERGY (Kurdistan – Iraq)

DNO (Kurdistan – Iraq)

Kaligran (Kurdistan – Iraq)

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