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Software Engineer Js

San Jose, CA
January 15, 2020

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Sonia Rohani

San Jose, CA *****

US Citizen



Technical Skills


Javascript ES6+, Typescript, React.js,

Redux, HTML, CSS, Ag-Grid, jQuery,

Webpack, Babel, AngularJS


Node.js, Express, Axios, MySQL,

MongoDB, Postgres, Cassandra,

Redis, AWS, Docker


GitHub, Jira, Mocha/Chai,

Jest/Enzyme, Artillery io, Loader io


Hack Reactor - Oct. 2018

Advanced Full-Stack Software Engineering


Life West College- Dec. 2016

Doctor of Chiropractic

Bellevue University - Mar. 2012

B.A. Health Sciences


Software Engineer Front End - Intern/Contract OpenGov Inc. March 2019-Oct 2019

Technologies used

(React.js, Redux, Typescript, Immutable.js)

Implemented new UI features using React.js and Typescript (merged 30 new features and improvements into production line)

Participated in test driven product development process; used Jest/Enzyme to write unit tests

Troubleshot technical issues and debugged blockers

Used Jira as a tool for Scrum and Kanban work methods Projects

System Design Capstone Amazon Listing Page Clone Technologies Used

(React.js, Express, Postgres, Redis, New Relic, Artillery, Loader. io)

Optimized performance of Postgres by adding B-tree indexing and improved the query execution time to 2ms for 10M data entry

Improved RPS count of Postgres by 200% and reduced latency by 300% using Redis cache

Scaled microservice by adding two Node/Express servers, Redis cache, round robin load balancing, and deployed to EC2

Simulated large number of connections using Loader io to test the performance of microservice

Front-end Capstone Amazon Listing Page Clone

Technologies Used

(React.js, Express, MySQL, modular CSS, Docker, AWS EC2, RDS)

Scaled MySQL database in the cloud using RDS for easy monitoring

Designed UI with modular CSS and viewport units for dynamic responsiveness

Containerized React application via Docker to securely segregate components to prepare for deployment

Deployed the application via Amazon EC2 for automated scaling MVP Full-stack juice ordering app

(React.js, Express, MySQL)

Created an application for users to order juice by selecting their favorite ingredients and get informed on nutritious facts

Designed a user account system that stores login information for next time visits

Employed salted password hashing to protect users’ passwords

created modular CSS to design the UI to eliminate collisions in the global scope

Designed and implemented database schema in MySQL

Implemented indexing to optimize performance of MySQL

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