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Dallas, TX
January 15, 2020

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HyoungKi Noh

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To obtain the new challenge and successes as your company. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

Summary of Qualified Skills

Over 20 years of experience in the field of IT/SI SM as the variety of industrial through a business operations, a build business solutions, operations of SM ITO and propulsion of new business.

Business Consultant of Enterprise solutions, BI/ERP (SAP, Oracle) and MES solutions.

Strong Experienced Establishment of a strategy, Development of market, Create customer and Drive sales activities.

In particular, New business model development and market extension of manufacturing and healthcare sectors at non- LG SI it, creates ongoing expertise and LG Family Site.

SM/SI operation specialist for Manufacturing/Distribution/Service industry

Experienced Consulting of production efficiency optimization base on IT

Strong Experienced The Projects Managing

Communication, Resource/Cost, Schedule, Issue/Risk, Problem Solving, KPI, Method

Resolved project problem with communication experts by conversation and root-cause analysis

The IT Master Plan Experiencing of LG Electronics ERP-Based Production Plan, Manufacturing Management, Logistics, Cost, and Quality

The business development of overseas market for China, Indo, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand and creating partnership

Strong Experienced integration with Financing, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Equipment Operations

Strong Experienced Integrated business improvement projects of enterprise

Professional Summary

Implementations of project manage as Manufacturing, Distributions, Service

IT Strategy Planning

Experience of systems operating and SI solutions consulting

Development and Extension of ERP business

Work Summary

07/2018 ~ ACTSystems Advice

IT Outsourcing, IT Solution, Fiber optical Communication Slutions 10/2015 ~ 03/2018 ASPENSTATE USA CEO

X-Ray Medical Device Manufacturing (C-ARM, Mobile X-Ray, Portable) 09/2013 ~ 09/2015 Hyundai BS&C

Hyundai BS&C Strategy Planning Director

Hyundai Family Company Business Unit Director

(Hyundai Heavy, Halla Group, Mando Group, Sungwoo Group Asan Medical) LG CNS

01/2010 ~ 08/2013 LG CNS China, General Manager of Open Business (Smart City, Electricity Generation, ERP) 02/2004 ~ 12/2009 Senior Manager of Enterprise Solutions Business Unit(SI, BI / ERP / MES / PDM) 06/2006 ~ 01/2008 Team Manager of Manufacturing Solutions Business 12/2004 ~ 05/2006 SM Team Manager(GS Caltex, Joy Mart..) 06/2003 ~ 12/2004 Development of Oversea Business and Implementation (NIKE Global SCM) 09/1994 ~ 04/2001 LG CNS Strategy Making Team

2 / 6

Summary of Project Experiences

SM/ITO Ability

- I implemented SLA and difficult task through actual SM field operation and experience.

- I applied the SWOT analysis and application program to maximize IT operation capability.

(Systems Management Team Leader: GS Caltex, Shinmoorim Paper, LG Fashion, Mando, Halla)

- I have an experience that performed innovation consulting work of enterprise business process based on ERP&MES.

(LG affiliates, Hanwha Chemical, Daesung City Gas, SeAH Steel, Nongshim)

- I have an experience that consulting work based on ITSM

(Diagnosis and maximization consulting service for IS Departments of 30 major subsidiary of Lotte Group, IT operation consulting of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group and Halla Group (Mando, Halla) The consulting of ERP operational capability diagnosis for LG subsidiary

Enterprise Performance Analysis and Problem Solving Ability

- I can develop business plan, performance evaluation and KPI through LG CNS Strategy Dept. experience.

- I have experience evaluating work according to performance.

- I have experience the PM of many BI projects (Doosan, and Korea Racing Authority).

- I have experience in understanding and applying the many indicators required by a company through LG CNS Enterprise Solution Project and Business Overview.

- I have experience in business planning, performance data management and problem solving through the management planning general affairs of IT subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group.

Business strengths

Continue to build friendly relationships with customers through trust and right solutions

Strong make sense of the business processing of manufacturing, medical and service industries

Establishing business structure and implementation plan thru strategic thinking

Gain competency in rationalization process through consulting

Ability of new business strategy and creation capability

Awards History

LG CNS Internal : 7 times

LG CNS Best Human : 1 time

LG CNS Best Team : 1 time

Other Company Prize : 5 times ( Hour Home, GS Caltex, Hynix)



- I have the strong execution ability with the power of affirmation on the right mind and moral values.

- I can make best with our detailed plans, pursue sustainable growth and pay attention and effort.

- I have intimacy and flexibility to adapt quickly to a given role and culture of group.

Working Type

- I build the plan and strategy and focus on the execution.

- I report honestly by the fact base.

- I am considering the field and customer as top priority and can making the quick decisions what to do. 3 / 6

Main PM/SM Implementation History

2014.06 ~ 2015.03 Project Name: HANON Systems & Mando Role: Operations Team Manager / Director

-Including all module operation and infrastructure operation through ORACLE ERP construction operated as TOTAL ITO.

-Integration with ERP&PLM and production management.

-In particular, ITO services are carried out as a whole through overseas subsidiaries and production corporations.

2013.09 ~ 2014.05 Project Name: Hyundai Heavy Industries Role: Operations Team Manager / Director

-Oversees the operation of SAP ERP-based business systems, Operated through organic linkage with existing systems

2013.01 ~ 2013.07 Name of business: Diagnosis consulting for IS ITO level of Lotte Group subsidiary Role: General PM

-Lotte Group's IT subsidiaries are undervalued

Consulting level diagnosis and efficiency plan for SLA-based service conversion

2007.02 ~ 2008.05 Project Name: Shinmurim Paper

Role: System Management Team Leader

-With 10-year long ITO business based on SAP ERP to perform overall system operation management.

12/2004 ~ 05/2006 Project Name: GS Caltex, JOY Mart Role: System Management Team Leader

-Operated in all SAP ERP-based modules and PIS system

-It operates based on real-time information system between plants through linkage.

-JOY Mart is a real-time inventory and sales management company at Caltex gas station

-They owned POS system management and operation.

Analyze major company performance and perform problem solving

2009.05 ~ 2009.12 Project name: Business consulting business Role: PM

-I carried out the project for 7 months based on the BI solution.

-The goal of the project was to focus on profitability analysis and implement the solution.

2008.03 ~ 2009.05 Project Name: LG DISPLAY BI Consulting Project Role: PMO

-The scope of the implementation work has ranged from production management to the ERP system, and the long-term project has been carried out for three years.


06/2002 ~ 05/2003 Project Name: Pusan National University Hospital BI system construction Role: PMO

-This project is a project to maximize profitability of hospital operation, and it is able to monitor the real time monitoring by extracting management items through ABC analysis of doctors' conduct and analysis of each department.

2015.02 ~ 2015.09 Project Name: IT Management Planning Office of Hyundai Heavy Industries Role: Business Strategy Director

-I have developed various decision indicators such as business plan, goal setting, performance analysis, personnel innovation, etc. that occurred in the ITO / SI business and presented the problem solving through communication with all Directors.

03/2001 ~ 09/1996 Project Name: LG CNS Business Strategy Department Roles: - Business Planning, OUTLOOK, Performance Analysis. 4 / 6

Work Experience Detail


10/2015 ~ 03/2018 Project Name : X-Ray Medical Device Manufacturing, Distributions CEO

- Business Plan and Sales/Logistics Strategy depend on Customer Analyzing

- Development of medical equipment and Product Manager (C-ARM, Mobile X-Ray, Portable)

- Supported Korea R&D research institute and American model development

- Written document for FDA Approval Judgment

Hyundai BS&C Seoul, Korea

02/2015 ~ 09/2015 Project Name : Strategic Planning Planning & Coordination General Manager (Strategic Planning/Financing/HR/KPI Management)

- SM (SLA) / SI business planning / budgeting and execution to Hyundai subsidiary

- Problem solving about each site

- Future Business Consulting and New Business Development

- Restructuring depend on Business Direction, HR and Skill Hyundai BS&C Seoul, Korea

12/2013 ~ 01/2015 Project Name : SM IT Optimizing Consulting IT Division 1 Director

- Hyundai subsidiary IT Management

(Hyundai Heavy, Halla Group, Mando Group, Sung woo Group Asan Medical)

- Performed process improvement consulting of all subsidiaries.

- SLA Apply Consulting

- Establishment of overseas subsidiaries IT support strategy and managing efficiency LGCNS China Suzhou, Beijing, China, Seoul, Korea

01/2014 ~ 09/2014 Project Name : MES of Mando China Project Manager

- Suzhou, Beijing Factory

- Rebuilding the existing system

- Optimization of entire process

(Interface Production Plan, Manufacturing, Logistics, Production Monitoring ) Hyundai BS&C Seoul, Korea

12/2013 ~ 04/2014 Project Name : Hyundai Asan Hospital Next-generation Medical Systems Consulting Project Manager

- Business process analysis and improvement for next generation medical systems

- Creating project implementation plan

LGCNS China Beijing, China

05/2013 ~ 09/2013 Project Name : Global GO-TO Strategy Consulting Consulting Project Manager

- China market analysis and sharing strategy consulting with McKinsey and Monitor Group

- Built core capability strategy and SWOT analyzing of each industry.

- Making sales strategy for LG CNS solutions

- Signed MOU with HP, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Huawei

LGCNS China Beijing, China

02/2013 ~ 06/2013 Project Name : China JoongKi Motors MES General Project Manager

-Real-time production monitoring. ( Equipment Interface )

-Interface with ERP and Logistics systems

-Supported System Maintenance and Upgrade service

5 / 6

LGCNS China Beijing, China

01/2010 ~ 08/2010 Project Name : LCD ERP of BOE

Consulting and ERP Project (MM )

- Product management PI consulting depend on the introduction of SAP ERP Full Module

- Development AS-IS and TO-BE Module processing for each business unit

- Evaluation of organizational units depend on KPI LGCNS Seoul, Korea

01/2009 ~ 12/2009 Project Name : Consulting of Hanhwa Chem - SAP Consultant (PP)

- Hanwha Chemical’s ERP Rebuilding project from Oracle to SAP

- The standard process establishment in the Global Perspective and China subsidiary Roll-In standard process definition

- Plant pre-investment and costs manage

- Production plan and management consulting

LGCNS Seoul, Korea

08/2008 ~ 12/2008 Project Name : Inside Control Consulting of LG Chemical - SAP Audit Consulting

- Introduced Inside Control Systems of LG Chemical

- Base on ICAN solution of Delotte

- Applied automatic extraction functions for inside control items with ERP

- Applied inside control process

LGCNS Seoul, Korea

01/2005 ~ 02/2006 Project Name : ERP of SEOUL Metro - SAP ERP Project Manager

- PI Consulting for SAP ERP Full Module

- AS-IS and TO-BE Module process design for each business unit

- The Issue is country-level evaluation model for construction.

- KPI model design for level increment

- Focusing inventory management for equipment maintenance

- Purchasing plan management and warehouse management

- Site repair maintenance

LGCNS Incheon, Korea

03/2004 ~ 12/2004 Project Name : ERP of InCheon Airport Consulting and ERP Project ( SD )

- KPI design for InCheon Airport service improvement

- Innovation for the maintenance of equipment parts

- Efficiency consulting of entire business and ERP building interface with Air traffic management

- Purchase plan management

- Inventory Management

- Warehouse Management

LGCNS Seoul, Korea

05/2003 ~ 01/2004 Project Name : SM of ShinMoorim

SM Account Manager

- IT Master Plan (ISP) Project

- ERP and MES systems maintenance during 10 years

- Supporting Operation and process improvement for JinJu and Daggu Factories

- Equipment operation plan and achievement management LGCNS Seoul, Korea

01/2002 ~ 05/2003 Project Name : SM of GS Caltex

SM Account Manager - SAP

- Systems Maintenance for HQ and 3 Factories

- Real-time monitoring through integrated ERP and PIS

- SAP production plan, manufacturing, purchasing and inventory management

- Process improvement management

6 / 6

LGCNS Seoul, Korea

02/2000 ~ 12/2001 Project Name : ERP Consulting of Nongshim Consulting and ERP Project – Oracle ( Product, Inventory, Purchasing )

- Production module design and PI consulting

- Legacy systems analyzing and improvement items define

- Making standard Process and build ERP

- Production plan and MRP

- Purchasing plan and Inventory A/B/C management

- Vendor cost and grade management

LGCNS South Asia

04/1998 ~ 12/1999 Project Name : NIKE OEM MES Consulting and Establishment (GNSC) MES Project Manager

- RAMA Shoes (NIKE OEM) in Thailand, PRATAMA Shoes (NIKE OEM) in Indo Poongwon Shoes(ADIDAS OEM) in China, SamYang Shoes (NIKE OEM) in Veitnam

- Working Order management of 47 factories(Nike OEM) depend on GNSC(Global Nike Supply Chin)

- Production achievement, work in process and logistics management for Global Integration



03/1994 Dongguk University Seoul, Korea

Graduation Department of Business Administration

06/2006 Hanyang University Seoul, Korea

Graduation eMBA

12/2008 LG Group MBA Seoul, Korea


04.15. 2019

Signature: HyoungKi, Noh

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