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Safety Engineer

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
January 15, 2020

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Position Applied : Traffic Engineer



Current Address : Al Thumama, Doha Qatar

Mobile Phone : +974-********

Email Address : ; Date of Birth : 21 August 1975

Nationality : Filipino

Status : Married

Passport no. : EC4126795

Languages known : English, Tagalog & Cebuano


Name of Organization : University of San Jose-Recoletos Degree : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Date Graduated : April 27, 2007


Work Qualifications : - Approved Traffic Management & Control Manager in Ashghal Project

- Approved Safety Engineer from Takreer Abu Dhabi Refinery (Ref. No. TKR/88/SA0229/13)

- Saudi Aramco (Badge No.8817887)

- Certified Saudi Aramco Work Permit Receiver and authorized to receive the following work permits: (Hot Works, Cold Works, Confined Space & Gas Release).

- Certified Public First Aid (Saudi Red Crescent Society)

- Associate member of (PSSE) Philippine Society of Safety Engineer (ID No.08-1233)

- Accredited Pollution Control Officer (COA# 1171)

- Nebosh IGC – International General Certificates ( Practical Examination) PROJECT SUMMARY


Projects : - Roads & Infrastructure in South Al Meshaf Package-04 Project no. IA 2018 C 039 G

- Road Improvement Works in various areas of Greater Doha Phase 5 Project no.IA-2017 C 057 G

- Maintenance & Improvement of Roads –Project no. AA-R-14/15 OM 403 C1 G Doha State of Qatar-Ashghal Project

- Road Improvement works in various areas of greater doha phase-3 Project no.IA 15/16 C 010 G, Doha State of Qatar – Ashghal Project

- Maintenance and Improvement of Roads Throughout Qatar Contract-3/2014, Project no.AA-R 14-15 OM 403 C1 G, Doha State of Qatar – Ashaghal Project

- Reinstatement of Settlement around Manholes and Manhole repairs, Project no.AA- ROM 13/14 133 C11 & AA-ROM 13/14 132 C11, Doha State of Qatar – Ashaghal Project

- Road Construction - Access road to Karaana PTP Zone 83, Project no.IA-R 13/14 053 G, Doha state of Qatar – Ashghal Project

- Road Improvement in South of greater Doha Zone 90 to 95 Phase-3, Project no.1A-R 13/14 C 052 G, Doha State of Qatar– Ashghal Project

- Road Improvement Works in various areas of Doha and Maintenance & Improvement of Roads Throughout-Qatar – Ashghal Project

Client : TAKREER ABU DHABI REFINERY - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Projects : - Tank Cleaning & Repair of 21 Units - Unleaded gasoline,Jet oil & Diesel oil storage tanks

& 03 Units Crude oil storage tanks Takreer Abu Dhabi Refinery, United Arab Emirates 14 years total professional work

experience in field of traffic


7 years of traffic management

experience under ASHGHAL project.




Projects : - Manifa Gas Facilities Project - Pipe Rack Structure, Piping, 1 unit Liquid Sulfur Tank,Assy. & Erection, Saudi Aramco, Khursaniyah Gas Plant, Jubali, K.S.A

- Uthmanyah Gas & Oil Separation Plants Project (GOSPs), 5 units – Fire Water Storage Tanks, Saudi Aramco

- Aindar Gas & Oil Separation Plants Project (GOSPs), 3 units – Fire Water Storage Tanks, Saudi Aramco

- Shedgum Gas & Oil Separation Plants Project (GOSPs), 5 units – Fire Water Storage Tanks, Saudi Aramco

- Abqaiq Gas & Oil Separation Plants Project (GOSPs), 1 unit – Fire Water Storage Tank, Saudi Aramco

Client :

Project :


- Saudi Electric Power Plant -9 Tank Farm, 4 units - Crude Oil Storage Tanks, (SECO) KEY PROFFESIONAL EXPERIENCES

- 14 YEARS experience in construction industry including roads & infrastructure.

- 7 YEARS experience in roads construction under PWA project ( including planning, design & implementation of traffic management schemes especially in major roads and infrastructure project).

- Ensure compliance to all temporary traffic management standards as per WZTMG..

- Prepare Traffic Management Plan, Method Statement & Risks Assessment submit to the GEC/client prior to operation.

- Coordinate with project manager and discuss the propose traffic diversion plan.

- To carry out audits to evaluate the effectiveness of temporary traffic management systems and procedures.

- Participate accident and incident investigations related to traffic to determine probable causes and make recommendations for corrective action to prevent recurrence.

- Instruct STMS to conduct safety talks related to traffic management hazards & discuss control measures to operatives prior to start.

- Ensure STMS implements temporary traffic management as per approved TDP.

- Performs traffic management inspections and prepares written reports of findings and recommendations for corrective or preventive measures where indicated and follows up to ensure measures have been implemented.

- Review the TDP and visit the site if the traffic management signs are properly implemented in accordance with WZTMG and approved TDP. Submit weekly traffic management reports to the GEC.

- Conduct site traffic management inspection once a week.

- Monitor entire site/every location where the traffic management is implemented. CURRICULUM VITAE



Employment Date : July 2013 to present

Company : Al Sarh Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L

Address : P.O Box 1350, Doha Qatar

Position : Traffic Management & Safety Manager

Project : Roads Construction Ashghal Project in Doha Qatar Job Responsibilities : - Prepare Traffic Management Plan, health, safety & environment plan and task risk assessment and submit to client for approval prior to operation.

- Prepare weekly & monthly traffic management & safety reports and submit to client.

- Preparing for site equipment inspection reports, waste disposal, noise survey & dust monitoring reports.

- Supervise site working area to ensure that traffic management & safety requirements are in place & available on site.

- Monitor all necessary documents/requirements for traffic permit like, road opening permit, project location & traffic diversion plan as per WZTMG rev.2015.

- Coordinate to Ashghal safety representative for any site traffic management & safety issues and submit action plan.

- Coordinate TDP department-Ashghal of the propose drawing plan for temporary diversion and conduct join site inspection prior to approve. Traffic department representative maybe advise/comments to comply any additional safety requirements

- Ensure all employees and sub-contractors are suitably trained/competent to carry out the prescribed task and that the necessary licenses/certificates of competence are in force and appropriate.

- Attend quarterly project safety meetings with all roads maintenance contractor to discuss and records all traffic management & safety issues. Employment Date : January 2013 to July 2013

Company : IMECO – International Mechanical & Electrical Company Address : P.O Box 46527, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Position : HSE Engineer

Project :

Job Responsibilities :

Tank Cleaning & Repair (storage tanks) Abu Dhabi Refinery

- Responsible to conduct internal safety orientation/induction for new employees.

- Conduct weekly safety tool box meeting and monthly training as per HSE training matrix.

- Record any unsafe conditions and unsafe acts, corrective actions shall be taken to avoid recurrence.

- To recommend vehicle driver must be conduct daily inspection prior to operate.

- Monitor work force at site to ensure they are follow safety requirements with their job

& observe worker who is performing well, and aware safety rules & regulations.

- Records all applicable safety inspection checklist to ensure that all are inspected.

- Conduct monthly project safety meetings with Project manager, Site Engineers & Supervisors to discuss and records all safety issues.

- Maintain accurate and organized records of daily site inspection, weekly and monthly safety reports.

- Submit HSE monthly reports to head office safety department every end of the month.

- Provide daily, weekly & monthly safety reports copy on box file to client HSE department.



Employment Date :

February 2011 to October 2012

Company : Al Sarh Trading & Contracting Company

Address : P.O Box 1350, Doha Qatar

Position : Traffic Management & Safety Manager

Project : Roads Construction Ashghal Project in Doha, Qatar Job Responsibilities :

- Prepare traffic management plan & site safety plan and submit to client for approval prior to operation

- Supervise site working area to ensure that safety requirements during excavation, exposing of cables and protection of existing cables are complied.

- Secure all necessary documents/requirements for traffic permit like, road opening permit, project location, company letter, company registration certificate, pictures of site working area with barricades (safety barriers, lights, traffic signboard, contractor signboard, safety signboard etc.) & prepare traffic management plan.

- Submit traffic permit application to traffic division and conduct join site inspection prior to approve.

- Traffic department representative maybe advise/comments to comply any additional safety requirements

- Prepare excavation permit requirements and submit to Doha Municipality, the representative will advise to conduct join site inspection prior to sign.

- Secure permits from any services like, Service Information Sheet from kahramaa Electricity (transmission & distribution department), Qtel(Qatar Telecom Network), Kahramaa Water department.

- Obtain garden permit if required.

- Prepare safety tool box topic, monthly occupational safety & health inspection checklist

Employment Date : December 2009 to October 2010

Company : Sungchang & Abdullah Shaikh Contracting Co. Ltd. Address : P.O Box 20706, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, K.S.A Position : HSE Engineer

Project : Pipe Rock Structure, Piping, Liquid Sulfur Storage Tank at Khursaniyah Gas Plant Job Responsibilities : - To implement the safety rules and regulations of the company & client safety policy

- Investigate incidents and accidents that have occurred within the incident area.

- Continuous supervise & monitor workers for exposure to safety or health hazardous conditions.

- Document both unsafe conditions and unsafe acts, corrective actions taken on the scene, accidents or injuries, and ways to improve safety on future incidents.

- Suspend, Evacuate or Terminate activities that may pose immanent safety or health danger to the workers.

- To provide a proactive approach to the management of health and safety issues. CURRICULUM VITAE


- Responsible for recording of daily site inspection, weekly and monthly safety reports

- Maintain accurate and organized records of all safety related equipment certifications and calibrations to ensure that all equipments are inspected. Employment Date : July 2007 to July 2009

Company : Metscco Heavy Steel Inductries Co. Ltd.

Address : P.O Box 109, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Position : HSE ENGINEER

Project : Construction of Storage Tanks, Saudi Aramco – K.S.A Job Responsibilities :

- Responsible for submitting the HSE Plan, Risk Assessment prior to operation.

- Preparing weekly & monthly safety report like weekly statistics report, equipment details, near missis, incidents/accidents, first aid injuries and Management walk- through report.

- Performs personnel functions including safety orientation and conducting performance evaluation.

- Develops and implements policies and procedures, Interprets environmental safety regulations as required

- Coordinate and conduct regular work area inspections to identify potential hazards and for compliance with all applicable safety and health regulations and requirements.

- Conduct accident investigations and provide recommendations for corrective/preventive action.

- Attend client weekly meeting to discuss site safety issues and close-out report.

- Visit project sites and prepare reports, at least once a week, to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.

- Responsible for completing, or ensuring the completion of, required reports for accidents, injuries, near miss, safety violations and incidents observed by or reported to the incumbent.

- Coordinates to the project management and recommend for proper safety training of all workers working at height, scaffold erector, equipment operator, first aider, fire warden, rigging supervisor and rigger which are needs third party training as required. Employment Date : February 2003 to May 2007

Company : BP Dental Instrucments Corporation

Address : Mepz II, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines Position : Safety/Pollution Control Officer

Project : Manufacturing

Job Responsibilities :

- Provides appropriate Personal Protective Equipments

- Provides such information and orientation on a formal basis in safety activities

- Activates security alarms at company buildings as required. Establishes security protection during scheduled and unscheduled of operations

- Responsible for initiating contact with local management team, where appropriate, regarding incidents activity



- Responsible for monitoring company facilities to ensure that doors and windows are secure when appropriate, building security is maintained, critical utilities are operational, and lighting fixtures are operational

- Participates in programs and procedures required to ensure plant cleanliness. Employment Date : May 2002 to September 2002

Company : CIGWELD

Address : Industrial Park, Rawang Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Position : CNC Programmer

Project : Manufacturing

Job Responsibilities :

- Commissioning CNC Machine

- Assist production in all areas of machining

- Integrating & assisting in the training process with all local Malaysian workforce including training towards tool set-up and production process. Employment Date : May 1993 to March 2002

Company : CIGWELD

Address : Jagobiao, Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines Position : CNC Programmer

Project : Manufacturing

Job Responsibilities :

- Specialized in setting up semi-automatic machine and operating CNC lathe machine.

- Sets up and operates machine on trial run to verify accuracy of machine settings or programmed control data.

- Starts and observes machine operation to detect malfunctions or out-of- Tolerance machining, and adjust Machine controls as required.

- Verifies conformance of finished work piece to specifications, using Precision measuring instruments.



Nov. 24, 2019 Work-Zone Traffic Management Training Dec. 3, 2015 NEBOSH IGC – Practical Examination

January 31, 2013 IOSH - Managing Safely

Aug. 30 - Sept. 3, 04 BOSH - Basic Occupational Safety and Health October 21, 2004 Environmental Management for Pollution Control April 04, 2010 Scaffolding Safety

April 15, 2010 Working at height

January 26, 2010 Hazardous Substance

January 21, 2010 Safety Supervising

January 16, 2010 Personal Protective Equipment

January 10, 2010 Safety Ladder



January 09, 2010 Khursaniyah Gas Plant Safety Orientation December 23, 2010 Accident Reporting & Investigation June 26, 2009 Crane and Rigging Safety

June 26, 2009 Blood Borne Pathogens

May 29, 2009 Seminar Workshop on Behavior Based Safety May 29, 2009 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety for Employees June 27, 2008 Industrial Safety & Health Management June 27, 2008 Safety Electrical

June 6, 2008 Hazardous Materials Management

March 3 to 5, 2008 Public First Aid Course & Basic Life Support February 8, 2007 Anti-Drug Abuse Seminar/Prevention & Control May 18, 2008 Guidelines on Handling and Transport of Solid Waste August 9, 2009 Principle of Fire Prevention & Fire Safety Orientation REFERENCES

Name : Mr. Ravi Chandran

Position : HSE Manager

Company : IMECO – International Mechanical & Electrical Company Address : P.O Box 46527

Tel. no. : 26444700

Name : Engr. Lucresio Dagcutan

Position : Safety Advisor

Company : SAPMT – Saudi Aramco Project Management Team Address : Southern Area Oil Project Division, K.S.A. Tel. no. : +966-*********

Name : Mr. Muhammad Sabir

Position : Safety Manager

Company : Sungchang & Abdullah Shaikh Contracting Company Address : Khursaniyah, Jubail, K.S.A.

Tel. no. : +966-*********

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