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Scottsdale, AZ
January 13, 2020

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Professional Summary

●Over 12+ years of experience in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

●Experience in implementing the statistical model in R programming.

●Good knowledge on the statistics, Regression analysis, Machine learning algorithms using R programming.

●Good knowledge of Math’s (Linear Algebra, Calculus, Graph, Probability and Statistics which helped me in performing Data Analysis.

●Good knowledge in data analytics, Predictive analytics and trend analysis.

●Knowledge in integrating the R with Tableau.

●Having Experience in Tableau Visualization Tool, Cognos BI, Informatica Power Center, SQL Programming.

●Hands on Experience in Design, develop, and support interactive visual dashboards and reports using different types of charts.

●Effectively created reports with Exception Highlights, drilldown, drill through reports, cascading prompts, descriptive charts and analytical charts.

●Good Experience in Debugging, monitoring, troubleshooting issues, during the test phases.

●Hands on Experience in Performance Tuning of the database Queries, Reports and writing the complex queries as per the business requirement.

●Worked in Developing Metadata Models in Tableau and Cognos FM.

●Good Understanding and experience on the Database concepts and worked on developing views, Materialized views and Procedures.

●Having good understanding of Tableau architecture, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server various reporting objects like Facts, Attributes, hierarchies, transformations, filters, calculated fields, sets, groups, parameters in Tableau.

●Excellent understanding Data Warehouse concepts like Star schema, Snowflake schema, Transaction Facts, Fact less Facts, Role playing Dimensions.

●Experience in all phases of Software Engineering (SDLC), Project management (Waterfall & Agile/Scrum Methodology) including Requirement Gathering, analysis, Define project scope, Design, Coding, Manual Testing and Implementation.

●Worked in Implementation of security in Tableau and Cognos

●Involved actively in Full life cycle which includes Technical Design, Development, and Testing & Implementation of various projects.

●Experienced in preparing the various documents like Requirement document, high level and low level design documents Business Mapping documents, Change request documents and Implementation documents.

●Expertise in analytical, planning, problem solving, and organizational skills.

●Experience in working with Cross functional teams (Business Users, Developers, Project managers) in analyzing the issues and implementation.

●Troubleshooting production issues and gave post production support for couple of projects.

●Performed Team Lead Activities Clear understanding of the business procedures and ability to work as an individual and as a part of the team.

Technical Skills


ORACLE10g, TERADATA, Microsoft SQL Server


Teradata SQL assistant, ORACLE AQT

BI Tools

IBM Cognos 11 Analytics, IBM Cognos10, 8 (Cognos Report studio, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Cognos Workspace Advance, Business Insights)

Visualization Tool

Tableau (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server)

ETL Tool

Informatica (Power Center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository)

.NET Technologies

VC++, Visual Studio .NET


SQL, C, C++, R

Statistical Model

Regression Analysis, Machine Learning, ANOVA Analysis.

Academic qualification

●Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India in July 2004.

Professional Experience


Employer : ERP Analyts Oct 2015 to Till Now.

Title : Telephony Migration, Loan Originations

Client : Wells Fargo, Phoenix, AZ

Role : Data Analytics Consultant

Duration : Apr18 to Till Now

Vendor : Artech

Roles & Responsibilities:

Responsible for very complex client/partner assignments to identify and define strategic business issues that require analyses and translates this information into insight, knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry.

o Working with product owners and stake holders to identify the business issues.

o Understand the business process and gather the requirements for the business issues by conducting sessions with end users.

o Analyze the requirements and identify the business metrics o Develop the technical/functional design requirement documents.

Performs very complex analyses/analysis design involving data mining and predictive modeling, regression/multivariate, financial, and/or comparative analysis.

o Develop ETL (Extract Transform Load or Data mining) process to collect the data required for analysis from the oracle database.

o Perform data analysis, identifying patterns and trends in data sets and prepare presentation for clients.

o Implement the predictive model using the statistical methods in the database to forecast the data.

o Develop the functions for predictive models in the oracle database to forecast the data and presenting this data in report using Cognos and Tableau.

o Develop the reports for comparative analysis with planned data and forecast data from predictive modeling.

oImplementing Multiple regression analysis to find the SLA with Erlang A and Erlang C for the SBLO Call Center.

Responsibilities also include identifying opportunities for additional statistical models and creating sophisticated computer modeling approaches to analyze and forecast business performance, participating in and/or leading information capabilities development work presenting results of analyses and recommendations to senior management.

o Use statistical methods to analyze data and generate useful business reports.

o Develop and implement strategy to research and execute predictive modeling techniques along with technologies.

o Tune the modeling approaches to improve the business productivity. o Participate in the full lifecycle of an analytics or BI project: from gathering and understanding the end-user requirements. Developing the functional design, architecting the solution, the technical design and implementation, to preparing and executing the functional and product tests before delivery.

o Develop the Model and Reports present the data using the business intelligence reporting tools Cognos Analytics, Tableau.

o Develop the reports from single or multiple systems.

o Training end users on new reports and dashboards that were developed with Cognos and Tableau in analyzing the data.

Using multiple databases, ensures adherence to data management regulations and policies.

o Create, Update and delete the master data in the Oracle, Teradata databases.

o Working on the data related issues and communicating resolutions with other solution domains.

o Identify the data dependencies in support of delivery, release and change management. o Design and develop the complex database queries with the performance, quality and alignment to the requirements.

o Development and maintenance of an enterprise data dictionary that is aligned to the project related data assets. Gather the business definition and document the end-to-end data flows/transformations and data lineage.

o Design and develop reporting environment, including data sources, security and metadata to develop the reports.

o Analyze the logical and physical database models and guarantee models are in accordance with standards.

o Working with data governance team to ensure solutions adhere to the organization’s data principles and guidelines.

o Managing users and user roles to provide access and security to the data.

o Processing confidential data and information according to regulation and policy guidelines.

Environment : Cognos Analytics, Tableau Desktop 10.2, Tableau Server, EXCEL and Oracle, R Programming.

Title : GL Reporting (General Ledger)

Client : Morgan Stanley, NYC, NY

Role : Tableau Developer

Duration : Aug17 to March18

Vendor : IBM

Roles & Responsibilities:

Worked with Business Users to understand user requirements.

Developed the Data model to develop the reports.

Written the Complex SQL queries as per the business requirement to implement the reports.

Worked on the MTD, QTD, YTD calculations.

Developed Dashboards for the General Ledger Reporting.

Developed POC to migrate the PPT dashboards that were developed using Morgan Stanley internal tool to Tableau and Atomization of scheduling these reports.

Worked with cross functional teams in implementing the DWH for the reports and discuss on the issues.

Worked on the Teradata database environment for implementing the views.

Worked on the Table Calculations to implement the KPI need for the Dashboard Reporting.

Implemented Action filters, user filters and LOD expressions in developing the reports.

Work with Business analysts or users regarding the report Mock ups and changes required in the reports.

Integration of R programming with Tableau in implementing Regression analytics.

Implementing the Trend analysis on Tableau.

Environment : Tableau Desktop 10.2, Tableau Server, EXCEL and Teradata.

Title : ICP Reporting

Client : JPMC, Wilmington, DE

Role : Business Intelligence Developer

Duration : Oct15 to July17

Vendor : TCS

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Worked with Business Analysts and users to understand user requirements, layout and look and feel of the application to be developed.

●Worked on agile methodology in implementing the project.

●Developed Framework model to develop the reports.

●Worked on analyzing the conversion of the complex dashboard that was developed with OLTP system to OLAP system.

●Migrating Tableau Dashboard from the OLTP system to OLAP system.

●Created Tableau Model using the Tableau Desktop.

●Developed the Tableau Dashboard and Story and published the dashboards to the Tableau Server.

●Interacted with the Business Users and helped in Querying the data as per the requirement.

●Written the Complex Queries at the database level as a view to avoid multiple joins at the Tableau Level.

●Involved in the Data modeling to solve issue for Dimension to Dimension joins.

●Implemented Partitions and Indexes for the performance Tuning.

●Handled self service requests in developing reports.

●Implemented the Package level, Object level security on the FM package.

●Developed the Dashboards with Cognos Report studio.

●Developed the complex reports with the given business Queries.

●Implemented the complex queries at the view level to meet the business requirement.

●worked on performance improvement of the Model and reports.

●Tested the data integrity of the model with respect to the Business.

●Migrated the reports from the Cognos 10.1 to Cognos 11 environment and tested them.

●Developed the reports using the Cognos Analytics.

●Developed dashboard using Cognos Analytics and Tableau to the Hadoop Hive


Environment : Cognos 10.1, Cognos 11 Analytics Report Studio, Query Studio, Frame Work Manager, Tableau Desktop 10.0 Tableau Desktop 9.2, Tableau Server, EXCEL and Teradata, Hadoop Hive.

Employer : Infosys,Hyderabad,India Apr 2011 to Sep 2015

Title : TFS Reporting, BMC Change Management, Data governance.

Client : Axalta coating systems, Philadelphia, PA.

Role : Consultant

Duration : Jan’14 to Sep’15

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Worked with Business Analysts and users to understand user requirements, layout and look and feel of the application to be developed.

●Worked on Agile methodology in implementing the project.

●Data blending implemented on the TFS databases and generated interactive dashboard.

●Developed Data model for the imported data in the organized way to created user friendly reports.

●Generated dashboards with quick filters, parameters and sets to handle views more efficiently

●Published workbooks by creating user filters so that appropriate teams can view it.

●Generated context filters and used performance actions while handling huge volume of data.

●Created custom SQL queries to get the data from database to generate the dashboard reports.

●Developed POC on TFS database.

●Created Dashboards by extracting data from different data sources using data blending.

●Involved in creating interactive dashboards and applied actions.

●Developed complex calculated fields for the business logic, field actions, sets and parameters to include various filtering capabilities for the dashboard.

●Created different types of visualizations like Bar charts, Pie charts, box plots, Dual axis bar charts, drill through reports and drill down reports in the Dashboard.

●Given Training for the End users.

●Involved in administration activities like installing the tableau server, giving permissions to the user, managing data connections, schedules for background tasks and incremental refresh for the weekly and monthly dashboards reports on the tableau server.

●Worked on T-SQL to load the huge data in a sequential order.

Environment : Tableau Desktop 8.3, Tableau Server, EXCEL, ORACLE 11G, Microsoft SQL server.

Title : OTP MIS

Client : Schwab, Denver, CO

Role : Consultant

Duration : Jan ’13 to Dec 13

Roles & Responsibilities:

Understand Requirement, Analyzing Systems and Source Databases.

Designed and developed Dashboard using Tableau and published to the server.

Developed Teradata data structures based on the reporting requirements.

Created Dynamic filters and Parameters to implement the user required prompts.

Created story to display dashboards in different tabs and published to the server.

Implemented Data blending to join the tables from different data sources.

Created calculated fields and implemented calculations to display the required data in the report.

Worked on Informatica Power Center tool–Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping and Mapplet Designer, Transformations, Informatica Repository Manager and Informatica workflow Manager.

Extensively used ETL to load data from wide range of source such as flat files, oracle and XML to Teradata.

The project involved extracting data from various sources, transforming the data from these files before loading the data into target (warehouse) Teradata tables.

Informatica Metadata repository was created using the Repository Manager as a hub for interaction between the various tools. Security and user management, repository backup was also done using the same tool.

Created the mappings using transformations such as the Source qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Lookup, Router, Filter, Joiner and Update Strategy.

Extensively Worked on Asset management domain dealt with the data related investment fund (Exchange traded funds, mutual fund etc..), brokerage data.

Workflow Manager used for creating and maintaining the Sessions, Monitor, edit, schedule, copy, abort and delete the session.

Environment : Tableau Desktop 8, Tableau Server, Teradata 13, Informatica

Title : Absence management

Client : AON HEWITT, Illinois, Chicago

Role : Consultant

Duration : May ’12 to Dec’12

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Gathered Functional Requirements from end users.

●Involved in the complete Life cycle of the project from Dev to Prod.

●Involved in the requirements gathering for Ad-hoc Model/Metadata Model and Reports.

●Designed and developed Ad-hoc model for reporting in Cognos Framework Manager.

●Modified the existing reports based upon the change request by the user.

●Analyzed and created customized Cognos BI reports linking databases, to meet the user requirements.

●Created metrics using fields available in the package for Ad-hoc reporting.

●Developed dashboards, Reports and implemented Role level security on the reports.

●Developed Standard Reports, Charts, Drill through Reports, Master Detail Reports, Dashboard using Report Studio and Query Studio.

●Implemented package level, column level, and Role level security/data level security with groups.

●Implemented built in prompts in the package.

●Created views and stored procedures for implementing the data level security.

●Implemented user defined functions on the package.

●Developed reports with concept of cascading and Value Prompts as per Business Requirements.

●Created & published the packages using Framework manager.

●Worked on BIA (Business Insight Advanced) to create Adhoc Reports.

●Involved in the Cognos Admin task like giving the access on the Cognos Applications, adding users to the security groups.

●Moving Reports and package from Development to QA.

●Given training on Cognos Workspace Advance for end users.

●Performed unit testing and writes appropriate unit test plans to ensure requirements are satisfied.

●Involved in ETL design process to handle data related to security implementation.

●Created and Configured Workflows, Sessions to transport the data to target using Informatica Workflow Manager.

●Involved in writing UNIX shell scripts in KSH to Transfer the files between multiple systems and to load data from files to database.

Environment : Oracle 10, Cognos 10 (Report Studio, Framework Manager,

Query studio) Informatica 9.4, UNIX

Title : Interruption Patterns

Client : East Kentucky Power Cooperative, KY

Role : Consultant

Duration : Apr 2011 – Apr 2012

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Communicated with the business users to comprehend the requirements.

●Involved in the entire life cycle of the project from the user requirement gathering to deployment stage.

●Involved in unit testing the migrated reports in different environments.

●Ensure all the functions of the report to work in sync with their intended functionality.

●Updated HTML java scripts in the prompt page for enabling dynamic functionality.

●Involved in gathering reporting requirements from end users for the new reports.

●Imported new tables from DB and created new Query Subjects in the relational layer according to the unique business need and published package.

●Created multiple Dashboard reports for multiple packages.

●Created list/crosstab/graph reports as per the business requirements this would generate data pertaining to the Franchise Code or Customer type or Interruption Cause Type.

●Implemented Conditional Blocks, conditional formatting, page breaks to display data in the report as per the user requirements in the Report Studio

●Created Prompts, Calculations, Conditions & Filters, Prompt Pages, Variables in Report Studio in Cognos.

●Created reports with Exception Highlights, drill down, drill through reports, cascading prompts.

●Developed Prompt Pages, Cascaded input Prompts to display only the selected entries in the report and also worked on the customization of prompt parameters.

●Involved in extensive use of conditional formatting while developing reports in Report Studio.

●Written HTML/Java Script in Cognos report studio reports as per the requirements.

●Served ad-hoc change requests pertaining to existing Cognos Reports.

●Performed unit testing and writes appropriate unit test plans to ensure requirements are satisfied.

●Deployment of packages/reports across environments.

Environment : Teradata 10, Cognos 8.3 (Report Studio, Frame work Manager,

Query studio) Windows

Employer : SUSG,Hyderabad,India Nov 2007 to Feb 2011

Title : Heritage-BI

Client : Heritage, India

Role : Consultant

Duration : Jan 2010 – Feb 2011

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Involved in gathering reporting requirements from end users.

●Create Frame work model, package & publishing the packages using Frame work manager.

●Created Drill- through reports, Master detail reports.

●Developed Dash Board Reports on Cognos 8 report Studio.

●Extensively used Conditional Blocks to hide/display the report contents (list, crosstab, charts) based on user selection in the prompt.

●Extensively used conditional format features of Report Studio to generate efficient and user-friendly reports.

●Moving Reports from Development to QA.

●Performed unit testing and writes appropriate unit test plans to ensure requirements are satisfied.

●Interacting with the users and providing solution to ad hoc requests to query the database and provide the dataset.

●Modifying the existing reports based upon the change request by the user.

Environment : COGNOS 8.2, ORACLE 10, Windows

Title : Implementation of Productivity Reports

Client : Reliance Fresh, India

Role : Consultant

Duration : Jan09 – Dec09

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Understanding Specification Documents for Reports as per client requirements.

●Converted reports from Pega to Cognos.

●Used Query Explorer to create the reports without Framework model and package.

●Created List, Crosstab, Repeater reports using Report Studio.

●Created report views with saved prompts and schedule according to the business requirement.

●Created Prompts, Calculations, Conditions & Filters, Prompt Pages, Variables in Report Studio in Cognos.

●Created reports with Exception Highlights, drill down, drill through reports, cascading prompts.

●Implemented Conditional Blocks, conditional formatting, page breaks to display data in the report as per the user requirements in the Report Studio

●End to End execution provided with UAT Test Plans on all the user reports

Environment : Cognos 8 BI, MS SQL SERVER 2005, WINDOWS

Title : Case management System

Client : Yashoda Hospitals, India

Role : Consultant

Duration : Nov2007 – Dec2008

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Analyzing the existing system

●Interacting with Business Analyst and gathering business requirements.

●Involved in creating Projects, Namespaces, Models and Packages using Cognos Framework Manager and deployed packages on Cognos Connection.

●Worked with the QA team in documenting & capturing test cases.

●Created List, Crosstab, Chart, Repeater reports using Report Studio & Ad-hoc reports using Query Studio.

●Created new reports using Cognos and upgraded and replaced existing EXCEL reports.

●Trained power users to use Query Studio for Ad-Hoc reporting.

●Involved in review sessions and demos with business users and draft design/solution.

Environment : Cognos 8, MS SQL SERVER

Employer : Linkwell Telesystems (P) LTD, India

Job Title : R&D Trainee

Duration : May 2005 – Oct 2006

Title : JTAG on EPOS

Environment : Visual Studio .Net

Roles and Responsibilities:

●Created Flow diagrams for the project.

●Analyzed and documented PCB functionality.

●Created win forms using VC++.

●Used dlls to Connect between PC and JTAG on E-pos PCB

●Analyzed the architecture of the ARM Processor and memory devices.

●Tested the software and compared the results with manual results.

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