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Office Civil

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 14, 2020

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I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and

a drive to see things through to completion. I have experience of 18 years in public relations, Administration, HR activities.

Responsible for coordinating and liaising between the company and Government organizations / authorities and provide a key inter-face between the two.

Provide quick, efficient and reliable services for all Government related jobs such as Employment Permits, Entry Visas, Medical Examinations, miscellaneous jobs related to Immigration, Ministry of Labor & Consulates, and Business Licenses to the company adhering to the regular amendments in rules and regulations within very short notices. Objective “Eager to excel and rise in the field of Public Relations and Administration with a sense of devotion and dedication in community conscious organization where the talent and experience is exploited to the full of job satisfaction has always been the utmost aim of my life”

E d u c a t i o n

Successfully categorized implemented and Organized Visa and Labour procedures as per U.AE labor laws

Any related official and personnel letters and preparation of Documents.

Visit and Transit. (Online – E-form site – smart forms –JAFZA. Jebel Ali online service).

Planned and taken approval for several costing cutting measures in the company.

Working and Operating around 18 government websites.

Able to handle all government department work related to the company such as Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Immigration, Traffic Dept., Police, Municipality, Civil Defense, Etisalat, Du, Customs & Air Port, Water & Electricity Dept. Court, Notary Public, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Dept. Etc...

Successfully able to draft Arabic letters with translations in both language Arabic/ English & Handle office jobs and filing all documents, e-mail, fax, etc... Sakib Mohammed Ikram

Senior Public Relations Officer


Mobile: +971**-******* / 055-*******

Visa status : Employment visa (Transferable)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

High School Diploma from Dubai, U.A.E. 1996

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from Jaipur National University, in 2010

Secretarial Course in (Ms Office) from Al Diek Business management training services in September 2000

Typing course in both Arabic and English From Al Najah Culture Institute in December 1996. A c h i e v e m e n t s

C a r e e r P r o g r e s s i o n

Worked in a Mechanical Equipment company in Dubai as a P.R.O, from Jan 1997 to Dec 1998.

Worked in a construction company (Construction & Building Engineering L.L.C.) in Dubai from Jan to May 1999. As a P.R.O.

Duties and Responsibilities in Detail

: المسئوليات التي أقوم بها في مجموعة شركات الخوري

جميع المعاملات التابعة للإدارة العامة للإقامة و شؤون الأجانب

- الإقامة (ج د يد – تجديد)

- تغيير المهن

- الالغاء بجميع ا نواعه

- اقامة عوائل موظفي الشركة

- اصدار تأشيرات العمل

- اصدار تأشيرات الزيارة و الترانزيت و السياحية

- بلاغات الهروب

- بطاقات المندوب (جيدد – تجديد)

- بطاقات المنشأة (جديد – تجديد)

جميع المعاملات التابعة لوزارة العمل

- تصاريح العمل بكل انواعه

- بطاقات العمل

- بطاقات المندوب

- الالغاء بكل انواعه

- بيانات المنشأة و التأكد من صحة البيانات و عدد المكفولين

- حالة المنشأة

- عقود العمل لجميع الموظفين والعمال (تعديل - تجديد- تغيير المهن)

- موافقة الحصص

جميع المعاملات التابعة للدائرة الاقتصادية

- الرخصة التجارية ( جديد – تجديد) الرخص التجارية

و تجهيز جميع المستندات اللازمة

- متابعة جميع الاجراءات التابعة للدائرة الاقتصادية

المعاملات التابعة لبلدية دبي

- المواضيع التي تتعلق بالتفتيش و الانشطة و موقع البلدية الالكتروني

Responsibilities in the Al Khoory Group:

GDRFA – Immigration

- Residence (renewal – new)

- Changing Designation

- All type of cancellations

- Issuing New employment visa

- issuing visit – transit – tourist visa

- Absconding cases

- PRO cards (new – renew)

- Computer Cards (new – renew)

Ministry of Labour

- All type of work permits

- Labour cards (new – renewal)

- PRO cards (new – renewal)

- All type of cancellations

- Company details updating and no. of employees

- Company status

- Employees contracts for all employees

(amendment – changing designations – renewal)

- Quota Approvals

Economic Department

- Trade license (new – renewal) and all documents

and procedures belong to it.

- All jobs related to economic departments

Dubai Municipality

- All transaction related to trade license such as inspection – activities – and online.

P.R.O Cum Administration Officer

Al Khoory Group of Companies, UAE

Dec 2000 - Present

Company is a locally owned group of companies operating in Dubai (U.A.E.) for past 25 years with more than 1,000 workforces. It has about 6 different companies under its wings, catering, Automobile division, Real Estate, Industrial equipment’s, security systems, control panels and building consultants.

المعاملات التابعة لهي ئة الطرق و المواصلات و ادارة المرور

- طباعة كل انواع الرسائل التابعة للادارة و المستندات اللازمة لتسجيل المركبات (جديد – تجديد) و المبايعات فك رهن و غيرها من المعاملات.

جميع المعاملات التابعة للقيادة العامة للشرطة

- تجهيز المستندات للبلاغات و الرسائل المتعلقة بها

- شهادات حسن السيرة و السلوك

- المستندات المطلوبة لتسجيل بلاغ الشيكات المرتجعة

جميع المعاملات التابعة للمنطقة الحرة لجبل علي

- اصدار تاشيرات العمل

- الأقامات (جديدة + تجديد)

- تجديد الرخصة التجارية

- الفحص الطبي

- بطاقات المندوبين

- بطاقا ت الدخول لجبل علي

- متابعة كل الاعمال الادارية في جبل علي

معاملات تابعة للمحاكم و الكاتب العدل

- تجهيز المستندات للكاتب العدل و التوثيق و التوكيلات

- تجهيز المستندات و الرسائل التابعة للقضايا و البلاغات

معاملات تابعة لهيئة المعاشات

- تسجيل موظفين جدد في الشركة

- ارسال مبالغ التأمين الشهرية

- متابعة التوطين و عددهم في الشركات

- تسجيل ابناء مجلس التعاون الخليجي في الشركة

معاملات تابعة لوزارة الاقتصاد

- الوكالات التجارية (جديد – تجديد)

- جميع الرسائل و الطلبات المتعلقة بها

جميع المعاملات التابعة لل منطقة الحرة (تراخيص)

- اصدار تاشيرات العمل

- الأقامات (جديدة + تجديد)

- تجديد الرخصة التجارية

- بطاقات المندوبين

- متابع ة كل الاعمال الادارية في المنطقة الحرة – تراخيص

بلدية دبــــي

- التقديم على طلبات الحصول على مختلف انواع التصاريح مثل تصريح صيانة ال مباني تصريح اللوحات الاعلانية

- بطاقات الصحة المهنية

- أي نشاط يتطلب موافقة البلدية لغرض تجديد الرخصة


RTA & Traffic Departments

- Prepare all letters and documents for registration

(new – renewal) of vehicles and sale letters, releases and others

General Police Head Quarters

- Case claiming and all type of letters

- Conducts certificate

- Cheque bounce case complaints

Free Zone (Jebel Ali)

- Employment visa issuing

- Residence visa (new – renewal)

- Trade license renewal

- Medicals

- PRO Cards (new – renewal)

- Access passes

- All administration works in JAFZA

Courts & Notary Public

- Preparing all documents for notary public and

attestations and power of attorney gf- preparing and follow up cases and arranging letters

Pension Authority

- Registering new employees in the company

- Sending monthly pension amount to Authority

- Follow up the localization and their numbers in

the company

- Registering the GCC locals in the company

Ministry of Economy

- Agency registration (new – renew)

- All letters and request related to the ministry

Trakhees (Free Zone)

- Employment visa issuing

- Residence visa (new – renewal)

- Trade license renewal

- PRO Cards (new – renewal)

- All administration works in Free Zone Area

Dubai Municipality

- Different type of permit such as maintenance

permit, board permit, building permits

- Health Occupational Cards

- Any related activity require approval for trade

license renewal

P r o v e n J o b R o l e

Involved in Trade Agencies renewals.

Vehicles renewals and Insurance.

Trade License renewals.

Tenancy contracts.

Health Cards and Medicals.

Civil Defense Certificates.

Etisalat & Du for telephones and internet connections. Administration Functions

Involved into complete and independent management of Public relation department, Administration, Personnel Activities, employee Relationship including liaison with government departments

Successfully managed and coordinated with human resources for the liaison of employee’s benefits affairs

T r a i n i n g s

Computer courses: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP. MS Office 98, 2000, XP& 2003 International Computer Driving License (I.C.D.L.)

Typing Arabic / English

L a n g u a g e s

Arabic : Read, Write, Speak (Excellent)

English : Read, Write, Speak (Very Good)

Hindi & Urdu : Read, Write, Speak (Very Good)

P e r s o n a l D e t a i l s

Nationality : Indian

Date of Birth : 15th August 1976

Marital Status : Married

Driving License : Valid UAE Light Vehicle

Visa Status : Transferable Visa

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