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Data Project

Verona, WI, 53593
January 13, 2020

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Name: Mitch Cohen

Address: **** ****** **** *****

Verona, Wisconsin 53593

Home Phone: 608-***-****

Higher 9/73 – 1/74 University of Chicago: Graduate work in Mathematics. Education: 9/69 – 5/73 University of Wisconsin – Madison: B. S. degree with Honors in Mathematics

Work History: Department of Revenue

State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

4/00 – 12/10 Permanent employee in the Office of Technology Services. For the past 6 years was a member of the Department’s Data Warehouse team which built an enterprise data warehouse from scratch, including the selection process from among multiple vendors of a purchased suite of BI tools, including ETL and querying and reporting, ultimately settling on SAS. Tax-related data was modeled and divided into Fact and Dimension tables using ERWIN, Data Definition Language was generated and tables were created for the ODS and Data Warehouse reporting tables. The overall effort was divided up into smaller projects, each incorporating a new data source. First we incorporated W-2, Wisconsin state income tax and Federal 1040 data, followed by vehicle and driver’s license data from the Department of Transportation. Recently led the effort to convert a previous DOR data mart involving Corporate Sales Tax and Income Tax audit-related information into the new SAS DW. The data in the Warehouse is used heavily by audit staff, compliance staff and Research and Policy to increase tax compliance and to shape tax policy for the Legislature and the Governor’s office. Served later as project leader for a conversion of the data from 4 mainframe CICS tax systems to the SAS Web Report Studio/SQL-SERVER platform environment. Prior to that I was the project manager and systems analyst for several modification projects involving the Business Tax Audit Data Mart. In one project, the front end and ETL programs for the Warehouse were accommodated to new feeds of Business Tax Regist- ration data and Sales Tax return data coming from the new Integrated Tax System. In the other project, built an application in MS-ACCESS to track audit downloads, including a PC-to-mainframe process which grabbed current corporate addresses. Wrote several complex programs improving the data quality of this data mart. Consulted on BUSINESS OBJECTS and BO Designer to assist customers with queries and reports. Before that, as Business Analyst, worked on a number of desktop applications in MS-ACCESS and Visual Basic, one of which was a “screen-scraper” for WISMART. Wrote a mainframe COBOL application to anal- yze the monthly INFOTECH bill. Analyzed the CICS/COBOL Forms Inventory System for replacement. Maintained the Employee Directory application for the Department. Mod- ified the Business Tax Registration system, a complex batch DB2 COBOL mainframe system. Wrote a user interface between mainframe personnel data and Training Partner, a purchased client-server package for tracking employee training courses completed. Recently working on a project to build a user-friendly SAS data mart for querying the statewide accounting system, WISMART, by the fiscal group at DOR. The application uses Slowly Changing Dimensions.

3/98 – 12/99 CUNA Mutual Insurance Group

Madison, Wisconsin

Business Systems Consultant – Maintained multi-million dollar Billing system for the Corporate Property and Casualty division. Worked in a batch COBOL II/VSAM/DB2 main- frame environment doing systems enhancement and production support. 8/97 – 3/98 Division of Information Technology (DOIT) University of Wisconsin – Madison

As Business Process Specialist, did systems analysis and design work for a systems integration project where a new employee benefits system was to be integrated with existing payroll and personnel information systems in IMS/COBOL, a faculty appointment system in DB2 and a Deduction Services system in ORACLE. CASE Tool used was ORACLE Designer/2000 as upper Tool and to generate DDL for databases.

7/96 – 7/97 Department of Workforce Development

State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Permanent employee in the Bureau of Information Technology Services. Was an inter-agency exchange or “loaner” employee to the DOA Bureau of Statewide Systems Development working on the SHRS system (Shared Human Resources System). This was to be the first statewide client/server system in Wisconsin state government, utilizing DB2 on the INFOTECH mainframe as an enterprise server. SHRS was the Wisconsin civil service scoring and tracking system, developed with the integrated CASE Tool COMPOSER by IEF from Texas Instruments

(now called COOL:Gen) using the Rapid Prototyping path of the Information Engineering methodology. Did data and process modeling, led BAA/JAD sessions, performed systems design, prototyping and code generation using the Tool. Did system testing of SHRS and conversion of the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) data to SHRS. 3/87 – 6/96 Department of Health and Family Services State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Permanent employee in the Bureau of Information Systems. As a project leader had systems maintenance responsibility for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) system, a medium-sized IMS/DB2/COBOL mainframe system with 30 on-line programs and 100 batch programs. As Designer/Analyst made major contributions to the analysis and redesign of the Bureau’s Billing and Property Administration systems using the CASE Tool KNOWL- EDGEWARE with the FORESIGHT methodology. Did data analysis and system design for an enterprise model of billing and property administration data contained in the NETMAN package. Wrote and executed a system test plan for the new NETMAN release. Used the “screen scraper” software, MOZART, to implement batch applications for the Human Services Reporting System. As Programmer/Analyst made substantial additions to the Child Support Data System (CSDS) and the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) used for welfare fraud detection. Using COBOL in the IMS DB/DC and DB2 environments, designed and coded the Printed Fiscal Query and the Bank Deposit functions for CSDS and the interstate case load match for IEVS. For the latter project, dumped the 8400-byte CRN welfare record to a standard format. Also per- formed systems analysis on the CRN/IMP Redesign project and KIDS Child Support system RFP. Responsible for production support work and design, coding, testing, and documentation of large, complex programs using database in both on-line and batch processing modes. Other software used included FILE-AID, FILE-AID/IMS, Batch Terminal Simulator (BTS), EASYFLOW, VIA- INSIGHT, VIA-SMARTEST, and the data dictionary, DATAMANAGER. 8/83 – 10/83 Department of Administration

State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Limited term employee in the Division of Executive Budget and Planning. Responsible for com- pleting the computer programming for the 1983 population estimates and projections for counties and municipalities in Wisconsin. This work was accomplished in batch mode in the COBOL and FORTRAN languages on an IBM 3081 mainframe using TSO/SPF. 8/82 – 8/83 Department of Development

State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Permanent employee in the Division of Support Services. Responsible for the design, coding, debugging, documentation and maintenance of many small systems at this agency, including the Plat Review system, Permanent Property Inventory, Tourism Information Retrieval, and Industrial Sites and Buildings systems. Also was technical support resource for computer users of other applications. Work performed using TSO/SPF on an Amdahl 470 mainframe, and using IPF related software on an IBM 8100 minicomputer. Languages used were COBOL and DMS. 12/80 – 8/ 82 Vocational, Technical and Adult Education Board State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Permanent employee in the Bureau of Policy and Planning. Responsibilities included re-design, programming, testing, documentation and maintenance of several key systems at this agency, notably, the Student Follow-Up system, the VEDS statistical system, Teacher Certification, and Course Approval. In addition, performed maintenance and technical support functions. Computer work performed on an Amdahl 470 mainframe using TSO. Languages used were COBOL, FORTRAN, and MARK IV. Used direct access method with FORTRAN and VSAM with COBOL.

5/78 – 12/80 Department of Administration

State Government of Wisconsin – Madison

Permanent employee in the Bureau of Information Development. Programming and analysis performed on various automated systems, including Statewide Purchasing, Affirmative Action Information, Population Estimation, and General Obligation Bonding. Languages used were COBOL and FORTRAN in an IBM 370 host environment using TSO. Used direct access method with FORTRAN and VSAM with COBOL.

11/76 – 11/77 H. E. Winklevoss and Associates

Philadelphia, Pa.

Pension actuarial work. Was responsible for designing and implementing a computerized valuation system for large, complex multi-employer pension plans. Did systems design, program- ing, testing, and implementation. Languages used for this computer model were FORTRAN in batch mode on an IBM 370 mainframe with APL in time-sharing mode on an attached processor. 1/76 – 11/76 Martin E. Segal Company

New York, N. Y.

Valuation of corporate and multi-employer pension plans using a General Automation 18/30 minicomputer in the FORTRAN language.

4/74 – 10/75 Johnson & Higgins

New York, N. Y.

Performed pension valuation work using a computer system written in an IBM Basic Assembler macro language. Work done on an IBM 370/145 mainframe computer. SKILLS: Data modeling, process modeling, structured analysis (Yourdon, Constantine), structured design

(Page-Jones), data analysis, applications architecture, CASE Tool development, Information Engineering, GUI design, software testing, system reengineering, project management, JAD session facilitation, coding in multiple programming languages, advanced debugging and reading MVS dumps, writing test plans, methodology, statistical analysis, Data Warehouse, ETL, and Business Intelligence.. SOFTWARE: CHANGEMAN, VIA-SMARTEST, VIA-INSIGHT, Expediter, PLATINUM Tools, SPUFI, VSAM/ AMS, JCL, PROCs, FILE-AID, FILEAID/IMS, DB2 EXPLAIN, DATAMANAGER, CASE Tools, MS-PROJECT, MS-ACCESS, VBA, Net EXpress, DOS, CONTROL-M, CONTROL-O, ABEND-AID, TSO/SPF, CLISTS, MOZART, HOST-ON-DEMAND, Attachmate EXTRA! Macro language, BUSINESS OBJECTS, Command Center, MS-WORD, SAS Data Integration Studio, Web Report Studio, Enterprise Guide, Information Map Studio, Base SAS, and Visio. DATABASES: DB2, UDB (Universal Database, or DB2/2), MS SQL-SERVER, IMS DB, MS ACCESS.

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