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Web Developer Software Engineer

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
January 13, 2020

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Denimar de Moraes

Mobile: +55-48-9-998*-****

Skype: denimar.moraes


LinkedIn: Personal statement

Advanced full stack web developer with over 20 years of experience in structuring, developing and implementing all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects, best practice programming and design patterns. I am passionate about keeping up to date with the latest technologies, working in a team, and getting the job done. I am certain that, with my experiences and skills, I have a lot to contribute to the team and company. Summary of Skills and Attributes


● Java

o Hibernate

o Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC

o Maven

o Akka

o Testing (JUnit, Mockito, Power Mockito), TDD/BDD o Continuous integration (Jenkins, CircleCI)

● NodeJS (Express, NPM) using microservice architecture

● JavaScript (Vanilla, ES6/ES7 with Babel)

o ReactJS (Webpack; Redux; testing with Enzyme; unit tests with coverage) o JQuery and JQuery UI

o AngularJS (best practice by John Papa and community); testing (Jasmine, Karma, Protractor), E2E and unit tests with coverage; continuous integration (in the cloud using Travis for unit & Sauce Labs for E2E); TDD/BDD; Gulp; Bower

● CSS2/CSS3 (responsive frameworks; Bootstrap; Angular Material, Sass)

● Source code management: SVN & GIT

● Databases: Oracle (PL SQL); SQL Server; PostgreSQL; MySQL; MongoDB, ElasticSearch, CouchDB

● Other: Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, SSH, Restful services; design patterns and best practice; Agile/Scrum

● On my radar (Python; Android)

● Cloud: Google Cloud Platform and AWS

● DevOps: Continuous integration (Jenkins, CircleCI) with Continuous Delivery and Deployment Personal

● Proactive self-starter

● Self-taught learner, getting exceptional results from cutting-edge technologies

● Excellent problem solver

● Confident worker, thriving under pressure and in fast-paced competitive environments Interpersonal

● Receptive to feedback

● Flexible

● Communicative and Positive attitude

Employment History

2017-Present,Full Stack Web Developer, Feracode, Florianópolis SC, Brazil

● Team leading and development using primarily Node and React

● Software architecture and design microservices;

● Software engineering for DevOps;

● Cloud computing using Google Cloud Platform (GCP);

● As a senior developer wrote a set of microservices using Node, Docker, Kubernetes and NoSQL;

● Create a Continuous Integration for a Continuous Delivery using CircleCI and GitHub Actions;

● Setting up NGNIX using proxy pass for microservices;

● SSL and DNS configurations;

2015-2017,Full Stack Web Developer, HBSis, Blumemau SC, Brazil

● Working as a senior developer for a large client, Ambev, on several projects on both front-end and server, improving performance, building new features and fixing bugs, as part of a product team.

● Creating rich, flexible, standard-compliant web applications using cutting-edge technology.

● Reviewing other developers’ code, providing feedback, fixing cross-browser bugs, and answering questions.

● Brainstorming, refining and sketching concepts for projects; collaboratively writing proposals and specifications.

● Working in Agile and Scrum development environments.

● Working with continuous integration tool Jenkins. 2000-present,Full Stack Web Developer, Self-Employed, Blumenau SC, Brazil

● Designing websites for clients on a contractual basis.

● Defining project scope and creating concepts

● Developing responsive user interfaces for web applications

● Maintaining schedules and ensuring on-time delivery of content

● Working with continuous integration in the cloud using Travis and Sauce Labs (for cross browsing and cross platform environments)

● Developing dynamic and browser compatible GUI components using Vanilla JavaScript, ES6, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, AngularJS and React: (react+graphql+nodejs+mysql) 2009-2015,Programmer, Senior Sistemas, Blumenau SC, Brazil

● Developed and maintained HR software called VetorRH.

● Converted VetorRH source code from Delphi to Java. 2006-2009, Programmer/Architect, Insight System, Joinville SC, Brazil

● Designed, developed, maintained and implemented InsightRTP; layered, modularised software for manufacturing.

● Discussed requirements with the team; shared solutions and knowledge; coded, tested and delivered packages.

● Led the technical team, responsible for architecture and best practice of source code. Training

● Full Stack Web Development Specialization, Coursera

● CSS3, Proway

● HTML5, Proway

● PL SQL, QuickSoft

● Google Cloud Platform, Udemy

● Docker, Udemy

● Kubernetes, Udemy

Personal interests/activities

● Kayaking, swimming and hiking

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