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Engineer Manager

January 13, 2020

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Frisco, Texas *****


Telecom and Control Engineer

Highly experienced Engineer credited with more than 25 years working in engineering and Maintenance of Telecommunications networks, Instrumentation and Industrial Control Systems. Experience gained in the Design, Installation, maintenance and support of Distributed control Systems and Telecommunications Systems for the Venezuelan Oil and Gas Industry, Venezuelan Private Telecom Carriers and Venezuelan Telephony Companies. Documented history of success at consolidating operations, executing projects and leading company production or ensuring quality of services while minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Seeking an upper challenge in which to apply his acknoledge to meet the needs of an organization.

Areas of Strength and Expertise

Engineering Maintenance

Supervision of personnel

Project Management.

Cost control and budget.

Customer services Management

Basic Engineering, Technical specifications and Bid documents

Distributed Control Systems DCS

Supervisory control and Data Acquisition Systems SCADA

Programmable Logic Controllers

Relay Control Panels


. Programming and MMI

Field Instrumentation

Wireless Telecommunications Systems.

Microwave radio links

Satellite Technologies

Point to Multipoint Technologies

Professional Experience


Electrical Maintenance Engineer 2017 to today

Encharged of the electrical Maintenance of the mine. It include Electronics Distributed Control Systems ABB 800, PLCs Series 500 AB, Omcron, Relay control Panels, speed sensors, position sensors, counters, dust controllers, AC Distribution System ( 120 V,277 V, 240 V, 480 V, 4160 V ) for Electrical motors,Electrical pumps,lighting System. Pneumatic systems, Hydraulic systems, Electronics Systems for heavy Machinery, Bulldozers, Excavators, cranes, Crushers, belt conveyors, etc.

G & J, FARMS AND PRODUCTS LLC, Edmond, Oklahoma . 2016 to 2016


Encharged of make the feasibility study of the business and to search financial support Agencies .


Project Manager /Consultor

For several years dedicated to provide professional services to public and private companies in Venezuela.

Project execution in telecommunications area and Business promotion. I can mention :

Execution of the project CBIT, for CVG Telecom. It includes more than 350 satellite points in Venezuela.

Project Interconnection by optical fiber Venezuela-Colombia, Venezuelan side, for CVG Telecom.

INFONET, Maracaibo, Venezuela 1997 to 2003

Maintenance Engineer, Operations Supervisor.

Initially tasked with the Execution of the Basic Engineering, Procurement, construction, commissioning and start up of the network, facilities, Systems, and equipment’s for a Venezuelan regional telecommunications wireless company with 250 employees and $25 MM in annual sales.

Encharged of the Maintenance of the Switching System, BTSs Equipment’s, Radio microwave Backbones, data centers, switching rooms, repeaters stations and the maintenance of all Telecom infrastructure, the Interconnection network and the Emergency Energy Systems .

The network availability requirements and the maintenance budget were met with costs below the budget during tenure as manager.

COMSAT VENEZUELA, Caracas, Venezuela 1995 to 1996

Manager of Operations – Venezuela & Colombia.

Provided the installation and the technical maintenance to the Satellite standard C Teleport and its facility, the Satellite VSAT DAMA Network Installations and Maintenance,the backup Energy Systems . The sales support and after sales customer support was part of the responsibilities.

The grade of services and the service availability always met the costumers requirements during tenure as manager.

CONATEL, Caracas, Venezuela 1994 to 1995

Telecommunications Services Manager

Oversaw technical service areas for the agency regulating the telecommunications sector in Venezuela.

Executed technical and economic evaluations of projects along with regulatory monitoring of operators.

Developed and revised regulations and standards for the operation of services, as well as coordinated and administered radio spectrum use and ensured agency compliance with ITU regulations.

The three new Geostationary positions assigned for ITU to Simon Bolivar Satellite Venezuelan Project was obtained during tenure as manager.

INFOSAT, Caracas, Venezuela 1992 to 1994

Operation Manager, Maintenance Engineer.

Constructed, installed and maintained technical infrastructure for company operations. The INFOSAT project consisting of, Main office Building,23 regional Commercial offices, two Network control room, Auxiliary Energy room, Warehouse room, 6 satellite SCPC stations and its facilities, one satellite teleport standard F Facility, One Satellite VSAT Data Network,One Satellite VSAT Voice Network and two Microwave Backbones with more than 82 Microwave repeaters and more than 43 Newbridge multiplexers nodes.

CORPOVEN SA, Various Cities in Venezuela 1977 to 1991

Automation Manager/ Data and Control Engineering Supervisor/S.C.A.D.A. Engineer

Controlled the development and implementation of short and long term automation planning for Corpoven

Oversaw strategy development for procurement and contracting process of instruments, control systems and Telecommunications solutions for Corpoven Automation Projects .

As Automation Engineer/Supervisor was encharged of the installation, Programming, Upgrade, Integration,expansion and maintenance,Hardware and Software of the Distributed Control systems, SCADAs systems, PLCs and instruments used by Corpoven at its Oil production and Gas Facilities in Venezuela Operation (Oil and Gas Pipe lines, Gas Compressors Plants, Electrical load Dispatch, Oil Production Stations, Boosters Stations, Tank Farms, Water Injection Plants, Pump off systems,) . Multiple Systems Manufactures AETI, SIEMENS, AEG TELEFUNKEN, HONEYWELL, LEEDS AND NORTHRUP, AUTOTROL, FOXBORO. The Responsibilities include, Remote and Master stations, MMI, transducers, sensors, Actuators, transmitters, pressure switch, level switch, flow meters, gas analyzers, microwave radios, Vsat equipments, Battery chargers,etc.

Education and Training

Specialist in Business Engineering, Major Project Management & Technology

Simon Bolivar University Caracas, Venezuela

Electronics Engineer, Industrial Control

National Polytechnic Institute Barquisimeto, Venezuela



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