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Software Engineer

Pompano Beach, FL
March 12, 2020

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Engineering, Data Analytics & Visualization


University of Pittsburgh SEP 2010 - FEB 2016

Master of Science, Bioengineering

NIH Multimodal Imaging Fellow Award (2012-2013), RF simulation using threaded C code on Linux and Matlab.

Designed and prototyped components used CAD (Solid works) and workshop for prototyping.

Model extraction from CAD models, and development of multiple anatomically detailed models and evaluation of MR coils simulations using full wave Maxwell's equations

Independent Transmit (Tx) & Receive (Rx) coil arrays are used to tackle (electric and magnetic) field in homogeneity that arise at ultra-high field MRI. An important part of my thesis work was bench marking of coil performance for efficient and safe use in-vivo.

The arrays were tested for reproducibility, reliability and safe usage across multiple studies. EM/RF Finite Difference Time Domain simulations of the Tx and composite of five head models were used to optimize parameters, to obtain homogenize whole brain excitation with low RF absorption.

Work Sample 1:

The George Washingon University SEP 2001 - MAY 2003

Master of Science, Computer Engineering

Teaching Fellow: Held weekly recitations and assisted professors with undergraduate and graduate ECE classes:. Circuits Design, Signals and Systems, Digital and Analog Communication and Filter Design, Stochastic Processes, and Signal Processing.

CDAC Certificate in computing – India JUL-DEC 1998

Computing Diploma : Advanced C, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming: C++, Java and Business Computing.

Regional Engineering College Warangal JAN 1992 - MAY 1996

Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Deans List 1992

Skills Summary: Web portfolio

Python(Pandas, sklearn, Keras), R/Rstudio,Tableau, Statistics, Matlab

SQL, Linux, Cmake/Makefile, Parallel Programming

C++, C#, QT, Embedded Systems

Java, Javascript, node, Spark (Python and R api)

Professional Experience

Software Engineer – Fabmatics: Linux & PLC FEB 2019 – DEC 2019

Magic leap, Plantation FL

Commissioning/production support: Liaison between magic leap staff and German engineers, to sort out daily issues with manufacturing, the system assembles version 1 of augmented reality eye glass. PLC and C++ applications control and automate the manufacturing. Remote access to the system, analysis of log files, via. terminal were used to correct errors in software, or erros due to operator. System malfunction due to malfunction of sensors due to changes in position or timing, and any other issues that arise with system or software were handled to facilitate production.

Analyst – Cognizant Technologies: R, Python, SQL, Issue tracking JUN 2018 - FEB 2019

Revenue protection, Florida Power & Light, Jupiter FL

Wrote code and queries, to analyze customer usage data, and develop ML models for anomaly detection and time series classification.

Tsfresh time series (TS) features were extracted and dimension reduction techniques; and different ML classifiers (Random Forest, SVM, QDA & Neural Net) were used to classify anomalous time series.

Feature engineering : Significant features were obtained using CCA, PCA, TSNE & Baruta methods.

Change point analysis was used to identify anomalous premises, and ggplot visualizations done for 2 million accounts.

Computations were implemented across threads in parallel to speed up computations using shared memory.

Work Sample 2: Cognizant Project

Data Science Fellow: R, Python & IBM SPSS, Machine Learning FEB 2016 - JUN 2018

Oakridge Associated Universities – DOE National Energy Technology Lab, Pittsburgh PA

Different 9Cr Steel test data of inhouse and those from Japan were analyzed : to develop data analytic tools for rapid development of new alloys at NETL in collaboration with Case Western University.

Pairwise correlations were done as part of exploratory analysis. Variables of non-zero variance & frequent occurrences were used to predict strength, ductility and other mechanical properties.

Multi-variate and stepwise regression were used to determine rank order of variables in explaining a mechanical property.

Random forest recursive partitioning technique was used to explore expanded composition space to predict property of new alloy from existing test data.

Different techniques i.e. ANOVA, and Tukey HSD tests on mean of samples, principle components, stochastic embedding (t-SNE), hierarchical and medoid, kNN clustering have been used to visualize different classes of alloys

Work Sample 3:

University of Pittsburgh 2007 - 2009

Neuroscience Rotation, Pittsburgh PA

Designed and developed Lab VIEW based liquid reward system.

Designed and developed a Wii based IR motion capture system: Wiimote.

Bosch, Computer (CS) & Information Sciences (IS) 2004 - 2006

Internships, Pittsburgh PA

Bosch: CAN driver project : Designed and implemented a higher layer protocol viz. the driver and daemon on top of a Control Area Network (CAN). The daemon takes care of addressing, fragmentation and reassembly.

CS: Proposed a pub-sub architecture for emergency notification system using Linux socket programming on ARM PDA's, interconnected via. adhoc routing developed inhouse

IS: MIMO Wireless system analysis: Studied MIMO aware MAC, for different PHY architecture, and identify mechanisms that would ultimately address QoS issues, service differentiation based on throughput and delay for Smart antenna based wireless LAN devices

Embedded Wireless (C & Assembly) Software Engineer 1998 - 2001

Indian Institute of Technology Startup, Chennai India

Worked through multiple software lifecycles across DECT layers, from requirements, design, implementation and testing in C and Assembly language for ANALOG DEVICE’s DSP processors.

Projects Completed include 1) Auto ranging 2) Over the air FLASH programming 3) Memory management 4) Modified data link and network layers in the handset to handle dual voice and data connection in DECT wireless in local loop system. Work Summary: Embedded Software

ITC Bhadrachalam Management Trainee 1996 - 1997

Recruited on graduation of BS in Mechanical Engineering, one of two selected in a class of 90. Did rotations in different engineering departments at the paper mill, and involved with commissioning of new 21MW power plant in Sarapaka India.


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