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Engineer Design

Dartmouth, MA, 02747
March 12, 2020

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Dr. Ashoke Banerjee

mailto:abanerjee@mtiinstruments.com4 Vista Circle

Dartmouth, MA 027**-***-*** 8596 .

Optics/Zemax Expert

Expert in optical systems engineering (low cost) and project management.

Innovative problem solving skills applicable to many optical areas

In-house resource/expert for company to turn to for optics and laser solution

Hands-on, motivated, result-oriented and innovative optical engineer


Highlights of experiences:

22 years of hands-on lead engineering design works in optics, medical/laser instruments, FO, M-O disk-drive, spectroscopy,LED, confocal multi-photon microscopy, Bell Core reliability of FO components, radiological safety hazard

Low cost design solutions of existing/ new optical products. .

Zemax expert in optical imaging/illumination design & someAutoCAD lite.

Teamwork, critical thinking, self-awareness, flexibility and creativity


Headwall Photonics: Optical engineer Bolton, MA 5/19-1/2020

Worked in the hyperspectral imaging systems and Raman spectroscopy as contract scientist. Designed several optical spectroscopic systems.

Markem-Imaje: Optical systems engineer Keene, NH 10/16-2/19

Designed two mirror galvo scanning systems to make product code writing (expiration date, 1 and 2 D barcode, etc.) instruments for industrial application using CO2 laser.

R and D work for image printing using SLM and design of imaging lens system with zero distortion and assist with lens distortion coefficient for image correction.

Consulting work for the following companies on optical product design : 10/14-9/16

1.MTI (Albany, NY): Laser based non-contact measurement instruments in 2014

2.MACOM (Horsehead, NY) (Through ADECO): Silicon waveguides: in 11/15

3.Jenoptk (Florida): Lens design: Ended 3/16

4.Bruker (Middleton, Wisconsin): Confocal/ multiphoton microscopy: ended 8/15

Honeywell: Optical systems scientist 1/09-9/14

Designed 3D 100% laser safe eyewear for all lasers and aberration free safety eyewear specializing in complex polycarbonate surfaces.

Lean manufacturing/ floor support/ low cost purchasing/ vendor selection.

Products designed and manufactured in millions

MTI Instruments: Optical systems engineer/ scientist 11/04 – 11/08

Designed various optical & laser based non-contact measurement instruments.

Optical calibration, assembly, quality issues and low cost purchasing.

Kulicke and Soffa: Senior imaging system design engineer 12/01- 10/04

Use Zemax to design various imaging (diffraction limited, telecentric and multi-mag) and illumination systems for wire bonding applications.

Help with assembly of products and reduce purchasing costs by more than 30%

LUCENT/ AGERE SYSTEMS: Bellcore(GRE) reliability manager: amplifiers and fiber optic components 1/2000-11/01

Successfully managed a group of engineers for the BellcoreReliability compliance

Proactively performedBellcore reliability tests and addressed any failures of FO components. These early actions generated $300m sale.

Guidedoffshore vendors to redesign packages to improve Bellcore compliance.

Cut costs of amplifiers(30%) by identifying low cost fiber-optic alternatives.

Gained recognition and awards for timely excellence in quality and reliability.

SENSAR INC.Senior member of technical staff 10/ 96-9/99

Designed the iris identification system using Zemax for commercial application

Originated a zero cost solution to the removal of glare in the iris image.

Played a pivotal role in the transition from R & D into manufacturing.

Developed an LED with vendors to produce clear iris imageacross all ethnicity.

Insured illumination safety compliance: FDA radiological hazards

Performed tests on MTF, DOF (focus depth), magnification, optical resolution, etc.

TOBIAS ASSOCIATES: Spectrophotometer engineer 2/96-10/96

Designed and built a hand-held spectrophotometer using Zemax.

Designed elliptical cavity to collect light by fiber for input into a spectrometer.

J&J (Site micro-surgical): Chief Ophthalmic laser engineer 3/93-1/96

Designed an ophthalmic YAG laser for laser cataract surgery under IDE

Designed a probe to disintegrate cataracts by laser induced shock wave.

Optimized fiber optic coupling of laser beam to improve spatial quality

MAXOPTIX CORP.Optical Engineer 2/88-1/93

Performed R & D in M-O disk drive and carried out performance analysis of optics

Developed spectroscopic method to screen noisy LD.

Successfully mode stabilized and reduced LD noise by rf modulation

Specified lens, polarizer, beam splitter, beam collimating optics for M-O disk drive

Measured (Zygo) MTF, PSF, spherical aberration and wave front error


Ph.D., (Laser Spectroscopy): State Univ. Of New York at Buffalo

BS: Dowling College, NY

Other: patents in optical science and others

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