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Engineer Electrical

Thrissur, Kerala, India
March 12, 2020

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Personal Profile


Date of Birth : 12.02.1989

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status: Married

Passport num : K6170377

Blood Group : O+

Additional Languages Known:

English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam

Computer Knowledge:

MS office, MS Excel, MS Power point, DILUX, ETAP & Autocad (Basics)

Permanent Address:

Chalissery house, ollukkara p.o, Thrissur, Kerala - 680655

Career Summary

An Electrical QA/QC Engineer with 8.4 years of experience in Electrical projects, Management Inspections, testing & maintenance in different types of projects like Oil & gas, Refinery, Grid Stations, Substations, OTSGs, Manifold group trunkline, LCR, CCR & GRTA Shutdown works.

CQI, IRCA certified ISO 9001:2015 QMS Lead Auditor.

IOSH Certified – Managing Safely.

OIL & GAS experience in Various KNPC & KOC Projects, Kuwait & in Occidental Petroleum CO. LLC, Oman. Experienced with SHELL DEP, KOC, KNPC Standards and codes.

Strong analytical, judgmental, leadership, and problem solving skills.

Interpersonal Skills, Self–starter that can succeed working independently in a highly dynamic environment, Excellent Verbal & Written Communication skills, Willing to travel as per job Requirements.

Possess very good experience in Construction, Manufacturing, Sales, Inspection, testing & Commissioning field.

Professional Details.

B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from IES College of Engineering

Career Profile

1. Organization : M/s Rukun Al Yaqeen International LLC

Designation : QA/QC Engineer - Electrical

Department : Quality Division

Period : May 2018 till date

Country :Sultanate of Oman.

2. Organization : M/s NBTC

Designation : QA/QC Engineer - Electrical

Department : E&I

Period : Mar 2016 to Mar 2018

Country : Kuwait

3: Organization : M/s Intrans Electro Components

Designation : QA/QC Engineer - Electrical

Period : Mar 2015 to Jan 2016

Country :India

4: Organization : M/s United Engineering projects co llc

Designation : QA/QC Engineer - Electrical

Period : Mar 2013 to Mar 2015

Country : Sultanate of Oman

5: Organization : M/s St Basil Granites

Designation : QA/QC Engineer - Electrical

Period : Jun 2011 to Mar 2013

Country : India


Skill Set

Rich experience in the field of Quality, Project Management, Design, Safety and Detail Engineering of Oil & gas, Refinery and Substation Projects.

Fair understanding about Electrical designing; expertise in project management, installation & testing, Quality Inspections & cost/ risk management.

Successfully managed multiple projects with quality while ensuring that the projects complied with all the Quality, cost and project specifications.

Expertise in managing relationship with project stakeholders while keeping stakeholders informed of progress and issues in order to manage expectations on all project requirements and deliverables.

Preparation, Implementation, Monitoring, Reviewing and updating the PQP, Contract specific QA/QC Procedures, QC plans, Standard Operation procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions etc.

Conducting periodic QMS Internal Audits on various functions of the company compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Review/Monitoring with Approved Drawings (IFCs, SLDs, Schematic, Vendor drawing, Design Calculations, Equipment layouts etc), Governing Standards and Specifications

Preparation, implementation, revision and monitoring of Inspection Test Plan (ITPs) & Quality Control Plan (QCP) required for the project, along with necessary check sheets and method statements for all Electrical, Instrumentation, F&G, HVAC, Telecom installation and testing activities

Inspecting the construction work regularly to ensure that the team follows the contract Specifications and Standards

Preparation of Request for Approval of Materials (RAMs) according to project requirements, specification, vendor lists and availability in market.

Preparation, Implementation, Monitoring, Reviewing and Updating Contract Quality Plan and Project Quality Plan.

Preparation and issue of audit reports, NCRs and CARs and follow up of Corrective & preventive actions and maintenance of log, Analysis of root cause of CARs and NCRs using analytic tools and softwares. (Fish bone analysis, 5W2H Technique)

Advising Management of Technical & cost issues with analytical report and preparing necessary correspondences.

Raise RFIs timely and Co-ordinate with client for timely inspections.

Material Inspection (MRIR) for newly arrived materials according to RAMs, spec and P.O.

Coordinate with testing team on all pre commissioning and commissioning activities

Coordination with Procurement department regarding quality related matters.

Quality surveillance, Inspection, Documentation & Dimensional Check. As per codes & standards.

Oversee continuous improvement projects. Collect quality data. Identify Key Performance Index (KPIs) for product quality.

Assist to the Divisional Manager-Quality in all the QA system of the Company (Management Review Meeting, Process Improvement Meeting etc.).

Projects Handled – Major projects only (GCC)

Projects handled in RAY International

Power Upgrading at RAFO Salalah Airbase- Construction of 2x20 MVA, 33/11KV Primary Substation for MODES and associated 33 & 11 KV works.

Power Upgrading at Salalah Industrial Area 2- Construction of 2x20 MVA, 33/11KV Primary Substation for Dhofar Power Company (DPC) and associated 33KV works.

Work involves Installation of 20 MVA Transformer, 33 & 11 kV GIS Installations, Cable laying & testing, Cable tray, trench excavation, Installation of SCADA, NER, Capacitor Bank, RTCC, UPS system, Lighting & Emergency DBs. Earthing & Lightning protection works, Telecommunication, HVAC, CCTV & all MEP works.

Projects handled in NBTC

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) - Lower Fars Heavy oil development LFHOD, works related to Infield satellite station & Grid. (Client: Petrofac / KOC).

Kuwait National petroleum company (KNPC)- General Refinery Turn Around (GRTA) Shut down Project in KNPC. Construction of new annex, Involved in up-gradation of honey well panels (DCS,IPS,IRP),. (Client: Fluor / KNPC)

Manifold Gross Trunkline project (MGT). Construction of a manifold pipeline gathering system (MGT) that will transport oil from wells in the Kuwait's north to three independent gathering centers (GC) 29, 30 and 31. (Client Petrofac / KOC).

Major Tasks: Installation of Switch gears, GIS, panels, RMUs, Transformers, UPS etc. Substation construction, Cable trench & cable tray works., Electrical, Instrument & F.O cable laying, Support & Stanchion fabrication, Calibration & mounting of Instruments, functional loop checks, Installation of DGs, Transformers, RMUs, UPS, Panels, Switch gears, lighting poles. Installation, testing & Pre commissioning of Electrical, Instrument, telecommunication, F&G Systems. (Client Petrofac / KOC). Cathodic Protection works for pipe lines and tanks – Anode installation, Power and cable laying & testing, Panel installation, Continuity test on flanges, HV test on cables.

Projects handled in United Engineering Projects co LLC, Oman (Client- OXY, Mukhaizna)

Permanent power supply to Oil wells, OTSGs, HRSGs.

Construction of North field Substations, Grid Stations OTSGs.

Ring main unit works for oil wells, pole line maintenance works

GTG upgradation works.

Temporary shutdown works for Maintenance and upgradation

In India

Intrans Electro Components, Kerala

To ensure that the factory tests meet system conditions and the standards and to check the quality of the transformer by inspecting at correct production stages.

Testing of HT and LT current transformers, Potential transformers before and after moulding.

To guide users in determining the transformer parameters and to ensure that the transformer parameters meet system needs.

To familiarize users as to how specifications affect the design and the cost.

Sales and Marketing of the Transformers, RMUs, CT, VTs etc.

Meeting the deadlines & achieving the required monthly targets.

Ensuring Customer satisfaction through regular Meetings & follow ups.

Follow up of all invoices and ensure payments are received timely.

Exploring new areas of Business for the company by introducing new Clients / Customers.

St. Basil Granites, Kerala

Material inspection for all the materials and equipment that are delivered at site.

Pre Inspection during Generator, transformer, motor installation for foundation, material etc.

Witnessing for FAT and ensure that the test values are in accordance with the spec/rating of the equipment.

Continuity and IR testing of cables.

Inspection for Cable laying, Glanding and Termination.

All MEP works related to Newly constructed Building and rooms for Staffs.

Inspection and installation for new panels boards, switch boards, busbars, relays and its control wiring.


Proven track record in handling Home Office, Business Units Quality Management System and entire aspect of the project, construction management, quality control & Assurance and handing over to the Project requirement

Inspection of Electrical, Instrument, MEP Installations as per Approved QCP, Spec and drawings.

Experienced in Installation & Inspection of Transformers, Switchgears, RMUs, Panels. Earthing, Cable laying, Glanding and termination works etc.

Conversant with SHELL DEP, KOC and KNPC Specs.

Preparation of QCP/ITPs, RAMS, MOS required for the project,necessary check sheets and for all electrical, Instrumentation, telecom, F&G installation and testing activities.

Review/Monitoring with Approved Drawings, Governing Standards and Specifications.

Perform surveillance and visual inspection of all materials, works from initial to field installation.

Quality surveillance, Inspection, Documentation & Dimensional Check. As per codes & standards.

Witness Review/Monitoring the Approved Quality and Inspection plan

Inspecting the construction work regularly to ensure that the team follows the contract Specifications and Standards.

Inspection of all electrical activities prior, during and after, which include material check, qualifications and equipments (Randomly).

Supervision of QA/QC activities related to fabrication of supports, Installation of tray, Junction boxes, LCP, Field instruments, control panel, cable laying, meggaring & Continuity etc.

Closely Monitor the performance, analyses the causes and initiate preventive and corrective actions.

Witnessing Transformer testing, High voltage test for cables, switchgears, & motors etc.

Witnessing all Function test for CT’s,VT’s, Switch gears and transformers .

Review all Test certificate validity and required level, record drawings, Material and documentation as per project specification requirements.

Construction activities of all Electrical, Instrumentation, MEP works related to Grid Stations, Substations, Manifold group trunkline system, Infield satellite station, OTSGs, LCRs and CCRs, etc.

Regular meetings with Client to ensure that the Project is Progressing in a Quality manner.

Documentation, scrutiny, compilation and submission of as build drawings, test packs etc and preparation of final dossier.


IRCA certified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2015.

Approved QA/QC Inspector by AMEC Foster Wheeler

Approved QA/QC Engineer by Dawood Engineering consultancy.

Approved QA/QC Engineer by Petrofac for MGT, ISS3 projects, Kuwait.

Approved QA/QC Engineer by Fluor, Daewoo, Hyundai (FDH)

Approved QC Engineer by KNPC for GRTA.

MEP Certified in Electrical & Fire fighting.

Driving License:

License No : Oman 94751333

Date of Issue : 05/12/2018

Date of Expiry: 05/12/2021

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