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Sales Manager

Batavia, NY
March 12, 2020

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Cristiane Hurd

**, *. **** **

Portville-NY *****

Phone : +1-716-***-****

** ***** ***


Licensed trader in Brazil Stock Market for regular traders, future and derivatives by CVM -Brazil

Over 12 Years of experience in the field of management and great achievements in the financial market

Deep knowledge in Excellence of Costumer Service

Demonstrated Success in Leadership and Team work

Sharp skill in ministering lectures and presentation of products .


Portuguese ( Native)

English( Fluent)

Italian, Spanish and French – Basic


Degree in International Relations Bachelor .

Graduation date: 2006

Faculdade Santa Marcelina São Paulo- Brazil

Complementary courses

Friedman management (2004);

•Team management -CI CENTRAL EXCHANGE (2004);

•Advanced Excell, Word and power point (2004)

•Asian Market Introduction and Finances Circumstances ( 09/2006 )

•Introduction to Financial Markets -Brazil -School of Business Integration ( 02/2008 )

•Technical Analysis and Strategy operationally Focus Method ( 10/2008 )

•Certification as an Independent Wealth Agent ( 08/2010 )

•Techniques for money and financing of terrorism and money laundry Prevention ( 11/2010 )

•Introduction to Futures and Derivatives on the Bovespa-Brazilian Stock Exchange ( 11/2010 )

•Bovespa ( Brazilian Stock Exchange) Certification PQO ( 09/2011 )

Professional Experience

STB -Student Travel Bureau- General Sales Manager

Period: . 2 years ( 2013 to August /2015)

Job Description:

• Hiring and firing staff

• Financial management of the store

• Direct assistance to clients

• Staff Training on products and customer service, always seeking excellence.

• Achieving targets and bonuses

• Manage profitability through product mix x costs and reducing costs.

• Motivate sales team

TOV Brokerage – Wealth Advisor

Period: 4 years ( 2008 -2012)

Job Description

•Make deep studies on the segments of Shares (stocks,equities and currency derivatives) and based on that suggest the best opportunity to meet all customers needs related to investments and portfolio.

•Make frequent contacts with customers through phone calls, e-mails, Skype, audio / video conferencing, visits, trips etc., in order to meet all requests and questions concerning the stock portfolio or even solutions and strategies for trades and others alternatives of investments like bounds, currency, etc.

•Promote solutions and provide details for changes of portfolio and other types of investments

•Lead the team to follow-up and advertise great opportunities for specific customers .

•Develop commercial projects, financial projections and budgets.

•Prospect customers that have large investments in projects not only in equities but in exchange, futures and fixed income, maximizing all of brokerage products and capturing all possible resources.

•Supervise the team and lead them on calls of opportunities of trades in which the customer might be part of.

•Host Brazilian and foreign investors at the brokerage introducing them to the brokers and departments

Company: Intra Brokerage - Commercial Manager

Period: 2 years (2004 to 2006)

Job Description

• Map the potential prospects that operated via home broker to appoint them for the personalized service desk.

• Reactivate customers who had changed their broker or who had stopped to operate via home-broker drawing them back to the brokerage.

•Develop training material for the commercial department and the electronic service attendants helping them to improve their virtual responses, telephone service, and support to any ordinary daily task.

• Develop teaching material, siblings and power point for the lectures of Introduction to the Market, Derivatives, Options, Futures Contract, bounds, etc...

• Train the team on how to follow up prospects and customers and bring them to a closer relationship with the institution .

• Monitor the sales department staff on routine calls, views and follow ups.

• Do reports of the progress of individual team performance and the overall performance of the department.

• Follow up customers and check their level of service satisfaction and relationship with the brokerage's employees.

• Elaborate institutional Lectures in the Bovespa( Brazilian Stocks and Exchange) meeting room for new investors.

Company: Intra Brokerage, promoted for Certificated Trader

Period : 2 years (2006 to 2008)

Job Description

•Develop the Daily News before the opening of the market for electronic submission to customers operating table and affiliates in Brazil.

•Connect to customers to make the "call" of buying and selling as suggested by the analysts.

•Connect to customers explaining operations to term financing, long short X (sending graphics by e- mail) and after the trades were done, perform the operation and document it by email .

•Find all possible resources to hit the brokerage goal.

•Do follow up frequent and constant updating the investor every opportunity as Debentures, IPO 's,OPA 's to whom it may participate.

•Awake interest in the clients to know more about the financial market and the whole range of products.

Company: STB and CI - Exchange Center - Office of General Manager

Period :4 years (2000 to 2004)

Job description

Implement a new franchise store of CI network.

Development the staff, marketing strategies within the franchise area, product training and sales training, employment targets, monitor sales and documentation required for the student trips. International Travel for increase of the sales and do new contracts with new international schools . Average 07 subordinates

Internacional Experiences

1994 - United States - studies ;

2001 - US East Coast - familiarization trip to increased sales ;

2004 - Australia and New Zealand - familiarization trip to increased sales ;

2005- United States- license for unpaid university extension .

2006 - United States - familiarization trip to sales increase

2014- Young Malibu Group Leader inside Pipperdine University -CA composed of 30 adolescents - period 30 days

2015- United States: 04 weeks of Business English Course and Business presentation at Rennert School NY

Presented lectures

• 2004 - Importance of study abroad - COC Ourinhos SP ;

• 2006 - Discipline and performance of the College program abroad – Pinheiros Elite Club SP.

• 2008 - Introduction to Financial Market - Intra Corretora de Valores

• 2008 - Introduction to Future Market and Derivatives - Intra Corretora de Valores

• 2008- Institutional and Introduction to the Stocks -Intra room on the Bovespa Space- duration of 03 days per month for 12 months.

• 2009- Introduction to Financial Markets - Commercial Association of São Paulo - Young Entrepreneurs Conference .

• 2012- Introduction to the financial market in the Commerce l Association of São Paulo

• 2014 The importance of international experience to the work market USP FEA RP

• 2014 The benefits of studying abroad - UNAERP Radio

• 2015 Lecture on importance of Cultures- USP experience

Personal References

•Fernando Heller- TOV Brokerage President : +55 11 9-835**-****

•Maikel Jacob: BTG Pactual Wealth manager : +55-17-981**-****

•Rogerio Lima : Sales Marketing and director at e-pay Brazil- contact through LinkedIn

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